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Interested in a Small Town Roleplay? Its a pretty open roleplay for most
storylines be human or supernatural
creature! Come check out my server
and settle down in...


̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ What do we Have?    ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 

•Many places to do things
•friends from everywhere!
•Love memes!!
•Sweet Staff

Most importantly, Roleplaying!

̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Don't forget, you can be Anything!  ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶
Shifters are trying to decide whether or not to tell humans that they exist. But their conflict is put on pause when a virus is spreading and humans are turning into creatures of the dead and those still living are searching for a cure. When secrets are told, the humans turn their eyes to the Shifters who are immune to the virus. Some of the humans want to slaughter the Shifters for their blood to become immune as well but others want peace and join with the Shifters to find a cure for all mankind.
Welcome to DNA! Also known as Demons n Angels! We are a really welcoming community and we hope you'll join us!
Our server allows you to:
♦️ Meet new friends!
♥️ Discuss various topics!
♦️ Roleplay in tons of channels!
♥️ And of course, there's fun roles that you can obtain!
this is a fun server where you can meet friends and you can have a bit of a joke aswell WE HAVE Pokecord so have fun if you do join
Hey! Do you like furries/anthros? Monsters? Normal humans? Then make a character and come to Raven high!
one We are a PG RP, kissing etc is allowed, but don't go too far.
two We have just started so, don't judge
three We have nice staff and we are looking for staff.
four lots of channels for you to RP in!

Hi, so you might be wondering what is this school and what is cool about it well...
Raven High
one boarding school
two it is huge
Three the teachers are kind but not so strick
four the school is for Anthros, monsters, and humans
You have been invited to Callopa Academy for the Magical and Human. A war has been going on for generations between Magical and Human creatures. You must fulfill your Clan’s honor and go to the only school in the whole kingdom. It is up to the new generation to save the kingdom of Humans and Magical Creatures, or we all will die at the hands of ourselves.

We offer:
- Many creative channels to rp in

- A chance to create a character of magic or human

- Attend classes to further your magical and historical education

- Tons of RP and OOC roles

- Friendly community with fair Admin
- 100+ RP Channels

- LGBT+ Welcome

We hope to see you there, for the good of humanity. Save our kingdom!
A bunch of stray dogs roam a neighborhood street deemed ‘stray avenue’ by humans. Some humans will look here when wanting to adopt a dog, because they would rather get a dog off the streets then adopt one. Some humans even drive here Just to dump their dogs. There are all sorts of dogs here, including wolf hybrids, and the majority of them are mixed with over 3 breeds.
Humans still live here.
Scientists have tested on humans to try and make them part animal. But something went wrong and the humans Didn’t become part animal, instead they got the ability to talk to any animal and breed with animals. These humans escaped and now live in society, they were on the run for their whole lives, but now the whole first generation has died off giving way to a second generation that has the same abilities.
These humans also started breeding with animals, and now human animal hybrids exist. These Hybrids can be really animal like or not really animal like. The lab is hunting down these Hybrids as well as humans that can breed and talk to animals, some hybrids can have a more or less normal human life if they have a way to hide what they are.

In the world Lofroumia, theres Elves, Dwarves Humans, Ogres, werewolves. Pretty much everything in a fantasy world. And you choose what you want to be.
The year is 3M 485. The war between the Humans and Dragons continues to be a stale mate. Zimayrth, the Dragon God of Life and Time and Xaeris, the Father of Mortals
are still trying to find way's to kill each other. Each side only needs one hero to turn the scales. Will you be that hero?
In this server you can explore the world of a perfect human civilization. Or so they thought. There are also monsters that came with the perfection to ruin it or help it. With helpful staff and a friendly community you can explore this world as a monster or a human. The choice is yours!
Dear Reader

You are formerly invited to Mackensen Academy! A school where you can interact with a variety of people and places. We hope you'll attend.

Thank you,
In this world humans and monsters live in peace in a modern scenario. There have been countless wars, but the two races have decided to put an end to this war of human versus monster. Humans and monster live together but there are many people who have decided not to come in contact with the other race, there for living separately.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
It started years ago…. a virus that killed people….. then a scientist made a cure that takes away people’s humanity. now your there. In the SSFLUFF you are a test subject and supposedly…. “being saved”... but the saving turns people into fluffy latex creatures. Your gonna be there for quite awhile in space…. be a




Ship control men:

And so much more….

Here’s a link to the fandom:

Changed in space: The LATEX
This server isn’t fully finished and needs a
Staff members before opening.

