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Based off the Roku channel series Earth: the final conflict by Jean Rotenberry


This intriguing sci-fi action series is set on Earth in the near future. Aliens called Taelons have become a part of Earth culture and are called Companions, but there's a resistance movement of people skeptical of the Taelons' intent toward humans. Even the Taelons themselves are divided.
Hello, hello! We are a merfolk roleplay where you can be a merperson or a human. We have many different species of mermaid and we don’t discriminate anyone. We’re very welcoming and don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or NSFW. You can suggest new channels, bots, and more! Join us and create amazing characters.
Welcome to The Vale, everyone is welcome here.
We have fun roleplay, great lore and a kind staff

we have the following bots:
Rythm 2
Welcome to the City of Amford, where there isn't a dull moment. This roleplay server specifically focuses on city life, and the struggle between the massive gap between poverty and rich, as well as the booming stray populations. Between gangs starting up, elders unable to change, and wild dogs running the place, where do you fit?
Come join today!
In this world humans and monsters live in peace in a modern scenario. There have been countless wars, but the two races have decided to put an end to this war of human versus monster. Humans and monster live together but there are many people who have decided not to come in contact with the other race, there for living separately.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
Please join my server! I hope this server will be very successful and have many, constantlt active members!
This roleplay was heavily inspired by Jurassic Park: A Fallen Kingdom. However, you don't have to know anything about Jurassic Park to roleplay here!

Scientists have found a way to re-create the dinosaurs. From the tiny Epidexipteryx hui
to the tall Brachiosaurus, now live today. But, there was a mixup, and the dinosaurs ended up escaping! Now, humans must find a way to live alongside these prehistoric creatures... and hope they don't get eaten.
Los Angeles, California. A large city buzzing with locals and tourists. A city so big you almost wouldn't notice a few missing people here and there. Except... What happens when one vampire starts getting sloppy?

Will you live as predator or prey?
Which will survive?

University. A place where you party, you skip, you drink, and most importantly, you have fun. However... what happens when people start disappearing? Which problems will arise whenever sudden bites appear on people? What will occur when the first vampire is discovered?

Kinglsey University is a server where people come together to roleplay their characters. There are events, drama, relationship struggles, and even more! Any suggestions and or questions can be expressed in their designated servers. Administrator applications are currently open. Join the server and find out what else we have planned, or what events are currently going on! This server is a literate roleplay server, and you will need to know how to roleplay correctly in a certain format that you can find in #rules.
Welcome to DNA! Also known as Demons n Angels! We are a really welcoming community and we hope you'll join us!
Our server allows you to:
♦️ Meet new friends!
♥️ Discuss various topics!
♦️ Roleplay in tons of channels!
♥️ And of course, there's fun roles that you can obtain!
Hey! Do you like furries/anthros? Monsters? Normal humans? Then make a character and come to Raven high!
one We are a PG RP, kissing etc is allowed, but don't go too far.
two We have just started so, don't judge
three We have nice staff and we are looking for staff.
four lots of channels for you to RP in!

Hi, so you might be wondering what is this school and what is cool about it well...
Raven High
one boarding school
two it is huge
Three the teachers are kind but not so strick
four the school is for Anthros, monsters, and
Welcome to the East Coast of the United States, well an alternative version of where Vampires and Werewolves break off and create clans separate from Human clans, join a clan or go rouge, create one yourself, role-play with your neighbors, (maybe some cheeky war too, you never know ;3) and maybe some lewd moments! Come one and come all and join the fun, you're adventure awaits...
Abandoned by the ringmaster, this circus is run by its acts. Chaos has formed and grown. Will you join us?

“Us itinerants first found refuge during the beginning of the circus, even the worst of us...It may not seem like much to the naked eye, but it was home for many of us. We didn’t mind the work we do, and we have no regrets on what we’ve done thus far. We started off small at first, but soon business was booming, and the profit from it soared. Our ringmaster was once a good man, but he was corrupted by greed once the business was fully fledged. We were recognized far and wide, and everyone wanted to see our performances. But, as soon as business peaked, the circus took a nosedive as the customers were no longer willing to pay for repetitive performances, their thirst for thrills left unquenched.(edited)
Although we tried our hardest to bring them satisfaction, it didn’t work. Our ringmaster gave up on us, defied us, put us all into debt...He has and never will be forgiven. He said that it was over, but he lied. We don’t Cater to Anyone.”

