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We introduce you to the Elemental Knight Online Community!
-This server includes:
•A place where Elemental Knights and friends gather~
•Friendly Community
•Fun bots to use!
•Friendly staves and members.
•Useful channels for you explore♡
•Fresh and fun server^-^
•And much more...
✜ 15 JAHRE VETUS MUNDUS ✜ Seit seiner Gründung 2004 wird unser UO-Freeshard laufend aktualisiert und verfügt über zahlreichen Custom-Content, den es so nur auf Vetus Mundus gibt.

YouTube Trailer 2019:
Share and discuss your favorite games, anime, streams, and digital art. Everyone is welcome to join us! We have Karaoke nights too!
This is Continental Waifu Center

🔷 》Most efficient perfect mod & staff support.

🔷 》Most popular twitch emotes and a lot of custom meme emotes.

🔷 》MMORPG Class roles and MMORPG bot.

🔷 》Perfect Mudae and Pokécord management.

🔷 》Fancy economy bots got here (CoinMaster and Mantaro)

🔷 》%100 fair & balanced Mudae rules.

🔷 》We got the most efficient server suggestion channel.

🔷 》NSFW 🍑

🔷 》Giveaways are avaible !

🔷 》Very useful server Guide and Self-assigns.

🔷 》15+ Discord bots avaible.

🔷 》High security !

🔷 》Youtuber Promotions & Partnershipping is avaible.

**Nexus** is a continent divided into five nations, choose where you begin:
>The **Aerian Kingdom** sits proud in the north of the continent, under wise and careful stewardship of the Regent. With soaring mountains and fertile valleys to the south, and deep fjords with frigid icy waters to the north, the Kingdom is currently searching for its missing monarch.
>The **Glau'rhim** is a fertile, expansive land in the east ruled by the eponymous Glau'rhim Guilds. A huge canal system connects each of the settlements with the exception of the Emirad Rainforest to the south. Each city-guild has its own interests, so only by the central power of the Qar'Qaudath'Rhim founders does this nation keep itself together.
>The archipelago of the south houses the **Alquan Collective**, a diarchy consisting of territories above and below the waves. Many of the islands here are barely-governed and have never been explored.
>In the center of Nexus is the **Spirit Nation**. Vast untamed forests are interspersed with similar plains, all telling of the wild nature of this land. The capital, Arkala, and western lands are occupied by the Enclave.
>In the sprawling deserts of the west, the **Coruscaren Enclave** sits isolated. It is a warmongering power, with advanced firearms beyond that possessed by the other nations. With limited arable land, it has occupied a large swathe of Spirit Nation land.
Nexus is an open-world, **Pathfinder 1e** game with a large player-base and a number of active Gamemasters. Set in a custom world while still utilizing a lot of Golarion lore (chiefly religion and planes), the server provides a huge variety of quests, solo-adventures and slice-of-life roleplay. One can also jump into weekly campaign sessions ran independently of our world.
Sei gegrüßt, Toxischer Interessent! 😈
Du meinst, dass du Toxisch genug bist, um uns beizutreten?
Du traust dich einen Weltenboss zu bezwingen und gegen andere Magier (oder andere mächtige Spieler) beim MMORPG Bot zu kämpfen?
Dann reiß dich zusammen und trete uns bei! 🤗
Wie andere Server bieten wir auch andere Sachen an!
(Nur viel besser, haha!) 🤩
Bots? Haben wir!
Nettes Team? Haben wir auch!
[✅]Perfektes Team (Klaro 💕)
Viele Chats? Jaaa!
[✅]Bot Chats
[✅]Andere lustige Channels
Wir bieten natürlich noch vieles mehr an, doch dafür reicht uns leider die Zeit nicht mehr, denn wir brauchen spontane und coole Leute! 🤝
Du willst mehr erfahren?
Komm und werde ein 104% Toxischer Mitglied!

→ ✨💕
We are a 24/7 Network Server and strive to be a community that is friendly, competitive, and helpful!
OPFactions, Factions, Kingdoms, Skyblock, Prison, Kitpvp, Creative

With a lot of in-game features Like Crates, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, Quests, Custom Enchants and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun today! IP: PLAY.PRIMECRAFT.ORG
Das ist unsere WoW Gilde namens Sleeping Knights. Jeder ist Willkommen außer die Leute, die einfach nur Unruhe stiften wollen. Wir wollen einfach zusammen eine schöne Zeit haben und freuen uns wenn du dabei bist! ^^
A English and French canine-based MMORPG game created back in 2015 and still being developed to this day! The game has many things to offer from quests, hunting, leveling, customization, and much more! Come check out our forums and discord for more details.

■ A Canine-based game with loads of fun activities

■ Friendly and welcoming community & staff

■ Fun and exciting events, giveaways and games!

