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Greetings, all! "Star Stuff" is a home for all fans of SPACE-based sci-fi games, movies, TV shows, etc. Categories are set by genre, and individual channels set by specific fandoms. **We are an 18+ community!**
A war torn earth stands in ruin in a war between fractured rebel factions and a World Government that decided to move on to new worlds, returning home to remove the threat of those left behind. Choose a side, fight for beliefs or for money, Take part in something larger than just a simple skirmish, this war is for the fate of Earth and possibly the entire fate of the human race.

Server features:

-Deep and interesting Original lore

-Helpful staff for newcomers

-Multiple factions to choose from with different stances and beliefs

-Ability and freedom to create your story and follow the main plotlines of your factions

-Large roleplay events that can affect factions and future stories

-A revamped experience unlike any other server currently offers!

-partnership if you wish to give your own server exposure!

We just finished restoring and rejuvenating the server, and are ready to begin a new, The sky is not even our limit, Explore to the stars in this universe at war.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
♛ Welcome to Shooting Stars, an aesthetically pleasurable server.♛
♔ Our server consists of many fun channels and things for your own entertainment. Such as giveaways, events, and let everyone get to know yourself. ♔
☾Remember, this server is a safe environment for everyone no matter what you believe in, your race, or your sexuality. Your always welcomed and we support everyone. ☾
✰ If you have a suggestion or opinion your always allowed to say it, we suggest to keep it constructive and kind as much as possible. ✰
ッ Don’t forget to share this server with anyone you know. hehe. ッ
∘ Help us reach our goal of 100 hooman users by the end of this month. Every milestone we hit will always be celebrated! ∘
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
We hope you enjoy your full journey here at 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙨, don't forget to read the server community terms and guidelines before chatting. (◠ω◠✿)
Transmission from the United Nations Space Command
Current Date: June 1st, 2552

The Human Covenant war has taken it's toll on all of us qns we have all lost so much during the war. In 2525, humanity made first contact with a powerful alien alliance known as the Covenant on the distant farming world of Harvest.
In 2531, the UNSC started another supersoldier project known as the SPARTAN-III program. The SPARTAN-III, where greater in numbers than the SPARTAN-IIs, were created to assault high-value targets in suicide missions in which they often succeeded, but at the cost of entire companies. However, despite their best efforts, humanitycould only slow down the Covenant's advance by so much before they took out outer colonies one by one.
Reach remains as humanity's last military stronghold and is often considered the only thing that stands between the Covenant and Earth by many UNSC personnel.
Reach is the UNSC's most important military stronghold and shipyard remaining and highly defended by grid of 20 orbital defense platforms and a defensive fleet of over 100 ships at any time. Reach has garrisons of ground forces from all military branches of the UNSC, including the UNSC Army.
Reach holds top secret projects that the Covenant can not get there hands on and if they do humanity is doomed.
You and others are being stationed on the UNSC FFG-102 SnipeHunt and are to defend Earth and her colonies.
Good luck men and women

Transmission ended
Come join the fight against unknown terrorist threats and the United Nations bearing down on us, but in space
Hey you, yes you,

Welcome to our `SFS EXTREME` family,

Wait your asking why should you join?

1. We hosts *competitions* every weeks!!
2. We're having a *Active* server
3. We supports hard working *YouTubers*
4. We're having emotes of *sfs parts* to teach new gamers.
5. We share awsome bp files everyday.
6. Music flows in our vains!!
7. We have *Achievement roles.*
8. Awesome bots like * mantaro, TATSUMAKI* and others.

We believe in working something *unique* . We can't explain this *vibes* in words. Tight your seat belts join the server and get ready for roller coaster ride.

( Server is still under construction period only few things are left to be made so please hang on)

Hey you, do you like space-esque stuff or Sci-Fi? If so, read on!
Roughly over 10,000 years ago, Earth was our home. And I don't mean just our home...but all of humanity's home. The downfall all started when the light-drive was invented. Nobody knows it's true origins, but some say that a group of Russian scientists built it. When the light-drive was discovered by the rest of the world, it immediately sent every nation into a panic. Per usual, the entire planet went to war over the damn thing, but this time, with nuclear warfare.

Due to the incoming wars, the people of Earth have been building a large spacecraft. It was later named the Intergalactic Bounty Group. The ship was huge, and was able to carry thousands of people—but it couldn't carry everyone. These survivors carried the guilt of billions of people's deaths, and the future responsibility to continue their legacy.

The light-drive disengaged as they reached their destination. Apparently, they had entered into a whole other planetary system with several planets to choose from. The logs from back in the day even say that the system roughly resembled our own, but had hundreds of more planets that seemed to work together quite well.

This is where you come in, yes, you. You're gonna start off as a bounty hunter on the Intergalactic Bounty Group's supercarrier. You're gonna get your own ship, own crew, and whatever else you might need to complete the missions given. It is now your responsibility to keep the human population from going extinct, and live out the rest of your life anew. Find the planet with the most potential, use it's resources, and maintain life.

