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This is a zombie role play server! It takes place in Los Angeles, California. Everyone creates a character that they get to role play around all of L.A. We have weapons, PTK, a dice system, and much more! You can also talk and chill in the voice channels and we have memes.
6 hours ago
The chaos is causing the world to crumble and burn, literally as much as figuratively and much of the urban environment becoming ruins as survivors, bandits and zombies alike wander through and destroy more of the world each time. Earth has faced many extinction level events in its 14 billion year existence, but nothing like this.
Can humanity survive in a world where you kill?
3 days ago
Ever wanted to fight zombies or just chill and forget zombies are a thing in this rp. Well this is the place to be. It has fun things like cute orphans and cabin building. Also zombies. Join now.
4 days ago
in the year 2088, An aggressive and volatile virus struck the entirety of the world. Entire Cities went dark within weeks as it took over the populace by storm. The military, in a desperate bid to keep smaller population centers safe from the widespread epidemic, dropped experimental neurotoxins to attempt and kill of the undead. unfortunately It was ineffective and merely served as a mutagen for any one unfortunate to be within its spread. and soon after, the rest of the world fell into darkness.

It has been nearly 4 years since these events have taken place, and the world has changed drastically. Survivors struggle to eek out an existence. Bandits Kill and Pillage, taking what they please whenever they see fit. And the Military, a nearly forgotten Relic of a much better time is slowly making a resurgence. Will you be able to survive the deadly outbreak and mutated beasts? Or will you perish in this harsh world to forever be forgotten?
6 days ago
Do you like roleplaying? Then join suRoleplay! We have many different types of roleplays and a decently active server.
29 days ago
In an alternate history...
It all started in Russia, as their former dictator Vladamir Putin was in the middle of a press conference after a major accidental nuclear test misfire. Putin was assassinated by an unknown person to this day. The Soviet forces retaliated and fired at North Korea, China, Germany, and America. Trillions of dollars in damage. But this wasn't a mistake. The Great War began. Battles.. started.. lives lost. Only for a rumor of "Reanimated corpses" to be brought back. But people believed it was some joke played by the Russians. On July 4th, 2010, America was raided by the forces of Russia. Lives being slaughtered and bombs dropped. Just a big mistake made. America was no longer a safe place. But soon after... shit went down. Yes.. it did. America's final public announcement given by Alternate History President Alfred Salazar For all forces to evacuate to Canada for their only hope. But the population increased.. and increased.. Canada couldn't take it. The Wall of Canada was built to keep all incomers out. By 2016 they wall was finished. Only to create a riot. America's population only 2 Million. Graves were built everywhere, by families and friends. Millions, of graves. Only for the corpses to be reanimated. Brought to life. Slaughtering everyone. The town of Millbury was a large town that was off in the middle of nowhere, Hidden in a fence of trees. A strong place with good steel walls. Ran by the Sheriff and his Regiment.. The War is not over. War... is never over.. Now you must create a character and join the story!
42 days ago
A brand new post-apocalyptic RP Server. Still work in progress, but feel free to join and help.
47 days ago
Just a place where people can RP together in the post-apocalyptic city of Moscow!
76 days ago
A server that me and a couple friends recently started. It takes place in the fictional megacity of Redwick, Kentucky. This is our first actual attempt at a roleplay so we appreciate any feedback!
91 days ago