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Welcome to Multi-Tale, Its a Au created by ???, This server includes almost all au's as long as staff allows it of course. This server is a Semi-Literate rp server, if you dont know what that means look it up in Google "Semi-Literate Rp" It may sound difficult but its a load of fun. This server is more of a cannon au stuff then a fannon au, At least we try to be
This server is extremely new, so help would be great, but we'd still need proof you could help out correctly

The plot so far is known as. ??? Has made a connection from most AU'S to a AU Named Multi-tale, it looks very similar to the original Undertale. There are a few things different however. This is how people from different au's interact with eachother.

Important stuff said to keep in mind
-This is a Semi-Literate server
-Auditions(Not the classic type, dont worry theres instructions)
-Tupper is to be used
-There is a NSFW Section.

Please have a good time in the server, and please dont be a jerk. Thank you.
**~ The Pride of Mystery: The Remnants of Game Reality ~**

Welcome to TPoM: RGR, A server centered around a world consumed by a video game, and the only way to revive the world are to reach the unsaid final level and defeating the final boss, and winning the game! Your retro escape the video game rp with a twist! This game has a lot to offer so life isn't just grinding and progressing. There are clues you need to figure out to pass the floor, and you can't pass unless you do! though, beating a boss is also a requirement. And then, there are jobs, rolling for pets and new forms, and much more!


| Contents:

Floors 1-5 (for now)
Guilds, Guild Wars, Ability to destroy other guilds ;>
PVP Arena (Characters can die), In-game PVP (PTK is needed)
Memes Channel
Events, Lottery
Jobs and careers (Full and part-time)
Mobs and mini-bosses and bosses
Server shop (In progress), trading, crates

We are also in need of mods and GM'S. Maybe someone who could help edit the server
Hi! I’m the owner of this server. What is it about? Let me explain! Sonic Speed follows the adventures of....Clover?! Let me explain...

This takes place in a very odd timeline. Some characters shouldn’t be here as they are from separate timelines or other dimensions. And not to mention some are pulled from different timelines as well. Something is wrong but I just can’t put my finger on it...

Anyway, this story follows the adventures of a green, 15 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog named Clover.

His goal is simple: Find the mystical gems known as Chaos Emeralds and use them to bring back a friend. Seems simple right? Nah. His goal takes a massive turn as he has to deal with a bunch of enemies he never thought he’d have to face.

But it’s ok. He’s just gonna get stronger and he’s gonna do it with all of his friends and allies.

(This story takes place after Forces. Random characters might be pulled out from other points in time and space.

Now that you know the plot, let me describe some other great things about this server.

1. Yes as you can tell, you can make your own oc to role play with. Also, as long as you can find a photo, Super forms are allowed! If an oc isn’t your style, you can become a canon character!

2. Music! Trying to chill and listen to some tunes? Well, go ahead and enter a music channel and listen to whatever music you feel like.

3. Art! If you feel like showing some of your talents as an artist, just show off some art in the art channel! Can’t draw but want to show off a picture you really like, go ahead and show that too!

4. Chat. Feel free to just come in and chat with us!

Our staff may He a bit low but don’t worry! They are friendly and willing to help you out with anything! So go ahead and join in on the fun!

💜💜Welcome to the wide and illustrious Home of the Horny, where we have all you could want and more under one roof!💜💜
((This server has recently gone under re-construction, as well as began hunting for boosters. Helping us out would be appreciated to no end!😁)

Welcome to our Home of the Horny, an illustrious place designed to cater towards most fetishes, kinks and desires under the sun. Regardless of what you're into, inside these doors we have something for everyone, you just need to look! We have a wide variety of things to do here, ranging from most vanilla and wholesome, to the dirtiest and kinky. With a tight knit community behind our doors, we're waiting for YOU to join us in our quest of fulfilling our lewd desires!

