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a server full of people who are bored
Fortnite Club 🔱

🔸Welcome to fortnite club

It is a server that offers players to find people so that both can play together and meet same people with the same interests 🤘

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔸 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔸 Many roles
🔸 All languages
🔸 People from all over the world
🔸 Tournaments
🔸 Latest updates
🔸 Bots only for fortnite
🔸 Multiple channels
🔸 Channels vc
Hey this is the Pixilworldians Discord server! This server is about our YouTube channel that we mostly do gaming on but we do challenges and other stuff on. If you want to promote your own channel we have a channel just for that! So come on down and join us
We're just a nice group of people looking for some new friends to make and meme with. Feel free to join us! Who knows, you might even find your best friends on here(: .
This is a server that I made for me and my friends and am still in the process of making it better so it would be cool if you could join and make new friends and just hang out.
RaZe is a little server to chat with people about stuff like games, or just to chill, meet people, or something like this!

Currently it's still pretty small, but with a bit of help we will get bigger and bigger, don't forget, everything starts small! :D
Music Hub is a community based music server, if you have any form of an musical instrument either a electric guitar or an acoustic/percussion instrument your more than welcome to play them in the voice channels with other users or you can chill and talk in the public voice channels, and hey if you don't have any instruments of your own you can always listen on with others and maybe learn a little from them, and engage in discords with other users in the text channels ranging from lots of miscellaneous stuff you can discuss over at music hub, put aside all that I hope you'll enjoy staying in this server and enjoying the company of the users.
Hello to all of those fellow people and humans alike! Love celebrating your favorite holidays? Want to join a server where you can celebrate holidays with friendly members? Well then, come on in to my Tavern! This Tavern's purpose is not only for roleplaying, but it also allows Youtubers, artists, Twitch Streamers, and more to show their lovely skills amd such to friendly people! Come on, don't be shy. We love having new people in the server, so come on down and we can get to meet you! ^^
Like roleplaying or assassin's? Well in this server u get to ROLEPLAY as an assassin. Your first rank will vary depending on your assassin's log that u put in. Join our community and have fun.
we are a new server made for people to have fun in and just chill in.
Welcome to The Lounge! Throw your hat in the corner (nobody ever finds theirs) and stay a while! We've got fun discussions, we've got very few, easy rules, we've got NSFW, so do whatever you want :D
This is a place for people who are bored, and just looking for people to talk to and socialize with. We welcome everyone, mostly the socially awkward people. If you have problems, come share them. If you have fortune, come praise them. If you have donuts, please share them, I love donuts-
Oh, right, the server- Uhm, yeah, that's all I guess. Come on in, have a good time, we hope you'll stay for a long time :D
Hey there bonjour
Mind joining our server? We're a weird server for weird people pretty much.
And oh yeah, we're furries, as you can read by the tag.
We've got active staff, and are hoping to get active people as well!
If you consider yourself weird or strange do quite join since you'll fit right in c:
We dont really have any description rn we just need people to talk to lmao
This is a new server that is in progress. Thank you for joining if you do. Server is about general things so just about anything you want. I will also be taking suggestions.
Hey, welcome to Chase The Fantasy where you can let go of all worries and have a great time! 🧚‍♀️
Our theme is dreams, and our levels are in stages of reaching your dream/fantasy :)). We hope to help you achieve your dreams in your own life whether it be happiness or beating your friend in League Of Legends. We hope to inspire you to really reach for what you want (including that crush that seems out of your league).

We offer:
✘ Self - Assignable Roles
✘Fun Bots
✘A Thigh Collection
✘A NSFW section (small but enjoyable)
✘Monthly Server VCs
✘Anonymous Channel
✘Rant Channel (and people to help)
✘Aesthetics so your eyes are saved :)

We are currently small but we are close knit and that just makes it easier for people to bond! You will be welcomed on arrival so don't miss out.

Here's a welcome and some fairy dust in advance!🌸🧚
A new server for meeting new people. Find friends, people to talk to. Chat and have fun with some bots. Play your music and voice chat with a group of nice people. This is NOT a dating server though.
Everyone welcome.
This is a server for weird people! I hope you have a good time!
Its just a random chat server. No one knows anyone, so just talk. Its perfect in this random server, so join pls. Im lonley
Looking to make friends?
Join this!
With a server with 150+ people and counting, we are still growing it. We have many languages to choose from, almost 20+ languages, we have active members as well. Come over here just to have fun, learn your language you are wanting to learn, and help others as well.
1 This aint a furry server, Come just to hang out and have fun! We do have game nights some times and we want to grow to have a community DM me for channel and event ideas!
hello hi, the server just empty, getting people on it first before we can actually make it into something that we all would be happy with, everything has to start somewhere, right?