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Through the Herald's Gate you'll fly to a galaxy ruled by aliens native, creatures alien, and humans invasive. The Ashieri Dominion, the Turedas Corporation, and the Sildvan Confederacy are locked in constant conflict for control over the mostly uncolonized galaxy. In this Sci-Fi Roleplay Server, you'll play as a single character of little inherent note; a speck of dust in cosmic sand. Clash with pirates, battle against rebels and terrorists, or be the former and clash with the corporative entities that seek to establish dominance over the galaxy. Small and singular though you may be, your actions may just be enough to tip the scales of Galactic Balance!

A TEN Roleplay Server, TtHG is of guaranteed quality matching TEN standards. Through the Herald's Gate is the second and newest installment of The Esnium Network, and we're eager to find enthusiastic and avid role-players to facilitate an active and fun community for everyone. Come give it a look and see if it's for you!

"It's a TEN!"
Current Year 2463
"Welcome to Station 442! We are one of the four stations that orbit the planet of Liadultra! Originally, this station was used for purely commerce purposes, but as of two hundred years ago, we've expanded our horizons (and our sectors) to be more suitable for civilian life. Unfortunately...Yes, the rumors are true. As of late we've discovered a small population of mercenaries in our midst, but the IBMC has come to our aid, and there's absolutely nothing to worry about! We're in good hands."

✨ We're a sci-fi based rp that allows SOME fantasy influences! A classic Mercenary vs The Law with a focus on relations instead of action✨

🔸Faction based roleplay (IBMC vs Mercs) as well as other options (civilians/vigilantes)
🔸Suggestions channel
🔸in-depth lore
🔸LGBTQ+ Friendly content 🏳️‍🌈
🔸multiple pre-made species to choose from, we also accept species submissions
🔸friendly and Active admins
= Welcome to Starship Roleplay Community! =

[ Updates ]
-Mods Needed

Are you looking for a semi-serious sci-fi roleplay? Maybe you're looking for peeps to talk with? Hell, you could just be there to watch! (albeit, pretty weird) Whatever your reasons may be for joining, we can promise you that you'll be welcomed into our small community.

= We Have: =
-Mature and Friendly Staff
-RP Lore Consistently Updated
-Over 50+ Members
-Colored Roles
-Memes (Gotta Have 'Em.)
-Voice and Music Channels
-Welcoming Members
-Overall, A Growing Community

So what're you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Wheres the harm in joining and staying a while?

Join Today and Reach The Stars.

= Created July 15th, 2018 | Owner: Simbot34#2067 =
We always dreamed that one day we'd reach out amongst the stars and grasp them for our own, taking our place as a super powerful race, right?

We made it...a few million miles. Humanity conquered the rest of the Solar System, terraformed as much as it could...but the vessels it sent out to deep space returned with alien forces at their heels.

The good news was that the races wanted to mingle...and one of said races opened a warp gate nearby, allowing one way transit to this paradise of a System...but as tensions between factions rise, this paradise could soon be thrown into disarray.
A recently revived roleplay server, now re-accepting members. We're a bit small but planning to finally start growing after a veeery long hiatus.

Attention Cadet! We want YOU to join The Federation!
“What’s The Federation?” I hear you asking behind your old fashioned electronic screens? Well The Federation is a brand new server owned by The Angry Viking who has been an admin on numerous popular servers, some reaching over 4000 people! He has inducted a few of his friends into staff and has decided to create a brand new sci-fi experience! The Federation takes place in the very distant future. Where does The Federation get its name? Simple! The biggest known empire in the universe is, you guessed it, called The Federation.
We have such things as
Quality Casual Roleplay
Hardcore Roleplay
Soft ERP Roleplay
Random Events
RP-Based-Admin-Controlled Looting and Exploration System (think of it as similar to Dungeons and Dragons)
Suggestion Box!

If you are literate roleplayer, please join our small community! Feel free to advertise to your friends and help our growth!
The Harbinger is a serious science fiction role-play based around the lives and assignments of the USV Harbinger. The Harbinger is a city of a ship that is tasked with the exploration of unknown space after the accomplishment of faster than light travel. The crew of the Harbinger will be the first to make contact with alien life, to explore new planets and to face new challenges.

Funded and occupied by the United Nations Military, the sailors of the Harbinger are military personnel who will have to deal with real consequences for their actions and might forge new rivalries and romances as their lives progress aboard the Harbinger.

Do you think you can survive in unchartered space?

-We are a BRAND new server looking for a dedicated group of role-players.
-Have your character rise through the ranks as he/she proves his/her usefulness to the ship.
-Face real peril where mistakes may cost you your characters life.
-Mature themes (ie; violence and death) though we do not allow ERP to take place in our channels (must take place in DM if you feel the need)
-We do not accept one-liners. We wish to create a serious role-playing enviroment.
-Ran by an experienced group of discord role-play owners.
-Join our network of role-plays
What does this server offer?

