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Solar Systars is an open world Sci-Fi fusion RP with a touch of space faring, a dash of cyberspace hi-jinks, a spritz of post apocalypse, a pinch of cyberpunk capitalist hellscape, and a whole lot of lasers. Though aliens, robots, mutants, and mechs are all fair game, god-like super characters are not. No immortal katana wielding space furries here. Skilled characters will be skilled because they've practiced their craft, not because they were born with super powers. This server places emphasis on literacy, organization, lore, and most importantly: character driven scenes~!

There is a dice-based combat system, but it is simple, and merely functional to eliminate combative god-modding. It is avoidable if you lack interest in PvP. Story is priority, not consistently one-upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure all players are mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must engage with the canon and play in server.

What's to do in Solar Systars?
+ Become a part of a flexibly developed lore in a dedicated roleplay server designed to bring characters together.
+ Explore ancient alien ruins on Venus.
+ Planetary sovereignty vs. Solar unification? Fight in a war for the soul of the solar system.
+ Dick around in cyberspace with strangers using advanced VR gear and stream your antics to the web.
+ Attempt to survive in an apocalyptic hellscape on Earth.
+ Be a convict or a guard in a prison on Europa for the worst scum in the whole solar system.
+ Live it up in the lap of luxury on humanity's first mega structure, Luna's Ring.
+ Assist in an effort to terraform Mars to support life for millions of years to come.
+ Rob space vessels for booty and hostages as a space pirate.
+ Live whatever sort of life/lives you can imagine, the choice is yours!
Welcome to the abandoned city, I would probably tell you some epic tale about why the city is abandoned but that really doesn't matter. what matters is you can start a life here Make Your Own Story within this abandoned city. (we are also looking for moderators admins Etc. )

Come on down and have some fun.
Welcome to ❝𝙾𝚄𝚁 𝙷𝙾𝙼𝙴❞!

100 years ago, a nuclear war was bestowed on earth, killing nearly everyone there. What was left of humanity remained on a space station, now named the Alliance.

However, air on the Alliance ship is running out. To combat this, they sent 100 juveniles down to earth, to see if it is habitable, and if they were able to survive there.

Little did they know, The Riders - people who survived the war, already resided there, and they are not happy with the arrival of the 100.

Will the 100 be able to survive the harsh conditions of earth? How will the Riders react towards the intruders? And what is going on up in Minram Hills?

Join us, to be a part of this amazing story, and find out for yourself!

Note: This roleplay is based off of the Netflix TV series ”The 100”! However, you don’t need to know about it to be apart of it! We also have a dice roll system in the server, and this is a literate roleplay

A Broken World: Old World Blues is a post-apocalyptic roleplay that starts in the year 2100.
After an unknown cause wiped out governments decades ago, civilization is now only starting to recover. However, the world has changed drastically. Billionaires have formed corporate empires in cities. Survivors in the countryside struggle to barely get by every day without outside help. The life expectancy falls drastically, with the elderly and disabled perishing quickly without outside assistance. Without government enforcement, the population overall drops drastically as well, with murder and disease becoming commonplace.
Despite this, civilization is finally starting to show signs of recovery. Small bands of people are coming together again, forming cliques and tribes. A few have even attempted to build villages. Now, imagine yourself as one of these people. In this new, broken, world, anything is possible.
Gen Z had a huge impact on the world. They’re all grown up now. Theres no real government, and the population died off quicker than expected. The pandemic is still going on. To this day, masks are necessary, unless you want to die. Theres no cure, supplies are going out, people walk the streets. The place is much more equal now, groups of adults roam the abandoned, burned down, buildings, under the bridges, all over. Anyone who *ever* has a different view than what has been engraved into the minds of the new generation of children *will* have consequences. They aren’t good ones.
The streets are littered with torn down poles, paint, and rusty burnt cars from all those years ago. Gas became a much for sacred thing, so they stopped using cars, and used the gas for generators instead. Not only that, the air pollution got better. It was becoming clear again. The litter.. not so much. Gardens are wherever they can be, as the economy slowly died down. If you want something, you must pay in food, clothes, or work.
School is no longer a necessity. Well, it is, but only to be taught the things you need. Basic math, basic language, foreign language classes, how to make food, how to sew, how to take care of sheep for wool. Whoever is in trouble, these people will get them. They will help them. They can’t catch us all, right?
Scientists have given up their previous hope on how to contain the virus. Their loss of hope reflected over the medical center, and many patients who have caught the virus have given up on others in their family. The grim tone over the world only seemed to grow day by day, as the sick sluggishly moved around until they dropped dead, unable to fight over the virus.