⊰│ Good ol' space stuff, who doesn't love that?
⊰│ Missions, bounty hunts, searches, and discoveries awaiting you.
⊰│ Welcoming community!

P.S: If you just love humans being the cause of their own demise, c'mon and join!
Haven, Earth-2. 2199
In the middle of the 21st century, global warming would devastate Earth causing many countries having to work together to establish an operation to find a new Earth while building a ship that could hold at least 0.2% of humanity. It's now 2199, the operation would be successful. Higher-ranking colonists would establish a city called Haven which would be a cruel and corrupt dictatorship. Anyone who tried to escape would be executed or tortured and anyone who successfully escaped would be considered outlaws who would be hunted. Citizens of Haven are being assigned jobs based on a test that was newly established within Haven.
Hello and welcome to Andromeda! A space-themed server full of enjoyable and creative members. If that’s not enough reason to join, here are some other things our server has to offer:
☆Planet ranks
☆Self roles/color roles
☆Loads of channels and categories
☆Many bots: music, memes, etc
☆Active often
Earth X was destroyed by a war between the Angels and Demons. The war lasted forever, destroying all human kind and others, Earth was completely destroyed.
Although before the war happened, Scientists created 4 large spaceships for special students with magic and special powers.
When the War broke out, the 4 Academies that was selected quickly got onto the spaceships and went straight towards the skies. But, only 1 academy made it out alive, the other 3 was destroyed mid-air from a few Demons. As the academy left Earth X, they gathered more information about the solar system, and the rest of the universe so they could one day, restart human kind and others on another planet.

In this server we have many planets for you to explore and Role play in. Also have special events happening every month, to keep you occupied in the server. We also have an amazing character approval staff that will do there very best to get your character approved quicker.

┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐

This is a roleplay server with a vaporwave/retro vibe.

Features include:

✫• Original Lore
✫• Original Species Created by Staff Members
✫• Pokecord
✫• 30+ Channels to Roleplay In
✫• Fun Roles
✫• A Panel of 5 Admins ( more to come )
✫• No NSFW or ERP
✫• And plenty of fun to be had !

So please, come on down ! We'll be awaiting your arrival.

└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘

┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐

A Preview of our Lore !

In the year 2139, leaders of four major races of the universe came together to create The Sanctuary. These races being Eidderf, Nairb, Regor, and Nhoj. They created The Sanctuary, a large floating ship, to house the beings of their races, as they would soon go extinct due to dying planets.

The four major races were soon joined on The Sanctuary by four others, Imar, Myilwg, Neb, and Eoj. The new races suggested an idea, the idea of instead of just keeping the races on The Sanctuary, they should search for new home planets for them. Though, rules must be set for living on these planets. Stricter ones than before, which would prevent the planet from dying as quickly.

The eight races agreed to this idea, and soon forming Divisions. Each race has their own Divisions, twenty beings from each race would be selected to be placed into said Divisions. The Divisions are as follows: Exploration, Botany, Health, and Mechanics. Each Division contains five beings.

Beings in Divisions do not live on The Sanctuary, and instead live on separate ships with the rest of their Division. These ships follow The Sanctuary as it floats through space.

On The Sanctuary, beings from separate races live in harmony in one huge city-like area. They work average jobs, have artificial parks and "outdoor" areas, and just enjoy life in general while a new home is being searched for for them.

└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘
Welcome to Galactic Force Cluster
Owner: Mayonnaise#6584
The year is 2237. Humanity has opened itself unto the stars, and races across the galaxy mingle with the extremely diverse species, technology, and customs. The Force Cluster society, maintaining many systems, has reached out to explore the universe. But, is there another pathway you would choose? Is there more to this intergalactic story called life? Make your way in the heavens, traveler. Welcome to the Galactic Force Cluster.
── Travel around the galaxy! ──
── Dynamic setting! ──
── Make your own species! ──
── Design your own ship! ──
── Explore the universe! ──
── Find companionship, conflict, love, and so much more! ──
Welcome to the Force Cluster.
✧◑◊✧◑◊《 Hey there! This is a Science Fiction roleplay server based around space exploration! We have no real set lore and encourage you to come and play around with characters, planets, factions, species's, and ships! 》◊◑✧◊◑✧

✧◑◊Along with being a very chill and relaxed sever, we have built up a loving and supportive community here, and do not tolerate any bullshit like harassment or plain old jerkishness. All types of people are welcomed, regardless of rp style or rp skill!◊◑✧

✧◑◊We also offer the opportunity to not only roleplay as individual characters from your custom species, but to represent them in our Intergalactic Senate! After creating your empire, you can then engage in a semi-separate, though exciting, political roleplay, where you get to interact with, and make legislature alongside other senators and representatives.◊◑✧