We also include:
💗Active and friendly staff that is ready to help!💗

💛Many different RP location options, including a bar, strip club, BDSM area, outdoor area, beach and everything in between!💛

💚Optimized server, you don't have to scroll through hundreds of channels to see what you want!💚

💗Friendly community that doesn't tolerate toxicity.💗

💙A massive hentai category!💙

🖤A set up BDSM auction process and economy!🖤
💖Server plot events from our old roots as a RWBY server!💖

❣️Many other RP events such as weekly RP challenges, VC events, Plot events, auction events and more!❣️

💕SFW RP areas!💕

💘A variety of discord bots and games for everyone to enjoy.💘

💓Personal room channels to ERP/RP in with more control of what happens and to show your OC to the community💓

💜Flexibility for most OC's. If it's not on our small blacklist, it's fair game!💜

💞A desire to grow as a server and openness to including new areas to the server!💞

So what are you waiting for? We have something for everyone, including you. So give us a try, you won't regret it! 😘
Wings of Fire: Sea of Dreams

The Past has come back to haunt the Current world of Wings of Fire, Mysterious Showers appear, and Disappear, Life as you know it, and all know it, Will be changed forever, The Oceans Are Boiling with Secrets, And the Ground is an Treasure trove waiting to be opened…

Things are Not as they seem, rumors have spread like wildfire that The spirits of Dead dragons have been returning, Now, Dragons that have died, Have returned, Some seeking Destruction, and Other Seeking Salvation from their Terrible deeds.

It's up to you to decide what You will do in this Massive World in Turmoil, Will you be a Hybrid on their way to prove themselves? Or will you perhaps be an Adventurer leaking new lands? The possibilities lay before you, Spanning out in all directions.

:scroll: includes a Number of Roles! :scroll:
:confetti_ball: includes Numerous Channels to roleplay in! :confetti_ball:
A great Staff team to help in approval and such!

and more!
Through time the world was ravaged by constant wars and endless battles that caused the fall and rise of nations. 5 nations were able to come out above all others, yet the peace between the nations was nonexistant due to the wars the 5 nations caused and accidentally crushed the smaller ones with. Through many years it is only known to the nation of "Terrain Skyfall" that it is led by the city with the same name but only Skyfall. The city is led by the one with the title of "Omikami" after the goddess who is believed to enlighten the land. The Omikami is a strong ninja who has done much for the land and is also very strong. Up to now the four Omikami that have served have been heros in the three great wars against the lands. The first Omikami is supposedly also known among the lands as "The god of shinobi" and the current is known as "the yellow flash of skyfall" and the fastest shinobi. Now the city is protected by the fourth and his followers as they attempt to thrive and help those who require it.

We are also a chill server and will be adding the shoob bot once we hit the required amount of members needed. We also have mudae and an excellent crew of moderators!

We also do a Nitro Giveaway every month
Once there was a island. People found the island and made themselves a home. One day something happened and the island sank down and the middle of the island flooded creating a lake with rivers in the middle. This killed many in the area and everyone moved to one side of the city. There was monsters on the island but they moved them all to the other side of the island.

Soon magic was discovered and helped as the founded the kingdom. Light magic was easy to learn and helped many but some practiced dark magic. They would have scars across their body caused by their magic.

After awhile a kingdom was formed and king and queen was established. They ruled the kingdom with no issues besides the occasion monster getting into the kingdom and needing to be dealt with.

One day both the king and queen fell very ill. All the best healers of the land came and tried to help. They managed to save the king but the queen died. The king declared that it was dark magic that got them sick and banned it from the kingdom and dark magic disappeared.

All was peaceful until one day the king found out that a kingdom was being built on the other side of the island. It was being lead by a dark magician and was filled with monsters. The king declared war on the kingdom and they have been at war ever sense.

They are currently at a stand still soliders at each side of the lake and rivers. The fighting has stopped for the time being but both sides are planning. It doesnt help that someone is coming to stir trouble.
〣 -╎ After King Narto died, Prince Snarto Begin his rule over the celestial kingdom, trying to find each suspect who trace back to his fathers murder during the Rinnese Attempting avenge him, with the will of the full Celestial Military by his side. Soon Celestial’s began fighting war after war due to them getting closer to the mystery of the former Kings death. Young Snarto led them with no mercy trying to surpass his father at the same time. Skipping forward to 12 Years, The Celestials are ready for there “a Final” Battle with “Prince” Snarto as he was ready to become the actual King Of The Celestials without a royal advisors or help from his cousins in different countries.. This Here Folks will be the battle of the sentry. -╎ 〣
Hi! I'm Sid and I'm the humble owner of this new café! It is still very new but I am hoping with time it can grow into something more than a cafe!

Please come stop by and try out our coffee and specialty wafflers!

Or maybe you want to be a maid? Well stop on by! We have a need for maids AND patrons alike!

