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Growing gaming community, with a spirit of good fun while performing at our best.

Our server started out as a World Of Warcraft server stylized as a bar, but became centered around memes and a general community as it grew. We have a good community growing with gaming channels, daily challenges (and activities), contests, a space to advertise your own server, and much more! The admins are very active and we do staff voice chat on Sunday nights and karaoke on Thursday nights.
╠════════ Welcome to the DarkArmy ════════╣

We are a gaming server looking for chill/ nontoxic community. We have cool bots that you can interact with and voip temp channels join. We hope to see you in-game!

╠═════════════ We'll be providing... ═════════════╣
● Friendly users
● Music bots 🎶
● Self-assign roles
● Gaming channel 🎮
● Spam Safe 🚫
● Idiot safe 🚷
● NSFW Channel(Harrassment Free Enviroment!) 🔞
╠══════ We'd hope to see you guys joining our community, assuming you're interested. ══════╣
╠══════════ ══════════
AzerothPorn [2,3k members] is mainly a hentai/porn based discord with multiple channels for you favorite characters. Not in the mood for hentai/porn?, that's fine you can find some friends and play a round of WoW or anything else in the voice channels, on top of all that we have a suggestion channel we take extremely seriously!
The Sacred Ones is a brand new discord server looking for people all over the world. All we do is play wow and we enjoy it. There's music bots and also if you ever want to level with people this is the discord server to do it. So will you join The Sacred Ones?
Welcome to Azeroth's Chosen. We are a discord server looking for people who are just wanting friends to play with and have fun. Hope to see you in the discord server and make sure to enjoy your time.
Hey! This is a new server with which I'm trying to gather gamers from all around the world to play together!
⋆-˚。⋆୨୧˚Solemn Vigil of the Phoenix
♡ Created January 2019 growing Forever
♡ In-Depth ranking system
♡ Friendly community.
♡ Multiple text channels.
♡ Multiple voice channels.
♡ NSFW channels.
♡ Multi National Community
♡ Semi-Active Streaming Community
♡ Avid Warframe Community
Whether you’re coming in for a chat or looking for a Raid group, everyone’s welcome by The Hearth!

Looking for a game of Hearthstone? Post in our Hearthstone channel for new friends! (Or rivals)

So pull up a chair, relax and be merry here at The Hearth!
The Gamers Lounge! Where gamers come to hang out and chill in a relaxing atmosphere to play the games they love.
World of Warcraft are a place where we are trying to make it like the same but just in RP the role play are like the game 1 big world u just choose where to go and go to that channel we will try to give a quiest everyday and u can get some game gold, silver or copper for it ( ''server'' the gold, silver or copper can not be used other places only in the server that its just for fun)

(we are still working on the server and its still new)
Welcome to the official Thorium--WoW discord. We are one of the original 3.3.5 WOTLK WoW servers. We focus on being a 255 Progression Funrealm with a great community!
A server for World of Warcraft Roleplay with plenty of rooms for constant RP to be accessed. Well organized, helpful, and very friendly! We also do in game content as well, but this is mainly for roleplaying in Discord.
We are a World of Warcraft Private Server, Dedicated to PVP Lovers, Arenas & Battlegrounds Aficionados and Fun-Server Game Play. We have a great community which contributes to development our Network and participates in all aspects of our progression and growth.
Sunny - Cata 4.3.4 Project is a instant 85 Cataclysm Server, we focus mainly on 4.3.4 and our current content list contains a unique Item Upgrading feature, Teleporting Stone/System, Haste Cap, Unique VIP System and a fully custom World Chat with custom ranks! Are you interested? Join today at
We have all sorts of games and people to play with and meet new people and very little rules
Wizardwow 3.3.5 is a private Server
New Server January 2019
Blizzlike XP 15x -Honor 3x -Skill 3x -Rep 3x -Gold 1x
and with good features
There's a Vanilla WoW private server, and I thought it would be a good idea to start a clan! So, if you have any intrest in joining, do so! As the server is mostly empty, I want to help it get resurrected, and finally experience some good ol' vanilla content.

Serveur discord Fr/jeu/wow
- français
- serveur wow légion 7.3.5
Bonjour a tous,
l'équipe du serveur Mrk et moi même vous propose dés aujourd'hui un serveur wow 100% gratuit avec du contenu sans bug et autres petits avantages :
- tel qu'un staff bien présent mais aussi a l'écoute si vous désirez nous faire une proposition pour faire avancer le serveur.
- Également si vous désirez rejoindre l'aventure sur World of Warcraft et que vous ne connaissez rien au jeu plusieurs aides vous est proposé par nos Mj ou Helper si vous en avez besoin ou tout simplement les autres personnes du serveur.
- Une ambiance est tout de même requise et simple c'est : "l'amusement avant tout".

Voici quelques liens pratiques :
- Discord :
- le site (temporaire) :

Donc voilà je ne vous en dit pas plus mais au plaisir de vous croiser en jeu.
Pour plus d'information merci de me contacter en privé.

Amicalement Adrien.
World of Warcraft BE/NL is een gezellige, kleine maar welgroeiende server die volledig in de richting van World of Warcraft staat.
Gezelligheid, samen spelen, en hulp voor mekaar staan hier centraal. Aarzel niet om een kijkje te komen nemen, want iedereen is welkom!
Project Mundane is a Content creator / Community discord.
Mainly what we do here is gaming together and helping out eachother as much as we can, we love us some banter but if it gets to toxic our support staff will take care of that. Mainly we are having a good environment and are willing to expand with good ideas.

What we have:

Weekly giveaways (Steam games)
Active mods and supports
NSFW channel
Willing to expand with good ideas
Special role reaction roles so theres no clutter
NO bullshit @everyone tag (only for importand messages)
World of Warcraft channels
Rust Channels
Still/Currently expanding to other games leave suggestions

We are also recruiting a marketing/advertising recruiter at the moment so if you are interested come join and shoot Frost#8149 a message
The offical Discord server for Azkalimas, a Twitch streamer who plays video games. Join for memes, bots, and people to talk to! Includes Pokecord!