The available roles are



Bot dev


Server dev

Partner approvers.

Dm me what role you want and we’ll start the interview.
This server is just a dragon RP based in a city. There are dragons and humans and all that stuff. So, join if you want to.
”The wild shall inherit the earth…”

At the Los Angeles Zoo, a lion keeper is attacked. They find unusual brain activity and hints of hive-like communication in the zoo lions. Months later this strange mutation spreads throughout all animal species. The mutation makes the animals iris have a strange defect called the 'defiant eye'. Animals can now inter-communicate between one another, all species stop attacking and eating one another and instead turning on the humans. Many humans slaughtered and eaten by both predator and prey animals. Two years have passed, humans have moved to communities where they can go their day to day life under protection and even have 'normal' life in the underground systems. The cure has now been developed. However, it has only been found to work upon domestic dogs and horses. Resources have become limited a main part of the cure has been destroyed. Hope has risen within humanity, however with the dwelling news that the cure is limited.

NOW the mutation has passed onto the humans.. If a human is bitten and survives an animal attack they slowly mutate. Their body becoming distorted, more powerful.. A human with a bite becomes the Apex Predator.

What we offer:
• Plenty of plotting opportunities
• Missions and chapters unfolded by member choices
• Events that unfold over the whole server
• A map with plenty of places to explore
• No character limit
• Plus much more

Feel free to swing by, we do accept visitors as well.
A Server to RP on without the General Restricitons. We offer:
-Custom Channels for your Rp!
-A friendly Team <3
-Lesser rules than any other Server!
-A waterproof raid Save System!

Spectral Academy is a roleplay server dedicated to helping you express your artistic side when it comes to character creation. You can apply for almost any power you’d like here. We encourage you to be creative about it! Come roleplay with us!

Lore Synopsis: Magix has been seeping into the blood of mortals everywhere blessing them with untold powers--but this power came with a curse. Various illness and disease spread onto a once perfect human society. In 1958 a secret device, the Donome, was created. The device helped control the curse placed on the affected mortals, now known as MGs. Shortly after its creation, the device was placed in a school--known as Spectral Academy--to help MGs control their new found power.
| Kingsman Role Play |

Welcome to the Kingsman mansion! We present to you all the fun and action of the movies, along with all the drama and angst, with the classy RPG experience! Based on the Kingsman franchise. (featuring elements from both the movies and the comics!)

~ OC roleplay
~ Artists and Writers alike, welcome!
~ +18 server
~ Dice and stats gameplay mechanics
~ Friendly and active community
~ Community driven stories as well as an overarching plot
~ Casual and Serious roleplay, both welcome
~ NSFW art and discussion channels
~ Channel to discuss the movies and anything relating to Kingsman

Join as a cadet and train your way up the ranks to claim your agent codename! Go on missions and training exercises. Meet and interact with other cadets and agents, as well as their players! We are a pretty open community and have been around for over a year developing the rpg as best as we can.
Hello, hello! We are a merfolk roleplay where you can be a merperson or a human. We have many different species of mermaid and we don’t discriminate anyone. We’re very welcoming and don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or NSFW. You can suggest new channels, bots, and more! Join us and create amazing characters.
Hello! and welcome! to Shadow's Place! a fun server for all kinds of roleplay! staff are friendly and the server is simple yet fun! read the rules, post a ref, and have fun!
Welcome to The Vale, everyone is welcome here.
We have fun roleplay, great lore and a kind staff

we have the following bots:
Rythm 2
Please join my server! I hope this server will be very successful and have many, constantlt active members!
This roleplay was heavily inspired by Jurassic Park: A Fallen Kingdom. However, you don't have to know anything about Jurassic Park to roleplay here!

Scientists have found a way to re-create the dinosaurs. From the tiny Epidexipteryx hui
to the tall Brachiosaurus, now live today. But, there was a mixup, and the dinosaurs ended up escaping! Now, humans must find a way to live alongside these prehistoric creatures... and hope they don't get eaten.
Welcome into eclipse boarding school, you have been accepted and have been chosen to attend to here. Your duties as a student is to represent both vampires and humans. Humans and vampires will attend both classes together. And will not have separate dorms for the night class and for the daytime class. We encourage you students to have fun and make new friends and not enemies.
Welcome to the City of Amford, where there isn't a dull moment. This roleplay server specifically focuses on city life, and the struggle between the massive gap between poverty and rich, as well as the booming stray populations. Between gangs starting up, elders unable to change, and wild dogs running the place, where do you fit?
Come join today!