We're also part nightclub! The maids become strippers at night. So come join and have enjoy a donut with our adorable maids..or have a fun and sexy night with our hot strippers. Whatever pleases your desires we have.
{ This is an Role play server.}

We are a role play server with a big plot for all your role playing needs! We have attentive and experienced staff with are ready to help a moment's notice! With a friendly community we would love it if you swung by and said hello!

Morbians and Humans were at war with the Mystical Creatures of this world. After the war the humans faced extinction. Morbians are facing their own problems with the after match. Even after the war all three races are at each other's throats.

A new threat raises up and threatens all live in the 9 realms. Will you join forces or betray your race for self desires?

Pick your allies and fight your enemies. -----

On this server we have:

- A large catalog of different places for your characters to explore
-Fun bots to keep you entertained while not engaging in active rp sessions
-A friendly open minded community that is willing to take in everyone from all walks of life
-We are LGBTQ+ Friendly

-And a spicy NSFW section for all you (+18) saucy role players out there ;)

Thank for reading about our server and happy role playing!
Hello and Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! We are please to inform you that you qualify for attending

Hogwarts: Darkness Looms takes place after the events of Voldemort and the Second Rise of the Dark Lord. The Death Eaters have Dispersed and everything is running smoothly under the watchful eye of Headmaster Alatar...

...or is it

We are a new server but we are looking to grow! Here are some of the features we have so far!

:sunglasses: New Server so you can input your thoughts and suggestions
:map: All the locations of Hogwarts including Hogsmeade
:smiley: Low Moderation and Not a ton of Rules
:underage: 100% SFW
:book: Constantly Developing Plot

Come join us!
this is the story of kids with powers that go to school (ITS NOT FUCKING M.H.A.) and somethimes the godess of the other world comes and takes some kids to "somewhere?"
The world is split into three different factions: Man, Monster and Monster Girls. All of these are pretty straight forward especially if you're joining this server.
The world used to work like a normal fantasy world, men and women procreated and adventurers fought the monsters that fucked the monster girls. Eventually though, monster girls started growing weary at the fact that they were locked up and kept around to be repeatably fucked by, rather disgusting, monsters who were painful and brutish. They realised at some point in the last few hundred years that it would be much easier and nicer to them to bang normal men.
So the Monster Girls fled from the monsters and captured or charmed normal men into being with them. But the monsters having nothing to do to relieve themselves started getting angry, they blamed the men for stealing their girls from them. The monsters were attacking humans harder than ever before, raping and pillaging everything. It was chaos.
Man could barely stand up to the waves of monsters- and the monster girls, now desperate for their lovable normal men companions realized the only people who can protect the humans from monsters were the Monster Girls. So now, with their companions, Monster Girls Hunt Monsters.

<♦> What we offer <♦>

>> A lore packed, story filled and not just erp server. We have an advancing plot that everyone can be included in If they want with entire channels dedicated to recaping it for new people. (Joining into this plot is most definitely not mandatory)

>> An entire custom made world worth of lore to explore, with even more added as the server expands

