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The year is 2017. The humanity is at stake and a group of remarkable people has decided to step up about it. It could be you. The victim, the savior, or the plague. You decide.


Welcome to Earth's mightiest plague. A marvel AU without any powers, just the characters and their recklessness against zombies. Join us today -- we do not only offer semi-lit and lit roleplay but a great community for you to enjoy yourself in. Join today for a cookie at your door
This is a call of duty server mainly for call of duty world at war on the PC version. The main purpose is to play online with others. It doesn't matter if you have bought the game or pirated, just join if you want to play. Have Fun!!!
Are you a fan of Call of Duty Zombies game mode? Are you looking for an explanation of the story line? Maybe you're looking for good and cooperative players for high rounds? Or are you trying to complete challenges or Easter eggs on your favorite maps? Join our discord for quick access to active players who are looking for people to play with someone like you. Earn roles for your Rank, Gobblegums, and Easter Eggs you know how to do. Find a quick group to play high rounds or Easter eggs with in one of our many voice channels. Chat with others about the story or just post funny memes. Whether you're a classic player from World at War or a newer Black Ops 4 player, we have a spot for you. Join today, you won’t regret it.
Hey Everyone!

ムSavage is recruiting active players!

We are a Battle Royale and Zombie clan with over 20 members! We are a clan based in NA/EU. We have a very active discord server and play with each other all the time!

With that said, we still do enjoy multiplayer and Ranked, but that is not our focus.

ムSavage is a Casual clan - this means we don’t force anyone to participate in tournaments nor do we expect you to practice every day at a certain time.

Requierments :
- Able to speak English
- Lvl 100+
- Ability to voice chat in both discord and game
- Active in the ムSavage discord channel
- Willing to add the "SVGム" clan tag to your name

Savage is a mature adult clan. If you would like to join Savage or just check out the clan join the Server :)
It is the year 2020. Scientists have had a breakthrough and have discovered how to bring the dead back to life with all of their personality. It was called the Iterum Vivere project (Latin for: To Live Again). The reanimated were studied for a few months with no sign of abnormal behavior and the project was labeled a success. They were wrong. The people who were brought back still had their memories and personality, but at a cost. After 3 months of being brought back, subjects began to experience a strange hunger. That was when this all started. The reanimated soon became know as the infected and began to eat people. Australia was plunged into chaos. When an infected bites someone, they experience the same hunger. They were like zombies. Now, only 8% of the population are still alive and struggling to survive. How long can you last?
We are just a nice server, with chill people, and we want some more people, the server is pretty fresh so it will be active :p

we are the undead with many roles more different levels, come on down
Zombie role play server- please remember to be kind to one another and follow the rules please. Remember it’s a new sever and we’re still adding A LOT so please be mindful of that as well.
Check out my NEW Gamer's Brigade! We're a all call of duty zombies group Looking for more people anyone is welcome aswell to chat

We have leveled roles
Looking for staff
Assignable Platform Roles
Looking for Partners
Zombie Challenges

I also sell the cheapest recovery services for bo3 on pc with giveaways for free services all the time.
The Walking Dead - New World is a roleplaying server set on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead universe. We have a friendly and caring staff and our main goal is to collaboratively tell stories and build our own world, with the help of survivors just like you! Set in the post-apocalyptic states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, we provide an open and friendly atmosphere where you can develop interesting characters and tell incredible stories! Can you survive in an unforgiving world, where walkers and humans alike threaten your existence and your mental sanity? Come find out now! [Active community. Friendly staff. Fun RP]

That’s all we could call it. The day everything went to hell. The day we learned the truth behind Area 51.

For years we thought they harbored aliens and space technology far beyond our feeble minds, but we were wrong. As it turns out, they had been developing a series of viruses that would change the world.

The Alpha Virus.
The Gamma Virus.
The Omega Virus.

To Know More! Join the Server! It's a rather feast for the senses...
If your looking for glitches on GTA V for xbox one.. ps4...pc.. join our discord.

Check out our new merchandise and clothing line. All proceeds will go towards supporting the community...the creators of the designs and myself. Hey guys IG Airassault54 here.. we are out here grinding to provide the most positive environment for people in our community and online. Just think about the all the good things we can do in this world with good people behind our back.. that is my twitch.. my rap name is Camp Eazy because it sounds just like my last name...

