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Pokemon server, with many pokemon related bots, this includes Pokecord, Myuu, and Pokeverse. We're just a server looking for members and an active and fun community.
I hope you all are having a good time. Please take your time reading our server's description. We here at The Snugly Galaxy provide much more than just a gaming server. This server is made for chilling out with friends and having fun playing games or listening to the best music/Voice chats

This is what we provide to you all :-

A warm welcome with love.
A humorous and friendly society.
A gaming society.
Self assignable roles.
Many helpful, intelligent and music bots. (if you are bored, the bots will take away your boredom).
People who can help with anything (or at least try to).
Some little giveaways.

Thank You all who actually took their time reading this all. If you like a friendly and Snuggly server, this is the right place for you.
The Great Snugly Galaxy welcomes you all!
Revive is a very fast growing community server.
This server is packed with active voice chats all day.
We also are hosting events to keep the community together.
Come join and meet new people
Welcome to Under Master's Discord. This server is owned by undermaster#3126. Our server has unlimited bots that you can enjoy, many channels amd many more. Have a sneak peak at our server first! You might like it!
What we offer:

-Reaction Roles
-Chill, laid back staff
-Fun people to talk to
-Multiple channels to surf through.

Hope u enjoy, have fun love;)

Chill server accepts everyone!

We got the necessary stuff to begin and grow throughout the time. XX . Join with trust and respect, simple rules, simple server. ❗️❤️
hope you enjoy your stay
lots of custom emojis
many chats
many voice channels
NSFW chat
different BOTS (are gonna be added but there giving me a hard time)
Hey Everyone! Come Join Gh0st's Chill Party Server to Have a Chill time and making friends :D (memes and parties included)
A very new, fresh server looking for new members, would be much appreciated if you check the server out and maybe add a couple of your friends to it :)
All the staff are very friendly
Welcome to Amethyst ™
You've been trying to find an aesthetic server? You want to be yourself but there are too many rules?
Well, Amethyst ™ is the perfect server for you then!

↶ᴏᴜʀ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs↷
『✿』Roles & Colours
『✿』Leveling System
『✿』Chill Staff
And way more!
『 Welcome to Yuri『

💕What we offer:
💕Always trying to improve and looking for ways to foster a better community
💕A completely new and revamped server with a variety of activities and content
💕Events every week/month

💕 Things We Provide:
💕Relaxing Conversations
💕A place to meet like-minded
💕Interact with people from all over the world

💕Other things:
💕Partnerships [A Fair Partnership System]
💕Game Bots

Hello. this is a server for some insane gaming, memes and much more. come if you'd like.

we have

->voice channels<-


->art channels<-

->active members<-

->anime shit<-
we are a small server but it would mean a lot if you helped us grow.
toxicity or trolls are not wanted or welcome.
This server is a hideout or safe place for people who want to talk to others and make friends. Our category is broad because you can talk about anything here.
This server is made for people who are looking for people to meet and have a fun time.
-Hey! Come join my server. This server will be the time of your life.
-Come listen to music and chat with friends, and make new ones!
-This server's is pg 15.
This server with mostly be all about MHA (My Hero Academia), You will be able to pick who you want to be. You can chat with other people, and rp with them.
Welcome to Fresh Avocado!

Want a good server for chatting?
Want a good server for anime?
Want a good server for having new friends?
Want a good server for getting a bf/gf?
Want a good server for everything that you want?

Then maybe this server is the right place for you cause its Fre Sha Voca Do!
G Village is a server mainly for socialization ( friend-making ) and if you want that then this is the right server for you. We're a new server so we have much more to add and much more to DO but overall we think you'll have a nice time here if you choose to stay! We need moderators, helpers, and administrators to watch over the server with us.

We have NSFW, Voice-Chats, Music, Color-Roles, Memes, and more!
A friendly community server where you can chill and meet new people and i want you to join

Server Created: 24/01/2019
This server is for people to just chill, meet new people, play games (Xbox and PC primarily), listen to music, mess around with fun bots, and just chat and make friends, also has some fire emotes for Nitro users and in server use
Join the drip crew we are a growing community and offer great active voice calls and text chats. We are looking for any members that want to be apart of the drip crew.
a fun discord server dedicated to making sure you have a fun time we have a few bots that will make sure you have fun we also have custom roles i hope you enjoy :)