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A rp set in space, we have a backstory and lore. People can make their own species, or human characters. Theres hopefully something for everyone here!
1 hours ago
USC Prophet is a new space themed server, we are currently looking for staff. We offer roleplay, a rank system, and more to come with your suggestions!

9 hours ago
A friendly discord community dedicated to gaming, tech, memes, KPop, space and many more.
16 hours ago
Tale of Two galaxys is a Post-apocalypse space roleplay. Here, you choose one of two factions to fight under. If you don't want to be a fighter, you can lead a normal life or even try to negotiate peace! Join to make a character and ship!
The Two factions are the Grand Federation and the Grunters. These two formed after the fall of earth, and are greatly different. Grunters are poor scavengers while Feds are Rich business and military. Choose one of the two to start your adventure!
17 hours ago
Embark on a journey through space, or stay still and enjoy life on one of many planets. Featuring plenty of playable races ranging from well known, to made up, including Xenomorphs and Yaujta (Predators), and maybe more to come. We're pretty loose and friendly, and always willing to welcome new members! Enjoy!
21 hours ago
Over the past couple years there were many um- Incidents- Rumors were floating around that children were disappearing but fear not! With our new and improved Hopeโ€™s Peak Academy we assure you your children will be over the moon with knowledge~! This year, classes will be held in new Hopeโ€™s Peak Academy Space Station! Talk about a dream come true right? As usual the ones who graduate are set for life!
21 hours ago
A literate+ (2 para. or more) space roleplay with a friendly community and obsessive nerds making lore. The roleplay is not yet open, however will be in (updated: 5 days). We are accepting in the mean time!

Human characters are no longer being accepted. Alien races now only!

Long ago, a ship escaped the Great War of Solemn. The Solemn Galaxy had fallen to depravity and corruption, making normal life impossible for those who wished for freedom. The history books don't state specifics, the information lost to time. Many lost their lives in the escape to Trisett. Children watched out the window, crammed next to each other, as the ships behind them, carrying many they knew, exploded into pieces. Pieces that would forever drift through space, a grim reminder of why they were running. Only this very ship, would make it to the next galaxy. Free. Allowed to start anew, away from the corruption of the galaxy they left behind, now nicknamed Solemn. They would begin a colony near the brightest star, and as the years ticked on, expand. Flourish. Be born anew. Like a phoenix from the ashes of Solemn, Trisett has become a new existence of it's own. Serenity.

But the brightest lights can cast the darkest shadows. With their growth, more shadows were cast. Numbers grew, for both good and evil.

Some in the galaxy live on colony planets, mining for the corporations of the Trisett Galaxy. Others remain in the Royal's military, fighting on the borders of the Trisett to keep the Others from invasion. Others are bounty hunters, roaming the stars and asteroids and hiding in the scum underbellies. Hunters, civilizations, royalty, greedy corporate presidents, all types live in the expansive Trisett Galaxy, but the pride and joy lay by the star K-Neo M-II. L'yru-al Svi's Great Citadel, simply called the Citadel, is the center hub world for all activity in Trisett. All the types in the galaxy at one point or another pass through here, making it a prime home for the NSE, or the Nexus Station of Education. The NSE to this day is the top producer of Seekers, brave soldiers that fight for this galaxy, acting as galaxy wide police to govern peacekeeping. L'yru's pride and joy, these Seekers are the light of the galaxy.
1 days ago
This takes place in space, in a far far away place! Join a faction, work with other people, team up! Do some jobs, earn some money, level up, become powerful. TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE OF TAKON. This my friends is ADVENTURES OF TAKON.
1 days ago
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related \\\
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
2 days ago
-Currently In Development
-Looking For HRs and Higher-Ups In Factions
-Fun Community

In the year 2052, the remnants of human civilization fights for survival on Mars. The Galactic Federation of Democracy fights against the International Space Alliance for the right to exist and their territory. Bandits roam the wastes of Mars, robbing and killing civilians and traders. The Asian Galactic Alliance stays neutral in the war, focusing on their own technology, and staying mostly isolated from human civilization.

When civilization is in chaos among the stars, what role will you play?
3 days ago
The wildest west, space! Earth was destroyed, but humans live on, all across the universe!
3 days ago
Hello! We are Night Sky and we focus on anything and everything space. We do have general channels as well. We hold events at night mostly but there will be daytime ones as well. We're a small friendly server that will do more and more as we grow!
5 days ago
This is a Roleplay server about a war between two great powers. It's set in a sci-fi world. (For more info join the server.)
12 days ago
Welcome to Pokemon-Space-Squads, a RP group that is based on PMD as well as Starbound and SPORE. The group is about Pokemons piloting their spaceship and exploring the universe. There will be a point where the story ends, but that is still a long time from now. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

The RPs are usually held in the discord server.
Have a Deviantart account? That's even better!
18 days ago
A growing community for space aesthetic lovers! Come share your personal art and creations or join one of our karaoke or gaming events. SFW Server.
19 days ago
Time is a funny thing. It brings back familiar faces and things that were seemingly long gone. And if you change even one thing in a timeline, everything changes.

Most know of a certain planet created exclusively by humans, for humans. It was made after Earth became uninhabitable, and various cities, towns, and villages came and went with their popularity. After all of this, one singular city remains.

