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Nearly two centuries after a global breakdown, people around the world barely make ends meet. Survivors of The Shift struggle to pull through the wastelands they now call their homes. Nations stand as titans against the tides, overlooking the geopolitical atmosphere as they pull the strings ever so slightly in their favor, resting upon their urban thrones. All the while, one question stands above it all, a looming shadow threatening to crush the silver lining.


Will you rise through the waters and thrive? Or will you pledge your allegiance to a new nation? Maybe you'll prevail and lead your own faction into glorious victory? All of it comes unto you, the player.

Our server offers:
❯ A 16+ environment.
❯ Quality paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplay.
❯ An open-world experience including expansive lore and several distinct settings.
❯ The ability to create your own factions and participate in the growth of the roleplay.
❯ Mysteries for you to discover!
❯ A welcoming community!

This server is fairly new and in need of experienced staff willing to invest themselves in the creation and further development of the server.
World War 3 has passed and as a side affect of the many nuclear bombs used, what was left of the ozone layer was destroyed, the carbon dioxide levels rising to almost unbearable amounts. Despite the mass destruction caused, a few hundred humans remain on the Earth, though the sights that greet them are not ones of beauty, but ones of horror. Because of the mass rise in carbon dioxide levels, the world became so sweltering that even the oceans have dried up, leading to large stretches of massive desert across the world. To venture outside during daylight is suicide - but at night, life rummages through the deserted remains of crippled civilizations, looking for a reason to live on in this world. Hope is what keeps them going, nothing else.

| |**FEATURES**| |
- A Responsive and Active Owner!
- Lively Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay!
- Many Different Creatures!
- Various Settlements with more to be added!
- A Quest Board for When you Can't Find an RP Partner!
- Suggestions and Complaints Channels to Help Improve the server!
- And much, much more!
Welcome to Generation Zero, a post apocalyptic rp with everything you need! Factions? Check! A rich lore? Check! More zombies than you can shake a stick at? ALSO CHECK! Come check it out. ^w^.

Currently looking for staff if anyone's interested.
The only defiance RP server in existence. Focusing on the post war town of Valentine Montana. It's past is already formed but it's future is yours to shape. Will you be a castithan business man? Or a irathiant shaman? The choice is yours total freedom is the name of the game. Long as logical and within the lore of the defiance tv show and game.
After Civilization is a discord RP community focused around a world that has fallen into collapse after a mysterious apocalypse has annihilated most of the worlds major governments. We feature frequent events, as well as a very active staff team (Which we are always looking for new members of!)

The world of Ofos is one with technology comparable to ours, and magic to boot, the world requires strong, and smart individuals to lead the hapless masses.
California Badlands, 2025 RP.

This is a post-apocalyptic roleplay server. Choose from factions ranging from military remnants to a group that has a town made of scraps, to a wastelander faction, to mutants, and much more. It's time to leave your mark on the Badlands.

<<We Offer>>
An Active Community
Lots to RP with
An NSFW channel
An ERP friendly server
Active staff
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!
The year is 22Xx. Can YOU survive?
Welcome all travellers, aliens, survivors and threats. Are you with the Empire, a brutal and unforgiving legion of diabolical overlords who aim to seize Zalos the last city of earth and the last place of freedom in the Milky Way? Or the Survivors, a wide array of beings that reside in the city of Zalos, going about their daily lives under the protection of soldiers who fight against the tyranny of the dominion, this first and last line of defence is called, ”The Militia”, and their Black guards.

As well as these, there are other companies. The other main one is the 9th Defender Company. These high trained fighters follow their German leader.
💀 Choose your side, are you a Survivor or a loyal follower of the Empire?
✏ Choose from a wide variety of jobs that suit your character and provide your services to Zalos!
😎 Many unique characters, races and worlds to discover
😥 NPC Monsters and Survival for gaining credits to be used in roleplay!
😋 An outstanding and open-minded community that would love to get the chance to know you!
😉 **Looking for new partners and roleplayers!**
Please read our rules and requirements before joining! We have lots of things to keep you occupied, with chances to create races, lore and so much more! All our information has been uploaded in the server.
***People who don't roleplay: You are also welcome!***
We have a large community and allow a special role to people when they enter, only if you say you don't wish to roleplay. You can interact with everyone and watch madness happen.
If you wish, DM Momo#6887/Zane Flynt#5420 for more information.
Post apocalyptic World/island. You can Role play as a creature created by one of the crystals or be a human born by the residents of a small town "Pandora"
You've been given a golden ticket to witness the aftermath of the event. No one knows exactly what it was or how it happened but the world is different now and nothing is the same. The large powerhouses of the world have been split into smaller nations and many of their ideals have changed.
The Earth Died Screaming, a Post Apoc Wild West Roleplay server inspired by Tom Waits's "Bone Machine" and many other Dark Western songs. face all sorts of madness, from Mutants to Cowboys to all sorts of Monsters.
The Aftermath discord is an active roleplay server which is always looking for new players.

