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yo, this is a chill ass server where we talk about legit anything. it can be music, games whatever you want. there are no role restrictions, you can put photos in general etc. join the boys and have a good time yea. Our server is mainly american and australian, owner is an aussie.
lovely but retarded individuals having open discussions about anything anime, gaming, news, memes, science, sports, and anything else you can imagine!

🍆 everyone here is retarded

🍆 talk about whatever, whenever. moderation is almost non-existent!

🍆 51 self-assignable color roles

🍆 level up reward system for chat activity

☛ Szukasz serwera gdzie łatwo o wpierdol?
☛ Gdzie nie moralne i nie trzeźwe rozmowy to norma?
☛ Ludzi z którymi o każdej porze dnia można pogadać i wspólnie podyskutować o orientacji członków serwera?

------ Witamy na Karczmie u Majstra Kurwa! ------
Znani discordowi rajdownicy, znani jako Moderatorzy, założyli na podbitym przez nich serwerze swój własny, jako twierdzę przed pizdami z depresją, memiarzami, mangozjebami i innymi tworami z Ameryki. Nie ma kurwa pierdolenia, null regulaminu, full anarchia. Chuj chuj, serdecznie zapraszamy z fartem tam byki!
@everyone ???
HEY PERRAS!!! Welcome to BITCHES, NIGGAS, and NOOBS this is a very random, weird, interesting, cool server I am fixing this server it use to be something else but I decided to clean a little bit... k thanks byeeee PUTAS!!!!

Things to look forward too!
- Active (most of the time) Chat! If it's not active Make it active whore

- VCs are a big thing here so there will be activity’s going on so JOIN IT DONT BE LAME!!

-I will be having rules tho I’m chill but everyone gots to have rules so just follow them and u should be good

-maybe giveaways 👀
WE RECCOMEND YOU TO BE OVER 12 YEARS OF AGE,although its perfectly fine if you’re under

We mostly play roblox but we troll people
You can choose to listen to music while you play if you like
You can post memes
personally(the owner) am online every day and i got minecraft java edition if you trying to play
you ARE allowed to curse so dont be shy
no pussies allowed
We are a semi-active community
As of 4/5/20 we play watch dogs,Tom clancys rainbow six seige,minecraft java,minecraft windows 10,fortnite(rarely althought there is a gayboy that plays all the time),and roblox.
Small server hoping to become larger and gain some very active members <3


By shrine I mean mean beautiful pictures of anime characters <3

*Sorta NSFW, but not porn besides in a certain channel.

The server is made for people who like anime particularly the ones who like to admire anime characters. The shrines are basically to feel more close to the characters ig because of the pure love you have for them. (Anime characters are so much cooler than actual people man.)

In the server, we have shrines for these amazing characters - which consists of some of the best pictures I could find of these characters.
At the moment of writing this, 3/18/20, our shrines consists of these characters:
- Aizawa
- Celestia Ludenberg
- Chiaki
- Dazai
- Eren
- Ezra Scarlet
- Giyu
- Hisoka
- Kaneki
- Katsuki Bakugo
- L
- Levi Ackerman
- Mikasa Ackerman
- Mirai Kuriyama
- Nezuko
- Rem
- Rin Okumura
- Sakura
- Sasuke
- Sebastian Michaelis
- Suzuya Juuzou
- Tobio Kageyama
- Todoroki
- Tomoe
- Yumeko
- Zero Two
- Uta

Don't see the character you want? We have a channel where you can request a shrine to be made in their honor.

Not only do we have these shrines but we also have places where you can dump photos and talk about it, just share a particular characters photo, and an art dump.

Not only can you talk to fellow weebs in this server, but you can also use bots and userphone.

Along with that, there is a section where a bot sends reddit feeds of anime (comes in very often), waifus (not as often because there aren't as many posts), and husbandos (also not as often because there aren't as many posts.)

Some extra things we have are music, many color roles, and mudae. (Mudae is a bot where you fight over husbandos and waifus to own the characters.)

Hey, look, you're at the bottom! If you've read this far down, you seem to be at least a little interested. If so, that's a good enough reason to join, don't you think?

Haha weeb.
Hey y'all!
Join to my server if you want to chat with Komido!
If you invite 10 User to the server, Komido (or the Admins) will give you a custom role
Gaming server for multiple games. Join to have fun with random people and make new friends :)
just a fun server full of random stuff we have a bunch of bots pokecord , dank memer , ren , OwO bot, senpai and others

a bunch of custom roles can be chosen
we have custom color roles as well
Hi everyone, welcome to Bolt's Kingdom! In this random and unique server, there is many things you can do. No NSFW, read the rules and the staff and everyone in our server is chill. Hope you enjoy, come on and join the fun!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ♡ welcome to Oh S#!& ♡ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

*A pretty chill server
*Fun bots to enjoy
*Other stuff coming eventuallyyyy

This server was started randomly and has no set purpose other than to provide a hangout for people... looking for one. We're not really strict, just common sense rules and everything is fine lol. Come see what it's about :)

This is pretty much a hangout that people can chill in.

This server is actually gay. Why are you joining this?
This server is meant to make friends. If you want to make friends and have fun talks just join this server.💖😘
This is a pretty chill server talk about whatever you want as long as you follow the rules.
We have a lot of self roles and roles to color your own name!
If you are 18+ there are NSFW channels you can access 😉
aye THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO WHEN ur bored asf and you just wanna be involved in some random shit ;) promise ur phone wont be cold ever again...
p.s.-- itsa new server so DONT join if ur gonna leave in 30 seconds!
Bubbles~! is a fun server that has a fun community and nice staff. It's a place where you can socialize and and muck around with a variety of bots and chat with a bunch of great people!
Every month or so, we change our theme, themes we've used before include: Russia, Cafe and Winter.
Bubbles~! is a fairly new server so we're still adjusting, but it'll always be fun!
Hey! This server is a friendly place to make friends and a nice server to call home, go ahead and join and help us start our journey of growing bigger and growing active!