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The Flare virus was created as a means of population control by the World Government following a geological disaster,Solar Flares. That results in widespread geological damage,entire sections of the Earth have been turned into deserts due to extreme heat, but the virus got out of control. The world government blamed the Solar Flares for the virus and rage zombies, hence the disease was called "The Flare".

The Killzone is the part of the brain affected by the Flare. The Flare eats away the KillZone area of the brain. This results in Cranks,It damages the body, and the mind, driving people to become insane cannibals. The immune,produce an enzyme in the Killzone area of the brain that kills the virus. This is why they are being studied by WCKD, pushed, they are looking to find the most immunes, and cut open the brain to study how it works to find out how to duplicate the cure. The Right Arm,an organization opposed to WCKD,They believe that the money that WCKD has been using would have been better spent in preventing the disease being spread across the planet.

That happened 43 years ago,the year being 2057. Who's side are you on?
Going on its second season, Survive The Walking Dead is an interactive story driven Roleplay that involves everyone in its main plot! Season two picks up after the world has gone to hell, about 3 months into the apocolypse and the main group has gotten a group together after the tragic losses of season one. Now they must defend what's theirs from a new threat that isn't trying to eat them. Welcome to Survive The Walking Dead!

~ Fanart!!!!
~ Season based Roleplay!
~ Interactive NPC!
~ Storyline For everyone!

We really hope you join! Would love to make this Roleplay on a much larger scale and have many more people join in on the fun!

We Are The Walking Dead is a server set within the universe of TWD TELEVISION series! (Don't worry non-TWD Fans/Non-Show fans, we got you covered here too!)
As the old world has fallen into chaos; 4 years after the initial outbreak in 2010, many groups had risen, trying to do something more than surviving.

Will you go to the dry lands of California? The cradle of the new civilization, Virginia; or may you go to Georgia?

What do we offer?

- Literate roleplay.
- Information about the universe for those who haven't watched the show.
- 3 playable areas of the United States (California, Georgia & Virginia).
- Friendly staff.
- A system of storybased group roleplays and some freeform RP's!
- Dank memes.
- No Scott M. Gimple.
- S4 of FTWD is retconned.
My first server about roleplaying with dice

Collapsed Earth is a roleplay server that takes place in a 7 Days to Die style zombie apocalypse. The server is very small at the moment, but we have a good thing going right now!
It's 2018, and you live in Maine. A foreign virus started in California and made it's way around the hemisphere. Resources have been decreasing rapidly.There is no contact with the government in or outside of the U.S. Building conditions are growing unstable and filthy, and there are dead people walking the earth again as live creatures.
Hello there! I would appreciate it if you join my roleplay server.

This server is about a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies, story is explained in the server.

Basically everything you need to know about this server is in the server itself, so please consider joining!
The Naza virus was a top secret military project gone wrong, it was created by the United States as a biological weapon. The virus quickly mutitated out of control and it was canceled as a failed project. The United States government tried to contain and isolate the virus from the scientist and the staff. Unfortunately a scientist named John Cleri had caught the virus after dropping a vial on the floor. John Cleri later went to Mexico where he was found dead inside his hotel near the Rio Nazas river. From there on the virus quickly spread like wildfire around nearby cities and towns. Things got so bad in Mexico that the government declared a National Emegency as their military struggled to keep and maintain order. Most people in Mexico tried to escape the chaos through the US-Mexican border where some were stopped by U.S troops sent to the border. Some infected Mexicans got through and infected cities and towns in Texas where the virus later spread throughout the United States. (The server is new so if you're looking for mod and admin opportunities, please join to help us build it up)
Love Black Ops 4? Need someone to play with? Look no further... Black Oops 4 houses a bunch of people that play so if you ever need a friend to play with, join up!
**__Atomic Heart, Dead Shock__**
Based in a post apocalyptic Soviet Union, where a strain of virus was released in Western Russia. The virus slowly turns ordinary people into feral creatures, with the objection of attacking the survivors. Join factions to survive against the hordes, or take the chance of going by yourself. Beware of Bio-Chem's death squads. If they think you're infected, it will not be pretty. Also keep a look out for STALKER. He'll visit you soon enough.