Roleplay in a new and original post apocalyptic world, where the strongest survive. Create any kind of character, whether it be a cultist, a soldier, or even an AI with its own unique mechanics separate from Humans. Try to survive the ruins of the old world, scavenging what little you can for whatever the next day might bring...

• Roles
• Lots Of different roleplay channels
• Character/Story driven
• Active and friendly staff
• Events
• Factions
• Unique RPG systems such as sanity and radiation
• Constantly working on new content for players
• And much more!
50 years ago our earth was hit by a large meteor. The impact was enough to throw off the earth's natural orbit. 85% of the world's population was wiped out.

It takes 2 months for us to make a full orbit. From the hottest spot closest to the sun, to the coldest edge of our solar system. Our moon was not able to handle the pressure of the extreme orbital journey.

Moonless and mostly lifeless, some have managed to survive this. Going outside with layers and layers of clothes was the only option. And the only preserved food and water is from underground organizations.

~ Unlimited Roleplay Potential
~ Server-Wide Games and Events
~ Custom Color Roles!

However the server is fairly new, so we are open to suggestions to help improve the server! Currently there is no application process to become a mod or admin here, there may be in the future if you were wondering.
A massive surge of demons from hell destroys the world, aiming to kill all life. Earth's struggle was futile and the demons turned landscapes to wastelands and cities to ruins. 50 years later and the remaining humans are struggling to survive, the only defense they have against the ever present demon threat, are chains, and the Seers.
Post Apocalyptic Survival Role Play with Supernatural elements
We aim to have fun here :^)
We have:
-A leveling system with rewards
-Music bots
-Friendly Staff and members
-and events to keep players busy
The year is 2034 and humanity has been decimated by a extremely contagious mutagenic virus. The virus is theorized to have come from a meteor that split upon impact with the atmosphere and infected everything it came across; both fauna and flora. The virus (commonly referred to as the Janus virus) mutates it’s host chaotically, killing most outright during the process and sending others insane. A small percentage of the human population managed to retain their humanity even with the new mutations. Mutations can vary from minor, easily hidden changes to major ones where the mutations are so great they are no longer visibly human. Some try to hide these mutations by amputating their limbs, and those with more advanced resources use robotic prosthetics. In very rare cases, those that are infected gain a 'stable' strain. Those with strain are able to control their mutations mostly freely, an even smaller percentage have been proven immune.

It’s been five years since the Janus outbreak spread across the world, nature has begun to retake the cities. What's left of the human population resides in unstable 'safe zones.' The location of the area this server resides in is the United Kingdom, ground zero for the virus and where the most extreme and varied mutations have taken place. Yet also the place with the highest concentration of evo's, infected who were unable to retain their sanity.
The Dreadlands is a brand new Post Apocalyptic RP server that incorporates themes like Madmax and Fallout in one refreshing style. Fight your way through mutants and humans alike to either take charge and gain power or simply survive. Each biome has their own special breeds of mutants and if that isn’t enough, players can even opt to roleplay a mutant – it doesn’t even need to be a currently existing mutant.

Characters will have to think carefully about where they tread and what they do, as every action will alter their story. In this gruelling, grim-dark world, anything and everything can happen, so player discretion is advised.

Will you fight to survive, or will you sabotage the humans attempts and become a walking horror?
A pretty new post apocalypse server, with erp being optional. Feel free to join
Set some time after Resident Evil Seven, the biohazard has spread to a small city called crystaledge by mainly air travel, London has been walled off and a small portion evacuated but still a large portion stands, Now Umbrella has set outposts and the militaries across the globe have been trying to eliminate this big problem while also keeping it all secret, they even tried to freeze it all, but it didn't help them and instead the molded adapted, now they're going in to handle this problem with some of the best soldiers the world has ever seen.

Welcome to Withervale! A collection of city-states just trying to get by in the aftermath of nuclear war. Whether you're a raider hell bent on terrorizing the one road we have, or a settler looking to settle in one of the unique towns, we welcome you to come and try to survive with us!

The world of Withervale is a mix of steampunk, medieval, and modern. What does that mean? You get to drive around in your rebuilt monstrosity of a vehicle, burning crude oil, in steampunk attire, while the people around you try to get by in their grueling lives either traveling in hopes of finding a safe place to call home, or living their life as someone born of the sheltered survivors.

-Set up shop, we need talented merchants, smiths, and craftsmen.
-There are nuclear radiated beasts to hunt, and pelts to pawn!
-Discover lost 'artifacts' like...iPods? ih-puds? What?
-Don't forget your sodium iodide tablets and face coverings! Nuclear winter might be freezing cold, but radiation burns are a bitch!
-Build things from scrap metal! The Doomsbury Festival in the wastes has a "Build Your Own Weapon Sparring Jamboree!"
-Show off your car to travelers before you mow them down!

ERP and NSFW content allowed in designated channels!

