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Hello there friend! This server is about chatting mostly. We don't do much more. You can talk about any of your interests here because this server is all about connecting with other people. Very good server, 10/11.
[THIS SERVER IS BEING UPDATED.] The age demographic is 13-17. We're always waiting for people to join! We're helpful to everyone. Don't bring negativity instantly to the table! You have to join to understand how we act. Satire jokes, dorks of anime and gaming, and many more things you can discover by joining today!
This is a server with few understandable rules but we are a small growing fun for all server so why not join, also we ablo and teach Spanish, here as well as help with Spanish work, so enjoy your stay here!
· ~ ° It's a pretty chaotic server. . . We don't really have rules as long as you aren't being a d00sch bag and follow discord TOS you're all good. We're 18+ so join at your own risk ° ~ ·
Every single channel is an announcement channel and you can publish any message to pop up in the servers of people who follow certain chats. Have fun! And follow the rules
We’re the server with the food named title!

We’re that anime themed non-toxic community server that’s here for you <3

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

-Semi-Active and friendly community server

-from all around the world

-Tons of people and staff who’d love to talk with you

-Lots of Self Roles to express who you are

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

So, what do you think? Wanna join us?!

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

If you read this, thank you and joe cool. 👌
Are you looking for a new server to find friends and chat on?
A chill server?
Well you are looking in the right place!

We are a chill community server always looking for new members!

We offer:
➡︎ Friendly staff
➡︎ Active members
➡︎ Self roles
➡︎ Custom emojis
➡︎ New friends!

We hope to see you on our chill server!
Welcome to Amalgam!

With nothing set in stone, this server is beautifully chaotic. From Marvel fans and science geeks to gamer girls and psychopaths! Oh...and let;s not forget the rare innocent beings.

Just a nice chill server, open to anyone and everyone nothing too fancy at the moment, join if you want to meet some new people, hope to see ya around!

Enjoy and Stay Crazy!
─ ❛🍯❜ Bienvenido a The Garden ₊˚.༉

➬ Somos una comunidad sana
➬ Server adaptable
➬ Reglas justas & staff atento
➬ Recomp x Boost ,, Lvl
hi !!!! please join we really want new people to vibe with

we're really friendly <3

also we have lots of bots and channels pls
This server is only for those ones who looking a place to just be yourself without type of restrictions or rules. So If you wanna do whatever the fuck you want, this is the place. Join or don't, I don't care anyway. Get lost.
It's a place that's in progress (currently), just a good community overall :)
We are a rather new server trying to keep ourselves entertained during tough times. You’re always welcome to join and meet new people. 👻 Hope to see you soon!
•TE OFRECE MONSTER, bueno ya, ahora sí empieza lo piola
★Te ofrece una linda y nueva comunidad
✰Sin toxicidad
☆Para absolutamente cualquier cosa!
✩E D G Y (ahre que no)
★Y además está lleno de pequeños detalles que tenes que descubrir por tí mismo!
᯾En busca de Staff᯾
✪Ayúdame a hacer que crezcamos!✪
Más + ~
「」Canales variados. (NSFW CRACK ahre)
「」Bots tanto de diversion como entretenimiento.
「」Pura buena onda, bro.
「」Canales de Diversión.
「」y repito, Se busca Staff activo.
Si nos apoyan, por ser los primeros, se les dará un rango exclusivo y especial! 💖
꒰꒱• Dueño: │@aid6now#0323
꒰꒱• Link │
L͟u͟n͟a͟r͟ ͟E͟c͟l͟i͟p͟s͟e͟

Kami adalah komunitas yang membahas tentang Game,Anime,Kpop bahkan kehidupan sehari-hari yang tentunya bisa kamu ceritakan disini
Server kami juga memiliki berbagai fitur menarik, mulai dari :
• Claim card (shoob)
• bot musik
• berbagai macam bot game
• Giveaway
• Rutinitas bermain werewolf
• Rutinitas mabar ML,Lol,Pubg,Ff,Codm
• Create your own Voice room
• Dll

Plus kita memiliki staff dan member member yang ramah di jamin kamu gak bakal di cuekin

Ayok buruan join
Rasakan keseruan petualangan kami
HI! this is a general server for every topic! we provide custom colors, lots of channels, active admins and owner, witchcraft channels, art channels, gaming channels, a suggestion box, channels to show off your pets and talk about other animals, and a safe place to vent and talk about whatever you need to talk about!
Hey there 😉
Wanna join a server that’s fun, chill, semi-active, and non-toxic.
Well look no further. Yeetus hours 2.0 is the server for you.
We have:
* Fun bots
* Non-toxic members
* Reliable mods
* Minecraft realms (bedrock edition)
* Movie nights (Coming soon)
* Rules in place to insure that no one is uncomfortable.
* Great emotes
For my introverted/shy people:
Some of us are introverts so don’t be too worried. We’ll make sure we give u a warm welcome and include you in conversations so you don’t have to worry about feeling awkward :3

Would love it if you joined, look forward to seeing you :D
En medio del bosque entre los arbustos, arboles y chozas nos podrás encontrar. Diversión y risas vas a encontrar (me salió xd)
Este server tiene una temática de un bosque y una manada de lobos jugamos cosas varias y molestamos! (sin pasarnos de la raya)
Este server no es solo para mexicanos, todos los paises son bienvenidos!!
Somos un grupo de gente que solo quiere hablar de la vida y pasar un buen rato jugando, escuchando musica o simplemente charlando en alguno de nuestros chats.
Community Server.
hi there! im tiff and id be so if you would join us we are a small server and just looking to meet some new ppl to be friends with so come on in
i dont really have any rules but some stuff we got:
-lots of fun bots
-intro channel
-color roles
-self roles
-option for nsfw chat
and we would love if you had any suggestions for improvement!