I am an entrepreneur and I'm working to get my community out there and give everyone a good time.. if you want to help support me and what I'm trying to do. Head over to twitch to help support me and help me get better equipment for the community and to help better myself as a Freestyle Artist and that is our discord aswell guys and gals.

Discord Code is 5472 to get into our server.. code may change. check the latest livestream
❝𝕊𝕦𝕣𝕧𝕚𝕧𝕒𝕝 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔽𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕂𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕤 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝔸𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖.❞
➛ Mandatory Semi-Literate to Literate RP
➛ Relaxed Community
➛ Roleplay Weather Cycles
➛ Ever Changing Plots
➛ Roleplay Drama Encouraged
It was July 2nd, 2019 when the televisions became erratic with the news of people becoming mindless ghouls. Human beings were consuming the flesh of others, and the world began to spiral out of control. Riots erupted in the streets. People were slaughtered without hesitation. Stores were ransacked. Governments were overthrown. Everything you had known was collapsing around your feet, and there was nothing you could do to stop it. But now, six years have passed since that day occurred in 2019. It's now February of 2026, and winter has wrapped it's freezing arms around northern America. You have been able to make your way to a small town in northern North Dakota, but the temperatures are falling while snow has piled up into several feet. Buildings are cracking and falling apart from the weight of snow and expanding ice. Infects have entered a state of being almost frozen; however, the possibilities of new forms of these monsters rising is always at risk. Settlements are struggling to find resources for their people, and sickness is quick to spread (be it as a simple cold to pneumonia or other flus.) The true question is- are you amongst the fittest to survive now?
Hello and Welcome! We are Light In The Darkness, an apocalypse based server set in 2043 Portland, Maine.
I'd like to believe we are a fairly literate server who are mainly filled with fun and eager roleplayers! Everyone is welcome, and if you have any questions, just pop it in the questions section!
Thank you for checking us out, and we hope you enjoy!
I'd like (if that's okay) if people were able to write at least a descriptive paragraph or two when roleplaying. It's easier for everyone to adapt and be able to progress the interaction without it feeling too one-sided. I hope y'all respect this suggestion.


In a world where Zombie fiction and media don't exist... The year is 2015, It has been 4 and a half years since the start of the outbreak, in the springtime of 2010. You, are a survivor, living a world full of the undead, where people are either friendly... or violent. The world, of The Walking Dead television series, is vast. As a survivor, you must scavenge for supplies, *Fear what you become*, survive an evergrowing Zombie Apocalypse, you must *Fight the dead and Fear the living.* What's your story?


ENDURE THE WALKING DEAD Is an all OC TWD roleplay set in the same universe and continuity as the television series. The only difference's being, season 6 of FTWD to air on AMC, is retconned in favor of a fan-made continuation to right the wrongs of the previous two seasons, and... we're all original characters (Canons from the mini-series/web series are allowed.) The story of Rick Grimes still happened and is happening... we just don't see their story. The purpose here is to show the lives of the OTHER survivors living out there in this world. The roleplay is set about 8 months after the events of Season 9, Episode 5, between the 6 year time jump.


ENDURE THE WALKING DEAD offers a wide variety of different roleplaying. We have quite a few playable states, such as Georgia and Virginia, and a system of storybased plot-driven roleplays!

What else do we offer?

- Friendly staff
- Active Staff
- Free ice cream
- Dank memes
- No Scott M. Gimple
- No Andrew Chambliss/Ian Goldberg
- Upcoming screenplays set in this world
- Non-server-canon roleplays that allow canon characters
- ... And more!

Come on down!```
The year is 2058, a new outbreak has come to the Americas causing people to start to gain cannibalistic tendencies. Toughs who have been infected have no heartbeats, and no signs of any sort of life. The ones who have managed to make it have to fight for survival against the dead. Four years have past and the number of survivors are declining at a fast rate as the dead grow in numbers. Groups have formed, trying to hold on to what is left of life, protecting each other. Although the groups tend to be safe, food is going down at an alarming rate leading to other means of survival. Do you have what it takes to survive?
"The year is 2020. Celebration is in the air and so are sicknesses. In the west of the world is Amor Land. A lovely romantic place. Unfortunately, in this story, this is where it starts. It started 1 and then 5 and then a couple of hundred. No one thought much of the disease on the first wave. Until it started mutating. Patients became aggressive.
Even attacking their own loved ones who went to visit them. People who were attacked became aggressive as well.
We are warned to stay in doors and to avoid any contact with other people. Citizens from Paravania didn't listen and continued to go out.
Paravania is infected."

