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Hello there! At it's core, New Je'daii Order is an attempt at forming a friendly, tight-knit Star Wars community within an organized, safe and pleasant environment that enables people to share their passion for Star Wars with fellow fans and build friendships. No matter which aspects of Star Wars you enjoy, we welcome a diverse range of opinions and preferences. Canon or Legends, Disney era films or GL films, there are fans of all here. We began with just a handful of members and have grown considerably, but this remains the aim we pursue moving forward.

In terms of the specific parts of the server, you will find:
- Extensive, carefully researched and evaluated lists for the best Star Wars related fan films, fan fiction, fan trailers, compilations/tributes, audio comics, game mods, wallpapers/art, informative & funny Star Wars videos, and more.

- Complete listings of all relevant Star Wars behind the scenes videos, clips, gifs (integrated with MEE6 commands to use within the server), trailers, and game cutscenes. If you're searching for particular Star Wars content, we can save you time spent attempting to find it, by presenting it all in one place, in an accessible and easy to navigate format.

- Organized, convenient and relevant RSS feeds pertaining to all types of Star Wars news, meme posts, and lore discussion. Allowing you to stay completely up to date with Star Wars.

- Discussion channels for an immense variety of Star Wars content, including the films, animated shows, live-action shows, novels/comics/sourcebooks, and games.

- Interactive character battle, trivia, meme, art/video edit, shipping, collecting/cosplay, quote, and comedy Star Wars channels.

This is just the beginning, and we would be honoured if you would join us!
Have you ever wanted to live in the Star Wars universe? Here’s your chance! Our server offers:

A friendly community and place to discuss all things Star Wars
The ability to play as an Imperial, a Rebel, a bounty hunter or smuggler, and even just a normal citizen
Dozens of planets to roleplay on
Canon character auditions
Game masters to play NPCs in solo role plays
Character sheet templates to help you make your character
Did we mention our awesome community?

We look forward to building stories with you, and may the Force be with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our mod team after joining.
The Galactic Republic is a growing Star Wars mil-sim community. We offer a number of clone factions to join and provide a fun community for Star Wars: Battlefront fans.
Star Wars: Fractured Galaxy
It is a dark period for the Galaxy. During the war between the Imperial Remnants and the New Republic, a new faction appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The Eternal Empire, immediately becoming recognized as one of the strongest contenders in the war. Conquering planets each day laying waste to those that refused domination. Both the Eternal Empire and the New Republic were gaining ground, and their clashes were brutal. Most of the Imperial warlords were taken out, leaving the New Republic and the Eternal Empire as the rulers of the Galaxy, fighting for domination. The Eternal Empire had the upper hand, coming close to completely destroying the New Republic. The remains of the New Republic, rebranded as the Galactic Alliance, agreed to have peace with the Eternal Empire, and the fighting finally came to a rest. The Galaxy was now divided between the Eternal Empire and the Galactic Alliance, most of it falling under the Eternal Empire, and what remains of the Imperial Remnant, rebranded as the Apeiron Imperium In the recent war and peace of the galaxy an old group of strong warriors rallied one more time to unify themselves. Reforging their armor, training for days on end, sharpening their blades and perfecting their aim; they wish to try again at a galactic conquest.

The year is 43 ABY, years after peace was reached. Tensions are once again in an all time high, and diplomats are trying their best to maintain the peace. But everyone knows it’s coming to an end soon. Who will you be? A soldier for the Alliance? An Inquisitor for the Eternal Empire? Maybe a freelancer, avoiding the political side? Or will you be joining the famous armoured warriors in their blood lusted conquest? The choice is yours here in Star Wars: Fractured Galaxy!
A server where Kirby does his prayings, because every gud boi like Kirby needs to pray. UwU
Although it is a pretty small server, it'd be great if YOU, the newcomer can fill the spaces we need.

There are :
◇ Tons of roles
◇ Amazing people
◇ Roleplays
◇ Friendly administrators and moderators
◇ Memes
And many many more!
Home of the Jebus's RP universe looking to expand our galaxy with other players who wish to create an interesting dynamic in the post Endor Expanded Universe.
'E cineribus, ad astra.' From the ashes, to the stars. That is what the newly-commissioned U.S.S Phoenix aims to embody. Set in the year 2476, the Phoenix is a Yorktown-class ship, whose mission is to explore the stars and chart the unknown. Fancy a trip into the unknown, boldly going where no man has gone before, with limitless opportunity ahead? This is the ship for you.


