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a server with not many rules applying to an older crowd. leveling bots and such. small server looking to grow bigger.
This is the server that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves.
If you're in need of a place to voice your opinion than this is the perfect server for you! Talk about topics of any kind, and suggestions are always welcome.
-dm @NitroDubbbz#3349 if you have any questions
✿.。.:* ☆::. Welcome to Possible Palace .::.☆*.:。.✿

We are a fun, diverse server for all! Anyone is welcome, as long as they follow the rules!
Our server includes, but is not limited to:
ღ Friendly, welcoming staff
ღ Fun Emotes
ღ Bots for fun and convenience
ღ Self assignable roles
ღ And a variety of fun chats (Including "Question of the Day", "K-Pop", various roleplay chats and more)
ღ And so much more!

Questions or concerns? Message @MadHatterMojo#0645
Are you looking for new friends to talk to? Feeling a little lonely? Well then come visit the Pain Cult! (no, this isn't full of edgy bs) This server is just a casual chat server where you can hangout and talk about whatever you want. This server is for (almost) all ages, so don't worry about someone finding out that you're 13 or something. Hopefully you can call this place home and enjoy your time here.
Welcome weary traveler. Your journey is at an end. Come down into the valley of your new home, Shangri-La. Paradise on Earth. We aim to be a comfy server to meet new friends and speak your mind. 18+ only.
We are the best discord server for those who are into Japanese music, especially Japanese rock music. Join our server, and talk about your favorite bands, or about anything on your mind in general. We are a friendly social community, and a great place to talk about whatever. We also have custom colors and roles for members to choose from.
Were pretty random her but were sane... I think
Okay so this is a server for all people. It is very inclusive and includes multiple channels such as a:
~ Nsfw Channel
~ Art Channel
~ Vent Channel
~ Music Channel
~ Memes Channel
~ Spam Channel
And more.
I hope to see you there!
~ Jay, Ki, and Kiwi

Welcome to the F1uffy Bunnies!
- Play LoL
- Dank Memes
- In-Lane-App
- Plays Video Games
- Cool Bots
- Just a Random Server lol!
- You can be toxic just really don't say things so toxic such as K.Y.S.
- Partners!

We are a group of gamers that built this server from the ground up. We are not strict, we just ask that you do not freak out or post NSFW also don't completely curse someone out unless they deserved it. Like I said we mostly don't care if your toxic but please have some common sense before typing. We also have a donation bot where you may donate to the server! Post your Youtube channel, or twitch. There is a full stream chat. Thank you for joining The F1uffy Bunnies!
Hai! I’d like to invite you to an active, funny and charming discord community, aka @sun (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)#8069 server. We accept LGBT+ and are happy to welcome anyone (Furries welcome ;3)
We have many bots, challenges and other fun activities to do there! Including..
~Giveaways and prizes!
~25+ Bots for every Need, including Dank Memer, Notsobot, Rhythm and many more!
~Fare leveling up systems with roles to obtain for leveling up!
~Live Streams with the Owner!
~A safe and welcoming community, with an even safer projection against spammers!
~Server Wide challenges and many other opportunity’s to get unique roles!

We hope to see you there!!
| We welcome you to the Tablenips community! |
We are a community server for people who like gaming, memes, anime and other things.
>> What will you find with us? <<
- Meme channel
- Channel for fans of the game osu!
- NSFW channel
- Channel with quotations
And much more!
Do you like spelunking? Join us in the caverns for conversation, music and games, and more. Active server with personable people.
Welcome and GARTEN PARTY,

Hört sich nicht sonderlich spannend an oder 😃?
Aber was ist schon ein Servername , wir sind Gartenparty wir sind eine Community wir sind deine GUTE LAUNE Brücke dir ist LW schau bei uns rein immer jemand da Quatsch mit deinen Freunden

Wir bieten:

-500 aktive Member
-ein Kompetentes Team
-tolle Events
-einen liebevoll gestalteten Server
-immer neuerungen
-lvl system
-bot zum nerven
-gaming Voice
-Familiares umfeld

Seid dabei wir freuen uns 😉 ^^
Hello the person who wrote this is jack and he is a 17yr server dead server owner and he needs your help. thanks so please join lol
We have emotes
Friendly staff
and other things like nsfw ;)
join join join
Hello the person who wrote this is jack and he is a 17yr server dead server owner and he needs your help. thanks so please join lol
We have emotes
Friendly staff
and other things like nsfw ;)
join join join
still in beta🙃
This server is a chill server where you can come and hangout, chill and make new friends!
*Do not join if you can't take jokes*
P.S The server is sorta inactive atm, which is why I'm putting this here, so we can have more activity.
help idk out I'm doin... uhh i guess im suppose to write in here uh
Welcome to this is a server 2 this server is the second version of "this is a server" because i decided to add a new. So here it is! Hope you enjoy your stay! :)
join my server, its a server mostly for people 13+ but if you are younger you are still welcome here! We are a safe space for anyone, no matter your race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, gender identity etc.. the server is still a WIP and will be changed multiple times before being completed, if you have any complaints or issues about our server please PM @Peachii#1417
**More info about our server**
-We have been raided once and we have upped our security for the next time
-Please feel free to mute any channels, no one is stopping you
-Do not, and I repeat, do NOT join this server to spread your server link, if I have gave you consent I will post it up on the Partnered Servers channel
-We have banned most foul language but we will allow swearing for the people with the *mature* role
-This server is a WIP so there will be issues and problems so PLEASE PM me (Peachii#1417) about ANY issues or suggestions
Official server :
Great community
Need Moderators
Dating 13 - 18
And more!!!

Looking For A Place To Chill With Your Friends & Hangout? This Server Welcome All Ages

Well We Have A Lot To Offer:

NSFW Section And A Nudes Section! (ID Verification only)
Mini-Games Section!
Custom Roles Including Special Roles For Verified Users!
Food, Selfies & Memes!
Dating Section!
Selfies & Social Media!
Voice Section & Partnerships!
Custom Emojis For Everyone!

~ Looking For Partner Managers! ~
hey! this server was originally meant for my friends and i (because they're mostly all British and i am not [tiller]!), but i actually want some members and for this server to grow. i want this server to have a safe, fun and active community, as well as to fit to anyone's needs in a discord server. thanks, and i hope you check us out!