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Raitolunas are a species that live on Pony Town. The server is very, very small, and we'd appreciate new members to help it grow and thrive! We avoid talking about drama, and do our best to keep the server toxic-free!
"Welcome, to Sylvia's house for magic people." A home where you can be safe, show off your powers and not have to run from the people who want to harm you.

Sylvia's father died and left her the house when she was just 16 years old. She couldn't stand and empty house, so she cleaned up and decided to invite people with magical, just like her into her beautiful home.
Kokuren is a land far, far away... Its inhabitants are fantastical creatures that can shift, get visions from the past and future, and even grant your every wish. However, they are also insanely dangerous to humans and creatures like deers, dogs, monkeys, and pretty much any creature you've come to know in the "real world".
A Discord Server for lovers of the Macaroni Raptor species by Hijack the Jackal! Run by a moderator of the species, MacRaps are a diverse and accepting community built on art, lore, and creativity.
Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Are you a heckin' furry? Come on innnn!

- password protected!
- advertising friendly
- roles and levels
- palette bot
- bots
- art showoff
- advertising
- breeding

and more! Feel free to drop in and say hi at any time :)

- MacRap Management -
Heya! Water Guardians are an Open species that can be joined by anyone, where you can create and role play characters in this world and make art for them! We have events, prompts, raffles for art and characters, and perks! Feel free to join the server or the group over on deviantart~
Salyra is a world that I created with many species in it. Salyra is the galaxy, with many different planets, all with different species of inhabitants
New York has always been a hot bed for underworld activity, but only recently have mundanes been so intrigued by it. A cult of demon worshipers has formed seemingly from no where, lead by a shadowy figure with the powers of a nephilim. This cult has been known to summon multiple demons, with the power to control and empower them. Meanwhile the vampires have started to become more active, and rumors of mass murders done with blood leaching have surfaced in the population. A new pack of werewolves have come come into the city, who claim to be of heritage of the first werewolf. They now are attacking the local pack and stealing their turf. Warlocks are mysteriously disappearing for months at a time, and reappearing with no memory of capture and strange symbol placed upon their bodies. Additionally an object has fallen from the sky, which has been discovered to be a sword radiating holy power. Chaos ensues, and it is only by the hand of the shadow hunters that the city does not collapse. However there are those who believe the shadow hunters should leave the city, and allow it’s shadow realm to run itself.

Come join the shadow world!
An original species created by Vincent/Videl, Fevris/Fev, and Dark Jade Dragoness/Jade!
Isildruen is a new, open dragon oc rp. It is mature due to slightly graphic scenes, but it is not an 18+server. This rp is about 5 dragon tribes and you can make any dragon and species you wish. It's an open, creative, and welcoming community.
Welcome to Ilezura. My name is Avellin, and I will be your guide here.
Ilezura is a world full of lore and species. You may create your own characters and interact with others. Participate in roleplay, create art, or any other number of activities.
The world of Ilezura is always changing. More species will be found or created, new variations may be discovered, new cities may be founded.
The story of the world changes as well, as the community learns more. With these, there will always be something available to do.
We hope you enjoy your stay here in Ilezura.
This roleplay takes place in Anahiem, California.
In Anahiem, not everyone you meet is classified as a "Human".
There are many creatures other than humans living in Anahiem, some of these
creatures hold powers. These creatures don't only live here, they
live all over the world, some even on different planets you don't even know about.
The powers they hold could kill, memorize, heal, anything you could imagine.
It's almost like a dream.
Most of these creatures use their powers for good, but a selected few use them to
do horrible things. Everyone you meet here looks like a human, act
like a human, until you really get to know them.
Who can you trust? Who will be your friend?
What enemys will you make?
Where did these creatures come from?
The rest of the story is up to you.
In the year 2025, parents started seeing changes in their children. Some had magical powers, some had elf ears and some were plain vampires. These children were taken away by the government and looked at for years. It was a 50/50 chance for your child to be born with powers or as a different species. It’s now the year 2045 and half the population have these powers. Humans started discriminating them and now any non-human species are being hunted. They’re forced to keep their abilities hidden while in public as when they’re seen, there’s a high chance of them being killed .
Log into the world of Koss! Colloquially known as Koss, or Koss Hounds, TechnaKoss were created to scour the internet in search of viruses and anomalies. When found, the primary directive of the TechnaKoss is to kill or consume this data perversion. Come make your MYO today while it's still open!
Are you into fantasy and/or history? Are you looking to make new friends? This is the server for you! We don't currently have many members (at all), but we are hoping that it grows!
This server is an original species that I am proud to show you all. This server is organized, while being nice looking at the same time! This server proudly hold over 20 people and hope to greet many, many more. The community has been finely cultured so that everyone can get along with each other. I hope you enjoy~!

- Sour Mint Frogger
A server for species creators and members of species communities to share their species! We have rooms for adopts/myo/events and more, but our main draw is that if you affiliate with the server, you get your own room to post any art or info about your species and use as you wish!