`Population: 4.7B`
There was once a perfect city, one no one dared to touch. then one day this city was gone, even its name was forgotten. The human race has dwindled in numbers and only a few remain. Will you join the hunt to find what was lost?
Nothing has ever been the same since 2032.
The ACMF had finally mustered up the guts to invade the United States from the Gulf Coast. The battle had only raged on for an hour before NATO and ACMF countries barraged the entire earth with their nuclear arms, permanently sealing our fates.

The deep winter was an unforgivable time, with the highest death rate ever seen in the US. In 2034, people began making settlements underground. This was the spark humanity needed to thrive again. So then, this was the reason we survived through the harsh unforgettable deep winter. Finally in 2042, the snow just disappeared as a whole. Ash which covered the surface was gone.

Now, ensued the dust bowl. The US Civilization Preservation Force, or the military tried to increase their presence in the west after spending a whole decade in only the East. During this campaign, they encountered resistance from local militias, and governments that formed to restore order. But one of the most memorable ones was the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, the biggest Brigade in the Wisconsin National Guard.

Do you want to rebel against the United States? Do you want to fight for what is right? Or perhaps you want to do something good, and fight for control over Wisconsin. Or maybe, you want to stay alone. Maybe you are suited to banditry or mercenary work? Well, that can only be found out in Nuclear Arms. Why don't you join our wonderful community? We'd be happy to have you.

Here's a permanent invite.
"Welcome to the release" he would have an evil grin "what a fine specimen are you a monster or a human?"

The release is a survival rp after monsters of unknown origin took over the world. Human , monsters or even animal you have to find a way to survive and be on the top. Fight others or help other, start a war with a faction or negotiate deals with them, it all your choice. There many things you can be like your greatest nightmare, your favorite animal or your ideal survivor. It's all a chance anyways I think someone needs to talk with you.....

A lot of freedom of creation, a polished rp area, good staff
Not much people, some sad areas

"Send this specimen off" he walks away as you're left on the road
In 2061, a war broke out between humans and genetically-modified giants of every kind which resulted in the most devastating events to happen in Earth. The year is 2068, and you're living the aftermath of a 'Post-Giant' Earth, specifically in the frontier lands of the new-world United States. Whether you are a travelling merchant trying to make a buck in this shithole of a land, a thief making a living with illicit ways, a giant simply living their life in this post-war America or anything for that matter, stop by! You might meet new friends, enemies and only God knows else!

-A simple interface which will make the user feel at home/at ease since they'll know where everything is.
-A guild system. Yes, you and some friends can finally have a team to RP together, fending off giants and the likes!
-Friendly staff! Cause that's what defines the good servers from the bad ones!
-An interesting, yet simple enough plot that anyone, amateur or experienced can get into!
-A plethora of unique and diverse locations!

Of course, do have in mind, as of writing this, the server's new, so... nothing's really happening NOW. But YOU can change that! Join in, meet a few people, y'know!
California Badlands, 2026 RP.

This is a post-apocalyptic roleplay server. Choose from factions ranging from military remnants to a group that has a town made of scraps, to a wastelander faction, to mutants, and much more. It's time to leave your mark on the Badlands.

<<We Offer>>
A community of dedicated users
Lots to roleplay with
ERP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A strong plot
The wasteland is an RP that takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting in which nuclear warfare eliminated nearly everything, leaving little left. There are 5 remaining cities of survivors, all separated into 4 districts, each district having it's own kind of mutants, and old world locations.

In this you can choose to be:
~A superhero
~A supervillain
~A meta-human
~A mage / wizard
~A robot
~Or even a mutant yourself!
~(And pets, because who can go without a companion :3)

This will be a welcome, caring and safe location for people to interact and roleplay together. We're excited to see you here! We hope you have an amazing time!

