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At Hyperplex you can meet new people, play games, socialize, participate in events and receive the latest gaming news.

HPX is a primarily PC community but also supports XBOX, PS4, and Switch. We mostly play FPS/Shooter games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Siege. However, we like our RPGs as well and also have guilds in games like Path of Exile and World of Warcraft.
*๑°`°º Game Haus ,¸¸,๑*

✔ Active⠀
✔ Gamers⠀
✔ Weebs⠀
✔ Friendly
✔ Fun roles⠀
✔ Movie nights ⠀
✔ Game Nights⠀
✔ LGBTQ+ friendly
✔ Just chill in vc
⚠️ 16+


We play together everyday or just hang out in vc. Most of us play Overwatch & WoW. But we also have people who play Valorant, LoL, Minecraft and other games.


Join us today and make new friends to play with or to just hang out! :) We love new people and always are welcoming!
Join our server if you want a semi-casual levelling and raiding guild (the name is just a meme). We are forming a raiding team for shadowlands, join the server if you want in! We are on US-Sargeras
╰─➤ Welcome to the GAME LOUNGE

You play it? We probably do too! You'll find all sorts of people here that are willing to play any game you can think of, not limited to platform or system. Party up with the Game Lounge to skip the queue times in any of your games. Our & (@ourgamelounge) regularly post gaming news from around the world and let you know when our streamers are going live. Our Discord is simple to navigate and always has players looking to party up!
┊There are some simple rules everyone must follow located in the
┊#📜discord-rules section. Please familiarize yourself with them. If broken,
┊ you will be held accountable for doing so. Once you click the green
┊ checkmark, you can @Moderator to get their attention if you need help
┊ with anything.
Hello Fellow Adventurers!

We are a small community started by a bunch of girls excited to play WoW and looking for more members (of all genders) to join in on our adventure! Currently we have an active NA Horde guild on Frostwolf progressing through the lower M+ dungeon keys and are working toward building up a raid group. We have healers and tanks and are actively looking for DPS characters.

If you're new to the game, don't worry! We have members that are leveling and definitely willing to help out. Players of all levels are more than welcome to join.

If you're an Alliance member, do not fear! We are working toward getting enough active members on the alliance side to get a guild up and running. You are still more than welcome to join up and look for groups in our server.

I hope that you will join and have fun playing with us all! We are still building up our server and our guild so please have some patience with us as we get it all set-up and worked out. We can't wait to adventure with you!
The official discord for the /r/AzerothPorn subreddit. Join us for a welcoming community who love Warcraft!
Join the Knights of Everything Today! From finding like minded friends to play the games you love with, To just talkin smack, we have everything you could ever enjoy. So come, join the dark side. We have brownies.

We are a server that is focused on people who feel lonely, abandoned, and looking for new friends.

Our website is connected to our main discord room. you can chat with us through our website and see what's going on from there.
Were a new and Upcomming Private Server dedicated to preserving the original world of warcraft wrath of the lich king, we use all original rates and no special cash shop or special rates of any sort. this is a all 1x server and were currently in beta.
We have a friendly staff and community which can also be quite random sometime.
We host events such as Cards against humanity, Uno, Detective, and many more!
We Have a Minecraft Server
We can partner
We have a leveling system and you can earn rewards each week and month and from being on the top 10 in the server.
A sophisticated World of Warcraft themed VORE roleplay server! Hey! Feel free to join us! We are like, super chill; all genders and all types of people are welcome as long as respectful of others! - Alexia.
Gin's Haven is a discord channel for you who wants a social gaming experience or just a place to chat. The server is in it's building phase, but this is exactly why we want more people to join and help us build it up. Most of us are pc players, but we encourage every platform to join. We have bots, meme channels, music channels and more to come. Feel free to join in and chat with us.
We are playing alot of different games, but the ones tagged are mainly being played.

( - use this link if doesn't work)

- Laiout
I'm Dawi 20 (She/Her) and i want you to introduce you to my discord server.