■ Organized and well put-together server

■ Leveling system and fun bots

Owner: Witacha#2330

If you wish to support us, please come by and join us!
Constantine, an ancient crusader who lives in castle highhark, has been enacting a ruthless rule over these lands for ages. After taking the keys from each of the world bosses, you must go to his chamber, beat him, and reshape the world for yourself.
OriginsBD is a Classic Style Black Desert Online Server, with custom content, active development and a nice community mixed from all around the world, with the server a few days away from launch, being fully free to play and 0 pay to win, what have you got to lose to check us out and experience Black Desert Online in a new way with our custom class balancing!
A Discord server for .hack//Fragment. In Fragment Resurgence we're working on many different things for .hack//Fragment, such as helping new players, organizing parties, creating custom areas on servers, working on code and addresses, translating, and much more.
"Our World" is a massively multiplayer game where you can do whatever you want.
Looking for:
Server Moderators
Server Security
Music Makers
Hey There❗ This Is The New Evolution Of Naruto Server Of RP, In This Server You Will Be Able To Make Your Story And Chooses, We Also Don't Kick/Ban Who Have A Bad Grammar, This Is The Server What You Will Never Regret Of Joined
And we also don't forget to show what we offer to you guys :
>Kages,Jinchurikis,Events,Wars,Giveaways,Sages,Paths,Sevenswordsmen* Systems<
>All Clans Of The Naruto's World<
>Max 3 OC<
>100++ Channels For RP! <
>Evolution Of OCS/Stories<
>Make Your Own Clan/Jutsu/KKG<
>Become An Akatsuki And Destroy The World Or An Anbu And Defend The World<
>Fight/Talk In The Mindstate Of Your Jinchuriki<
>Easy/Friendly/Helpful Stuffs<
>Become An Kage Or The Most Powerful Ninja (OP is accepted Only For Who Trained Hard, For Much Days)<
>Make Your Team/BestFriend/Rival<
>Soo Many Status to become<
>And A Lot More Things Believe<
☆Soo What You Think? You will be the new stronger Ninja Of World?
You Will Know If You Will Join❗❗❗☆
Welcome to Landscapes!
This is the official Server for the Soon to come game called Landscapes, this is the OFFICIAL Server. Anyone else claiming to be us is obviously fake. Anyways we have a growing community, Discussions, Play around with bots, Gain server money and buy stuff!

Please note: Wip Server
Join the official ArcheAge server.
ArcheAge is an epic fantasy sandbox MMORPG with a heavy focus on open world activities, primarily PVP.
Welcome to this Wizard community. We are all glad to have you and welcome you. We are all here to help out and grow. If you have any questions on what something is please ask. Enjoy your stay and keep leveling. Have a wonderful day! -Hoovered
Lazy Cat Multigaming [CAT] è una community nata il 09 Settembre 2019 per unire giocatori e amici in un'unica famiglia. Il rispetto e il divertimento sono pilastri nella nostra community, che sta venendo creata grazie all'aiuto dei nostri utenti e Staff che hanno voluto credere nel nostro modo di vedere una realtà che si approccia al mondo del gaming. Unisciti a noi partecipando attivamente ai nostri tornei ed eventi a premio! Ti stiamo aspettando!
Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig wir sind zwar noch eine recht kleine Community, was aber kein grund is uns nich Beizutreten... egal ob du Pro-Gamer oder ein Totaler Noob bist jeder is bei uns Herzlich Willkommen...

Aktuelle Spiele die du bei uns findest....
🔹 The Division 2
🔹 Final Fantasy 14 Online
🔹 Dauntless
🔹 Warframe
🔸 uvm...

Auch Discord Games haben wir...
🔹 PokéCord
🔸 weitere folgen noch...
On the League of Angels community we offer a friendly and welcoming community, great mods, lots of fun bots, intense roleplay of all types, and much more! We even have customizable nicknames and profiles, including self assignable roles and colors!

Come on and try it, its free and thats the best price!
We are a 24/7 Network Server and strive to be a community that is friendly, competitive, and helpful!

With a lot of in-game features Like Crates, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, Quests, Custom Enchants and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun today! IP: MMORPG.PRIMECRAFT.ORG
Corp: United Nations Space Command
President: @[🔱] Avatar Korra
Point of contact: @[🔱] Avatar Korra
About us: United Nations Space Command is intergalactic military arm of Second Galaxy, dedicated to protecting and defending civilian ships caught in war zones, destroying pirates/eradicating hostile ships. We oversee the safety of shipping lanes and come to ships in distress. We are the military Police employed by ECD. Any pilots are welcome to register, apply for UNSC.

We have following positions available:

Officers - depending on ranks
Pilots - depending on what type of ship
Secretary of said branch - one position separately
Recruiters - available upon request to help recruit for UNSC.

Corp merger - available on request for corps to merge with UNSC only.
Have you ever wanted to play a log horizon server, but you're too lazy to make one because so many things to do, then you got us, a new log horizon server, we are still looking for staff so If you join, you might become one. This server is exactly like the anime, but we have our own little twist, quite exciting, hope you enjoy.
This server is about Promoting Servers and also an Open Market for Merchants and Buyers of any type of Digital Item.
Can also Sell Services And Video Game Currency Here <3