- Fun and exciting roleplay opportunities for Whovians and non-fan alike!

- Forever expanding server, plot and characters!

- A server owner who tries his best to help and engage with the members of the server.

There was a war, a war that engulfed all of creation, every moment in time and space burned into smoke and ash. It was known as the largest war ever to be fought... The Time Lords have returned, Gallifrey placed back in its rightful place in the sky. The Daleks, too afraid of loosing another Time War stay vigilant but do not dare attack the Time Lords. And the mad old fool in his box still wonders the stars pretending to be a "hero". This universe holds many secrets, many lies and many truths... Will you uncover them all?
The Tegarn Empire was established ( officially ) in early 2018, aiming to spread the various technologies and developments in games such as Space Engineers to others in the world. We also play other games and sometimes, some of us in the command staff can even host servers for you guys to join!
welcome the Elysium Archives, a collection of stories and accounts gathered over countless millennia. Multitudes of stories are waiting to be discovered, But how will your story playout? will you rule supreme in your empire, will you expand your lands across the globe, or will you stand for justice and help those in need. Only time will tell, and only you can choose your fate.
A Whole universe to explore. Players create their own galactic powers and vie for territory and political clout over one another, through war, conquest, politics, and more nefarious means. A very different type of Roleplay where anything is possible, where players invent, create, and generate their own races and special events.

The Locations? Anywhere. The Focus of the Game? Whatever you want it to be. The Characters involved? Whoever, and/or Whatever you want! If you can think it up. It has a place in the Multiverse world!
The Universe is a roleplaying server, which aims to tell a story set in a science fiction universe. The story is collaborative, meaning that you collaborate to building the universe of well, the Universe. But that isn't all, you can chat, make friends, post some random crap, and post artworks you made yourself. Be warned though, the server can get a bit (or very) filthy sometimes. I would also have to warn you, the server contains lots of Satanic imagery as it does focus on Hell, and demons in it's story.
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not video game related or a map game / nation rp //
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
A new science fiction
server trying to grow and get more active.

What we have
- 🔆 Many channels to use and have fun!
- 🎉 Giveaways!
- 🛡 Staff (also recruiting!)
- 🗝 A wide variety of roles, including color roles which are self assignable!
Under Roles
• Over 30 Colour Roles
• Special Roles for donators, DJs, etc.
• A extra-special role for reaching level 30.

- 🤖 Many bots to provide you fun!
- 🛠 Non Toxic Community
- 🎤 Music Channels (Including private music channels!)
- 📞 Voice Channels (Private ones and special ones for gaming as well!)
- 🔥 Lots of cool emotes
An experienced group of role players with a love of story telling and fun. We offer a world to explore full of situations from fighting enemies to navigating race courses in high octane blood sports. A highly streamlined character creation process ensures that you don't spent days or even hours making a character, rather only minutes as you fill out a sheet and talk with an admin.

We offer an experience that has been likened to Shadowrun, DnD, and other RPG style games. So if that's your thing, then stop by and have a look.
Dans un présent alternatif, les Humains se sont séparés à la suite de la découverte sur la Lune d'un portail menant vers Mars par Apollo 17. Ceux qui ont quitté la Terre forment l'Empire de Vers, une société très avancée technologiquement grâce à la découverte d'une nouvelle forme d'énergie (l'Aldnoah) mais proche de la guerre civile. En effet, la planète rouge manque de toutes les ressources vitales et les inégalités se creusent entre la classe dominante et la classe ouvrière. Une courte guerre en 1999 entre la Terre et Mars éclate, conduisant à la destruction d'une grande partie de la Lune, ces débris causant de très importants dégâts à la surface de la Terre.

De plus, l'Empereur est extrêmement affaibli par la vieillesse et délaisse toute la gestion de la planète. Profitant de sa faiblesse, les Chevaliers Orbitaux nouent des alliances et attendent la moindre occasion pour attaquer la Terre, riche en ressources.

En 2014, la jeune princesse héritière, Asseylum Vers Allusia, est malgré tout déterminée à apaiser les relations entre les deux planètes. Ignorante des alliances qui se jouent autour d'elle, elle sollicite le Comte Cruhteo pour se rendre sur la planète bleue. Malheureusement, dans un climat de haute tension, un attentat est commis durant la visite diplomatique de la jeune fille. Il n'en fallait pas moins pour attiser la colère des Chevaliers Orbitaux qui annoncent l'entrée en guerre de Mars contre la Terre...

Désormais c'est à vous de jouer, Serez vous un civil ? Serez vous un soldat ? Serez vous un Martien ? Serez vous un Terrien ?

Le choix est votre alors faites le judicieusement.

