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This server not only have pokecord, but also has waifubot, for all the weebs out there, and has chatting to meet new people and make friends. We have spam servers to get everything spawning, and for added chatting. There are also giveaways for these bots for pokemon, waifu's, coins, and other things you may want!
Just a server where you can come and talk about games, therapy, and more.
Just starting so please join and be active.
Join and become friends with people all around the world! Weekly contests including photography and art contests.
Some things included are:
Voice Chats
Music Bots
Truth or Dare

Hope to see you there!
-Activ Chats
-Good NSFW Stuff
-100 Emotes
-Lot of good Bots + lvl System
-Join our Community now! All are Welcome~
─────♟ Team Shadow ♟ ─────

Heya Everyone !! heres a few things about Team Shadow

🌟 Peaceful community! Based on pokecord trying to grow up, help us by joining.
🌟 Zero tolerance for racism.
🌟 We have interesting Gyms, Be prepared to challenge them, beating them will get you a random shiny!!
🌟 Flash Giveaways.
🌟 Daily Giveaway! Battle stats, 90+ iv's, Legends and shinies giveaway.
🌟 See you in Team Shadow ;)
We are a fun loving hangout community that looks to everyone's happiness and continues to provide a great aurora of friendliness and warmness to all who join us in this adventure.
Come and join my server boi we talk about anime listen to music all types of stuff talk about random stuff and have fun we’d love you to come along on are adventure you can also post edgy shit or what ever you want it dosent matter

We have a dank meme section
A pictures section
A pfp ideas section
We have vc
Everything you could want in a server
Even LOLIS lul but come join my server it would rlly mean a lot anyway peace 😉
A nsfw part for the pervs
Gaming part
Game clips
And music-Dj
So come join
We are a server based on small chit chatting and making new friends
Just a normal Furry server! We have a great, trustworthy staff, and neat channels. Come on, try us out! We won't bite!
This server has: memes, music, gaming, and channels to hang out with friends and chat.
Kommt auf mein Discord Server und auf mein Youtube channel Spingtrap TV. Viel spaß auf mein Server
Grüße SpingtrapTV
Welcome to Chaotic Order where we chill have fun and listen to music (12-18) or older just dont hit on the younger ones or youl be kicked anyway please join hehe <3
Want a server where you can either just talk make friends or trade nudes and make relationship?

Want it so there are no pedophiles and such?

or do you wanna just chat and make friends with no NSFW?

Well join us today!

To access NSFW you must verify but you can talk without verifying!

What we have:
-NSFW Channels
-Fetish Channels
-Verification proccess
-non NSFW chats
- More coming soon!

Suggestions are always open on the discord!
Welcome to our server, mainly founded by ✿5unday#1695 and Gamerking33#2371! We have a lot of fun in our server, so be sure to check it out! Games, memes, vcs...etc. Have fun in our server!
Welcome To Beta!
Very friendly community.
It has:
Friendly Staff And People
Giveaways And Events!
More will be added.
In this server there isnt alot of people but we can make it together! :) Join now!
The DGA server is a fun place where you can chat, or use our wide variety of bots for your entertainment. We have a leveling system and a wide range of channels such as #draw and #memes for you to show your talent, and share fun concepts with others. We have an active staff team, and we are open to suggestions or question you might have.
Discord Server were we all just chill around and chat.
Are you depressed? Well today is your lucky day! Talk with other super depressed people. (Definitely doesn't sound like an ad)
Nothing specific, just a bunch of losers who like to talk and sometimes see pp's. : )
OwO uwu
Join for a casual lounge for casual chats plus some epic underage dating
Casual server where you can talk to others and what not. Not to bi right now but trying to bring it up.
This is a brand new server made for all kinds of people, it offers venting and active Voice chats for people willing to stay. This server will be made for active people, and those who are not active for a while will get kicked.
Things we have:
*Voice Chats
*Cool Staff team
Join now, we are currently looking for staff as well
This server is mainly for people who are looking for new companions to chat with.