>A Very nice and Active staff team working to make the server as fun for you as possible!
>A Faction System fitting multiple personalities but if you won’t like that create your own!
>Night Hunters - A dangerous group of zombies with very deadly mutations!
>An active community ready and willing to take you in with open arms!
Hello, this discord server is all about games involving zombies; any games with zombies in will be integrated to the server; Minecraft, Roblox, COD and many more games will be the main zombie games in this server.
It is 2058, three years after the zombies attacked our nation.
Experiments that started with rabies began to get more powerful as technology began developing more. A scientist by the name of Dr. John Smith, driven by his insane hunger for power, convinced his brother, Henry Smith, to be a subject of this enhanced disease. His brother didn't suspect it, but he was the first zombie to be let out. Something didn't go as planned. Because of John's hunger for power, his brother devoured him and he was the second zombie.

CONOP 8888 failed.

Try to survive in a roleplaying server! Meet other people, expand friendships, declare wars, and meet the most powerful beings in survival.
Our server is based off of the TV series "The Walking Dead"
The location is Nashville, Tennessee. An epidemic has broke out and the world is now overrun by zombies. Survivors must stick together and fight to survive. You must be able to find food, water, and basic supplies.

Warning: This roleplay contains gore, death, weapons, and swearing
Zombie Roleplay is a server about the survivors in an apocalypse. After you create your character you can make choices about your survival. Will you try and survive on your own fighting off the zombies? Will you team up with other survivors and make friends/enemies/lovers? Or will you join a faction and together fight the zombies and the other factions? Join for a fun and active rp server looking for more staff and members.
Years ago was when it began. Nobody saw it coming, and those who did were called crazy. Billions upon billions of people just wiped from the face of the earth. What happened? Well, nobody really knows; all we know is that cadavers--dead people--began walking around again. But they were slow, and stupid, and *hungry.* All they did was roam and eat anything living. To survive you had to be careful and unleash whatever demons you had hiding within, otherwise you wouldn't make it...

Years passed and now more people feel more comfortable being who they were. Gone were the days where you needed to kill just to see your next meal, now humanity prospered. Communities, towns, cities have risen and people have been taking their land back! Of course, however, not everybody is so eager to see the return of civilization, some stick to the old ways: wandering, scavenging, killing... Others that *have* seen the light and began building sustainable civilization are ill-intentioned... wars are still being waged, and people are still dying. Maybe it isn't so different after all...
Welcome to The War Of The Dead a alternative history rp in which zombies have turned europe into living hell and now you must fight and survive or join the ranks of the massive zombie army
Yans Fam Unite! This server is built around gaming, chillan, nerd talk and more! This community was started for all of itzmeYAN's followers on Twitch. Join the Fam, catch his Stream, game with him and his friends, and NERD out!
The Outbreak RP is a server about when a famous lab in Toronto finally invents a cure for cancer, something goes wrong. Zombies now roam the streets and you can roleplay with people to survive the infection
Hello! The Rest of The World is a zombie apocalypse roleplay set in the world of The Walking Dead, find who you wish to survive with... and make dangerous enemies.

We only have a few rules, but are strict to them. Thank you! Have fun!
This is a server based on an outbreak after a biological war.
You and your fellow zombies/Survivors must make it to safety without dying by starvation or becoming infected. Will you survive or will you be a mindless zombie roaming the streets
In progress. Recently made, very well set up, providing many channels to roleplay on! Check it out if you'd like. I promise you that you will be surprised.
It's the modern age of Millennials, and world seems to be as stable as it can get, small conflicts from to time but there isn't really any major wars breaking out. This opened up doors for many companies all across the globe, including a specific one known as TriPharma.

This Canada based company was dedicated to agriculture, conserving the plants and eco system, they had good intentions as most companies do. Their scientists searched for new ways to protect crops, one of the most notably was based off an parasitic fungus known as Cordyceps. The Cordyceps were altered so that the infection could protect the farmers crops from pests known as Locust, small wooden creatures and so on. This successfully worked as the plants started to produce spores to counter the problem, it was a ground-breaking accomplishment but was celebrated all too soon.

As the Cordyceps did successfully complete it's purpose, the parasitic fungal started to adapt and change on it's own, affecting humans and larger mammals in the process. The parasitic fungus was out of companies control, as last resort, they despatched teams with fire equipment to purge the fields but needless to say it was too late. The first team of scientists to experiment with the Cordyceps who were caught during the time reacted to the fungus and started to mutate earlier then most into terrifying creatures, driven by the parasitic fungus they tore through the dispatched teams and only increased the creatures in numbers.

The crops and wheat that was distributed during the time before the incident were sent all over the country, infecting thousands. August 22nd, 20XX. It is now a continental pandemic, as the spores in the grain spread out, infecting both pests and humans, the fungus spread rapidly like wild fire with no stop, it was free to spread as quickly and easily as possible.

September 10th, 20XX. Your story begins in the Local mall known very well as "Gateway North".