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eh just a retarded community within a discord server lots a roles/channels and much more and it has a really toxic chat and retarded members so yeah hop in this server
Our server was made to combat T-Series in the Battle of YouTube, for all the 9 year olds and pro gaming squad, although after we lost, we have been continuing our journey to promote PewDiePie, join us :)
great gaming server with lots of fun
its dead im looking for active members who take the initiative to talk more in the main channel :)
Some things about our server:
game bots
nice people
Great Staff
tons of Bots
Amazing Levelling System
Spam channels & more
Fun and chill server that contains friends and buds looking for a good time. Everything except gore is allowed!
Made by a group of depressed, sad and lonely people who have been internet strangers for 2 years now. Small and comfy server.

Chat tends to be slow but we don't mind as long as we're together.

We have a working custom bot made by one of our members. Feel free to add suggestions.
hello this is death™️
you can relax here and meet/talk to people!
You can do everything here! We have several generals in case if one is too active for your liking, an nsfw chat for your horny self, and many more! Though this server isn't completely done so done have too high expectations.
hope you join!!
-the staff
dead atm but wanting new people to join to allow the sever to grow and gain new friends. currently everyone friendly af
This is a fan made server for any platform,any rank and any level! Come find a party, see the new updates or just mess around!
Come I dare you! Y'all welcome to turn this place into trash! ;3 No actions will be taken! admins are given freely! -P.S last part is a lie PFFT
just join and troll ( dont join if youre sensitive ) but if you do have fun p.s. it’s kind of dead now
I made this server for fun but I want some actual members, if you wanna join then join, it won't be just attack on titan centred we can talk about other things but the theme of the server is based around aot, I'm a pretty active person, this server also has 3 warning roles so if you break a rule you won't be kicked/muted/banned instantly you'll just get one of the three warnings.
Is your server dead? Do you have a large community but no activity? We're the server for you. We're looking to try and make a server where members of dead servers can be funneled and their communities can be revived. To do that, we're going to need some starter staff, which is why we're putting it on Disboard to start.
Just a server.
Nothing special really.
Mostly filled with bots.
We have a NSFW channel...
Uhhh idk join for nothing special
Welcome to Ericsons Boarding school for troubled youth! Its been five years since the beginning of the outbreak, come roleplay uwu!
I'm really new at having servers of my own, and not gonna lie, this one's kinda dead, with just a small amount of people, but hey, we dont bite. it's a good place to make a couple pals
its quite dead and boring so like join if ya want
This is a discord server that does to many expensive giveaways and I’m hoping can become more active..
This server is inspired by "The Walking Dead", where the whole country got infected by zombie and turning them into the living dead.
Welcome to Universe is Dead. We are a community that is looking forward to many things. We want help with mods, admins, and the channels.

If you would like to be a mod or admin please ask one of the owners like for say me in being a mod or admin.

This server can be anything worth your wild.
A server for people trying to find a place to hang out if you're feeling a bit lonely. Now looking for mods
not much to say this is an alt server for my main so not really active many self assingable roles and we have pokecord mudae and dankmemer this server is really dead and looking for members! see you soon