The last city. Realitos.

Through the ages that humanity has spent on this planet, genetically spliced beings, robots that appear to be humans, and even sentient artificial intelligences have been brought up, rising to the top. Raiders and ship captains roam the open space, gathering materials lost to time.

By now, it should be clear what this place is, that time has brought back to us. Just tell me this. Will you step up to the challenge of the endless wastelands? Will you become a raider, a military officer, or perhaps live out your days working at a bar?

Time is a funny thing. It brings back familiar faces and things that were seemingly long gone. And if you change even one thing in a timeline, everything changes, including planets and people that have existed once before.

Welcome back. To Earth: Two.

For context; there was a previous Earth Two that failed and was shut down! This is the partial sequel!
24 days ago
In the distant future, the universe is scarred and wracked with disaster, only the future colonists can decide the future of the universe.

Serious Roleplaying is enforced on this server at all times during roleplay.
39 days ago
We're a bounty hunter Sci-Fi roleplay server, set in space. We have extensive areas and entire solar systems to explore, come on in and hunt away!
52 days ago
Come join Space Hub! A small and friendly discord server that is ment for people who are interested in space, whether if you study space or you just want to know a bit more about space. open for suggestions so you can ask to add in any bots or roles or channels.
63 days ago
N.O.V.A. Space Station is a growing discord community that has futuristic RP, quality bots, and nsfw! Join now!
73 days ago
Aurora9 is a sci-fi RP set on a big ship that is in space in far far future. You start off on that ship with a job you can choose in the rules-and-info channel. Then you can move onto our various location channels to RP. It's fun and mysterious. Here's the story.

Earth has been destroyed in the World War 3. Humanity evacuated from the planet in the year 2041 to find new planets to live on. They searched far and wide until they reached a planet, Estaar. They colonized the planet and began to live on it. In the year 2101, the first contact with extraterrestrial beings was made. They were good and kind. They helped the humanity to thrive. The technology improved. The humans began to build big ships. And then the search for life began. They began to look on other planets to see if they have life as well. In the year 2234, they were discovered by a council. They eventually joined it and learned the Asteerian language that was being used planetwide between various alien species. Now being fluent in English, now Human language, and Asteerian they explored far and wide with the council, colonizing some planets on the way as well. In the year 2406, humanity had reached an Utopian level, where everything was perfect. Humanity was great and powerful. The year is now 2489. You're on a gigantic ship by the name Aurora-9. Your goal is to find new planets and colonize them. Your journey had just started...
78 days ago
Hello, everyone! CISN Ascendant is a RP story about the adventures of the large capital ship, the CISN Asendant, and its exploration of the Milky Way. This is its opening story.

Humanity was in dire straights; in the year was 2043, most natural resources where in absolute scarcity, individual nations were superseded by mass blocks know as superstates, the totalitarian regimes were in a rapidly heating cold war, freedom, ecology, and basic human rights were of secondary concern as opposed to sheer belic might. It is unsure, as many records regarding that year where lost, which superstate developed the nightmarish creations that were Nova bombs, cold fusion explosives that could level states without any fallout, though what we do know is who won the ensuing conflict. The Alpinum Federation was one of the smallest and most precarious superstates of that time, but the advantageous position on the south pole made them the last one standing - standing but not unscathed. After the ashes of war, rebellion rose out against oppression and tyranny. With the federation in shambles, the rebellion was successful and with the old motto of Liberty, Equality and Justice, most of the shattered earth fell unto a new age, the age of the Terran Group of a United People.
Using the ushering force of the Nova Bombs and converting them into energy generators, a new golden age was upon the earth. This generation of humans were named the children of light, and they brought unparalleled scientific progress, and in the year 2057 the second manned mission to Mars was performed, bringing with it the first human colony out of earth. Rapid expansion came afterwards, colonizing most of the solar system by the year 2064, and the first interstellar ark was finished in 2068. Without faster than light travel, it would take hundreds of years to reach the nearest star, but with courage and determination, 12 arks headed into the black powered by the infinite energy of the Nova generators, and in the year 2073 first contact was made with an advanced alien society, though a deep space signal. The transmission received was, at first, incoherent, but it didnโ€™t take long before a pattern was discovered and communication truly began, the alien society was called the Galactic Alliance spanning over 300 races and almost half a million planets, technology skyrocketed after the contact and humanity finally discovered. With the help of the Alliance, Faster than light travel, rapid expansion began and a massive surge in population occurred as life expectancies multiplied by several orders of magnitude.
In the year 2130, the human race had repeatedly tried to ask the alliance to become a member, but rules dictated a 200 year grace period to watch out for possible threats to the galactic scene, as being member of the alliance meant having access to a level or resources beyond belief. Finally giving up on joining them, the Terran Group joined other outcasted races and founded the Coalition of Independent Systems; heavily based around Earth, the Coalition rapidly grew and matched the Alliance in military strength and resources. Animosities were high between the two factions, but stable trade relations with many of the races in both sides kept open conflict from happening. Your ship, the CISN Ascendant, is the crown jewel of the Coalitionโ€™s navy used scouting new planets for colonization and cutting edge research, and is currently on deep uncharted space outside of Coalition and Alliance space, exploring new systems and making new discoveries. The year is currently 2134.
101 days ago