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Hello, and welcome aboard the SSE Izunia! Create a character, board our ship, and explore member-made planets to try and usher in an era of multigalactic peace! Or don't...after all, what's an adventure without any conflict?

🌟Sci-Fi channel to geek out in!
🌟We have ERP available for verified members!
🌟Have an idea for a species or planet? Submit it to our universe!
🌟 Participate in the economy to buy custom roles and colors! Of course, this isn't required ^^

This is a server that will follow a space oddesey format, like Star Trek, and anyone joining is more than welcome to create their own races and planets to explore!
Roleplay server built with passion, looking forward to greet new members with a friendly and fair staff.
Come join us and express yourself with your very own characters, few limits are here to let everyone have fun without making someone suffer from another's decision.
Erp is allowed if it doesn't ruins the other's experience as well.
Self made lore, roles and jobs available to claim, propose and improve along with us all.
Feel free to join and enjoy yourself with us.

A bit of lore to get you started *winks*
The year is 2153, humanity has finally achieved it centuries old goal of reaching the stars. Having colonised almost the entire Milky way save Mercury, they have spread to the star systems and galaxies beyond. Along the way, humanity's oldest question has been answered, they have encountered many alien species with many more still to be discovered proving once and for all humanity is not alone. The first race the humans encountered were the Fauni, anthromophic animals that showed evolution had taken a different route on their planet. They have encountered a plethora of other species on various different world's and exist in a peaceful coexistence....mostly. The Umbra faction are a rebel group of aliens out of the Andromeda Galaxy who are intent on shattering the alliance that exist between the races. Due to this, the United Federation of Species or UFS was founded to protect Earth and her allies. Many space stations were constructed to refuel and rearm the vast armada of Interplanetary warships as they moved form system to system. Forward station: Athena is one such station, constructed on the Orbit of Neptune, it is the furthest out station in the milky way. FS: Athena operates as an early warning base for attacks on Earth, as well a way station for UFS ships returning to Earth. This station is home to many species, all military personnel or Scientific researchers, as well as civilians travelling between planets and systems. On here, our story unfolds.
Here in the local space spaghetti church we worship our Lord and savior the flying spaghetti monster as we roleplay as spaghetti from a black hole that was made when the sun exploded after I insulted it
Please enjoy your stay
A sci fi rp set in a galaxy known as Galaktika once home to the great and mighty Infinite Empire and Galaktika Reoublic now home to YOUR nation you can make your own nation in here and fight for control over Galaktika will you try to restore the once mighty and feared Empire or Restore the migthy Republic and rule with Equality and Freedom for all the choice is yours
Science and Technology is an Official Discord Partner as well as one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a society with over 10,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
The Astro Server Project was created with the intention to share the knowledge and love of astrophotography and general astronomy. It is intended to be both inviting and encouraging for those entering the hobby.

This is currently a brand new server (as of 5/13/19) looking to find its place and grow with those who join it, suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

We have several roles that you may choose from upon joining:
[Astrophotographer] [Astronomer] [Stargazer]
```Welcome to the Galaxy!```
This server is the newest sci-fi roleplay server in the whole of discord!
The roleplay-server itself was created within minutes and was setup perfectly!

Come join in and become the most popular one in the whole galaxy!

```Galaxy-Law | Read immediately```
``1.`` Be respectful to one another.
``2.`` No bullying or insulting.
``3.`` No advertising allowed. Only in DMs.
``4.`` Please send images, videos, or links in their specified channel.
``5.`` No NSFW allowed.
``6.`` No hurtful jokes. Things will become serious!
``7.`` Do not spam. The bot will auto-respond.
``8.`` No controlling anyone's characters or god-moding.
``9.`` Add RP-description in the roleplay-description channel.
``10.`` Please request for roleplay in the roleplay-request channel before entering one of the roleplay channels.
``11.`` If you are Out-of-Character, then please let the roleplayers in a channel know that you are OOC.

This galaxy was created 2 years ago... Each civilization and species created... They've have risen to travel through interstellar-space by ships. Each have created their own factions, space-stations, planet-bases. Many species have collected enough resources to build up their biggest fleet and faction in the whole galaxy. It was not long, however, the fragile peace is under threat from pirates, and bandits operating in uncharted territories. Will you join the good side or the evil side and become to most powerful faction in the galaxy?
Spacecord is a Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space. Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, astrophotography, you name it we got it! We also post livestreams of launches and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.
Colonizing Andromeda is a Sandbox RP server with its own dice system and XP. Scenes and Battles to be rewarded with one unique system.

Is a 18+ RP Server due to mature subjects and violence.
This is a new server takes in the space aspect of RP'ing and the management skills of a simulator game. Join for a while and tell me what you think.
A server for you to make friends and have fun. Also a roleplay server that is like Space Knights. Join today for fun.
In the world of Napra, there are 4 kingdoms, these kingdoms used to be constantly at war. This was extremely troublesome due to the fact the all known living creatures had magic. Even small battles would leave large scars on the land that still exist to this day.

After many years of war people began to grow weary and eventually the wars died down as demons secured the throne. This leads the land into an age of peace. Sadly, peace could only last so long, there were those who were unsatisfied with their ruling. This lead to many more years of war and the dragons eventually coming into power, during this era demons were hunted to near extinction and most of the citizens became poor and unable to afford basic necessities. As this continued people rallied together and with the help of the remaining demons they defeated the dragons once and for all and put the demons back in power.

