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Join Diabolic Syndicate, a server for primarily knowledge, chaos, and evil, as well as some extras like art, writing, anime, and memes. Some features of the server:

It has a very organized role system.
Very lenient rules.
There are channels for almost anything.
The admins are open to suggestions.

You may make friends at Diabolic Syndicate; you may make countless friends. But be careful not to trust anyone too much...
A server for those looking to share their knowledge and meet new people.
A place for polymaths, intellectuals, book smart, wise, and otherwise knowledgeable people.
A server focused on information gathering and sharing, games of all kinds (mainly gacha games), and media of all kinds.
Looking for talkers, askers, and those who initiate conversation.
We advise against joining if you're under 18.

-Server boost level 1
-Channel names are mine themed
-Self assignable roles
-Moderators and members normally reply to any questions you may have in a reasonable amount of time
-Owner is very active and voice chats often
-Wide array of channels for niche interests; general information/knowledge, animals, sports/extreme sports, motorized vehicles, visual and audio media, diy/crafts/restoration, survival/hunting/foraging/fishing, military history/weapons/armed combat vehicles.
-Tiered NSFW chats
A community for freely discussing anything/everything, new growing community with many rooms for archiving knowledge as well as bot games and social rooms
Come to this glorious place of wonder and freedom. With Interesting personalities and events. We're currently a small server so don't expect much right now. But join and stay loyal and enjoy and learn the many wonders this server holds. Along with many secrets the world has to offer.

Go raibh maith agat.
We're an online trivia, music bingo and online events server geared towards making fun events for the discord online community!
It is an we learn have fun knowing the world get a lot of knowledge . fun learning center for student
In partnership with /r/libraryofBabel

For a greater understanding of the context behind this you can read The library of babel by J. L. Borges, which someone will happily provide you with if you ask.

In essence, this is a futile attempt to recreate the Library in its infinity. A place where all text is possible.
Random Facts is a fun and welcoming community for everyone looking to share or gain knowledge!
Join our group of space cadets as we traverse the psychonaut-iverse!
We're a chill server aimed for a sense of community, socializing, harm reduction with drug use, and sharing and expressing yourself.

Stop in and join our growing community! We have open arms for your open mind.
~Chemistry General~
-Post pictures
-Post memes
-Expand your chemistry knowledge
-Any chemical or general discussion is permitted
This discord server is meant for people who have a passion of learning new things to gather around and discover, talk, and discuss about current events, school, and knowledge.

We also have a special math help service here for those of you who are struggling. Other services will begin once this server begins to grow.

Don't hesitate to share this server to your friends too!
A server that wishes to help curious people find quality open courses and build connections with people in the field. Help people put together teams and find the tools for both the individual and supra-individual. Things to help with productivity such as project management, remote collaborative communication, and scheduling software. We wish to make a comfortable community and help members deal with psychological complications that hinder their work. We advocate for technocracy and harnessing expertise to solve problems.
The World Exposition ! Here you can discover other cultures, share yours, practice languages...
One field by country (including chat, local news, and sharing channel for photos, music,... from the corresponding country), an international chat... And memes :D
Bored of small talks? Bored of trolls and degenerates?
Let's share some interesting thoughts, random facts, and have stimulating discussions.
I Morpheus Arthur Stan Lee Brown[+PHD degree] invite you all intellectuals and non-intellectuals to join this server to spread and exchange knowledge!
In this server you will choose your path to greater knowledge and intellect, prosperity and virtue.
If you seek knowledge this server is for you.
Includes infinite amount of quotes from Morpheus Brown!
Choose your path/role in this server!
Meet other intellectuals so you can grow your knowledge or spread your knowledge to those who do not possess one!
Share your thoughts on society and life in general.
Ask for more knowledge form all knowing: Morpheus Brown!
-Morpheus Arthur Stan Lee Brown

Join for further rules +find out what this is about.

+2 open moderator roles!

(this is a meme server not acctually some kind of a philosophy/smart server)
Islamic Emirate is an Islamic server, but non muslims are allowed, as long as rules are followed :) Enjoy! We give you discussion and debates, and much more.
A server for discussing various stuffs. Don't forget to have fun.
Brazilian server focused on games and knowledge distribution

Have fun with members

Make this your favorite place
Debate channel, for people who want to discuss numerous topics. Anything goes as long as its fair. Have fun and debate. :)
Study Space is a new Discord server centered around studying, homework help, and knowledge from pros in different fields of study. Come join to find yourself hanging out. When someone generously can help you out you can move to one of our Study Rooms (both chat and voice). We also have music channels to use on and off studying. There’s a break room and a fun room for when that time is needed. Hope to see you soon if you would like to come join our community :) Thanks!