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Welcome to the Argus Project. Civilization is at the brink of collapse due to a singular organization and we can't do anything to stop it. Will you fight your way through hordes upon hordes of the undead to uncover the truth, or will you be forgotten as the world collapses around you?
Zombie Server is up! We have 8 people Active the Rp has started we are starting off now! Be sure to join & get your characters made & join the Apocalypse soon! ^^
The Day The World Ends is a roleplay server set in Washington in the year 2018 with a zombie outbreak that happened mysteriously all around the world for one reason or another! We have the follow:

-Ability to give yourselves roles.
-Ingame store.
-Ability to create survivor groups.
-Can be either good, evil, or neutral.
-Looking for staff!
-LGBTQ+ friendly!
___>>>URGENT: Active and detailed RP Moderators wanted. Ask Head Writer for mor information <<<___
- 20+ channels
- all characters allowed
- erp conditioned allowed
- univerasl lore present
The year is 2027. But no one counts years anymore anyways.
9 years have passed since the civilization got shattered by a breakout of what people call the black death, a Zombie kind of virus that uses victims as a host plant to spread through the world via saliva and partial airborne semen. The world we once knew is lost. Raiders plunder towns, outlaws hunt down people and psychos slit up everything they see.
But fear not, there is light in the dark. In form of a faction, large and strong enough to provide advanced security, a stable home and even advanced civilization. But every paradise haves its thorns, and ao haves NT.
what will you become? A flower blooming greatly in the shelter of shared ressources and protection, or another abomination? A thorn in the eyes of the adminiatration?
Come and find out, if you dare.
If you're looking for people to play Black Ops 4 with join this server and find new people! Advertise your stream and enter giveaways!
Welcome to The War Of The Dead a alternative history rp in which zombies have turned europe into living hell and now you must fight and survive or join the ranks of the massive zombie army
Servidor de habla hispana dedicada al juegazo de "Last Day On Earth Survival"
This is a zombie role play server! It takes place in Los Angeles, California. Everyone creates a character that they get to role play around all of L.A. We have weapons, PTK, a dice system, and much more! You can also talk and chill in the voice channels and we have memes.
World of Roleplays
Welcome to the World of Roleplays!!! Our server is not only a roleplay server but a community one too.
**We offer these things**
-Roleplays (Murder Mystery, Detroit: Become Human, Villain School, and a Zombie Apocalypse)
-Custom roles
-Pokecord (Giveaways, constant spawns)
-Nitro Emotes
-Shitposts, petposts, selfies, art
-Wide range of NSFW channels
-Open to any partnerships
Survival Of The Fittest is no longer an option, if they can swing a stick, or throw a rock, they already are worth keeping.
Thrust Yourself Into a World Of Rotten Shambling corpses and Ungodly Mutagenic Horrors the likes of which most have probably seen before!

No Hope For The Living is a Zombie Survival/ Semi-Realistic Survival role-play server, the zombies here are base on a melting pot of zombie and other monster ideas (including but not limited to: the walking dead, dying light, dead space, left for dead 1 and 2, and much much more.

Realistic Survival is the goal, but there is much more to do than sitting around and eating canned goods for 10 years, kill zombies, craft weapons, Loot Legendaries, Mythics, and crazy ass Artifacts that all have unique or/or abysmally dangerous side effects! shoot that guy Ted in the face! oh crud here comes his buddies, they have guns oh no a hoard has been alerted by the gunfire, now you are all dead. all like this and and much much more!!
Welcome to Desolation Year. This rp was created after the old rp known as "Anarchy", which was about a post-war apocalyptic world in 2458 that was destroyed by atomic war. Now, to replace that roleplay, I introduce to you the new world of terror, Desolation Year.
Desolation Year started on a Saturday at 2:00 PM in Berlin, Germany, where a scientist by the name of Kray Von Schmidt tried to perfect a cure that failed, spreading the infection to his patients. This led to terror in the streets across the world.
What will you do in this torn world full of chaos and the undead? The future that lies ahead may be your demise...
The CoD Zombies Rp groups is what the title says it is! It’s an rp server based around CoD Zombies characters and adventures, but OCs and AUs are always welcome.

-More rules are on the server
-Please don’t join if you cannot be relatively active (I.e less than 2 replies a week or less than 2 messages in the ooc chat)
-Most characters are open, or can be open if asked
-This is a literate roleplay, please don’t join if you’re not into literate rps (We usually only do 1 or 2 paragraph replies, sometimes even less)
-Looking for professional staff as well! If you join looking to be staff, please DM me asap!
-Everyone and anyone is welcome if they have a taste for CoD Zombies!
📛Hell’s Wrath: Corruption Of Mankind📛

💎The Wrath Virus has spread out of control engulfing the world. The only one nation remains the United States Of America, but even they could be swept away by the endless wave of undead. The recent failures in North Carolina have hard pushed the U.S Government to enact Marshal Law, but with CDC almost finishing the cure they hope to not be forced to issue it. Now survivors wait for the day when the America topples over as the rest and they are left at the mercy of the Virus once again.💎

