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A server where you can rot with the other people in this server. We post memes and you have the power to become a mod every once in a while. You have the free will to make roles, emojis, channels once you join.
In an attempt to be quirky, I created a server meant for basically anything. Anime, gaming, television, drawing, writing, etc. There is no bias, and we aren't ones to judge. I accept anyone because I'd never judge a book by its cover.

If you'd like to learn more, read the bullet points below. I hope you're interested. :)

✨We are a chill server, have a good sense of humor and aren’t strict.

🌈 A safe space for anyone.

💡 We provide fun events (movie nights, simulators), and will be adding more as we gain members

👽 We have a variety of customizable roles to help get to know our members more

🎨 We have a variety of color roles to choose from, so you’re not stuck with a boring white color.

🤖 We provide multiple bots that you can mess around with an enjoy. (Yggdrasil, Mudae, Discord Fast Food, and more!)

👑 A good place for teens and young adults to relax, chat, vent, and do whatever their hearts desire!
With V‾ERSE we want to connect 🔌 as many people as possible.
Try it, hang out with many different people and talk 💬 about you favorite stuff, Anime, Movies, Music and more.

Right now we are at the beginning. A little bit of help would be nice, so if you like the server, feel free to invite friends 🧁

We are looking forward to see you on our server 😸
Infinite is a fun server where we post memes, talk about random stuff and post more memes. In this server you can be free and you won't be judged. That's pretty much it. Please join we're lonely
What Is Life is a chill server where people come to question life and is desperate for people to join
Hello welcome to Hell, this is a message from Satan. and i welcome you with open arms! (unless your in the Heaven Headquarters server) and if you dare defy Satan and wish to join Heaven here is the link
However if you stay loyal to Hell you can join the Hell army and fight against Heaven scum, you can also get a job and feel privileged!
we hope to see you soon....
Chill and hang out with gamers like ya, it’s a great space to be and express you, plus we all are random and like memes, looking for a meme dealer.we also have bots so ye
This is a server of lifeless, I mean legendary weebs. We compare waifus and argue of who is the very best. We have nsfw but for only those who dare claim the role of a man of culture (forgot to mention but we have self assignable roles). We have a god like owner, who you absolutely cannot hate; so come and join this sacred cult (we don't bite).

Welcome to the ou sever these are are rules that are important to follow or we will have consequences @everyone :

1.  No offensive names. 🌺

2. Inviting unofficial bots is **NOT ALLOWED** without administrative aproval, any bots that are found will be **INSTANTLY BANNED** without warning. 🌼

3.  Do not use the everyone / here ping without permission.wilted_rose I will really kill u if you don't follow this rule Bc it's annoying when you ping @ everyoneeee

4.  Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final. 🌸

5. No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat a lot , please! 🍬 🙏
6.  No advertising other sites/discord servers (Permission must be requested from Staff). 🍀💕

7.  No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat. ✌🏻

8. No racist or degrading content (racial terms are not allowed) 🚫❗

9. No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Dats only in #【✨§ᴘᴀᴍ✨】❗💕

10. **Don't judge** in how people look physically because people have hearts 🔥Be kind to other!!! ❄

Just follow all these role and we will be ok! If not they will be consequences🤗, Please be kind in this sever💐 I will be adding more Rule soon!

Also new rule is no drama
🌺 Looking for staff! 🌺

❤ Shizuka's Fantasy RP and Anime Server is a place for all people to show off their waifus, discuss anime, meet new people that share the same interests, and mainly RP. We aren't a very big or active server, but we could use your help to change that! We hope to see you soon! ❤
Calm new server for making friends! Chill with us and maybe party!
We have anime, memes, manga, webcomics, cringy hentai people
This server are for peepz that are furries! We shall take over gamers!!! FURRIES UNITE!

💜 Rules posted in server! 💜
This server is for anyone who feels like talking to a bunch of misfits, people who talk about random shit but will keep you entertained for hours :)
Heyo! Goipp (Gang of inverted pp) is a random server that me and my friend thought of lel. You can join and chat and just chill. Meet new friends and cool people on here!
Welcome to the rat army! In this server, you post memes and do whatever the hell you want.
This server is meant to make friends. If you want to make friends and have fun talks just join this server.💖😘
This is the server that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves.
If you're in need of a place to voice your opinion than this is the perfect server for you! Talk about topics of any kind, and suggestions are always welcome.
Idk what this server is but I was bored so plz join
There are no rules, just foolery
Hello, this is my server. Based on the name of the server, we play games. All sorts of different games, where you can advertise your YouTube channel and videos! This community is small, but I had to consider using this bot since the server members weren't inviting people themselves. But we have nice people here, they don't talk much. But maybe if you join and talk, that will encourage more people to come and talk along!