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The Last Of Us RP server is still in the works but I am doing my best to make it functional and work as well as it can. I am currently looking for people who would like to be staff admins and mods (first 20 people to ask for the role will be added then the rules will be in effect) so that I can get help with things but if you want to come just to rp then this server have lots to offer.

This server includes:
Chatting rooms for outside rp chats
A chat room to talk about your specific play-through and how to do things in the game
A spam channel for memes and other stuff
Easy ways to contact titles
And a place to advertise your servers (you’ll have to contact staff in order for it to be posted)

If you decide to join I hope you enjoy your time in The Last Of Us RP server

We Are The Walking Dead is a server set within the universe of TWD TELEVISION series! (Don't worry non-TWD Fans/Non-Show fans, we got you covered here too!)
As the old world has fallen into chaos; 4 years after the initial outbreak in 2010, many groups had risen, trying to do something more than surviving.

Will you go to the dry lands of California and Mexico? The cradle of the new civilization, Virginia; or may you go to Georgia? Including the brand new playable state, the Carolinas.

What do we offer?

- Literate roleplay.
- A big focus on realism
- Sizeable to community (mostly from America)
- Information about the universe for those who haven't watched the show.
- 4 playable areas of the United States (California/Mexico, Georgia, the Carolinas & Virginia).
- Friendly staff.
- A system of storybased group roleplays and some freeform RP's!
- Dank memes.
- No Scott M. Gimple.
- S4 of FTWD is retconned.

"It's a TEN!"
We are a brand new, community friendly server which hopes to bring out the best of people!
We hope to active often and to never disappoint! And we are semi-literate ( 2 sentences Max!)
You can roleplay as!

A rogue or loner!

A Wandering Guider!

A cat in Shadeclan, PuddleClan and AspenClan!

Or if working as an enemy is your thing, act out peacefully and skillfully or with untamed violence as a possessed cat.

Now here's the lore bit.

Spirits have followed the ShadeClan, AspenClan and PuddleClan from their old territory, and continue terrorizing them, some cats become possessed and rot forever, wandering aimlessly in search of an unlucky cat to be devoured by the clans old enemy. Ancient promises have gone unnoticed, and ShadeClan's leader has gotten suspiciously quiet.

Warrior Cats Lore Not Needed! We can teach the basics!
In early 2038, (Now 2050) a disease began to spread through South America, killing millions. The disease first thought to only survive in warm weather, was now spreading north, quickly making its way to the US. By the time virus hit the US, the dead were starting to reanimate in Brazil. Large metropolitan areas were hit the hardest. The majority of the US is under martial law, but cities like LA, NYC, Chicago, etc. Were all thought of as lost causes. Out of the ashes of these cities groups formed in an effort to survive. NYC formed three groups each taking a valuable resource to provide the other groups for trade. These three were, The Amazons, The Dented Locks, and the Blackridge Raiders.

Before the gangs and sometimes even still, people often aren’t killed by zombies. They’re killed by infected scratches and dirty water. Disease runs rampant and having good personal hygiene is required in gangs to help everyone stay safe.
A new server dedicated to the Call Of Duty zombies series! Join to meet other zombie enthusiasts and team up! Channels for Xbox, PlayStation and PC available.
Need some conversation starters joining to make this server take off ☠️
The zombie apocalypse has begun. make a character and join the survival journey or hunt survivors and try to eat them. the choice is yours. we have rules but are lenient to some degree. it's listed as a rebooted server because im rebooting my dying zombie rp server. details await in the server itself
Hello traveller of the Disboard realm.

I welcome you to The End of Days, a world full of zombies, raiders, people to talk to.

During the long history of this planet, Arolu, there were many wars, one of them nearly ending life on it, this is the war you're currently in the aftermath of.
The bunker in which you stayed in survived a multitude of bombs and diseases which had leaked into or destroyed others, though there were others you seemed to be one of the few bunkers that have made it through the war.
Love Black Ops 4? Need someone to play with? Look no further... Black Oops 4 houses a bunch of people that play so if you ever need a friend to play with, join up!
The apocalypse changes us all into new people.
Some of us can’t look back on ourselves and say truthfully that we are the same people we were before this shit show started.
You just gotta survive.

Our discord offers:
- 100+ roleplay channels to enjoy yourselves in!

- Friendly/Welcoming Staff & Community

- Memes!

- Organized Roles & Channels

- Easy to understand rules

- Custom Plot

- LGBTQ+ Accepting!