(Plz halp no one here is active yet qwq)
Frost’s Duress is an RP based off the Frostpunk Universe, in where players will live, work and die together in the city of New Leicester. The rp is free form, and you can be anything ranging from a doctor to an aristocrat to a communist revolutionary.

We also have systems in place or are being developed for a Book of laws, Temperature and Hope/Discontent/Motivation. Be a part and make an impact on this ever changing world!
The world was cleansed in nuclear fire and everyone just try’s to survive against the mutants, radiation, and everyday life. The wasteland calls out to its survivors to takes what’s up for grabs and do what your hearts desire. We are a chill server and this is really just fun and jokes are always welcome so come on in! We are also a healthy community who likes to support eachother!! So come on we’ll be waiting!
Welcome to Fallout: Frozen wastes, a new Fallout rp server with the focus on surviving in this frozen wasteland. We don’t use combat or loot mechanics, which mean we leave it up to the writers to be fair on what they find in their travels

The state of Alaska has been broken down into 6 different states/regions, each with their own twist to keep you on edge. So this was our little introduction to the server, we also have a minimum of 3 lines (PC standard) for when you start and reply in a scene.
A world where monsters are no longer reserved for nightmares, a door forced ajar by forces not yet understood, releasing creatures with a thirst for all living flesh swarming through its gaping maw. Hellish beasts of grotesque constitution, dubbed *antitheus,* possessing abilities pushing the limits of biology, drove humans behind walls or to flee, decimating cities nearly overnight. Man's only hope?


Enter the fight against the *antitheus,* defend humanity against their most powerful adversary.

Ripple is a horror/fantasy/sci-fi roleplay that is years old and still evolving. Lots of room for character development, room for long term stories, our server's plot arcs for the period is what drives the story forward. Join in on the fun! We have:
> - Active and friendly admin.
> - Organized channels
> - A creative and intricate world, imaginative new species
> - Active server with literate members
> - Story driven roleplay
> - Beautiful literary art by our writers
A new up-and-coming server dedicated to the Fallout series. Fallout: Revival takes place in 2290, 9 years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. With the Courier choosing a more independent Vegas over House, NCR, or Legion, it's up to her and her friends to decide to future of New Vegas.

Along with that, new people keep coming and going, take your spot in the Mojave or California - possibly other new added locations and make a name for yourself. A mercenary or caravan guard, bounty hunter or treasure hunter, it's all up to you on who you want to be and want to do.

Companions are also claimable as someone you can roleplay as.
Welcome to The Zone, An exclusion zone where the laws of the world don't apply, where people walk into a room and vanish from existence in the blink of an eye in dangerous anomalies. Objects made out of metal and meat give healing properties to whoever holds them, while nature itself was gnarled, mangled, warped, and deformed into aggressive hideous creatures that could easily kill a soldier, and suck out all their blood while nearly being invisible to the naked eye. The year is 2015, 3 years after Strelok and Clear Sky made the disaterous expedition to CNPP, the Zone is angered that humans dare reached her center, Spitting out even more horrible mutants and more dangerous anomalies than before.

With the Zone angered, do you have what it takes to survive where existence itself is contorted? Do you have what it takes to bring your faction to the top? To destroy the Zone, or to Preserve the zone.. What will you do in this world?
Welcome to Obsidian County, 2031.

Obsidian County is a roleplay server in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Obsidian County allows you to make any character you'd like, as long as the character fits within the bounds of the lore and isn't too overpowered.

In this alternate world, there is a supercontinent known as Onowa. Onowa is controlled by many different "counties" instead of countries, unified together under the Onowa Confederation. In 1991 the most technologically advanced county known as Obsidian County had just finished constructing the first dark matter reactor in existence. The first startup of the reactor resulted in a catastrophic containment breach, causing an electromagnetic pulse to plague the rest of the world. The following years the southern half of Onowa engaged in wars the world had never seen before, resulting in the Southern Onowa Crisis. After the Southern Onowa Crisis was resolved by the Onowa Confederation, an unstoppable bacterial infection had been released into the world, causing any world government to collapse. In recent decades survivors have discovered that the dark matter reactor had ripped a hole in the universe, and had allowed other world entities to leak into Onowa. Since then small factions have been established in Obsidian County by both humans and otherworld entities.