⚔️weapon shopping⚔️
🧟‍♂️Zombie fighting🧟‍♂️

💎🌲🔥Join Now To Help Fight!💎🌲🔥
In an alternate history...
It all started in Russia, as their former dictator Vladamir Putin was in the middle of a press conference after a major accidental nuclear test misfire. Putin was assassinated by an unknown person to this day. The Soviet forces retaliated and fired at North Korea, China, Germany, and America. Trillions of dollars in damage. But this wasn't a mistake. The Great War began. Battles.. started.. lives lost. Only for a rumor of "Reanimated corpses" to be brought back. But people believed it was some joke played by the Russians. On July 4th, 2010, America was raided by the forces of Russia. Lives being slaughtered and bombs dropped. Just a big mistake made. America was no longer a safe place. But soon after... shit went down. Yes.. it did. America's final public announcement given by Alternate History President Alfred Salazar For all forces to evacuate to Canada for their only hope. But the population increased.. and increased.. Canada couldn't take it. The Wall of Canada was built to keep all incomers out. By 2016 they wall was finished. Only to create a riot. America's population only 2 Million. Graves were built everywhere, by families and friends. Millions, of graves. Only for the corpses to be reanimated. Brought to life. Slaughtering everyone. The town of Millbury was a large town that was off in the middle of nowhere, Hidden in a fence of trees. A strong place with good steel walls. Ran by the Sheriff and his Regiment.. The War is not over. War... is never over.. Now you must create a character and join the story!
In the year of 2017 the four strongest nations world leaders gathered together these leaders being America, Japan, Britain, and Russia. These countries wanted to set up labs in different countries in hopes of figuring out a cure for any disease, these labs had an AI implemented in them called Kou which was named by the japanese to signify the light of the new world that these countries were bent on creating. Though in the midst of this all these countries were creating different strands of a virus known as the Z-virus in order to help create something if a terrorist group was ever to attack their facilities or countries, but what they didn’t expect was that the AI known as Kuro would become sentient and lock up all the facilities that it is connected to. Kuro released the toxic virus in the air systems in each facility and keep them locked for a week, by then all the scientist were changed and released upon the cities that they were located in. Soon the virus began to spread like wildfire, no one knew what to do or how to escape, the world was plunged into the apocalypse that would forever make the new world known as Z-World.
Six years ago in 2014, a plague fell over the planet. An irreversible plague that killed over seven billion people, but it couldn't just end there. No, that would make this seem like Chuck-E-Cheese. No, all those seven billion people ended up turning into vile monsters that do only one thing: eat. They eat anything that breathes, anything with flesh, they will consume. They are slow, which only adds to the terror, but since they are slow, they are easy to take down in small numbers. However, they group up, sometimes and this group of zombies, a horde if you will, they wipe out towns--communities. No one man can handle a horde, no matter how tough you are. They began decaying near the beginning, but after a while they just... stopped. Nobody knows why or how, but their decaying progress just halted--almost like a cruel act of God. They are attracted to sight, smell, and sound. Some people have found ways around them by using this to their advantage, and some have formed cults out of it. The world is unforgiving and brutal. There are a few communities in Massachusetts, some are allied and trade supplies, however some are more hostile and keep to themselves. Anything I'm missing..? I don't think so. Good luck, survivor...
A Group of highly trained scientists called N.I.O., Nanobots International Organization, were working on a nanobot type for about 6 years, but it backfired in the end when a group of people, who had 3 people in N.I.O. turned on everybody else. this group was called K.I.L.L.E.R. they programmed the nanobots in secret, so that when the nanobots went into the bloodstream, they duplicated and went to the brain, configuring it to eat and scratch other people without thought, essentially making them zombies.the nanobots can only be spread throughout bites.

Now its 2 months after the breakout, where now 7.1 billion people have been infected. in this world its fight to survive and use every advantage you have.
It is the year 2024, 5 years after the Übervirus spread across the world.

Welcome to Impurity! The zombie apocalypse RP with a unique lore and kind people! Come join! We are a new server!
The chaos is causing the world to crumble and burn, literally as much as figuratively and much of the urban environment becoming ruins as survivors, bandits and zombies alike wander through and destroy more of the world each time. Earth has faced many extinction level events in its 14 billion year existence, but nothing like this.
Can humanity survive in a world where you kill?
Ever wanted to fight zombies or just chill and forget zombies are a thing in this rp. Well this is the place to be. It has fun things like cute orphans and cabin building. Also zombies. Join now.
in the year 2088, An aggressive and volatile virus struck the entirety of the world. Entire Cities went dark within weeks as it took over the populace by storm. The military, in a desperate bid to keep smaller population centers safe from the widespread epidemic, dropped experimental neurotoxins to attempt and kill of the undead. unfortunately It was ineffective and merely served as a mutagen for any one unfortunate to be within its spread. and soon after, the rest of the world fell into darkness.

It has been nearly 4 years since these events have taken place, and the world has changed drastically. Survivors struggle to eek out an existence. Bandits Kill and Pillage, taking what they please whenever they see fit. And the Military, a nearly forgotten Relic of a much better time is slowly making a resurgence. Will you be able to survive the deadly outbreak and mutated beasts? Or will you perish in this harsh world to forever be forgotten?
Do you like roleplaying? Then join suRoleplay! We have many different types of roleplays and a decently active server.
A brand new post-apocalyptic RP Server. Still work in progress, but feel free to join and help.