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After Civilization is a discord RP community focused around a world that has fallen into collapse after a mysterious apocalypse has annihilated most of the worlds major governments.
The world of Ofos is one with technology comparable to ours, and magic to boot, the world requires strong, and smart individuals to lead the hapless masses.
In late 2018 the United States Government failed to contain an attempted coup from the Californian Government. Walls were built around the state with an active military division surrounding it, no one was allowed in or out. The California-Mexico border was shut down though rumored to be used as a way of smuggling items into California. Today the New Californian Government is failing, its National Guard was depleted, the Governor has gone missing and the citizens are in distress. Anarchy has become the major factor in California, citizens have come to arms against each other for means of survival. The United States Department of Defense had established a division in the military in an attempt to reclaim California. Due to the size of California, this military division, known as The Brigade, has prioritized the takeovers of Sacramento County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco County with a failed attempt on taking Sacramento County.
The Brigade has been conducting operations throughout California in an attempt to take back the counties of California, though their appearance is rare. Other than The Brigade, another group has started, they’re known as The Peacekeepers, officially known as The Remnant Peacekeepers has also started operations for the good of the people. They’ve conducted missions throughout California for humanitarian aid, by eliminating bandit factions, delivering supplies, as well as protecting civilians from an attack of any kind.
Los Angeles County is a hot zone for Bandit Attacks, therefore a large presence of Peacekeepers are in that area. Many civilians stay away from Los Angeles, but some travelers come by in an attempt to steal supplies from bandits. Peacekeepers and Bandits commonly clash in the streets of LA. Los Angeles is used as a means of transit due to its interstates and highways, bandits use this as an advantage to attack anyone who decided to travel through LA.
In the Northern Counties of California, a Safe Zone has been set up in league with the New Californian Government and Peacekeepers. This zone is fenced off and has only one entrance into the Safe Zone. They freely let civilians with background checks and temporary confiscation of firearms they brought with them. The wall is heavily protected and patrolled by Peacekeepers and New California National Guard.

Welcome to Cobs & Zaid Role-Play Emporium and its additional RP Servers!

Hello there, Zaid here and on behalf of the Server I'd like to personally welcome you to our server! We have a variety of Role-Plays and a friendly, socializing community for you to hangout and make friends with!

I work alongside my bud Cobs who's the main guy for the Lore, Server Creation, and Administration in our role-plays while I deal with server management and media creation!

The Cobs & Zaid RP Emporium and involved Servers include:
~ Multiple RP's instead of One
~ Plenty of Bots
~ Opportunity to create your own Server Lore and have it added into your server!
~ Nice and Friendly Community
~ NSFW Chat (Definitely not for anyone under 18)
~ Video Game Sessions! (If you got an Xbox, PS4, or just a PC guy, feel free to play something with us)
~ The "Quote" chat, which shows you the stupid stuff we say on a daily basis.
~ Branching Large RP Servers (Including Sci-Fi Role-Play and Prophecy of Eaqilon)

Owner: @Zaid#2801 & @Cobikus#7950
The year is 2034 and humanity has been decimated by a extremely contagious mutagenic virus. The virus is theorized to have come from a meteor that split upon impact with the atmosphere and infected everything it came across; both fauna and flora. The virus (commonly referred to as the Janus virus) mutates it’s host chaotically, killing most outright during the process and sending others insane. A small percentage of the human population managed to retain their humanity even with the new mutations. Mutations can vary from minor, easily hidden changes to major ones where the mutations are so great they are no longer visibly human. Some try to hide these mutations by amputating their limbs, and those with more advanced resources use robotic prosthetics. In very rare cases, those that are infected gain a 'stable' strain. Those with strain are able to control their mutations mostly freely, an even smaller percentage have been proven immune.

It’s been five years since the Janus outbreak spread across the world, nature has begun to retake the cities. What's left of the human population resides in unstable 'safe zones.' The location of the area this server resides in is the United Kingdom, ground zero for the virus and where the most extreme and varied mutations have taken place. Yet also the place with the highest concentration of evo's, infected who were unable to retain their sanity.
The year is 22Xx. Can YOU survive?-
Welcome all travellers, aliens, survivors and threats. Are you with the Empire of Dominion, the alien overlords, or the Survivors of the Milky Way? We offer many different ways to make a difference!
💀 Choose your side, are you a Survivor or Empire of Dominion follower? Jobs are also included!
😎 Many unique characters, races and worlds to discover
😥 NPC Monsters and Survival for gaining credits to be used in roleplay!
🤔 Fun Bots!
😋 Friendly community
😉**Looking for new partners and roleplayers!**
Please read our rules and requirements before joining! We have lots of things to keep you occupied, with chances to create races, lore and so much more! All our information has been uploaded in the server.
People who don't roleplay: You are also welcome! We have a large community and allow a special role to people when they enter, only if you say you don't wish to roleplay. You can interact with everyone and watch madness happen.
If you wish, DM <@383553665816068106> for more information.
Ten years after the 2nd battle for the Hoover Dam, the battle itself turning out to be a pyrrhic victory for the NCR, Caesar's Legion has largely fallen into disarray; From the 'true' Legion lead by Lanius to retake and reunify the broken pieces to Vulpes Inculta and his pseudo-Legion of broken ideologies. All the way to Lucius and his technocratic followers, the Brotherhood of Mars. Each piece of the once unbreakable Legion now struggles to survive.