Hi! I'm Bella and this is my first rp server! Can you make a society and thrive in an apocalyptic situation or are you going to take back your world?
It's been 15 years since the world ended. Several communities have risen and are determined to make this new world survivable. Communities not only are surviving, but are thriving at this time. They've grown gardens, hosted gatherings for other communities to socialize, and have basically started their own small city. Outside the communities on the other hand, is another story. Buildings are caved in, big cities are overgrown and no longer look like an enjoyable place for tourists to visit, or even to hang out. Animals have gotten vicious, people have gotten desperate, and there aren't many valuable resources left in the cities. Food and water is a huge issue unless you're part of a community. There aren't many useful weapons unless you're lucky enough to come upon a fresh walker with it's gear still.
The year is 2025. Everything was peaceful, until a deadly mosquito went on to spread a terrible disease. It caused people to..lose their humanity, and their turned a dark green hue..then..they growled, and started to attack people. Then..slowly they would turn into them as well. It was a scary sight, and 75% of the world had turned. Can you believe that? Over 1 billion people had turned since that day. But..we have to keep fighting, even after the loss of many people. So, are you going to keep your head high, and fight for your humanity..or help destroy the world? You can choose your own path..but just know..every action has a consequence. The story begins in New York City, so what are you going to do..when everything goes to hell?

{We offer}

~An engaging, ever-expanding lore

~A welcoming community

~Fun bots

~Unlimited Character Slots, allowing you as many characters as you wish

~A democracy, where everyone has a vote in the changes and more!
Welcome to the Rp Server dedicated to roleplay. On our server you will find a lot of different, interesting and exciting things as well as helpful administration and a lot of locations!. OC's are recommended but if you'd like being a character from some game / movie that is balanced and normal (no super powers) you can contact the administration about it. More infected classes and virus history is in place as well as tutorials for beginners in the RP. Each administration serves to help you during your story! Have fun

The world of after the end:


"hello, this is stew framen, and I don't have time to tall about myself because I don't give a shit anymore...anyways, to make sure the next generations know about this I've put some radio logs around the cities, fifteen years ago, a virus hit the city known as Cain, it was basically zombies, because of some unfortunate events a war happened, it caused the virus to escape by a lot of ways, a lot has happened since then, the government trying to get back, raiders and gangs, factions fighting for supremecy or for their own good, how will you put your mark on this shattered ruins of a world?"

What we offer:
-an active staff
-alot of bots
-a continues lore
-a lot of RP channels to choose form
The world was infected with the zombie plaque a couple months back now everybody is trying to live and its going ok...for now
welcome to the horde we are a community that delves in any game or genre this community is one that is meant for any age we do recommend that you use common sense
“Tes̪̾tị͡ng T͖͒e͓͗st̠̋i͚͆ng,̤̀ ȋ͉s t̮͗his thin̝͊g̮̀ ȍ͇n?̹̈ Oh! We are now live reporting in New York City where the countdown to 2000 is on its way. With the final week of this year coming to an end, we will also forget many many memories. We will soon move on from our old ways into a new tomorrow. Come 2000, and change will happen. We don’t know what that change will be, but we know it will be great. From new music to new technology, our country will develop into something unlike what's ever been seen before! Our studio is right beside where the ball will be dropping. Come join us Friday right here in Times Square to be a part of history that will be made! Now, for some festive Christmas music, as we cannot give it up just yet haha!”

The year was 1999, and every naive person living in New York almost expected the year to pass as every other year did, but that was until strange sicknesses started appearing. People dropped dead, those in hospitals suddenly lost life, and the streets were wrecked with havoc.

1. Many members and counting
2. A fun, interactive storyline
3. A new concept on a Walking Dead server
4. Kind, fair, and fun staff
5. An ongoing plot
6. New York lifestyle
7. A safe zone for anyone from anywhere

Hap̧̈py n̬̅ew͕̔ yé͎ar͕̊.̨̊.͉̓!̖̋ We really hope that you survive another day, though it seems to be getting harder and harder with every passing day..