Nous comptons sur vous !!!!
(Based on : "The Silent Age is a point-and-click puzzle video game developed by Danish indie game studio House on Fire")

BACKSTORY : Joe, a normal worker at a big company while living a normal life. But Joe soon finds himself in a stomach churning situation, he finds an elderly man who was shot. The elderly man hands Joe a "Time Machine" and tells that he is from 40 years in the future and tells Joe to save the world from extinction, but Joe fails and dies while finding the younger version of the elderly man.

100 years later..

The year is 2074. Exactly 100 years since Joe had died, the world has been rebuilt by whatever is left of humanity. The air is toxic, filled with the airborne pathogen. The time travelling machine is hidden in the elderly man's house. (Which is in ruins.) One day, young Henry Locklynne comes across the house, exploring it for resources, but the only thing that is found is a rusty old circle with a large, pulsing and green button in the middle. He presses it, taking him back to where Joe died. Joe started to have symptoms of the pathogen while riding an ambulance somewhere. Joe lost control of the wheel and crashed the ambulance. Henry recognised the path. (It was the path to Elderly Man's house.) The roads were clean and humanity was still in tact. Dr. Lambert (The elderly man.) came across the ambulance and picked up the Time Machine which he worked on to make it go back in time. The pathogen then soon killed the Doctor and wiped out most of humanity. Henry eventually dies and passes it on to his best friend’s son. Now it is the present time, how will the young son possibly save humanity?

Information: The Time Travel Instrument is charged by Solar Power. There are only 4 Time Machines in the world, each created by Dr. Lambert. 2 of them is broken beyond repair, one is broken but repairable and the last one is owned by somebody. Abusing the Time-Machine may give you a dose of the pathogen. Only 2 of the Time Machines can go back in time, the one that is owned and the one that is broken beyond repair. Creating a Time Machine is nearly impossible as nobody has the proper materials and blueprints for it. Time Machine users who alter the past/present will alter the future so time machines are dangerous objects and can possibly mess up the world.
The roles are: Military, Citizen , Time traveller (0/2 time traveller spots claimed.) and Scientist. (0/2 spots claimed.) You cannot be a time traveller and a scientist at the same time
This server provides :
- A comfortable Atmosphere with staff and other members
- 20+ custom emotes
- Friendly and open staff
- Open topics
- A fair roleplay experience
- Bots to attend to your needs
- A fair amount of channels for roleplay and ooc actvities
Our server is currently developing. We just created this server a few moments ago and we are also in need of staff. Suggestions and feedbacks are very appreciated
Come and Join us in our roleplay community!
We begin our tale in the Third Galactic Era, Cycle 2330. With the newest and most advanced civilizations discovering for themselves space travel in the hyper-lanes, that is faster than light travel. These new empires must now strive for their place in the new order of the galaxy. Who will win the day and be prosperous? Who will decline into decadence and implode? That has yet to be decided.
The Andromeda is a text based roleplay server based around the crew of the spaceship Andromeda, a group of explorers sent out into the beyond to find new life and solar systems. Thanks to the humans' destructive nature, earth is now an inhabitable wasteland, and humans now find their home among the many alien planets. This small but growing server has many things to offer, such as;
- An owner who is active for an unhealthy amount of time each day.
- Sexey green aliens.
- Birds, apparently.
- It's open world but it's also not, wack.
- Excessive cussing.
- Getting shanked with tazombo's pointy micro-penis.
So why not join? All are welcome!

my wife left me
☆ Welcome to the Alliance! ☆
Man has always wanted to see if there was others amoung the stars and find life that was akin to ours. Those who wished to find more, search for adventure, and to serve Earth promptly sign up for the International Space Alliance's forces. They go through rigorous training, a sort of bootcamp, before they get assigned to one of 5 ships: Black-Eye, Redshift 7, Atlas, Hopeville, Leilani, and Boötes 1. Those shipped to Redshift 7 are diplomats, outcasts, or untrusted races of people to the Alliance. The Redshift has a crew of up to 300, plus family members brought aboard with the crew, and it's main voyage is diplomacy. Discovery. It is the year 2120, and those who seek adventure get sent here, to the rag tag team of misfits who explore the galaxy together. Come into:
A growing community
An accepting staff
A chance to make your own race
-Ready to embark on an adventure through space? The SS Euredices is a recently liberated space pirate ship with a quirky crew with a diverse range of races and ranks. Will you join the crew?-
Welcome to Call of the void!
We are a new roleplay server, set in the year 2200. Command a ship, or join it's crew! We are beginner friendly, so feel free to join us!
A Roleplay server for the Sci-Fi genre, in this server you are free to explore space and even name planets after yourself. You are free to invent and create technology and create groups and factions to rule or protect the ever expanding Galaxy! Come, join and check us out!