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Welcome to The Rivière House! Since 1823 the Rivière family has fought for their survival through numerous trials. Now, modern day. They are able to walk in the sunlight, move quickly, and heal exceptionally fast. We welcome humans, hybrids, vampires, and werewolves. This is a roleplay room!
This is a new roleplay server where you can be anything and do anything,
Its set in a large city filled with many creatures and species. Come check it out, and of there's something that should be added just ask! (Server died, trying to revive it.)
shadoworld is both a gaming server and an RP server but the main focus being RP. the RP itself takes place in our world but what was thought to be myth and Legend is actually real you have vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, and others. While exploring in the new Dark World you will also discover that magic and gods have power over you and you are nothing more than a Pawn. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dark World?

A serious role-playing server about the city of Harrisburg and it's "other" inhabitants.

Role-play as a werewolf, vampire, or even a hunter trying to fight back for their city!
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. We also have both short and long form RP channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
**NOBODY TELLS YOU WHEN YOU DIE. It just happens.** Maybe that’s why you are a nobody. You don’t choose how, or when, or who’s hand to die by, but you know *One* thing.

*Its the end*

*Upon hallowed Hand and the moon that shines thy light upon the graves to which the darkness rises upon tainted bite.
You drink, and drink and drink but yet no satisfaction upon the gaze you cast-
Upon ivory skin replaced peach like tones, to which infection had betrothed. Infinity upon infinity is a second too late.
For the clock stoped working, just like your heart. For when the bloody beast struck, years apart.
To this day you wander, to this day you cry, on thy hands and knees, looking up and begging, asking.*

“What is it like to die?”

Welcome to Las Vegas, land of casinos, gambling and strip gloves and everything is way overpriced. Las Vegas is well known for its nightlife, of course with its stunning Luxor Casino and other things, it’s the ultimate rich place. Good wine, good food, good… eating. The vampires have three rules.
-Don’t turn a child.
-Don’t get greedy
-Don’t EVER risk the safety of the species by giving the human suspicion.

The reason for these rules? To keep the vampires safe. The humans are fine not knowing about about the creatures that roam the night beside them, to which increases as the city gets ever so more… popular. But of course when the vampires struck, the demons had to join in and the werewolves couldn’t help but join in the fun. The amount of supernatural beings is unnerving the council, threatening the last and final rule. Don’t raise suspicion. And of course… some people just don’t bloody care.
After an invasion, A war, And an infection, Of course the world is not going to be doing that well. Major amounts of humans have been wiped out, Leaving the population of Earth at about a million. The biggest town left is...Divided, To say the least. Well, It was a long time ago.
Four species live in this town. Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, And Humans. Years ago, There was a wall, separating the town into four parts, Keeping everything organized. That might sound fine, And it was. People lived there lives, Ignored the wall, Pretended there was nothing but there species. Well, That all changed about a month ago, When the mayors from each section decided that the wall was no longer needed.
So, The wall was taken down, combining all four sections of town into one. That, Of course, Sent fear into Humans immediately, And the others don't have the best feeling either. The town is on the brink of war, and the new dead bodies that pop up about once a week aren't helping. Our these species going to work together and become friends, or is this new decision going to end in Chaos...
"In the beginning before Mankind, a different form of creature walked this Earth. A being of utter darkness and cruelty, only sustaining itself by taking from the land and its lifeblood. Slowly the Earth was dying from the lack of substance, the lack of empathy of an immortal race. And from our dying world, in between its shadows and cobwebs Mankind was given life. Breeding like wildfire, they became a more dominant race. And slowly the Earth regained its strength, but not without a cost. The mortal man became envious of the original being, unaware of their darkness within. Using magic as old as the world itself, Mankind created an even worse evil."
Centuries latter Mankind still knows of the creatures unleashed in the origins of life, but in the form of stories and myth.
The date is 1746 within the Country of Romania, where the unfortunate dwell. In these woods Evil lurks just off the path, waiting in the shadows. Some have learned of the truth of their stories, while others are unaware of the reality in which they live. For Romania is a den of the supernatural, just waiting for someone to wonder off the road.
Fallen from Grace.
🦇 Welcome to vampire galore, where it is always Halloween! 🦇

Our server surrounds vampire lore, having humans as the underdogs, instead of the classical vampires as the outcasts. Humans are thrown into arenas to fight to the death for the amusement of the Ladies (Queens) and Nobles.

Come join our server and climb the vampiric ladder, who knows, maybe you could even become a ❓R̴a̵n̸k̴ ̷6̵❓
The year is 2025 and vampires are lose in Tokyo and HERC is humanities last line of defense. Enlist the use of modern high tech weapons to protect humanity or summon the ancient power of the vampires and destroy humanity once and for all.
( Small server but please give it a chance.)
What if there is an apocalypse, which forced the monsters to come out of their hideouts? So, they must live together with humans. However, the world isn’t in peace. The monster and humans have to try to survive. The humans don’t want to be turned in a vampire or werewolf. And the monsters don’t want to be killed by monsters or humans. Can your OC survive this chaos?
The rebellion started in the medieval city of Morgansa by The Bleeding Hearts, a formidable vampire house known for making clever plots attacked the city. The Seraphim, a competing vampire house, rose to strike them down and restore order to the once great city.

