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Survive The Walking Dead. The world has fallen into chaos, and no one knows what TRULY happened. Just that the dead... walk the earth.

The world of The Walking Dead is large. Full of survivors whos stories are dying to be told. You are a survivor... What is yours?

We provide:

- Memes
- Free ice cream
- No Scott M. Gimple
- A friendly community
- Friendly staff
- People HEAVILY familiar with TWD mythos, and Zombies as a whole
- Friendly community
Added even more channels! Like streets, school and more!
More emojis! ^-^
Edited the template slightly

Hey! You! Yes, you! I see you reading this description. How do I know? Becouse you're reading it right now otherwise you wouldn't see this and wouldn't bring up the question. Anyhow, a brand new server we made! It's based around the apocalypse/post-apocalypse genre.
We have:

> ~29 Channels to Roleplay in
> Fun Bots!
> Custom Emojis. ( Though little now )
> Custom and Detailed Template
> Custom Lore
> Character Creation Help!
> Active and for the most part, friendly staff
> User friendly rules
> And most importantly, no toxic people!

Though as you can tell the server is for more detailed roleplayers, everyone is welcome!
Welcome to The War Of The Dead a alternative history rp in which zombies have turned europe into living hell and now you must fight and survive or join the ranks of the massive zombie army
The year is 2021. The initial outbreak was three years ago back in 2018. We dont know what happened, it was just... an outbreak. The world as we knew it went to hell. Undead were roaming the streets, people were killing each other and we lost what was once ours. The last three years have been hard, brutal, and unforgiving. There is no cure, no hope for humanity... But, maybe you can bring a piece of it back from the brink. Do you have what it takes to survive? Trumball Valley was the first area the outbreak hit, meaning the military originally quarantined it off, blocking in the infection, but as time went on the walls didnt hold and people got sick. Spreading the disease. The world is no more, those still left in Trumball Valley must do what they can to keep living and moving forward.
Join us and have fun with making characters,friends and enemies.
We are a new community so there aren't many of us yet!
It is 2058, three years after the zombies attacked our nation.
Experiments that started with rabies began to get more powerful as techknowledgey began developing more. A scientist by the name of Dr. John Smith, driven by his insane hunger for power, convinced his brother, Henry Smith, to be a subject of this enhanced disease. His brother didn't suspect it, but he was the first zombie to be let out. Something didn't go as planned. Because of John's hunger for power, his brother devoured him and he was the second zombie.

CONOP 8888 failed.

Try to survive in a roleplaying server! Meet other people, expand friendships, declare wars, and meet the most powerful beings in survival.
Two brothers were born in the heart of Halloway City. They eventually both went to college to become scientists. They graduated top of their classes. They ended up trying to come up with a cure to save lives seeing as so many had been infected by zombies and we're changing into zombies. They became mad as they had tried everything to come up with a cure and one that wouldn't have bad side affects. Soon enough things would turn for the worse for the brothers as one of them had become infected himself. The other brother now had to keep coming up with a cure only to find ones that would only slow the process down. The city was in a new state of war. Their were tons of infected people along with others just trying to survive.
It's the modern age of Millennials, and world seems to be as stable as it can get, small conflicts from to time but there isn't really any major wars breaking out. This opened up doors for many companies all across the globe, including a specific one known as TriPharma.

This Canada based company was dedicated to agriculture, conserving the plants and eco system, they had good intentions as most companies do. Their scientists searched for new ways to protect crops, one of the most notably was based off an parasitic fungus known as Cordyceps. The Cordyceps were altered so that the infection could protect the farmers crops from pests known as Locust, small wooden creatures and so on. This successfully worked as the plants started to produce spores to counter the problem, it was a ground-breaking accomplishment but was celebrated all too soon.

As the Cordyceps did successfully complete it's purpose, the parasitic fungal started to adapt and change on it's own, affecting humans and larger mammals in the process. The parasitic fungus was out of companies control, as last resort, they despatched teams with fire equipment to purge the fields but needless to say it was too late. The first team of scientists to experiment with the Cordyceps who were caught during the time reacted to the fungus and started to mutate earlier then most into terrifying creatures, driven by the parasitic fungus they tore through the dispatched teams and only increased the creatures in numbers.

The crops and wheat that was distributed during the time before the incident were sent all over the country, infecting thousands. August 22nd, 20XX. It is now a continental pandemic, as the spores in the grain spread out, infecting both pests and humans, the fungus spread rapidly like wild fire with no stop, it was free to spread as quickly and easily as possible.

September 10th, 20XX. Your story begins in the Local mall known very well as "Gateway North".
Hello there! I would appreciate it if you join my roleplay server.

This server is about a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies, story is explained in the server.

Basically everything you need to know about this server is in the server itself, so please consider joining!
You wake up in a hospital. You are in a cold sweat, your throat is dry and your voice raspy.
The room is dead silent, the only thing you can hear is your breathing. You raise your head,
looking around the room. You notice a few plants that decorate the room.. Are dead. The leaves
falling to the ground. You sit up, in dazed struggle. Your limbs not seeming to work properly.
But you manage to get to the door. You peer down the hall. The lights are flickering, Stretchers
lay forgotten, papers and pieces of glass lay scattered on the floor. You limp down the hall way,
towards a bright flickering light. And what you see.. Nearly makes your stomach go inside out.
A woman's body, completely mauled lays in the middle of the floor.
You turn around and walk away, your mind racing. Blood lays all over the floor, bullet holes
decorate the walls.
Suddenly you hear loud banging and clatter of chains. You turn your head and see to large
metal doors, blocked with wood and chains. On the door it's spray painted with the words.
You walk closer and the doors shaking against whoever... or... whatever is banging against it from
the inside. Then you see a pale, hand slip through a small crack through the door.


