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A server where you can rot with the other people in this server. We post memes and you have the power to become a mod every once in a while. You have the free will to make roles, emojis, channels once you join.
A small server, all are welcome. We are LQBTQ+ friendly. Everyone is kind to each other in this server, it's more pg-13/MA-15+ so you must be over 13 to join.
-Mainly for just making friends, buuuut we can talk about anime or video games etc. etc.
-anyone can join
-literally just a random server with random crap
-nothing much else to say but I have bots and such
Hayo! Lonely Lands é um servidor que tem como intuito juntar pessoas "doidinhas" (e normais também), para que possamos interagir e nos divertir juntos :D

OBS 1: Nosso servidor ainda é novo, então nos ajude a crescer se gostar de nós :v
OBS 2: Seja louco(a), mas educado(a) ;-; Se entrar em nosso server, terá de obedecer as regras dele '3'

Everyone gets to have the mod role in our server. So feel free to join this anarchy and abuse your powers. Don't ban anyone though. Please.
This is pretty much a hangout that people can chill in.

This server is actually gay. Why are you joining this?
--> This server is just a fun little server where you can interact with other people and just generally have fun. The server isn't fully completed yet but it is more or less finished.

--> We have many bots on this server and are adding more when we find some more fun bots for you. We have bots such as Mantaro, Pokécord, MEE6 and many more.

--> This server is mainly a server for chatting but we also are a server for games such as Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and many more games.
Hihi! Welcome to Tamakeri!!

♥️🌟Just a community thriving to become bigger🌟♥️
*Never heard of it? Well here’s what we’re all about!*
•We have nice, supportive staff•
•«Interactive bots to play around with!»•
**Rules are in the making, be patient**
`Fandom category!`
We are LGBTQ+ friendly! Anyone who isn’t will be warned ù^ú
We also do roleplay!
🏮See you there!🏮
-constant buzzing of florescent lights
-constant bright mono yellow lighting
-starvation and insomnia
i'm phoenix. welcome
to my server❗^__^
˚*•̩̩͙*゜✭・. ✩•̩̩͙*˚・✫゜ミ☆
friendly community looking 4 ACTIVE people 2 talk about their interests.
Un servidor normal en el que hacemos cosas normales normalmente y buscamos gente normal que quiera unirse :D
PD: todo lo anterior es mentira, esto es raro xd
Looking for a place to find new friends? You’ll love this server although it can get random at times we have a lot of fun. This is a 13+ server
-role assignments
-Various different categories
-music bots
-LGBT Welcome
And some is always online so if you need help just ask we are also very open to options. Have a suggestion? It will be done just ask the owner or moderators. If you’re having a problem tell the owner, admin or moderator. Over all this is a random server.
We are currently looking for active moderators and sub moderators as well as someone to clean up the chats.
Iz a fucking server named y e e t

You have read dis far so come and check It outttttttt!
sup fuckeroos this is a server for memes and just being dumb, idc what you do just dont be an ass
We are a Moviestarplanet server that endorses finding new friends to talk and hang out with. There is no requirement for you needing to own this game. You can join in on the fun just to meet new people. We do calls every day so don't be shy and join in. Rules are lenient as well do whatever you want. ALL ARE WELCOME!