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The Year, 2199, having been brought into a global conflict years ago, the beings of the system have become divided over time, whether it be by conflict, argument, or Ideals, as if now the system remains to be re-explored, over the millenia of isolation, new planets, resources, and peoples have formed ever so slowly, opening a new gate way to success and prosperity.

if one was to chose, the leaders of new parties must chose wisely, as each decision could be costly, between that or failure of a new attempt at redemption, you'll meet new allies and new rivals, threats beyond your comprehension.

Good luck-

Commandant Ir'it hass'e
Pandora's Box. Just as how the very first Pandora's Box changed the world, this one will too. A secret series of facilities established with only one purpose in mind. To experiment on children, in attempts to give them superhuman abilities and powers.

Some of the children went ‘wrong’ during the experiments. Ending up with abilities, but no sense of right and wrong. Some were fine, and had powers. The children that ended up having powers? They’ve escaped. And now, the other children - the ones that supposedly ‘went wrong’ are tasked with bringing the escapees back by using whatever means necessary.

This roleplay will take place after all of the experiments have escaped the labs. The reason they all escaped is that all of the experiments that were being trained to go out into the world and help infiltrate and take over the government were being tested, to see if they could escape capture. However, it seems the scientists underestimated their little monsters...

Who are you?
This server has just been created, and no plot has been started yet. Once a plot is started, a better description will be added.
Give us a shot.
A sandbox literate-advanced roleplay set in the distant future and high science fiction! Explore the Spiral- a massive galaxy of planets, stars, and with a melting pot of species. We offer both standard RP and ERP.

This server is 18+ only!
A roleplay sample is required for entry.

What we offer:
➲ An expansive galaxy to create your own story!
➲ Verified 18+ members and literacy levels!
➲ Framework of lore that allows for expansion of ideas!
➲ Casual drop-in/out atmosphere!
➲ Unlimited number of characters!
➲ Reasonable, unencumbered species requirements!
Im Jahr 2057 existiert die Welt, wie wir sie kennen nicht mehr.
Es ist gefährlich dort draußen, zwischen den Ruinen alter Städte und der Natur, die sich alles zurück nimmt. Überall liegen Trümmer von Panzer und noch nicht ausgelöste Landminen, wie auch Zeitbomben, dessen Zeitzünder im Moment des Aufpralls zufroren. Die Hungersnot ist unaufhaltsam, es gibt kaum noch Trinkwasser.

Doch es gibt Rettung. Die Stadt Aslov, die im damaligen Sibirien liegt, beschützt ihre EInwohner mit einer gigantischen Kuppel, die die Strahlungen draußen halten soll. Diese Stadt ist enorm, umfasst mehr als 90 Millionen Einwohner (Tokio hatte damals gerade mal knapp 38 Millionen) und besetzt ein Gebiet das mit der Größe vom ehemaligen Deutschland mit halten kann.

Gebaut wurde diese städtliche Schutzanlage von der Kooperation Oracle, dessen gleichnamige AI alle Systeme steuert. Die Entwickler haben ein ausgeklügeltes Programm geschrieben, das Terroristen ausfindig machen soll.

Der Preis dafür?
Alles wird überwacht. Jeden Schritt den du machst gespeichert, jedes Gespräch mitgehört.

Aber man kann Computersysteme doch umgehen, oder?

Und was passiert, wenn Oracle ein Bewusstsein entwickelt und innerhalb der Regierung und Kooperation gefährliche Menschen ausfindig macht?

Auf welcher Seite stehst du?
Der der Kooperation Oracle, der Rebellion oder doch der Uparteiischen?
Was dich bei uns erwartet:
- Aktiver Server mit aktiven Roleplayern
- Freundliches Admin und Moderator Team, dass dir stets zur Seite steht
- Eine riesige Stadt zum Erkunden
- Events und Nebenevents zu eurem Nutzen [oder auch nicht? ;)]
- Ein Geldsystem mit verschiedenen Berufen, Löhnen, Sozialhilfen und viel mehr!
- 1 Hauptcharakter + 2 NPCs
- Wähle zwischen Menschen, Cyborgs und Androiden.
- Verfolge deine eigene Storyline!

Komm zu uns nach Aslov und genieße deine Zeit, wenn auch nicht ganz unbeobachtet.
A general community server dedicated to the discussion and creation of Science fiction related content.
Welcome to the County! We are a friendly, open community which accepts everyone! We are currently quite a small server, but we are hoping to grow! Spend some time enjoying the community, or head right to The Portal!

We offer:
Over 50 self assignable roles
A friendly community
Friendly staff
NSFW channels
And more!

On the other side of the Portal is our science fiction roleplay.