Though taking advantage of the fractured Legion, is the New California Republic. Though unable to take control of much past the Colorado River in due to Lanius' efforts, the NCR has ventured quite far North to somewhere the Legion and their allies once dominated, Utah.

Though a far cry to the Vietnam War of guerilla fighting in lands they didn't know against a lesser foe, the NCR secured many permanent footholds. Now the NCR is steadily expanding their foothold in Utah, fighting the 80's tribe and maintaining good relations with the remnants of the Mormons and their converted tribals.

Currently looking for new members and a couple of staff roles
Staff roles being admins and loremasters to help with bringing extended universe lore and proper lore together.
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!
A post apocalyptic roleplay world. Still a work in progress. All are welcome to join!
A Post-Apocalypse roleplay server set in a post apocalytpic ice age
A serious sci-fi roleplay set on Zabolachenaya, on the planet of Strani. Zabolachenaya is a region affected by a civil war that ended 20 years ago, loosening the grasp of the human Confederate government, and is well known for it's various hidden anomalies and war-time artefacts waiting to be (re)discovered.
Do you like Trigun? Are you just interested in rping in a post apocalyptic world where humans end up stranded on a desert planet? Whatever your reason is, we welcome you to Gunsmoke!
After Dark is a zombie apocalypse based role play. We take after the tv show the walking dead, and many other zombie and apocalypse related shows and movies!

We are a friendly community that accepts everyone who enjoys building and creating characters, writing, and making new friends!

We also have a lot of events we do such as:
- Game Night
- Movie Night
- Server Quests
- And many more!

Cryptisella Nocturnum, commonly known as The Night Cloak, a biological control plant created to reduce the population of mosquitos after a severe outbreak of malaria in North America. Created by Biogenix, a company dedicated to studying and creating biologically modified organisms and the role they play in our ecosystem, the scientific standard is what they live and die by.

In the case of Cryptisella, it’s exactly what they died by. After the release of the small orchid-like flower, with its bright blue and violet bioluminescence, the mosquito population in North America appeared to be declining. However, strange incidents began popping up shortly after the release of the flower. Corpses, coming back to life and walking the earth at night, attacking anything in sight, before collapsing at sunrise once again.

The horror of ‘zombies’ had come to life in a way no one could have expected. The infection hit fast, travelling as pollen spores through most major airports before anyone realized what was happening. Now, a year after the initial ‘outbreak’, less than quarter of the world’s population remains. The Resurrection flower as its now known, still prevalent in some areas, blooms at night and with it, the dead rise.
a Roleplay server where you survived an infected world and is keeping yourself safe in a city called “Grand Painite City” technology is uncommon in the outer city but common in the inner city. You woke up from an unknown subway that is heading to an unknown place that is safe and protected from the infected.. hopefully..
This Fallout server is well obviously based in the Fallout world in the year 2150. Submit your rp bio and join a faction and group up to face the Wasteland or go solo. You also don't have to know a lot about Fallout since it's Fallout themed, there's stuff that even isn't from the Fallout universe. So c'mon over and join!
Hello all! I am currently making a cyberpunk roleplay which takes place in Europe. At the moment we are looking for more roleplayers and possible admins to hopefully expand our small community :D

The year is 2689. After the First Mutagen War which began during the latter stages of the 25th century and ran until the early 26th century, mankind had lost its title as the apex predator of the world. Its been almost 50 years since then, and the United States has finally gotten back on its feet. An expedition has been planned for Europe. Are you ready? The colony of New Hamburg awaits you. Whether you choose to hold a rifle in your hands, or metal cooking utensils, to a simple pen, we the colonists of New Hamburg welcome you.

We are looking for experienced roleplayers capable of producing a usual amount of at least one paragraph (3+ sentences). We include a GM and dice-based system and are open to help those not accustomed to it, so please don't think you're under qualified. We would like that those joining are mature enough to experience adult subjects.