List of things we have here on the server include:
✧Basics such as: Voice channels, meme, and nsfw channels
✧Self assignable roles
✧Characters, planet, faction, species, and ship creation
✧RP channels of planets made by members!
✧Many friendly people!
.  *  • °   ⋆ ʚ 〇 ɞ ° • * ⋆ . °
.*+ welcome to The Planetarium! +*.
( + happy holidays! 🎅🎄 )

• ° *  • °   ⋆ ° • * ⋆ . ° · ⋆ *• ° *  • °   ⋆ ° • * ⋆ . ° · ⋆
* we are a growing space-themed server focused on astrology, but we also have categories for astronomy and a café-themed casual chat section.
* we pride our server on its relaxed atmosphere, friendly community and casual approach to learning astrology. if you're looking for intense constant learning, this server probably isn't for you.
* we have been open since january 2019, but recently we have given the server a much needed makeover, so it is back and now better than ever!
* we would love it if you could join us, whether you're a complete beginner to astrology, or experienced! we welcome all levels.
• ° *  • °   ⋆ ° • * ⋆ . ° · ⋆ *• ° *  • °   ⋆ ° • * ⋆ . ° · ⋆
Welcome aboard to 》Station X《. We are community server that welcomes any kind of members and are happy to have all. The entire server is themed after a space station so you feel out of this world. We are looking forward for you to join. We own a clan that's looking for members if you are interested in joining!
Our Offers Include
Advertising Section
A channel for anything except NSFW
Great Admins/Mods
Tons of Bots
Here is a invitation to join with the other Class C members aboard. --->
The year is a number unimportant, only a few people know the answer to that question.Earths engineers have decided to create a team of wisely selected teens, willing and being mentally prepared to defeat what ever gets in their way at space.

After many years of research and non stop work humans have managed to build a space ship as big as a whole town.Everything a human needs the ship provides it, because of its plan which is, making the universe a safer place.Which could last for the longest time ever.

This might sound lovely, but there are many obstacles, from extracurricular existence to technology, both of them becoming one big empire ready to attack.

Grab your spacesuit and get ready.
Hey, if you like Elon Musk this server is perfect for you!
We can talk about, SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, and anything about Elon!
Our community is nice and we have a fair staff team and we make sure to make fair decisions!
We also have a lot of Elon Musk related emojis!
We hope you have a great time here! Hope to see you there!
You seem like a busy person, so I won't keep your time for too long! Paradox Online is an RPG based Roleplay server of a lot of popular anime like Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, Witch Craft Works, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, et cetera. In this server you can have powers from those anime, go in extreme quest, solve puzzles and complete missions that unlocks piece of the story bit, by bit. Even some exploration quest like some in Space, different exoplanets, pocket dimensions, any, and all here! Create your own character, and have different pieces of gear to help you in battle! You can even face the most dangerous opponent of all. . who is it? Well, you'll have to find out. Time itself is at a halt, and reality, timelines, and different galaxies are starting to collide because of it. Making all of these worlds from different anime collide into one! Can you stop it, and fix reality piece, by piece?
Astronomy Forever is a server for people interested in all aspects of Space and Astronomy to come together to share and discuss.

We are a close knit group on our exodus from the kik-pocalypse and looking to add even more people to our space and astro discussions as well as our off topic antics.
Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to the milky way, or.. where we all call home. However, in this galactic frontier - Home is Andromeda. The year is 2350, in Andromeda the democratic faction known as the federation has began to grow weak after persistent attacks from otherworldly enemies. Along with that, Human explorers from the Milky way have began to enter the galaxy through a small wormhole near Alpha Centauri. With all of this happening many.. lower factions have began to use this conflict to grow their own interests. Crime syndicates to smaller republics have began their growth into the galactic spotlight, therefore, where will your place grow into this galactic frontier? Will you seize the future? or will you fall ill to the temptations and ill-will of this galaxy? Your decision will mark the frontier of the future.

Server Expectations
- An Owner with the willingness and love to grow and expand this creative roleplaying experience into something special!
- Administration options!
- Multi-Scale world building, from a small scale thief or smuggler, to world defining generals and admirals. Each position has an effect on their plane.
- Fluid Roleplaying and loving support from other members
- Multiple factions to play as, along with that, options to create your own faction!
- High amount of creativity and support from future admins and the owner!
- Great brainstorming help from any of your peers!
- Fluid moving plot with server events happening to grow the storyline.
Planet Reality, named by the arrogant Vortexians who first made it their home. Believing it to be all that existed, with stars woven for them above.

This server welcomes everyone to roleplay and make stories with us in the land of this magical space age sci fi fantasy realm. Here you can unlock different planes of existence, jump from planet to planet, meet new friends and converse with god's! Everyone gets their own storyline in here. If you rather read stories instead of writing them then we have an extensive amount of lore already written out and more to come!
Spacecord is a Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space. Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, astrophotography, you name it we got it! We also post livestreams of launches and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.