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An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue.

Twilight Realm is a civilization thrown into chaos. With the disappearance of the Sun Goddess, Darkness has overtaken the world. Horrifying, otherworldly creatures and monsters roam the Dark. Uncover the mysteries of the land and fight against the Branded that plague the misty nights! Explore the vast Frontier and Rift Lands, or make a name of your self within the last safe territory of Verdisol.

● This server is 18+ only! Twilight Realm is managed for and by adults.
● We require a roleplay sample to keep up quality and manage the community!
● We have nearly 100pages of unique lore and an ever-expanding world.
● Social roles for casual roleplay. (Explore the world and meet others!)
● Event roles for plot and story based roleplay. (Shape the world with your actions!)
● Social and Plot events, small and large!

Come join us!
Long ago, a great world beyond you wildest imagination was conceived by the collective ideas of mankind: Aletheia. It was a land so magnificent yet a land torn between an unending battle for conquest. It is here that lies both the troubles of life and the hardships that come with death. Humans, fae, spirits, beasts and other creatures make this land their home.

This is a Fantasy Settings RP Server that has 12 Kingdoms,A Plot About Cults, Demons and Apocalypse,and A Quest system. We're a Small Community With An Admin that's up for 24/7 [and also has inside memes in it] And we're Seeking out Roleplayers With good Talent. If you want to Come here just to Have Fun,or Have a Serious RP. Then you can Come in Anytime!
Welcome to the world of fairy tale, my friend. Within this roleplay, you'll be tossed within this world that many belove. You'll make friends and foes alike and learn new things never released before in the original story.
*————————————————————**KEEP RUNNING because they aren’t gonna stop chasing you.** Get used to it. The government is corrupt and nothing but the bloodshed interests them as they look down upon their noses at criminals, at the poor people, at the lesser mortals that walk this earth and watching them fight to the death. The worlds so corrupt now that science breeds them, creates them. These demons, those nightmares.... these *Monsters*. You fight. You die. You fight. You survive. You do this for a cause, innocent or not.

You run, and you run, and you run from death.
Keep moving, keep going, like the blood in your veins.
Something to remind you, something to warn you,
Perhaps in the pain, never ending, monster jaws.
Chasing the dawn, running from Dusk, forever alone.
No rules, no boundaries, no sense and no laws.
For the time has come, to give up, to fight.
Inside the arena walls.

We are in our beta stage and brand new! We are hiring staff and looking for people to help create this massive project, it’s built upon the idea of fighting monsters in a dystopian arena.

The thing is, the world was meant to end. Except Apocalypse turned to dystopia and the world kept crumbling. Kept dying. Even though the world keeps spinning, keeps turning, keeps moving, but in a sluggish way, a pained way, giving up? Perhaps the world already knew.

You see, the Rich people own the world now, capturing the monsters that once came out of the research of corrupt science, making a more pleasurable way to exterminate these monsters and those that… well… commoners. It’s a rich mans world.

Picture a tavern. Imagine it combined with an inn. Then populated with characters from any fandom and characters that are your own creations. That’s basically the Nambor Tavern!

•Casual but also possibly serious roleplay
•Simple, easy to follow
•Fast character reviewing for approval
•The ability to be an employee or an inn resident
•Awesome members
hows this for now? Welcome to Accelerate Academy! If you find yourself enrolled here you are indeed the elite, the best of the best from all around the world. To give a little bit of background on the school, it is made by the crowd funding and put together effort of every country and major power on earth, and everything you would ever need is provided here! Only those with innate talent that surpasses even geniuses or luck that can best a god will be enrolled here. Due to its connections throughout the world we have a plan and teaching program for everyone, Ranging from simple World class chef to Ruler of a Monarchy! In fact, thanks to the agreement for Accelerated Excellence Standard, Any job you choose is guaranteed to you! This can all be owed to the wonderful teachers and fantastic staff at this school. The main teaching tool we use here is in fact, the furthest leaps of technology our race has ever made, Virtual Reality.
In the world of Krytaloc, 300 years after the War of Chaos, there is now two schools. Darkwater, lead by Violetta. A school of tactical darkness and cleverness. And there's Nidavellir, lead by Scarlett. A school of strength and justice. These two have managed a shaky truce, bound further by the fact both owners are sisters. There are peacekeepers, creatures and people sworn to protect and guard the balance. The path you take is what decides your fate in these dark days, what will you do?

This is a revamp/recreation of the power of lust, this is a more ser verson focused on plot and story
Greetings master! Welcome to Fate/Eclipse!

In another universe, in another time. The world is in chaos. Innocents murdered left and right, cities up in blazes, and countless tainted heroic spirits ravaging countries. Angra Mainyu obtained and won the Holy Grail, corrupting his own essence into it and wishing for mankind for Its own demise.

Emiya was the first Heroic Spirit sent to earth without a master, and others came before him. All without a master to anchor them to this world. This Grail War is special, bizarre if you must. This is the first time that Heroic Spirits are summoned without a master.

Servants from different eras, take refuge in the Emiya Residence. Gathering forces to attack the evil that lurks in the shadows. A common goal to join and defeat a common enemy. Angra Mainyu.

Another Holy Grail has appeared, and this time is in Europe. Will you join us and fight? Will you reign victorious in the battle to come? Or lose, letting evil conquer the world. This is the story of a final war. The Grand Holy Grail War.

-Bots with all your suitable needs.