Gore, violence, sexual themes, lots of vices to explore. You ever tried Malimoorian Crank? Shit'll fuck you up.
This server starts in the fall months of 2020, as a particularly resilient and aggressive flu begins to break onto the scene. After only a few weeks, evidence surfaces that these flu-like symptoms are caused by some sort of parasite, an organism resembling a black worm that is spread through bodily fluids and typically begins as larvae in the blood, mucous, saliva, and excretion of the infected.

For the sheer fun of it, this server begins mid-outbreak, allowing your character time to struggle in futile preparations, forge friendships with other members, and present a gameplan ooc. Do you believe the government? Will you try your luck at solitary survival? Who can you trust when shit hits the fan? Whether you live, die, or succumb to the Wyrm depends on your choices, and one minor decision can be your salvation or your downfall.

Keep an eye on the #timeline where news snippets and official CDC reports can be found for info that your character has access to.

Check out #factions to see whose group stands for what, and where they plan to build their base, or start your own.

With a unique and gruesome take on the classic apocalypse, this server is dedicated to literate roleplay with fun characters, plot twists, and laid-back moderation.

Welcome to the apocalypse. It started around 2 years ago and already the entire world is plunged into misery and disarray. The economy and government have crashed. Morals and money are at equal, useless value. Gangs are being set up to keep themselves alive and hunt the mutants that caused this. Do you have what it takes to survive?
In late 2018 the United States Government failed to contain an attempted coup from the Californian Government. Walls were built around the state with an active military division surrounding it, no one was allowed in or out. The California-Mexico border was shut down though rumored to be used as a way of smuggling items into California. Today the New Californian Government is failing, its National Guard was depleted, the Governor has gone missing and the citizens are in distress. Anarchy has become the major factor in California, citizens have come to arms against each other for means of survival. The United States Department of Defense had established a division in the military in an attempt to reclaim California. Due to the size of California, this military division, known as The Brigade, has prioritized the takeovers of Sacramento County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco County with a failed attempt on taking Sacramento County.
The Brigade has been conducting operations throughout California in an attempt to take back the counties of California, though their appearance is rare. Other than The Brigade, another group has started, they’re known as The Peacekeepers, officially known as The Remnant Peacekeepers has also started operations for the good of the people. They’ve conducted missions throughout California for humanitarian aid, by eliminating bandit factions, delivering supplies, as well as protecting civilians from an attack of any kind.
Los Angeles County is a hot zone for Bandit Attacks, therefore a large presence of Peacekeepers are in that area. Many civilians stay away from Los Angeles, but some travelers come by in an attempt to steal supplies from bandits. Peacekeepers and Bandits commonly clash in the streets of LA. Los Angeles is used as a means of transit due to its interstates and highways, bandits use this as an advantage to attack anyone who decided to travel through LA.
In the Northern Counties of California, a Safe Zone has been set up in league with the New Californian Government and Peacekeepers. This zone is fenced off and has only one entrance into the Safe Zone. They freely let civilians with background checks and temporary confiscation of firearms they brought with them. The wall is heavily protected and patrolled by Peacekeepers and New California National Guard.

Welcome to Cobs & Zaid Role-Play Emporium and its additional RP Servers!

Hello there, Zaid here and on behalf of the Server I'd like to personally welcome you to our server! We have a variety of Role-Plays and a friendly, socializing community for you to hangout and make friends with!

I work alongside my bud Cobs who's the main guy for the Lore, Server Creation, and Administration in our role-plays while I deal with server management and media creation!

The Cobs & Zaid RP Emporium and involved Servers include:
~ Multiple RP's instead of One
~ Plenty of Bots
~ Opportunity to create your own Server Lore and have it added into your server!
~ Nice and Friendly Community
~ NSFW Chat (Definitely not for anyone under 18)
~ Video Game Sessions! (If you got an Xbox, PS4, or just a PC guy, feel free to play something with us)
~ The "Quote" chat, which shows you the stupid stuff we say on a daily basis.
~ Branching Large RP Servers (Including Sci-Fi Role-Play and Prophecy of Eaqilon)

Owner: @Zaid#2801 & @Cobikus#7950
A broken world still goes on, no matter how it shatters. Time, science, logic itself, are any truly necessary in the Last Wasteland? In this roleplay server, explore the vast wastes and go out in search of power and the mystical City, the last living bastion of the previous world.
Welcome to The Land Forgotten! It's a server about a small area in Georgia 100 years exactly after a barrage of nuclear bombs destroyed most of civilization! (No, I don't know where exactly it is.)

We have an interactive lore that evolves as you play and a growing least of creatures that you may or may not encounter, along with factions that you can create or join, including, but not limited to:
The Cult of the One Above, a cult based out of the tallest tower in a city. They worship "The One", an entity who they claim caused the world to lose the good in it and allow the Evil Ones to destroy it.

The Bandits, a bunch of people who survive off of theft.

And some guy named Jugger's town, which seeks just to survive in this cursed world.