It is the year 4056, and the Earth is uninhabitable. The atmosphere has become toxic, and those who lived on the planet have left to find other homes in the stars. They built space stations, terraformed planets, spreading themselves across the galaxy. They also encountered thousands of different alien species along the way.

Flying through space to a new inhabitable place is the large transport ship Erebus. On board are hundreds of people of different species. There is a devoted military crew who are in charge of the ship, but some of the passengers don't like the way they run things, and are planning a mutiny. Before the mutiny can break out, the crew receives conflicting orders, and they are forced to drop their passengers at the nearest space station. What are their new orders? Where will they take them? And if the passengers ever rejoin the ship, will the mutiny go through? Who will win? Who will lose? You can find out by embarking the ship and taking a ride as it begins its darkest journey....

The world, Kalphra, has been ruined with wars ravaging the world and people killing their neighbours and loved ones. Only those who wished peace managed to get away. The once booming human race was down to a mere 200.000 members.

But time changes things, especially 200 years of time, and these peace loving humans pursued knowledge instead. And they got it. Almost everything can be explained with technology now. In this server you can live in a world of DNA modifications, Nanotech and more!

We are a chill roleplay server with:
◆ Custom lore to enjoy and play around with
◆ 5 possible DNA modifications
◆ 14 Nanotech abilities to choose from, custom is possible too!
◆ The elusive and dangerous Modification Madness to risk!
◆ Cybernetics!
◆ Threats and Factions!

And more!

Come chill with us and enjoy your stay!
Thousands of years ago, the sons and daughters of Cronus and Rhea: Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera and Demeter participated in a war which caused many great deities to lose their life. When Cronus found out about this, he made Zeus the leader of Mount Olympus instead of his first born sun, which led to Hades taking his anger out on humans. Cronus decided to punish his son by forcing him to rule the Underworld. In 2019, Hades arrives in Clarkseville Virginia to retire. However, bad things start to happen and he starts to realize how important humans are. Thinking about if he's really a monster like people claim or if he can be redeemed. This server can also have OC characters in it too, so feel free to create your own types of characters or some from the canon mythology.
A text Role-Playing Game where users interact with their own original characters. Set in a magical world torn between politics, the on going battle between technology and magic, and the ever alluring mystery of The Void. One can become deeply immersed in the adventure it has to offer and all the fun players set the tone. You can join the Main story line quest or create your own side quest that lives within the lore of Gaia. It's a pretty easy going environment that allows for creative freedom.
Gaia Is open for all ages, however those who are 18+ gain a special role that allows them to see a bit more of the naughtier side of Gaia. There are many races to pick from, and well over 50+ channels to join in on! When you aren't in the mood for roleplay there's plenty of people who jump into VC to chit-chat about the active roleplays they're in, to game with, or just to BS with. Have it your way! Come join us today in the most interesting scifi-fantasy you've ever experienced!

Just type in ?accept into the welcome channel and hit enter to be able to view the full roleplay.

Accepted styles: Paragraph, Multiparagraph
A Whole universe to explore. Players create their own galactic powers and vie for territory and political clout over one another, through war, conquest, politics, and more nefarious means. A very different type of Roleplay where anything is possible, where players invent, create, and generate their own races and special events.

The Locations? Anywhere. The Focus of the Game? Whatever you want it to be. The Characters involved? Whoever, and/or Whatever you want! If you can think it up. It has a place in the Multiverse world!
Astro Era

Welcome to Astro Era, this server is a welcoming Sci-Fi roleplay server where you can be an advanced technological human, or an exterrestrial being from space. *Other wise known as an alien.* You can learn about space as a student or be a alien and explore the planet, as long as it works you might be approved, we'll love your creativity as much as anyone else and we promise to make sure its alive and well.😁
We love Almost human and we are sad it got cancelled. We are a small, friendly server with people from all over the world. Right now we have
- an active community
- community stories we write together and post on Ao3
- 11 ongoing RPs
- channels for creative hobbies
- channels to talk about shows and fims
- an extra section for dark stories to protect those who can't handle it.

Many of us are queer and we support those who are like us.
This is just a informal group I've created to discuss Star Wars lore, SciFi in general and 4x strategy games. It's meant to be a chill group where people can relax and be themselves. There aren't to many rules but please read the ones there are and follow them!
A discord server for fans of/discussion around Becky Chamber's Wayfarer series - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and A Closed and Common Orbit
Welcome to Free People of Earth, the greatest Enderverse fan server on Discord! If you're a fan of Ender's Game/the Enderverse, feel free to join us and discuss, critique, and reinterpret this beloved series any way you like. We also have fun polls to take and armies to join! If you've found yourself missing the Enderverse fandom community in recent years, we're here for you. An LGBT+ positive community.
= Welcome to Outpost 2241 =

[ Updates ]
- Brand new lore and approval system!

