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HitTheGoal a community for keeping your goals, and making friends, chiiling out and keeping up that goal list and working on it! You'll get to meet new people who are willing to be your friends, and make accountability partners.
Bienvenue sur WIP Corp !

Envie de bien préparer la nouvelle décennie qui s'annonce ? Vous êtes bien tombé !

Cette communauté s'adresse à toute les personnes qui souhaitent progresser et devenir meilleur.

Nous avons des sections variées : business, finance, séduction, littérature, craft, nutrition, sport, santé, négociation et art avec des pro' dans chaque milieu.

Nous faisons des réunions tout les dimanche soir à 20h en vocal, nous avons des défis chaque semaine et des conférences tous les mois.

If you're looking to learn French, you're also welcome in this self-improvement discord.
Forest Study Server
Study with over 1500 members around the world using the Forest app, dedicated to keeping you distracted from using your phone! Join us now :)
Stay accountable, work and study with over 700 people from around the world! Corner of Conquests is dedicated to keeping you on track to be productive and achieve your goals 😊
📚Introducing: the academics📚

For everyone who is trying to get motivated, wants to make new friends, or just needs to vent about how hard it is to be a student (of any kind).

Also for everyone who loves the dark academia aesthetic and wants to meet people who love it just as much! (this is not something you have to participate in, the dark academics have their own private category!)

Make use of the many channels to get yourself motivated to do some studying and interact with like-minded students. We also give out advice and generally hype each other up to work hard!
We’re a cult that has a god
That god is dev from part time dragons
We spread motivation PG-13 SFW!
Our server is a place where patrons can find people to study/work and have discussions with about their subjects. The server also encourages motivation for work/study. We made this server in hopes of making it a good place for patrons to work/study in. We hope you join our community and be productive with us!
We are a group of people who like to hang out, write, art, talk about writing, talk about art, food, comics, anime, manga, working out, random tv shows, really just anything.

We are NOT an NSFW server, but we are adult writer's, so the coversation tends to be on the mature side of things. You do not HAVE to be 18, but you DO HAVE to be mature.

Everyone here just loves to create in some form or another (writing, drawing, videos, music, sculpture, etc.). We all try very hard to support one another's creations and not solicite advice without being asked for it.

We are still building specific schedules and groups for things like Book Club or Writer's group, so don't be afraid pop in! You'll fit right in right away.

We're just a group of Internet Abnormals, Aliens, and Awesomes. We're just Internet People.
Welcome to I.S.M!
We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it!
Whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen.
Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about.
And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
Ever feel like you need that little push to get going. Natural Satori is a social interaction self-improvement server. Our idea is that interacting with and befriending people with similar goals will help you move forward. Our community will encourage you and just have fun. Talk about games, music, movies, fitness, and banter is encouraged. There is no project too small or progress too slow. If you just want a place to hang out with positive thinking folk then look no further than Natural Satori!
Hey guy. I noticed a lot of young males don't receive the kind of positive and wholesome interactions that they really need to become the best man they can be. My goal in creating this server is to provide a sort of hangout for males where they can just be themselves and talk to other males to get advice, make friends, and just chill.
A gathering of cultivation minded people with focus on nofap / semen-retention, and wellness (both physical and mental).
An opportunity for people to break free of their previous limitations and help each other come into their own power.
Check out the Muses, Quills, and Editors (MQE) server! We are a community dedicated to creating a strong creative environment where people feel comfortable chatting about and developing their stories, poems, music and art! We have events, critique opportunities, and a wonderful group of people rallied around the idea of supporting members and helping each other improve.
Heii. Ihr seid alle willkommen. Es ist ein relativ neuer Server, deswegen brauche ich noch etwas Hilfe. Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr ein Besuch abstattet. 🥰
Moin, dieser Server ist ein Gemeinschafts Server mit Spaß Freude und Motivation! Der Server ist gut ausgestattet die Musik Bots für gute Laune Musik und die Normalen Bots für Ordnung und Spaß! Der Server hat ein Self Role System und Server Stats! Der Server besitzt seit neusten ein Invite System so mit kannst du auf dem Server Werbung machen!
Wir würden uns Freuen wenn wir dich auch mal begrüßen dürfen!
Productive Pandas is Discord Server focused towards topics that enhance self growth and self mastery. If you're interested in keeping yourself accountable toward your goals, in a friendly setting, then this server is for you. We hope you enjoy your stay!
~=[]Welcome to UltiFitness![]=~

Hello! Welcome to UltiFitness! We are currently one of the smallest fitness groups out there, but trust me, it's not stopping us one bit. Share body photos of your progress, and show others your various workout routines, with categories including calisthenics, bodybuilding, flexibility, and more! And trust me, it's not going to end there! We're going to have competitions, so make sure to be at your tip top shape to win! Please, consider joined us.

Welcome to IRON LEAGUE!
We are a server all about weightlifting and working out.
Our main requirement is that you MUST be ready to improve your health or are currently improving it.
We plan on making friendly COMPETITION our main focus to help PUSH people to improve further upon where they are currently. there will be prizes in the future.
Also, take a shot at a spot on our leaderboard.
A server for showcasing your talents,here u can show ur talent to the world no matter Wut ur good in, You're most welcome here.We always spread love and positivity to the world.
a server for all kinds of people to meet! i just started out, it'd be great if i had some helpers/mods help improve it :)
anyone is welcome! everyone is loved!

what this includes:
🖇fun owo bot, ability to meet other people, a safe place for all kinds of people
Hello,this is -Motivation Loft-,at your service!
We are always by your side,motivating you up! Feel free to pour everything you have been holding onto for a long time.We are here for you.
We have..
-Non-toxic community
-Friendly staff
-Music channels
-Therapy Sessions
-Motivation Sessions
And most importantly,
Motivation,Support,Love and Care!
No,we are NOT officially recognized by any companies,nor are we managed by any companies.This was just an idea by the owner,she wanted to spread love and support to people around the world.We hope to see you soon! Take care and have a wonderful day! <33
Newly made server, for those who wants to overcome anxiety, or are currently beating it. This server will end up being a community, a home, and a family for people that wants to get better, and I can't wait to meet every single one of you.

Are you new to anxiety, check out, and come join the server. If you have any questions, you can get a hold of me there :)
Dieser Server wird sich Themen aus Kampfsport, Kampfkünste, Motivation, Philosophie, uvm. widmen.

This german Server is for Fightsports, Martial Arts, motivation, philosophy, fitness and much more. - actual under construction -