The Bleeding Hearts are vampires that ally themselves with demons, witches and even some human sympathizers... who are mainly mortals under a spell. The foundational belief of the Bleeding Hearts is vampires don't need permission to drink form others.

This vampire house stated their reasons for attacking the city is retribution for the all the times the Seraphim made unprovoked raids on the houses of magical beings, which they claim is an injustice… but do they really care about justice? Their house motto is “Malicious lies hide behind a righteous disguise”. Their house emblem is a stabbed heart. To be a member of the Bleeding Hears one must believe vampires don't need permission from mortals to drink. Any caught Seraphim members will be feasted upon.

The Seraphim tend to side with angels, paladins and other holy beings. Their main activities include stopping the attacks on the city conducted by the Bleeding Hearts. The foundational belief of the Seraphim is that vampires need permission to drink form others.

The Seraphim are known for being brutal themselves, often smiting those with even the slightest transgression. They’re often known to make lists of demands on the house of the Bleeding Hearts and if they don't comply they may make a raid. Their house emblem is six winged angel head. Their motto is “May we feed in the wake of righteous deeds ”. To be a member of the Seraphim one most not believe it's okay to drink from anyone without permission.... Unless of course they're a member of the Bleeding Hearts! Then they will be feasted upon.
There are these beings that attack humans at night, they are called vampires and they live like us humans during the day, but then one vampire named Karin was born and she is a special vampire that instead of drinking blood gives blood. Here you can be a vampire, human, vampire that gives blood, or be a vampire hunter
〚The Story So Far〛


**The story is set in modern day within a town named Ostburn**

❥In a world where vampires are seen as criminals towards humanity, being discovered to be a vampire is seen as a crime punishable by execution. Several years ago war between humans and vampires broke out, humans won because of their newly obtained cursed weapons. This forced the vampires to go into hiding. They are still lurking in the shadows to this day. Hunters analyse their behaviour and try to wipe out the threat, civilians just trying to survive and vampires just surviving too in a blood-thirsty manner. Well not all of them... Phantom hearts, group of vampires, plot in the shadows to attack once again, to fill their never ending thirst. It’s the Cazadors job to stop these plans.
Over thousands of years, vampires remained in the darkness with humans building stories of their existence; as a cold-blooded creature of the night.
Vampires watched the humans in secret waiting for the right moment for their greatest downfall. A monarchy rose to power by the name of the Vouliers. One of the first to wage war against the humans as they were known for their males to highly trained as warriors and females with a blood-lust that could result in a blood bath. It wasn’t long before more families began to grow, building their strength.
The humans lost the war and as a result, the Vouliers showed their race mercy. It was something least expect from the fearsome family by other vampires which created controversy. In the end, humans were saved to live as long as they remained slaves to the night creatures.
Other supernatural are welcome.
A Fun Roleplay Community

Come make a community with us!
A place to come and rp/erp as a vampire or a werewolf in a battle for the ages.
Welcome to the world of Austayri!! This Roleplay server was opened on 9/28/18 so please do keep in mind how many people we may have according to your time of joining! we are a fun and loving community who just want to have a lovely place for people to roleplay and hang out! we do so hope you come along with us on our quest for 500 members!
🌸4 Races with their own delicious lore🌸

🌸Mee6 roles for activity🌸

🌸Plot for all to be involved🌸

🌸in-depth lore🌸

🌸literate role play for all those who hate one lining ;)🌸

🌸fun hangout areas!🌸
The world is run by a race of Vampires, Humans and Werewolfs. While on neutral terms, each race must obey their laws.

The year is 1385 on a planet named Druko it's in a separate Galaxy then earth but is almost exactly like earth the whole planet themed like the UK in the 1800s plus has the same level of technology and won't ever advance any further.

We have detailed but fun templates and very leniant rules and are adding bots that seem fun plus we are all ways open to suggestions
Small Town 1955 is a player-paced game-like roleplay where all teams of players must work towards their objective. The town is set in 1955, where a deadly “infection” has spread through the town that is starting to turn people into creatures of the night, except that they’ve existed there for a long time and now they make their stand, stepping out of hiding and hoping to reign victorious. The revolution has started. Question is, are you with Them, or are you with Us?
Vampire or Lycan? During Elder Amelia’s reign, she let the Lycan population get out of hand. In this New World Coven, before the adventures of Selene in the Old World Coven, vampires and lycans continue the battle. Which side will you pick? You do not need to have seen the films as the lore is available.
In the year 2020, Vampires today are known as demons around the globe. When they see or drink blood, they go on a killing streak, while other demons learn how to control their blood lust, their eyes also change color.Its either red or yellow but when not is their regular eye color. But some humans still live with these so called “demons”, some humans tolerate or like them while others dislike/hate them or want to kill them, while some others are both human and vampires mixed. This world is changing quickly so be prepared.
LXVI is a friendly fantasy role-playing server set in the modern day. The server focuses on vampires, hunter and werewolves providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy fighting others or simply role-playing a normal life led as a supernatural being, whatever the purpose you will have fun on the server.
This is a Castlevania rolePlay server that is based in the 1475 , everyone is welcome here as we seek to expand and grow. The staff here are friendly and caring and are willing to answer any questions about the land of Wallachia.