Are you looking for a semi-serious sci-fi roleplay? Maybe you're looking for peeps to talk with? Whatever your reasons may be for joining, we can promise you that you'll be welcomed into our community of roleplayers.

= We Have: =
-Fun Staff
-Community-made Lore
-Over 50+ Members
-Special Roles for Activity and More
-Terrible, Terrible Memes of Course
-Voice and Music Channels
-Welcoming Members
-Growing Community

Come check us out!

= Founded July 15th, 2018 =
Ce serveur discord à été crée pour réunir les Geek, Otaku et No Life pour discuter de leur passions ensemble. Fan de SF, Comics, Manga, Anime, Film, Jeux Vidéo, Bronies... vous pourrez y retrouver une communauté active et discutant tous ensemble de leur passion pour la culture Populaire. Bienvenue sur le serveur et merci de respecté les petites règles mises en place pour y garder un serveur tout de même ordonné ^^
Welcome to the brand new server called the Hydra! This server has an original lore, based off many, many different sci-fi stories. It is a culmination of the best things in sci-fi, and I hope you will enjoy your RP here. Moving on...

Set in the Year of 2806, The Hydra is a massive warship travelling the edges of the universe, run by humans and aliens. It’s goal is to see what no other species has ever seen before, going beyond every expectation. Because of this daring goal, it is filled with only the best pilots and crewmembers. Along with them, there are also mere citizens (and servants living in the ship, hoping to colonise the outer reaches of the unknown universe.

One year ago, the Hydra lost contact with the humans on Earth, as they left the communications range. But they are not stopping, even if they are on their own. But something odd is happening. Mist appears from the nowhere of space at night (or what they call night in space), and shrouds the ship in a misty darkness. Unusual sounds can be heard from outside the ship, and something sinister is happening. The Admiral is gathering the ship’s best members for a shot at figuring out what is through the mist, and then take it down.
This is where your story begins. Be a engine worker, a marine, a pilot, an alien! And build the Hydra’s story as it finds a whole new world.

What else do we have to offer?
Not much, actually. And that’s why I want YOU to give my server a go. It’s in need of members (dearly) and moderators too! Who knows, you might find something you love!
Seeya there!
The year is 3047.

Over 200 years ago the planet Earth had entered an ice age. All over the world ships were being built so that the remaining of the human race could be preserved and kept safe. Those ships were The Eclair, The Sela, The Kawaza, The Stalwart, and The Ultris. Each ship has different purposes and different lifestyles for the last of the humans. From a ship that is covered with synthetic nature landscapes to one that is packed with factories and smog.

All seems calm but there are still threats of rogue human ships and the possibility of running out of power.
⋐════ ⁃ Lynthiary ⁃ ════⋑

❖ -"Bienvenue dans les contrées de Lynthiary jeune volant, usineur ou régulateur. Bienvenue dans le seul endroit encore fleurie et boisé. Endroit dont vous ne connaissez rien du tout et dont même la faune et la flore vous est inconnue. Bienvenue en 2053 où les usines recouvrent la totalité de la planète...Cependant, vous avez été "choisis", si on peut dire, pour vivre dans un espace inconnue recouvert de vert. Habitué du béton et de la rouille préparez vous à trembler ! À vous de survivre sans informations précises à votre arrivé. Bon jeu !"

❖- Lynthiary vous propose un rp centré autour d'un univers futuriste où des personnages habitués des usines et de la pollution, se retrouvent dans un univers complétement différents de ce qu'ils ont pu côtoyer. Un endroit bien boisé sertis de la couleur de la vie: le vert.

❖- Des évents réguliers feront bouger le rp de manière plutôt étrange et fun.

❖- Un nouveau server qui vient juste d'ouvrir. On vous attend sur Lynthiary !
Chciałbyś dowodzić armią i podbić świat? Z nami jest to możliwe!
- RP aktywne 24/7
- możliwość pokazania swoich umiejętności strategicznych
- Miłą atmosferę

Wciel się w generała jednej z trzech frakcji i wykorzystując swoją armię rozpocznij podbój świata... A nawet i wszechświata!
(serwer jeszcze nie wystartował, zbieramy chętnych :) )
It's been 20 years since the Day of Despair, the foggy lands of Western America are a dangerous place, the disputes for these lands are going to end this world once and for all, may God help us all...

- 11 Factions to join
- New server looking for roleplayers
- Post-Apocalyptical
- Character Roleplay
- Post-Apocalyptic toxic fog generated by aliens covering the world and the west of the United States, also Mexico is a superpower now, after almost all world governments collapsed.