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The Archive of Dragon Anatomy is a server based around entirely around feral dragons. We differ from other furry/scalie servers in the sense that we are a haven for feral dragons, untouched by other species and anthros. Anthros and other species are welcome, however we kindly request that any art of anthros or other species be kept out of the Archive of Dragon Anatomy.

We welcome all suggestions and have a friendly community eagerly seeking new members and are currently working on multiple projects to enhance your experience in the Archive.
Hell! Welcome to the City! Here we have a simple life of going about our day and chasing out any humans who dare try to come in! And in our specialty forest we have little areas of you want to roll in the hay and you can even get a job if you pleased! If you have any questions contact me with my discord PebbleBerryTribute#9777
Please read Woodland Dwellers' page before or upon joining the server & submit a form. Alternatively you can just join to see what the group is like.
"Woodland Dwellers is a Discord roleplay group composed of two unique main groups, excluding the Outsiders. Those groups are The Pack of Frigid Souls, led by Whisperingice#1216 and Celestial Gazers, led by Pastelkittyqq#2211. You can find information about these groups on their pages, see Groups. These groups exist in the same universe, Woodland Dwellers, which allows them to interact with other groups and share plots. Each group has its own unique rules, traditions, and rankings."
To join the roleplay group you must fill in a form and post it to #forms.
DedicatedPassion is furry server focused on being a carefree, tolerant, and thoughtful community.
We have lots of channels for various discussions, and NSFW sections for chat and art.
We welcome people from all walks of life and strive to be a community of inclusion.
* RP channels
* Active writing community
* Active Therian, feral, and pagan community
* Long-running, low-drama server
* Online and active for over 1 year
Small server with a family vibe.
Join the conversation!
[Currently searching for new characters! See below.] Staged in Northern Alaska, 170 miles north of the arctic circle, this roleplay server is oriented around feral wolves living in a natural habitat. The environment must remain mostly realistic and natural; thus no special powers are allowed. Though characters are required to be completely wolf, and keep a fair RP, there are no other restrictions on creativity! Join and start RPing! More features to be added as more members join.

[Currently searching for more mates in the pack!]
Сервер для Фералов, под руководством Лиса - для Русско-говорящих , и тех кому нравятся фералы, и кто чувствует себя им. (У нас тихо и спокойно).
The ferals is a large amount of land, dispersed between islands, that is untouched by any man. The land is home to many species, discovered, undiscovered, and even long thought extinct.

I hope to have a fun, relaxed community for everyone to enjoy being in!
Hey ! This is a feral furry server focused on RP and FERALS

You dont have to be feral to come in of course ! This server is mean to stay kinda small, so this invitation might come and go ! See you there if you are interested :3
Feral Forest is a server dedicated to feral furry adult artwork. What is feral? Think of Simba from The Lion King. Basically, they're anthopomorphic animals that are not humanoid in appearance. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in then please join our growing server!
Welcome to the:
🔱Porn and Sexting Lounge 🔱

✳️This is where all sexuality's are allowed and you won't be discriminated about it. You can also be part of any fandom or have any kink or fetish and we will still welcome you!

❇️You can be a furry and we will welcome you
❇️You can like Scalie porn and we will welcome you
❇️You can like dragon porn and we will welcome you - OWNERS FAVORITE ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

✳️Current Amount of members: 153

✳️This is a place where you can come when you horny and talk to others. You can send pics of anything you like. (Dick pics, pussy, tits, dragon, anime,monster, and anything that has to do with porn)

✳️We have something called the daily dose of porn where I will pick a topic and release around 5-10 pics!

-----There are no rules stupid-----  
-Accept have fun and that's it
-You can Role Play
-You can sext
-You can send porn
-You can send your own pics
-Plz send any good porn art on the Group Chat

Kind Of Porn Allowed:

When mankind has reached its limit, animals have become increasingly more intelligent thanks to science throughout the years, in this role play, you will venture into the unknown crevices as an animal yearning to survive in the cold world humans have left behind, be aware that mankind still strives in certain areas of the city. In this role play you will also learn who and who not to trust, love and Hate, betrayal and Trust, and make great friendships along the way. keep in mind that in Utopia it's kill or be killed every animal has their specified Clan/team they all rely on. It's all up to you...
The fields is a feral ERP sever! It is open to many kinks and for those with odd species! Hope to see you there!
Welcome to the Den!
We are a loving and caring community for furries! We don't discriminate anyone! We also have many things such as...

🖌️ Wonderful Artists! dog 🖌️

😔 vents! Caring people to talk to! 😔

🐺 lovely staff! 🐺

📄 Voice chat! 📄

🐨 caring community! 🐨

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈

🌸 Fun Bots 🌸

🌌 Fursuiting Channels 🌌

And so much more! Please consider joining our wonderful community! We are waiting!