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[AGES 16+] Welcome to the H2O Club! This aqua-themed server is a place for making friends and to hangout! You can stream music, post memes, even check your horoscope etc. We host events, such as games and movies. Also, the voice channels are typically active, so there's always someone to talk to! The server also reminds you to stay hydrated!
I hope you all are having a good time. Please take your time reading our server's description. We here at The Snugly Galaxy provide much more than just a gaming server. This server is made for chilling out with friends and having fun playing games or listening to the best music/Voice chats

This is what we provide to you all :-

A warm welcome with love.
A humorous and friendly society.
A gaming society.
Self assignable roles.
Many helpful, intelligent and music bots. (if you are bored, the bots will take away your boredom).
People who can help with anything (or at least try to).
Some little giveaways.

Thank You all who actually took their time reading this all. If you like a friendly and Snuggly server, this is the right place for you.
The Great Snugly Galaxy welcomes you all!
-Hey! Come join my server. This server will be the time of your life.
-Come listen to music and chat with friends, and make new ones!
-This server's is pg 15.
a fun discord server dedicated to making sure you have a fun time we have a few bots that will make sure you have fun we also have custom roles i hope you enjoy :)
New server, Hoping to grow. Also looking for staff and needing new people around! Self assigning roles, little to no rules and simple server. None of that, getting kicking for no point. No annoying strict staff. Ever wanted a server where you can just get in and start a conversation, freedom of speech, Join today!
We are a small community that is growing quickly that is here to accept all the outcast in the LGBTQ+ community and we are also a dating server we have an official minecraft and gmod server we love gaming anime and manga so stop by if you are looking fr some fun