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A somewhat interesting, clean server that was made by a bored person.

We have:
-Self assignable roles
-Self assignable colors
-Memes (provided by a bot)
-Provided music channels
-Venting spots

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you enjoy your stay if you do decide to join. I just wanted to make this server grow so I have a purpose of having it. If you could help by joining, that would be much appreciated. x

Also, let's just hope you won't be one of those people and leave the server after minutes of joining just because it's small or dead. Thanks. xx
This is my nice memey server without many rules. It has plenty of different channels and lots of potential. Help me get it active again!
The Depressed Losers reunite to kill themselves, while playing many games such as:
CoD MW 1, 2, 3
Any CoD game whatever

Just a dead yet chill server. Join if you want to help make it lively again
Was Just A Community Server For Friends And Friends Of Friends But Now That The Servers Dying We Need Help To Give Life Back To It
just join and troll ( dont join if youre sensitive ) but if you do have fun p.s. it’s kind of dead now
ᄊリ レノキ乇'丂 レノズ乇 ム刀 ム刀ノᄊ乇, ノ刀ᄃの尺アの尺ムイ乇り の尺 刀の乃のりリ りム刀ム乇尺のひ丂 レの丂乇丂
We have some roles, we have some characters, we need more people, and i need to make characters, a plan for an intro, a plan for a series a script would help too but that you so kindly
This server is dead don’t join it
Just squids hanging out and talking right now. The war is over for now but we never know when the octopussies might strike again but for now we're just chilling looking for new recruits and people to make the server more lively or alive in general.
Say whats ever in your mind in our special chats and voice chats :D
Come join today for:
Much more.
Pretty generic description

this server is open to many things that may interest you. Come join today to help the server out

1 like = one discord save
A Fluffy Cute Sheep, A Community, And 3 Owners, Nothing's Gonna Stop Fluffo! We Have Roleplay, Music, Bots, And Best Of All, We're Partnering AND Hiring! Come on Down To The Fluffiest Server Around. It's Super Dead, Come Start Up A Chat In Here!
I don't know why I created this and I'll probably delete in two weeks but I don't know, let's see what happens 🍋
This server is inspired by "The Walking Dead", where the whole country got infected by zombie and turning them into the living dead.
A server which is really dead, has fun bots, has a NSFW bot, and much more! (it has 19 text channels and is also really dead so please join)
basically a dead server where you can speak. Its a side server to scrumptious server.
Super gay dead server for Danganronpa roleplayers, with lots of Shuchi x Kokichi, Komaeda x Hajime, and Byakuya x Naegi owo
This is a dead ass server. If you want to join and spam it go ahead. Just join it cuz some people in here need friends dead ass.