{❀> A detailed world

{❀> An occupation system - you decide the path your character takes

{❀> An ever-growing world set in a post-apocalyptic Europe

{❀> A huge array of weapons, armor, and items

{❀> A unique combat system

{❀> A lore website

{❀> Talented roleplayers

{❀> The free ability to create your own storyline

Outworld is a brand-new Post apocalyptic Roleplay Server! In a setting based off constant conflict and various different areas to suit your character.
We offer:
It's the apocalypse, while there various factions, for the most part your character is allowed to do almost whatever they wish to, whether it be joining a raider gang, scavenging, joining a major faction, making friends, pissing on a statue, etc., the world is your oyster.
Permadeath is optional thanks to Kosma Tech, a Post-War manufacturing company!
Almost all types of characters, (Besides OP characters, Gods, Demons, etc.) are allowed! Go wild but just remember the setting your character is in.
Various different areas from Deserts, Cities, Arctic's , and Jungles.
A post apocalyptic server with dedicated Role-players who are just dedicated to the setting.
Optional ERP and NSFW for those who seek it.
This is a world like ours but with magic but war world nuke destroy the world and now there isn't any power. You are in the USA what is left of it the south went back to slavery the north is a big wasteland.
Just a server for people who want to have fun.
Lore: In a city called Werewoods, an explosion of Atomic electro station happened. Protect the city or become it's rival.
Outbreak Imminent: Plague 2020 is currently set just before the pandemic hits. This is a new server, so until there is a larger group to begin the actual zombie roleplay, your characters can live normal lives amidst the rising paranoia and fear surrounding the newest strain of influeneza. Take time to gather resources, learn new things, forge alliances, and figure out your best plan of action against the impending threat of total annihilation. With a relaxed and easy roleplay atmosphere, fun ooc chats and suggestions/requests open, you can always find fun conversation in the meme and anime chats.

**Relaxed Roleplay**
**Light Lore**
** Create your own faction**
**User generated lore**
Welcome to The Horned Ones roleplay server!

Taking inspiration from media like Fallout, Mad Max, and Borderlands, this server is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth trying to recover from the constant draining of resources by mankind. A raid group by the name of The Horned Ones has taken up residence in an abandoned zoo, and are hell-bent on claiming this newborn world for themselves.

We're a relatively casual group, accepting of all sorts of characters (except Mary/Gary-sues). We have out of character chats, Rythm bot for music, and plenty of memes for when you just want to kick back and relax with some chill people. Come join us!
My first ever server, simple, not strict on rules, and there will be only 1 main chat besides the NSFW channel. Keeps everyone together and more in the style of an anonymous chatroom.

Don't care if you're a furry, weeb, libtard or right wing conspiracy theorist. Just don't cause too much trouble or be a tight ass.
Set in the world of Ellotis a century after a great apocalypse, Ellotis RP offers a unique fantasy roleplay setting for those willing to put time and effort into their roleplay. Whilst we promote the experienced, our staff is certainly willing to assist novice roleplayers who are seeking a high quality experience.

The World:
Nearly a century after an event still shrouded in mystery filled the land with a corruptive, primordial magic that drives men insane and beasts to rage, Ellotis is filled with the pockets of civilization that have managed to brave the storm in this still chaotic world.

Despite the horrors of the age, the city-state of Naissance and others are leading the world out of this age of darkness because of the work done by brave individuals. Here, you may push away the darkness, or perhaps stand to let it envelop the world.

- Dedicated factions for people to join and experience Ellotis with others
- Easy-to-follow character creation guides
- A quest system that can have lasting effects on the world
- Rewards for well done RP and character dedication
- Vast location-based channel system
- An ever-expanding world, with expansions for new plot lines and locations. All planned in advance.
- A detailed magic system involving five unique fields of magic
- Will not IP ban for memes/jokes
- Unlike all the ‘kind staff’ or ‘good staff’ servers, we pride ourselves in selecting the cruelest and most unreasonable staff members possible.
- Kind staff
Set in a post-apocalyptic Maine, the world of cataclysm is anything but a friendly one. Death lurks around every corner, danger looms over every hill's crest, and safety is a rarity. If you think you have what it takes to survive, then look no further.

This dnd is based on the roguelike game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. I would like to clarify that this is not an official server, just in case, ya know?
Found within the sands of Arizona is a war of some of the last humans alive. In it live the broken ties of humans and meta-humans, both trying their best to survive. There are 4 main factions that live, control, and monitor the desert. The red legion being the most dangerous of them, killing and enslaving mutants without care. The civil protectors, a large group of knights that make and ride super-bikes through the glass desert. The manuki, tribals who tame and live with the many beasts of this harsh land. Finally, rocket city military, the last home of America's government, holding on by just strings. Or you could make one of your own and rule the wastes.
The year is 2036 a group of metro dwellers left a year previously as enemy spys but now with Reds gone and Nazis flooded Hansa and the watchers have united the metro under one banner, And groups of stalkers have begun trying to sneak out of Moscow failing in every attempt. Will you follow Hansa or rise up against them? Attempt to leave Moscow or be happy in the metro? These are all choices you must make as you live in this world.