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Join and become friends with people all around the world! Weekly contests including photography and art contests.
Some things included are:
Voice Chats
Music Bots
Truth or Dare

Hope to see you there!
This server not only have pokecord, but also has waifubot, for all the weebs out there, and has chatting to meet new people and make friends. We have spam servers to get everything spawning, and for added chatting. There are also giveaways for these bots for pokemon, waifu's, coins, and other things you may want!
This server has: memes, music, and channels to hand out with friends and chat.
-Activ Chats
-Good NSFW Stuff
-100 Emotes
-Lot of good Bots + lvl System
-Join our Community now! All are Welcome~
Welcome to THE LEWDIES
We are a active Lewd and fun server with Chill Staffs and Members of nsfw and lots of hentai, porn, sex lots more
:video_game: Gaming Chans
:Active chat and Voice Chat
:wink: Private Roleplay Channels and VC
We are a fun loving hangout community that looks to everyone's happiness and continues to provide a great aurora of friendliness and warmness to all who join us in this adventure.
new friendly community to have fun play and chat. come and lets talk about everything.
Just a chill server to make friends, meet new people and have fun
The Office discord!
A fun and welcoming environment for office fans.
So join and get ready to have fun!
We do frequent giveaways and chances to win money!
Willkommen auf dem Team Electric Clan Discord! Wir sind ein neues Team und würden uns über jedes neue Mitglied freuen! Auf diesem Server könnt ihr zusammen zocken, einfach nur schreiben und in unseren Clan aufgenommen werden. Manchmal veranstalten wir auch kleine Turniere.
Damit alles funktioniert, müsst ihr ein par Regeln beachten und einhalten.
Schaut gerne mal vorbei! LG euer Volt_Machine und das Serverteam!
Dad Bod, is a new meme server. Dad Bod comes with plenty of channels such as, meme, cursed images and self promotion.
This is a brand new server made for all kinds of people, it offers venting and active Voice chats for people willing to stay. This server will be made for active people, and those who are not active for a while will get kicked.
Things we have:
*Voice Chats
*Cool Staff team
Join now, we are currently looking for staff as well
El mejor server de casino que te hayas imaginado,torneos de brawl stars,casino,minijuegos chats entretenidos... ¡No lo encontrarás en otro lado!
Hello and welcome to ñightridę !
This server is currently a small server however its growing slowly but surely.
Here we have a few rules sadly, yet they are important and we highly expect them to be followed and not ignored.
We are accepting staff & admin applications now so make sure to apply!
................................................... <3
The new server just for music, memes and talking about random stuff
Hi everyone this is a place where you can be yourself and have fun with others so please check it out if you want. Ps this is a new server so i need some help i'll happily transfer ownership if needed.
This is just a place that's been working on and need les people so join ty
We at potatostan welcome people from all walks of life and we would love to built a friendly community that everyone can enjoy
This is a fairly basic server I am still working on but I would really appreciate you joining it’s growing so help us grow. Chat, RP about naruto and bots to make sure no toxic behaviour :D
This server is mainly for people who are looking for new companions to chat with.