Welcome aboard the USS Phoenix! We're an active Star Trek roleplay server with members from numerous different time zones. With regular roleplay 24/7 and general out of character chat, we strive to provide a friendly community for all. We have plot-lines running frequently and if you have any suggestions you have the ability to join the team and bring your ideas to life. We're looking forward to meeting your character... See you on board!
Set 1 year after the Great Jedi Purge, on the backwater jungle planet of Karos. Do you dare join the freedom fighters and live under fear of not seeing the next day? Or do you choose the safe route and join the Empire to squash the evil terrorists who side with the Jedi?

We offer:
- Dark themes and situations
- An open story, in an open setting allowing a fair bit of player freedom
- Slots in both Imperial and Rebel factions.
- The Ability to be a Jedi or Inquisitor
- A mesh between Republic and Imperial technologies.
- A competent owner and staff team

Note: This is a new server with low members, we really appreciate you sticking around if you do decide to join.
Order 66 has commenced, and turmoil plagues the Jedi who hide in communities, or go lone on planets. Rogue factions wait for the tip off so that they can capture them and get credits from their heads. Sith wait in the shadows for their turn, proudly showing off their crimson blades as no fear is shown on their faces. There are bounty hunters, hungry for money and blood, willing to snipe and pick you off at the cost of their own life. There are senators and civilians who will instantly look away from you in spite of your force abilities. Emperor Palpatine waits longer than anybody else, slowly expanding his Empire and creating a malevolent force which nobody can stop. So many things to do in the galaxy, and the question rises:

What will you do?

In Star Wars: The Orders End, you have:

• A group of dedicated staff who are willing to help around the clock

• Over 200 channels where you can expand your presence in the galaxy

• A calculated and developed tier system which can show your power against others

• Custom ships, factions, fleets and more!

• The ability to play a pivotal role in the story as a canon character!

• And much, much more!

So don’t miss out, and join the discord today!
Do you want to explore the galaxy? Now you can! Create your own OCs, murder people, or even collect bounties! The galaxy is yours, in Star Wars: Galactic RP.
Welcome to Start Wars Legacy.A Star Wars server where you can talk about movies and games and well as Roleplay. We have 9 different factions you can join(roles) Each controlled by a leader.Everyone has a chance to become one (as long as they are active in the server and the current leader isn’t).As of the time of typing this we active and the glory days are soon to come.Plus a great staff.So join us
The factions are
Clone Trooper
First Order stormtrooper
Bounty Hunter
And last but not least Mandalorians
Star Wars: Empire's Reign
~(Does not follow legends/expanded universe. Server is mostly reliant on canon information only.)~
[=] Star Wars Custom Story [=]
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..."

Set 6 years after Revenge Of The Sith, 1 year after Jedi Fallen Order. The Empire is young, the alliance doesn't yet exist, but rebels are out there standing up to the Empire. In this roleplay, you choose your path and role within this early imperial age. Purge troopers and inquisitors are active across the galaxy, hunting down survivors of order 66 as some jedi and younglings are in hiding. In this custom story, we explore what it might have been like experiencing this post order 66 timeline set only 6 years after Revenge Of The Sith. Note there are 20 years between episode 3 and 4. So this is before star wars rebels and Rogue One/A New Hope.
Server Includes:
-ERP On Public Channels/Private.
-Friendly Community.
-No One Liner/Paragraph Discrimination.
-Friendly Staff.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an Star Wars RP server that takes place between episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith. When making a character you can be: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Sith, Jedi, Grey Jedi, Crime Lord, Clone Trooper, Separatist, Or something else. (And the Fanmade Grey Jedi order is canon, and we are also using legends timeline)
It features:
Ship submissions
Unbelievaboat currency
Handbooks for the Sith, Jedi and Grey Jedi
RNG Battles
And more.
An organized community for Star Citizen part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
The year is 10ABY. The Imperial Remnant has been unified. What was once a collection of treaty breaking Warlords is now one new Empire, the Second Galactic Empire. And with the New Republic established, tensions have been high. There has been war. Now there is peace. But the galaxy is in Turmoil. And we need you to turn the tide.