Read the rules and lore before joining us!
We hope to see you soon.
This server was created after the other who is a bit more chaotic this one is hoped to be more organized. It starts off simple you do not see the whole server but you create you character and then will be verified by one of the admins
Aelojan is a fantasy realm. Technology has not advanced, but magic has advanced much farther than it is in modern society (Duh). Building style's are semi modern, and each section of the city is themed around a god, or old god, and the city is blessed to change or add new sections for each new god(dess) that is created. Join us to Roleplay multiple races, enviroments, and people! We are NOT NSFW friendly.

Long ago, Aelojan was a Peaceful realm, filled with mortals of many races and abilities. These abilities were gained by deities. When a mortal worshiped a deity, they gained their new ability of choosing. However, there was a war. Gods were corrupted, all but one. Elise, goddess of Life was left un corrupt, and managed to rescue another. Together, the two goddesses banished to corrupted gods, in turn, destroying the cities linked to their lives. Many mortals perished, and now, the realm is empty, but of two Cities. The city of life, and the city of dreams.
This is a growing communtiy that loves to RolePlay on roblox!! Its for whenever your bored, and nobody is online to RP with you. Come meet people here and you will never be lonley <3
Welcome to Detroit!. If you join and decide to stay we have alot of things that might interest you. We have all the android models listed. A good character template. Rules. And most important channels for you to roleplay in! Join, get a android or be a android. Hunt Deviants or Become a Deviant!
Not to mention we have:
>A full playthrough of the game with good endings incase you don't know what DBH is
We're two guys searching for others aware of the non-human/tare/creatures living amongst us, if you are real, please join us.
It's a roleplay server with robots,humans and technology.
Year takes place in X1209.
This is a Detroit become human server for role playing and chatting! this server is new so please expect it to be disorganize.
Centuries ago, a nuclear disaster occurred. The government saved you and all of the world's population of 3B, and built a giant city for you all to live in.
You are kept behind a large wall that is intensely guarded by watchmen with guns. If you try to escape you will most likely die from being killed by the guards or by the toxic air outside of the city, says the Government.
Outside of the city is nothing but dry plains and a poisonous atmosphere that will kill you immediately... or so you think.
Your world has been lied to for centuries until now. You've always had your suspicions, but once you and your friends break into a rich woman who is involved with the government's home, you find the truth.
Outside of the wall is not toxic air or even dry plains. It is flourishing beauty and nature you have never laid eyes on and only witnessed in your dreams, and all the Government want is your complete control.
You join a group that is secretly training to escape the city and save all of its residents, earning justice and victory and set out to destroy the Government's plans.
Welcome to Hiraeth.
*We are very LGBTQ+ friendly!*
*Friendly Leaders and Members*
Welcome into eclipse boarding school, you have been accepted and have been chosen to attend to here. Your duties as a student is to represent both vampires and humans. Humans and vampires will attend both classes together. And will not have separate dorms for the night class and for the daytime class. We encourage you students to have fun and make new friends and not enemies.
A human role play group focused on the days of the Roman Empire, featuring community-driven plots and creative characters.

Actions in the role play can be considered disturbing to some due to the topic of war and rebellion.
This server is both a roleplay community for fans of the game and a general space for members to chat/speculate about Detroit: Become Human.
This server includes:
[O] Emojis
[O] RP/Non-RP channels for discussion
[O] Canon/OC Roles and Character Sheets
[O] Free/Scripted/Storyline RP channels
[O] Friendly Members
[O] Fanfiction and stuff
This is the civilized Mystery Dungeon server.
basically, the lore is, all the humans on earth just suddenly vanished without a trace. In order to replace them, Arceus turned pokemon into humans.
He also moved the to the earth where humans exist, and now they have to get used to life in this confusing new place, with all this new technology.