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A server for all dere types. We like to just have fun and talk about whatever comes to mind.
I hope you'll consider joining our club!

We are raid/spam protected.
You search a server with random weird people ? Do you want weird memes and weird shit ? Congrats ! This server is for you !

We are just a small server so don't expect too much :)

Also some of us are playing Payday 2 on PC. So if you search for some new players on PC, you can try your luck here :D
Este servidor de discord es básicamente para conocer, jugar e interactuar con otras personas con tus mismos gustos, ya sean juegos, musica, anime, hay de todo.
Así que ya tienes un sitio donde ir cuando no sabes que hacer.
¡Hola Bienvenido A La Casa del Shitpost!
--------------------<¿Qué Tenemos?>---------------
[ ] Admins Activos
[ ] Memes-Shitpost
[ ] Bots divertidos
[ ] Zona Gamer
[ ] Server Recién Salido del Horno
-----------------------<Y MÁS>----------------------------

A discord server for anything you want to talk about! (Anything appropriate that is...)
I spent a lot of time on this server, It's the first "professional" server I've made. It would be great if you could join :).

The server is still kind of a "work in progress" so if you find anything wrong pls tell me :P
☽ welcome to rah rah rah !

fairly new server where you can relax, have fun and make new friends<3

˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹

❥ toxic free and friendly community

❥ pretty chill server !

❥ meet new amazing people<3

˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹

☽ we hope to see you soon<3 :)
Kami menghadirkan Server dengan Tema ***Kingdom*** dengan Role" yang Unik. Member dan staff yang hangat akan menyapa kalian :)
🌠 Anormal Atmosphere 🌠
Digamos que você ainda não entendeu a gravidade do nosso servidor.

Atmosfera Anormal é um servidor no qual as pessoas são muito únicas, digamos que até anormais, mas é algo que é interessante aos olhos, porque é de se esperar quando coisas diferentes ficam no mesmo lugar, a atmosfera fica diferente.
O charisma e a vontade das pessoas faz com que tudo se aglomere em um grande livro onde cada página é uma aventura nas personalidades, nos caráteres e na interação social presente.

Mas, como todo servidor, nós temos regras e eu lhe recomendo a ler elas, pois nós só iremos te indicar ela uma vez, e essa vez é agora.

Aqui você irá ver:

- 🤖 Bots diversos e sistema de economia próprio do servidor;
- 🔢 Cargos de experiência (níveis);
- 💬 Categoria de interação com chats, memes e vídeos;
- 📻 Canais de "Rádio" para bots de música;
- 🏳️‍🌈 Um sistema de cores no qual você pode mudar a coloração do seu nome à qualquer momento;
- 💯 Staff sempre disposta para ajudar.
House of Vibes is a chill ass place, come mooch about and hang out :D
We have fun self-roles, most of us are dorks and enjoy being stupid and throwing about fun insults at each other.
13+ only, If you're younger please don't interact.
A random server, made at a random time, for random people to join, to talk about random stuff, so yeah if you are interested in all of this randomness then more then welcome, and Please respect discord TOS

Adalah server ngobrol santuy yang berisi orang orang random yang gabut. Kalian bisa mengobrol, chat, dan menambah teman.

Kami menyediakan fasilitas berupa:
・ General/Public Chat
・ Gaming Chat
・ Bot Game Room
・ Create Room
・ Music Room

Have Fun and Enjoy The Server
Welcome to the Johnathan Galindo chatroom where we post memes and have fun!! come play the game!!
Ayo this is a random server lmao. Join it cuz we do giveaways and stuff :) luv frosty !
- Hello, welcome to MHX's Cave!
➥ We are a community server where you can find new friends and to just talk about anything you want! We have many fun bots to play around with, and an active and friendly community! Also, we love Capoo.

Some things you can do there:
┇Events / Giveaways with free Nitro and free Dank Memer coins!
┇Many cool + fun bots such as Dank Memer, OwO, MEE6 and more!
┇Our own custom bot with an economy system!
┇A truckload of emotes to expand your collection
┇Lots of amazing Nitro Booster perks (we‘re at level 3!!)
┇Chill and have fun!

Hello and Welcome to our server!

The place for really cool people and not some snowflakes, any topic is allowed on the server. Any race, religion people are allowed.

The purpose of this server is to talk with new interesting people. Server was created for those people who don't wanna join furry or e-dating servers and being banned for trolling. This server accepts bridge trolls :P

Have fun and enjoy your stay