You have landed on a fun, interactive and enjoyable Star Wars roleplay server set after the events of Return of the Jedi (Episode 6). So create a character, (or don't, we have plenty of stuff for non roleplayers) and get stuck in. You won't want to miss what is about to unfold.

🤗 An active, growing and friendly community
🗺️ Open to everyone from around the world
⭐ A Discord ROLEPLAY server set in the Star Wars Galaxy!
👌 Over 100+ channels & roles dedicated to roleplay!
🤖 Cool CUSTOM bots that you can use and have fun with.
😎 Great and helpful staff members!
✏️ The freedom to create your own characters and storylines.
🎉 Weekly events that you can attend in roleplay.
🎊 Serverwide interactive events!

(Knowledge of the films is valued but isn't required.)
So what are you waiting for? We eagerly await your arrival at our spaceport.
This is a server for all you Star Wars lovers and who want to be a character in the Star Wars universe, if you want to be a Bounty Hunter, Jedi, or Sith then come on and join! (There are a few NSFW channels but this is not a NSFW server, it's for the most part a server where you can talk to some pretty cool people and get to RP in a pretty cool universe)
In an alternate universe far far away, a war is brewing between the Empire and the Resistance as each side fights for the galaxy in their own ways. The Resistance wants to free the galaxy from the tyranny of The Empire enlisting the aid of the Jedi to help unify the galaxy under one banner. On the other side, the Empire desires full control of the galaxy and seeks to wipe out the Resistance and the Jedi to maintain full dominance over the galaxy. Despite the growing conflict in the galaxy, many job opportunities have opened up for bounty hunters and smugglers hoping to earn credits by aiding either side. But all may not be as it seems, as a dark force has reemerged once more to destroy the Jedi Order and lay the foundations of a new Sith Empire in the galaxy. With each side preparing to strike at one another, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....


In this new Star Wars Roleplaying community, you can join the everlasting galactic war as your favorite characters from Star Wars, we do allow characters from all eras, there's categories and channels full of areas for these characters and their amazing stories.

We are a newly formed and quite active community of Star Wars fans who cannot wait for all the content we are getting this year, ranging from Jedi Fallen Order, to the Mandalorian and of course, The Rise of Skywalker.

+| We have a ton of fun bots!

+| RP Events!

+| Many storylines within the Star Wars Universe!

+| And tons more!

Time to enter hyperspace and check it out, we really hope you enjoy your stay here! May the Force Be With You, Always.....
Hello there! Star Wars Servers United is an archival server that aims to bring Star Wars server owners together, and provide members with a extensive list of communities to join! Our listings are tightly organized and regulated, and servers are labelled according to both size and type. Whether your Star Wars server relates to roleplaying, gaming, or discussion, we will provide you with a platform to advertise, network, and interact with other Star Wars fans! If you're just starting a server, we can help you grow and thrive!
A place to make friends, talk about Star Wars, or roleplay, if that's more your style. You'll have a great time. Also, we're now hiring for staff!
This is the Star Trek: U.S.S Victoria Text-Based Role-play server!
We are a community driven Role-play Server focused on making a Unique
Role-play Experience in a Star Trek setting.
- A range of channels both for chatting and a wide variety of roleplaying
- Friendly Community
- Active Player-base
- Active Admins from all different Time Zones
- Custom Characters
The Old Republic RP server is for those who wish to casually RP with others in the Star Wars Universe, set in the Old Republic era. We have an growing list of planets/locations, each with multiple RP rooms and an information section to help immerse people into the world. We offer a casual RP system, laid back community, and even private rooms for your In Character friends.
The server has bloomed quite well and is steadily running. We have a handful of High Ranks who would be glad to assist you with anything you need. We run events weekly but if massive group plots aren't your thing you can freely roleplay in the many other locations in our server. The server follows the lore of The Clone Wars television series however it bends certain parts slightly in order to make it more enjoyable for the user. It currently has four planets (Coruscant, Geonosis, Ryloth, and Kamino.) each with 8+ locations to role play at. We also have a ranking system, in which you can be promoted after serving in battles. Being a Clone Trooper isn't your thing? No problem we have CIS Templates for Droids and Organics along with Mercenary and Bounty Hunter Templates!