Hope to see you there!
It's 2018, and you live in Maine. A foreign virus started in California and made it's way around the hemisphere. Resources have been decreasing rapidly.There is no contact with the government in or outside of the U.S. Building conditions are growing unstable and filthy, and there are dead people walking the earth again as live creatures.
The world was infected with the zombie plaque a couple months back now everybody is trying to live and its going ok...for now
A treat for fans of both Star Wars and science-fiction horror. This roleplay is based off of the book, Star Wars: Death Troopers. You can choose to be a stormtrooper, an imperial officer, a prisoner, or the undead.

"When the Imperial prison barge Purge—temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy's most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels and thieves—breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope seems to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict, and seemingly abandoned. But when a boarding party is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back—bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours, nearly all aboard the Purge will die in ways too hideous to imagine.

And death is only the beginning."

I am Plaolo! One of the two Admin's of the Call of Duty server!
we are a very active server with 140 people at the moment en we love if you would join and help the server grow!
well see you there
Zombie Roleplay is a server about the survivors in an apocalypse. After you create your character you can make choices about your survival. Will you try and survive on your own fighting off the zombies? Will you team up with other survivors and make friends/enemies/lovers? Or will you join a faction and together fight the zombies and the other factions? Join for a fun and active rp server looking for more staff and members.

1984, when America was supporting the Islamic fighters during the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan, the pentagon was tasked with making a bio weapon, many ideas were thrown around, the only one that stuck was a modified version of rabies, where the mind would deteriorate faster, and they would be prone to attack anyone on sight, the project was cancelled...More in server
Join our Zombie Role play server and experience the brutal land of the living dead. Its constant war with the dead vs the living. Will you servive? Will you become the greatest leader of a faction? Would you be the doctor to finally found a cure? There so many questions, but so little time. Join to travel to another dimension in our timeline and see if you're up for the challage of ultimate survival. We're also looking for staffs
Come join into a Zombie outbreak where you test your survival skills in a role play version, hang out, join in the staff team to keep the server in check and help us grow!
Welcome to my third The Walking Dead Server. Here we offer story, plot, original characters, and a new start. This is a brand new server, but the owner is experienced and very excited to welcome everyone to the new adventure.

* Looking for staff :)
* Looking for characters

Join today! :D
We are a small server with around 25 people, and we hope that you will help us expand our community by joining us!
The Fungal Cordyceps started from South America and began to spread like wildfire through the consumption of Bananas, coffee, and chocolate. Before anyone know what was happening and people could be warned the infection had already began to take it's toll on the human population spreading via bites, blood, and saliva.

Where this RP takes place is 20 years after the initial outbreak and in the Northwoods of Wisconsin , bordering the Montreal River and Lake Superior, as it's main setting. The Northwoods are rural and well forested. Many old mining buildings dotted the landscape acting as the grand parents to the now overgrown towns and farms. Horses have began making a presence having escaped their pens as well as wild boars. There are plenty of deer, rabbits, and other small game making for bountiful hunting. The area is somewhat untouched in terms of supplies being left in houses and at a few CDC and US National Guard checkpoints in the area. The people once living here were getting ready to be evacuated to the Minneapolis Safe Zone but during the staging grounds where all the citizens were rounded up the infected attacked. All of the people in the Northwoods besides a couple dozen or so, were infected within the first week of the infection breaking out. Now a gang of @Hunters are closing in to find new hunting ground wether it is animals.... or humans. @Fireflies are looking to get old military vehicles and equipment up and running as well as set up a base of operations for any desperate survivors. @Survivors are migrating out of cities from all over wether from safe zones or the wild lands they all are determined to make this area their new home... or die trying.
Year 2019, the day when the world completely changed...It started off with a sickness going throughout the air, effecting a few people getting them badly sick...On September 21, 2019...12:37 pm.. One got infected and started to multiply crazy all over the world! Now the remaining survivors are trying to survive against the Mutant Zombies and the Regular Zombies to get resources for their camp.
It's been 15 years since the world ended. Several communities have risen and are determined to make this new world survivable. Communities not only are surviving, but are thriving at this time. They've grown gardens, hosted gatherings for other communities to socialize, and have basically started their own small city. Outside the communities on the other hand, is another story. Buildings are caved in, big cities are overgrown and no longer look like an enjoyable place for tourists to visit, or even to hang out. Animals have gotten vicious, people have gotten desperate, and there aren't many valuable resources left in the cities. Food and water is a huge issue unless you're part of a community. There aren't many useful weapons unless you're lucky enough to come upon a fresh walker with it's gear still.
A call of duty zombies discord! looking for members to join and help recruit! Members can also try out for our Primis, Ultimus, and Chaos admin teams by trying out in game. Enjoy!
A newly overhauled RP server that's in need of players! The server is consistently changing and ranges from different styles of roleplay and has unique lore that is inspired by multiple sources in modern dystopia and apocalypse culture.