>> An active helpful moderator team that's almost always available to be pinged (For the most part... You'll know what I mean when you meet him...)
Team RWBY is back and ready for their second semester at Beacon, an academy that trains the world's strongest fighters. But real life doesn't stop. Between the White Fang, Torchwick, and a mysterious trio, calling themselves the Eternity trio, they certainly have their work cut out for them! Set down in Vale and see how the story evolves with your original character involved.
```Attention! May I have your attention please!```
**It's 2800. **
The world is blooming after a war that wiped out a majority of life on the planet. From the ashes of **The Silent War**, a battle between nations for complete dominance fought with **Gaia** mechs, 5 countries bloomed in the continent of North America:
The Regal Capital of Redloch.
The Cyberpunk alleyways of Jel'Cats.
The science-crazed wastelands of Omega 0.
The Lofi-Vapourwave hippies known as Lexoneaux
and the beautiful pirate infested islands of Kingsley.

In this server, you will get to experience:
**Affinities**: Cool Genetic Altering that gives you super-powers.
**Augmentations**: Robot parts and stuff of the sort.
**Gaias**: Massive Mechs designed to cause maximum destruction.
**A friendly staff willing to answer questions**
**And so much more.** (Probably)

So come on down and see just what **Tech Noir: Gaia's Tremor** has to offer. You might be surprised what you find.

Quick side note:
**This is more mature.** - Drugs and sex and shit. This place is pretty PG.13, so a warning (no ERP still, ~~you horny fucks~~)
- A Story/plot-driven roleplay server! -

In the group of many, many multiverses stands a particular one; Neutral, Pacifist and Genocide runs all collided inside of the multiverse. Many monsters have discovered the ability to travel the infinite timelines and different AUs due to a change in its core. Of course, some places are barricaded with monster magic, forbidding anyone to enter unless granted permission. One holds a great barrier of human magic, weak, and strong. The once insiders of that place tell a tale that the owner of the timeline forbids monsters wielding a timeline or AU, and only helps those who are lost and have been stolen from their place.

Welcome, to the Collided Universe.


Hiya! The names Ani, I'm the owner of this server. We're a roleplaying and community-driven chat for all members of the Undertale fandom! Here, we have:
- Voicechats
- Art channels
- Gaming channels
- Roleplay channels
- Movie nights
- Game nights
And much more! I look forward to seeing you in our growing community!

See you around!
Welcome to the void, the most unfair crp plot server ever. The plot revolves around a balanced crp system based off of an equal balance of skill and luck! Try your hand at escaping the void youve been imprisoned in
Curly’s Cafe Welcomes You!

❀ This town was severely in ashes, until Curly’s opened! Curly’s Cafe saved the town of Belmore from complete destruction, Curly’s brought people together, from family’s to lovers.

❀ Funny that, such a happy town has so many secrets. There’s not a single trace of history in the libraries of Belmore- supposedly there’s lots of rumors going around, but you should just ignore those. They’re just rumors after all.

❀ Curly’s has so much to offer, you can RP as a child, all the way up to an adult with a job. Curly’s offers free form plot, and genres ranging from romance, to action!

❀ There are secrets to uncover in Belmore, join us and help us solve a plethora of mystery’s!

❀ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈❀
Pings: @everyone | @here

What Curly’s Offer!
❀Free Form Plot❀
❀ LGBTQ+ Community❀
❀Custom/Unlimited OCs❀
❀Fun Bots ❀
❀Friendly Staff❀
❀Literate RP❀
❀ Cute Emotes❀
❀Tons Of Channels❀
❀NSFW & Venting❀

Come get your serving at Curly’s~
You wake up in a dark room, you cant remember much other than your name and past, not how you got here. You can barely see, theres another person near you, but they're still passed out, all you can do is scream for help, but no one will come. There are speakers in the room, a voice comes from them, "Testing, Testing, 123. It seems at least one of you must be up, Sorry, No questions, this is a pre recorded message, or atleast this part. Heres the news, You're here because you saw somehing you weren't supposed to see. You now need to fight for your lives, I wish you the best of luck in this game." Fear overwhelms you, you're going to die if you dont get out in time.

Welcome to Debunked, we are a killing game roleplay server developed by three little rats, Your character saw something they weren't supposed to see, and so you're stuck here, Good luck!~

We're a relatively new server, so please join!
Applications are now open!
Welcome to the Roleplay Hub! Here we have tons of ongoing roleplays for everyone! Including links to other roleplay servers. I just wanted to create a safe space for the roleplay community. One with a L O T of different things going on. These include but are not subject to:

-Private and public plots!
Normally you would need a server for a single plot/idea, here we have tons to choose from.

A Welcoming community!:
Here at the Roleplay hub moderation is strong! And you need to verify to enter so theres no bots and people coming to raid. We have a vent channel where theres no judgement, just welcoming people there to help.

-Any type of literacy!
In the Roleplay Hub we try our best to educate and help people with roleplaying. No judgements here on your literacy level. Theres stuff for everyone!

Consider joining!
Hades is, kindly put, a terrible ruler. He is neglectful of hell, leaving it’s subjects to their own devices while he prances off to make love to monsters and humans, thus overpopulating their home. This ends NOW. Each race, every individual in hell has made the race for the crown. To make matters more imperative, the Angels are attacking Hell for reasons unknown. And you? You’re just a Demon / Fallen Angel in the middle of it all. What will you do?
The Gateway to Agragon is the entrance server for The World of Agragon, when you join you can apply to join the main server and rp with people like yourself who enjoy a rich world full of Lore, Magic, Tech and Custom Races. The world is ever changing and there is events happening in the background that changes the Rp constantly. You can opt in and join the Main plot or create your own story as a Legend or a Villian. Join today!