With the kingdoms no longer at war people were able to focus on honing their trade and making impressive technological advancement. After only a couple hundred years they developed civilizations far more advanced than anyone could imagine. They invented interplanetary travel and colonized multiple other planets. At this point traveling from one planet to another was as simple as driving to work in the morning.
This is a loving community that emphasizes our connection to whatever is currently popular! We share our interests and connect with what we love and admire. Currently, we have a set space theme and we wish to explore the wonders of the universe together! Here at Lost In Space, we offer:

~ Color roles
~ A variety of emojis that tend to change monthly
~ Minimal rules so that you can enjoy the server with ease
~ Multiple bots
~ Laid back staff
~ An overhaul of meme machines
~A fun and friendly community

We'd love to have you join us~
Welcome to the SFS Fleet Yards! We are a rapidly growing community of SFS players. Spaceflight Simulator is a simulation game of realistic space exploration. We create massive creations in space for fun. If you want to join us create a shipyard then please check us out.
!!! we partner !!!

๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°-°๑۩ m i s t ๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°-°๑۞๑


bot games
leveled roles and self roles
kind community
almost exactly equal male to female ratio
pokemon bot and akinator
active music vc
Join to meet new friends in a laid back, cozy atmosphere. We hope to see you soon
➼We are a fun loving community of gamers, anime lovers, memers and all types of creative geniuses!
➼We're a small but growing community.
➼We want to meet new people and just have a good time.
➼We are a very social and always welcome new people
➼We also welcome creators/small youtuber/artist and all kinds of people who want to showcase their talent which will be highly appreciated and a safe "space" for you guys ;)

Come in and join the family!!
We'll be waiting soldier!
War! The galaxy is at war! Choose your side! Be a Jedi serve and Jedi Order! Be a Clone and protect the Republic! Be a Sith and server the Dark Side! Be a Driod and server the Separatist! Be a bounty hunter and hunt down wanted people!
Aphelion is a casual sci-fi roleplay. Be whoever and whatever you want to be - creating your own nation for the roleplay is easy and we have a close-knit, dedicated community devoted to helping you out. Play as your OCs, and be as creative as you please!
This is the "hub" server for Aphelion - we have a center where all countries meet, discuss current events, give out announcements, etc. We have a category dedicated to an in-roleplay network where your characters can chat with eachother IRP! And now, an entertainment network where your characters and nations can have their own channels! We also have custom roles for country leaders & those with other roles in the roleplay.

Something you should know right off the bat about Aphelion is that we don't have dice rolls. We expect roleplays to be worked out between parties. Universal Laws are in place to keep wars and the like fair, and basic roleplay etiquette is expected. Also, this roleplay more or less happened on accident. This means we function differently from most RPs - There’s no true “owner”, and it’s more or less a democracy.

We'd be delighted to have you join our ever-changing omniverse! Open for partnerships.
▁▂▃▅▆▇ THE ARTEMIS ▇▆▅▃▂▁
This role play takes place in the year 2111 shortly after a global conflict over space power that brought many countries to their knees. These countries did not have the resources, nor the knowledge to create an FTL spacecraft on their own, so, most of the worlds nations banded together prior to the war and formed the United Coalition for the Exploration of Space. With the combined knowledge of the world, they were able to construct a spaceship capable of slipspace travel. Come Join us on the Artemis and explore the universe! for anything is possible here (join to see full lore)
『server that needs good administrators and GMs!』

『Frequent Events!』

『Sci-Fi action!』

『Lots of Roles to chose from!』

{𝙻𝙾𝙲𝙰𝚃𝙸𝙾𝙽: 𝙱𝚕𝚞𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗, "𝙰𝚣𝚢𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎".}
{𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶: 𝙼𝙴𝚂𝚂𝙰𝙶𝙴 𝙵𝚁𝙾𝙼 "𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛". . .}

"Welcome to The Utopia! A chill community welcomed by all!

Meet new people and enjoy your time here.

This server features a lot of the most well known bots such as Rythm and Tatsumaki as well as a Levelling System using AmariBot!"
The Union, UIS or the Union of Intergalactic States is a chill, faction-turned-public gaming clan that started out two years ago as an alliance of smaller factions. Since then, we've branched out into Space Engineers, and you get to join our merry caliphate! Yeah, that's right... We're kinda a caliphate, now. Allahu akbar?

Here, we have some simple, relaxed rules, a tonne of rare emotes and an explosive cadre of the best fighters around, from all over the Middle East (and the world)! It's the perfect place for you and your crew to sit down, fight or shitpost! Join us today, and you can blow up alongside some of our most esteemed guests, like Jake, our resident source of blame when things go wrong; Red, our least favourite streamer; or Deb, our friendly, neighbourhood jihadi who sucks at piloting space ships. What are you waiting for? Don't sit around! Join the UIS Caliphate today!
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!
= Welcome to Starship Roleplay Community! =

[ Updates ]
-Implementing better lore/character approval systems.

Are you looking for a semi-serious sci-fi roleplay? Maybe you're looking for peeps to talk with? Whatever your reasons may be for joining, we can promise you that you'll be welcomed into our small community of roleplayers.

= We Have: =
-Mature and Fun Staff
-Community-made Lore
-Over 50+ Members
-Special Roles for Activity and More
-Terrible, Terrible Memes, of Course
-Voice and Music Channels
-Welcoming Members
-Growing Community

Come check us out!

= Founded July 15th, 2018 =