Obsidian County is a relatively new server and the first ambitious project I have done so far. I cannot promise that this server is the best, but I hope you will help me in making it better than it is right now.

What Obsidian County offers:
• Detailed and expanding lore
• Relaxed character creation rules
• 6 categories to RP in
• Self-assigned roles
• All literate levels welcome
Welcome to Promise City!
Owner: @Monkey Boi
After the bombs were dropped on America in 2031, Promise City was formed, come on down and find out more!
Become a Resident Today!
-Friendly and welcoming community
-Staff are always active
-Post-Apocalyptic RP, no magic
-Ever expanding City
-Accept all partnerships
-Lore is not too restrictive

Interested in the server? Join the server and find out more!
In 1998, a virus is discovered frozen in ice, dubbed the Carradine Disease after the man who discovered it, Professor Robin Carradine. It is frozen in ice around the mass of permafrost in Siberia, never feared to escape. In 2020, global warming speeds up and is deemed irreversible. A group of young scientists are investigating some permafrost erosion in Siberia, and they stumble across the virus, infected by it unknowingly, as it is asymptomatic until too late. The virus is a mix of a Haemorrhagic-Zombie virus and quickly breaks out. The world falls into disrepair and quickly becomes near-extinct by 2025, to a mere 150,000. The President of the United States in 2025, David Fowl, decided to take his tiny American population of 46,000 and move them to Eleuthera, a tiny, thin Bahamian Archipelago and set up the last bastion of survival for the Human Race, a paradise of sorts.
It is now 2125, and Eleuthera, now renamed Paradisum (Latin for paradise), is sprawling, with a population of 36,287, all descendants of the original inhabitants of the island and their new escapees.
There are 4 sectors, each doing a different job. North, East, South and West.

Will you join the population, and escape the horror of the outside?

This is an original idea created by me. There is a guy going around named Luke ... --- ...#4902 (He may have changed it) Who steals peoples work and sells it. He may make a server copying my idea.

What I offer:
-1000% detailed, strong, original lore, completely created and written by me.
-General chat, memes, art channels
-Completely 100% literate roleplay
-A safe space for roleplayers of all skills, and for people of any kind.

In the hectic world of the Metro, only the strongest, will survive... welcome, to Metro: Rebirth! Forge alliances, create Factions, travel the Surface, participate in events, and fight other factions! We'll be waiting for you, Metro dweller...
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!
vous êtes tranquillement chez vous un jour de soleil, vous vous reposez, vous manger, vous vous amusez se genre de choses lorsque tout d'un coup vous entendez une explosion, vous courez a votre fenêtre et vous voyez une gigantesque explosion qui se propage en votre direction emportant tout sur son ne faut que quelques minutes avant qu'elle ne vous emporte, vous vous réveillez ensuite dans un endroit complètement vide, la seule chose qu'il y a c'est un peu d'eau a vos pieds, vos marchés ensuite pendant quelques minutes, toujours rien à l'horizon...tout d'un coup une sorte de papillon de lumière arrive devant vous, vous ne savez pas pourquoi mais c'est comme si le papillon veux que vous le toucher, c'est se que vous faites et une énorme lumière blanche vous ébloui, lorsque vous ouvrez les yeux vous découvrez que vous êtes dans le désert et quand face de vous il se trouve une grande ville plutôt abandonné...
Variance Hearts is an open-world post-apocalypse roleplay that takes place after an alt-history cold war retro-futuristic setting with a focus on character interaction and narrative. It's heavily inspired by the classic Fallout's, Metro, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Ghost in The Shell, Girl's Last Tour.

What to expect in Variance:

-A literacy standard to ensure roleplay is of acceptable quality.

-A focus on character interaction and stories.

-A very anime heavy server with Anime/Manga discussion channels, exclusively Hentai NSFW, and even Girl's Frontline, Azur Lane, and Arknights channels.

-Post-War factions fighting for control across the wastelands of Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

-An alt-history cold war setting involving the USSR and a split Germany.

-An optional combat system based on Fallout 2's combat.

-Energy weapons, power armor, androids, horrifying mutants.

-ERP between characters is allowed in the designated channels.