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Say whats ever in your mind in our special chats and voice chats :D
A server which is really dead, has fun bots, has a NSFW bot, and much more! (it has 19 text channels and is also really dead so please join)
basically a dead server where you can speak. Its a side server to scrumptious server.
There might not be much going on but we have free hugs and stuff.
We're also super small so come help make us bigger.
Super gay dead server for Danganronpa roleplayers, with lots of Shuchi x Kokichi, Komaeda x Hajime, and Byakuya x Naegi owo
Come join today for:
Much more.
Pretty generic description

this server is open to many things that may interest you. Come join today to help the server out

1 like = one discord save
This is a dead ass server. If you want to join and spam it go ahead. Just join it cuz some people in here need friends dead ass.
really just a server for all.. lol, it just needs more members.
Hi we are a group called brotherhood we are just a small community so feel free to join it's not that active right now but you can change that!

We do sometimes have events were we play games like
We have a nsfw channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And for now thats about it
Here at vibes, we have a hella good of a time
You can be a sister, James Charles?
Be a sassy hoe :)
Be yourself b.
Join today
It is 4 and a half years into the Outbreak of the Walkers, The amount of the Walkers has increased rapidly, it was just a few thousands when it started... Now, It is billions.... Possibly 6 billion..... Leaving 1 billion of the Humans left, they have to fight to survive.
Made by a group of depressed, sad and lonely people who have been internet strangers for 2 years now. Small and comfy server.

Chat tends to be slow but we don't mind as long as we're together.

We have a working custom bot made by one of our members. Feel free to add suggestions.
** After the events that took place on the mining ship known as USG ishimura many recognized the threat of the necromorphs and markers while some praised them the world setting in place for another necromorph infestation to begin anywhere many began to construct red markers in the name of science god or energy all having the same outcome as usual.**
I know its dead rn and that's why im on this site to make it undead we got memes and cute shit
Join the Weeb Cult, pretty simple server, we have 7 bots, a NSFW Channel and anime discussions, we sometimes do events like Game Night or Movie Night. Come join!
This server is a bit dead but it has a nice community!
Hello there! Daektoria is a chill server without all of the annoying cancerous people.
shits kinda dead, help me spam or somethin
Welcome to the super squad server, here we post memes, we have everything for everyone, want to find a friend go to our lounge, find people who are calm but funny, or our caps lounge, find people who are loud and bright our rules are set for a purpose to do follow them please