Hello and welcome to our server. You do not need to watch the show to understand whats going on - we have channels for any questions you have.

We are one, fun, kind group. No one judges one another. We are here to help with any questions, etc.
Das ist der offizielle Liquid Clan Discord. Joint drauf wenn ihr dem Clan beitreten wollt, oder wenn ihr einfach nur zocken wollt.
The Outbreak RP is a server about when a famous lab in Toronto finally invents a cure for cancer, something goes wrong. Zombies now roam the streets and you can roleplay with people to survive the infection
When World War 3 begins the whole world will apparently be zombified. Thanks to the Americans and Russians for holding back on the nukes and deciding to make supersoldiers via unknown serums,now we have zombies. Well,do you think you can make it until someone makes a cure?

Probably not. But hey,ain't no shame in trying.
The year is 2018, it was 2016 when it hit, the infection. it started with thousands sick, then one day, they all turned. no one seen it coming. everyone thought it was just the flu or something that would pass, so the sick stayed home with their family or at the hospital. millions of family's died, the hospital doctors and visitors where dead first, then came the family. after it hit everyone, it has taken over 70% of the population, the government stopped contacting civilians on year 2. everyone fights to survive, lucky there the military still holds safe zones, there is still no cure, and no one knows if this airborne or just by getting bitten or scratched. everyone is scarred, but will you be one of them? stand up and fight against the dead, just survive!
welcome to the fictional island of New Hastings. A great flue has ravaged the world and every day on the island has become a battle for survival for its inhabitants.
I dont even Know what those sound effects were for...
•the walking dead•
°This server is for all walking dead lovers! Its a New server I created And you can talk about the show, game, drawings, theories and more°
♧ we got NSFW and regular channels! ♧
Come on and join!
We're just starting but are hoping to have more members feel free join!
Hello, I would like to tell you about Zombie Vision RP. The server has been in development for a week, and we are finished. We are adding new commands and systems already. We have crafting systems, and custom roles that give you buffs/debuffs. We are hoping to attract new members who are interested in this.
Left 4 Dead 2 10 man coop gaming on our 2500 member Steam Group server: Locos Looney Toons. Come by and chat up anime, music, sci-fi, or L4D2. We have 202 campaigns on our server and offer the best zombie killing vibe out there!
📛Hell’s Wrath: Corruption Of Mankind📛

💎The Wrath Virus has spread out of control engulfing the world. The only one nation remains the United States Of America, but even they could be swept away by the endless wave of undead. The recent failures in North Carolina have hard pushed the U.S Government to enact Marshal Law, but with CDC almost finishing the cure they hope to not be forced to issue it. Now survivors wait for the day when the America topples over as the rest and they are left at the mercy of the Virus once again.💎

⚔️weapon shopping⚔️
🧟‍♂️Zombie fighting🧟‍♂️

💎🌲🔥Join Now To Help Fight!💎🌲🔥
___>>>URGENT: Active and detailed RP Moderators wanted. Ask Head Writer for mor information <<<___
- 20+ channels
- all characters allowed
- erp conditioned allowed
- univerasl lore present
The year is 2027. But no one counts years anymore anyways.
9 years have passed since the civilization got shattered by a breakout of what people call the black death, a Zombie kind of virus that uses victims as a host plant to spread through the world via saliva and partial airborne semen. The world we once knew is lost. Raiders plunder towns, outlaws hunt down people and psychos slit up everything they see.
But fear not, there is light in the dark. In form of a faction, large and strong enough to provide advanced security, a stable home and even advanced civilization. But every paradise haves its thorns, and ao haves NT.
what will you become? A flower blooming greatly in the shelter of shared ressources and protection, or another abomination? A thorn in the eyes of the adminiatration?
Come and find out, if you dare.

Survive The Walking Dead. The world has fallen into chaos, and no one knows what TRULY happened. Just that the dead... walk the earth.

The world of The Walking Dead is large. Full of survivors whos stories are dying to be told. You are a survivor... What is yours?

We provide:

- Memes
- Free ice cream
- No Scott M. Gimple
- A friendly community
- Friendly staff
- People HEAVILY familiar with TWD mythos, and Zombies as a whole
- Friendly community

The year is 2346, the human civilisation has become far advanced and are at peace with many different alien races and their planets. One day the new NASA sent explorers into space to find new alien races they landed on a planet called X58T where the explorers came in contact with an alien parasite that they captured and put it on their ship, the ships auto pilot set a course for earth. while the pilots were in space the parasite awoken and broke out infecting the explorers, once the explorers got earth they infected millions of humans and aliens, all the ships have left and the docking bay closed, there is but few survivors left. Will you be a survivor or will you be infected the choice is yours.
Welcome to the Argus Project. Civilization is at the brink of collapse due to a singular organization and we can't do anything to stop it. Will you fight your way through hordes upon hordes of the undead to uncover the truth, or will you be forgotten as the world collapses around you?