We are a very wholesome and cute community that accepts all cultures, sexualities, races, or whatever differentiates you from other people

We give out a lot of hugs and kisses :dawileila:

Here's a cute little list of things you find on my server:

- Self Assignable Roles that unlocks you access to a variety of Channels like League of Legends :leagueemote: World of Warcraft :wow~1: Valorant :valorant: and a lot of arcade channels :video_game: which include patch notes and NEWS for every game. And NSFW :underage:

- World of Warcraft dedicated raid searching chats and voice Chats.

- Music, lore and art discussion dedicated channels.

- A lot of Bots like Groovy (Premium), Mantaro, Nadeko, OwO, Dank Memer, Tatsu, Fishing and more! :robot:

- A HOT SERVER OWNER (and her cute assistant Cam) :hayyy:

- a lot of very cute emotes

- League of Legends YouTubers Dawi works for :Pepejam:
Small gaming community trying to build and grow. I do stream sometimes but am mainly focused on making a awesome and fun Gaming community, any gamer is welcome here!
🤖 Nitro Level 2 Epic Discord Server - Active Community - High Online Rate

Süddeutsche Gaming Community vom bayrischen Oberland bis in den hohen Norden. 😎

Den Game Over Land Discord richtest du dir komplett selbst nach deinen Bedürfnissen ein. Im Channel #self-assign-role wählst du deine Interessen aus und der Bot richtet den Server nach deinen Wünschen ein. Das bedeutet, trotz großer Community, kein Spam.

🤖 Level 2 Discord Server
🤖 Hohe Memberaktivität
🤖 Communitys aktueller Games
🤖 Crossplattform / Crossplay

🧾 Communities:
🎮 Gamer
🎥 Streamer
📺 Viewer

🧾 Gaming Communities:
🎮 Anno 1800
🎮 Diablo 3
🎮 Escape from Tarkov
🎮 Fortnite
🎮 League of Legends
🎮 Minecraft
🎮 Overwatch
🎮 Terraria
🎮 Valorant
🎮 Warzone
🎮 World of Warcraft
Това e diskord сървър за хора с най различни интереси от геймъри на мморпг игри до купонджии и парти манияци.Всички сте добре дошли и най вече активно говорещите веселяци които ще получат специален статус.
In this server we play mmoprgs we discuss about animes and most importantly we giveaway real money!
- 🙈 MEMES!
Welcome to Nerds Night Out!!

We are a friendly gamer community all gamers are welcome to join, this is a variety games server, we play World of Warcraft to League of Legends, we play Apex Legends to Minecraft, chances are if you play it, someone here does too.

We have a ton to offer just come join and see!

➜ Tons of roles

➜ A great leveling system

➜ Active owner and mods

➜ We have a Minecraft Java Server

➜ A Minecraft Bedrock Server will be added later on

➜ We have channels for specific roles to avoid clutter

➜ This is a server for all ages so if you are looking for NSFW this is not the place for you, sorry.
𝕲𝖔𝖉 𝕸𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊𝖓 ami(e)s ou ennemi(e)s français. Es-tu en quête d'un compagnon d'arme lors de tes soirées longue de service dans le royaume du jeu ? Nous pouvons t'accompagner sans l'ombre d'un doute. Aucunes récompenses ne sera réclamées, juste une bonne tranche de rigolade et de bonnes games.

World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Red Dead Redemption, Dark soul ou encore moult aux autres contrées explorées ou à découvrir.

Nous t'attendons. Force et Honneur.
🗻 The Chilly Mountain 🗻

We are a massive online gaming community. Our most popular games include Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft, Hearthstone, and League of Legends. Please check out the other features of our server below!

🥶 Constant parties 24/7 for our games. Nobody likes to play solo.
🥶 Live streamed events: tournaments, lotteries, & competitions. Prizes!
🥶 Weekly movie nights! Watch this week with us in the 🥤Movie Theater.
🥶 Weekly viewer games on the live stream.
🥶 Community nights - gamers gaming together.
🥶 There are other weebs like you & you can talk about Anime. Weeb.
🥶 Drop your content in 🔌-plug-yourself

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!
Únete a la mayor comunidad hispanohablante en Discord

Con más de 12 juegos y bots integrados para cada uno de ellos,

Sencillamente genial, un servidor distinto e increíble.