-FGO NA/JP Community

-Cool rp events.


Once upon a time, the time before time its self began, where we didnt exist, mighty beings, all powerful beings sprawled across their realm. They are the Gods. The creators of darkness, wickedness, light and peace. Anything and everything known to us. They were greedy and wanted worshippers, grew tired of the bleak realm they governed. The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone. The three faced goddess split herself into three, using the forge of fiery blaze known to Mala, the forsaken stone of The Wyrdgate itself and iron. Created the Cauldron, the supposed liquid mirror into different realms. The creation that brought Prylthia into existence. Bearer of Worlds.
Each of the Gods sliced their palms, their infinite magic being droplets of the Cauldron's existence. One by one, having creed over their own marshes of Prylthia...and so we began.

Where there is magic and mortals woven in one land. But separated, magic wielders being in the upper sanctions of the land and mortals being in the very bottom.  The Cauldron: most powerful entity, also lead to being a great threat to Prylthia, and whoever wielded the Cauldron could essentially play Ruler of the Gods. Which caused wars, being as the creatures who lived in the upper half of Prylthia were known as the Fae. Being immortal flesh with strength in Magic. The majority of them were power hungry, feral creatures. After the war was over by a set few of the Fae who feared its power and destruction that could most definitely destroy the very world they lived. Found a way to subdue the Cauldron's power, and let it sleep. The four legs of the cauldron being stripped from it. They were known as the Wyrdstone Keys. The four of them sprawled across the lands of Prylthia by the great Ancestor Fae and mortal knights, each key having power of its own to split balance between the lands. The cauldon then hidden away as well in the deep depths of the ocean which was layed bare to creatures that gave people nightmares.

The gentle coaxing thrum, drumming over Prylthia, The Cauldron's essence a whispering melody over the lands. It's slumber is over, and shes opened an eye. That swirling darkness, smacking her lips, wondering when her next intoxicating meal will be...who will be drawn to her first? And what will they make of her world...

A roleplay with strict plot and community of roleplayers, just starting out and need people who are interested.
Hello all! Welcome to the Mansion of The Gods! A server based around gods hanging out and relaxing. But maybe that isn’t your style. We also have other realms open as well as any playable race. We also have an arena to fight in! We welcome any fighting style allowing you reach up into the OP clouds and pull out your fighting characters. But that’s not all we have! For those of you who don’t like straight fights like that we also have plots that can either lead to fights or to diplomatic talks. Come join our small community!
Hello! Im the owner of this server and I have come here to introduce you to it and hope you join. Anyhow, this is heavily inspired by war of the worlds. Anyway, the server has a unique feature, basicaly the lore fills out as you roleplay. To give immersion that your character does not know everything. The RP hasn't even started yet so hurry up and join! And if you're not interested in making a character, you can be a gamemaster! Control the enemies and npc's. Anyway, I hope you join, if not, have a great day none the less!
Faction Before Blood is a Roleplay server set around the Divergent series. Roleplayers of any form are welcome, from beginner to veteran. The server is non canon so it is unaffected by anything that happened in the books. This is your story. This is your journey. But always remember. F̶̝̭̐ͅa̵̩̍̂c̴͍͉͓̋t̷̩͋i̶̺͌͝ȍ̸̳͗͘ň̵͓.̸̢̈́ ̴̞͉̆́̅͜B̴̮̰̾̄͛ẻ̷̹̳̆̕͜ḟ̸̘̅͝o̴̭̓͘͜ȑ̵̲̏ę̵̩͐ ̵̪̦͇̾b̶̫̋̉̎l̵͙̞̹͌o̴̙̝̰͐͘o̸̪̖̻͌̍d̸̨̮̞̋.̵̡͔̉̓
Welcome to our little server!,it is still a HUGE work in progress,so please be patient,the clans are,Brambleclan,Seedclan,Oakclan and Brookclan! Enjoy your stay!
Hey, welcome to Charlotte Enlightenment, for those of you that love the anime Charlotte this is the place to be, we are a friendly community with active staff available. We currently have most of out events and story arc's planned out and we are always looking to expand out numbers.
March of the Clouds is a completely new server set in the realm of Kiznet, a realm divided by a large barrier centuries ago. You as a being within Kiznet travel the lands between the two kingdoms of old, discovering ancient ruins and fighting vibrant monsters.

In-depth T1 roleplay, skilled roleplayers preferred.
This server is nearly 100% new, a simple screening process is involved and you're in.
Custom races and magic system, have at it folks!
At the beginning of time was the first god and the first devil. Their war started as a reluctant one, God sent forth his humans and the devil sent forth his demons. Most of these countless battles have remained undocumented and those that were documented were incorrectly done so. Eventually humans lost sight of their holy duties and turned to fighting themselves, leaving the demons underground to plot for eternity. Hence forth more gods and devils have come to exist.

It is the third incarnation (lifecycle of true god and devil) and these two god and devil alike, agreed upon a game to finally end this war. Instead of relying on their own soldiers, whom they cannot truly control, they will take physical manifestations and rage true war.

The two kingdoms, Nitnom, owned by Malachi and Karnam, owned by Turrochi are in the rivalry. They are not the only Kingdoms in Astrub. There lies 6 others including one fallen kingdom. Each newly made king chose lesser kingdoms to aid in this oddly balanced war.

Join kingdoms. Fight for them and there faction. Do an exiting story line and more. Who's army will win, Satan or God.