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For players 18+. Welcome to Divide - A Modern Vampire Story. We're based in a quiet, remote North American town completely cut off from the rest of society. In this alternate universe, Vampires have managed to dwell and thrive in this relative peace - arriving and populating the majority of the town, pushing the human population down to around 50%. Here, you'll pick whether you live as a human or a vampire. It's 2019, after all, and people tend not to discriminate. But, despite the harmony, there are always people on both sides that are born with natural contempt for their opposites. Will you survive in this peculiar little place? Make your character and find out.
💀💀💀Dead of Night💀💀💀

August 23, 2020

A year has passed since all hell broke loose, changing our world would forever, the virus spread causing chaos in its wake. The Governments struggled to keep the peace as people started to get sick. Those unlucky people who died reawoke as Zombies. Others who got sick and changed... For the better? It depends on who you ask. Werewolves and Vampires now roam the world two of three different strains of the virus. Werewolf's at a fit of rage or full moon strip their human forms. Vampires feed off human hosts blood, if they don't they turn in to something out of a horror film a Vambie. Werewolves who've lost all control turn to Werebies, a beast even Werewolfs fear. It's a kill or be killed world out there, it's up to you if you survive or not.


▶Play as a Werewolf, Vampire or Zombie. Sorry, no hybrid just yet or odd mutations.
👥 Friendly and helpful staff.
🤖 Fun bot
🗳 Suggestions Welcome
💋 Erp on private channels
🖱Self roles
🛠 Room to expand and new make areas
🌦 Changing weather
🌈 Free of discrimination and hate speech
🚪 Your own bio closets to post items your oc has or what they are wearing.
🌟 Fun Events
🖋 Welcome people of all writing ability
🏕 Lots of places to explore
Welcome to TWILIGHT SAGA: FRESH BLOOD, an LGBT+ friendly and 18+ ONLY role-play set in the Twilight Saga universe! Roughly eleven years after the in-universe conclusion of Breaking Dawn, there has been a significant supernatural population boost in the New England area of the USA, where the Volturi’s formerly iron-fisted grip has begun to loosen. The dedicated “night life” is slowly returning to New England—could this be the haven paranormal species of all colours and creeds have been waiting for?

- Attentive admins!
- LGBT+ friendly moderation & discussion!
- An enthusiastic & growing community!
- Established setting with 3 major locations, Volterra included!
- Character and member-driven plot!

Play as humans, shape-shifters, werewolves, and vampires, and explore the world of Twilight re-imagined! Travel between 3 major locations, explore your characters’ motivations and relationships, and enjoy being a part of an active and welcoming community of Twilight enthusiasts. Again, this server is CLOSED TO USERS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE!
Welcome to a new Server. We join the city of Mistbriar where 5 families fight for power. 3 families consist of werewolves and 2 of Vampires each has thier own agenda. Come Join the Family and fight for absolute rule, or try and keep the peace, numerous options are available.
🦇 Welcome to vampire galore, where it is always Halloween! 🦇

Our server surrounds vampire lore, having humans and vampires equal instead of having vampires as the underdogs. The largest vampiric empire—The Vermiculï Imperium—was the kingdom that kickstarted the overruling of vampires, although the ladies (queens) that rule the empire are tolerant of humans, and allow them into the walls of the vast castle.

Come join our server and climb the vampiric ladder, who knows, maybe you could even become a ❓R̴a̵n̸k̴ ̷6̵❓
Welcome to Nightfall: The Mist in Dawn!࿏
The quiet town of Normal Valley is faced with a gold rush frenzy of creatures, all in search of the ancient relic rumoured to be found in the nearby mines. Vampires, humans, and werewolves alike desire to find the artifact that was reported to have been lost once more. Food is scarce, tensions are rising, and elite members within factions are stirring the pot. Do you think you have what it takes to find the ultimate artifact? Can you survive amongst human civilisation while continuing to conceal your identity? Or are you a fan of chaos and like to hunt?

This is a new vampire and werewolf (shapeshifter) RP server set in the modern world. We are semi-lit/literate.

- You can play as a vampire, werewolf, or human. You may also request to play as another race!
- Fun/safe environment!
- A detailed plot that is inclusive of all characters!
- Become a part of a wolf pack or vampire clan!
- Many in-depth channels available to RP in!
- Friendly staff members who are always ready to help!
- Higher ranks available!
- Regular wolf characters are welcome!
- And much more~!

We look forward to seeing you. C:
A place for Monsters and Humans!

Welcome to the "Harrowing" we are a place where monsters come together to just live their lives without the humans trying to hunt them down. Humans are a big threat as the rise of Hunters seeks out monsters for not only their danger and threat onto the species but for money as it is valuable to take, for example, a vampire's fang, werewolf fur, etc etc...

🕯️ We are a new server looking for active roleplayers
🕯️ We strive to be friendly to all
🕯️ Our server will have custom emojis of roleplay characters
🕯️ We are open to ideas
🕯️ We have simple lore and would love to get your input
🕯️ Currently looking for Mods and Gatekeepers
🕯️Custom Emojis
🕯️OC trading and buying!
Dark legends is a fantasy Roleplay server where you can create and take lives of anyone’s character or even your own please come and enjoy.
Join our Coven of Vampires & other dark creatures..
🦇 4 Voice channels, including a radio
🦇 18+ **Exclusive** name colors
🦇 30+ Roleplay channels
🦇 70+ Roles for your profile
🦇 100+ Bot games & commands
🦇 Roleplayer, Gamer, & Artist categories
🦇 Level UP the more you're active to unlock exclusive channels, roles, and name colors!
🦇 Have Discord Nitro? When you boost our server, you get our exclusive perks instantly!
Welcome to Dracmont, Montana, where super natural beings and humans have coexisted for hundreds of years- but that fragile peace is beginning to crumble. A prominent political figure, a human, has been murdered and everyone is pointing fingers. An all out species war is brewing, who will win?

Dracmont is an 18+ roleplay server centered about the supernatural going-ons of a secluded town in Montana. There is a plot but it's a character driven story where you can do whatever you want to do.
Vampire the Masquerade

New Server for some fun RP.
It is set in Prague 2019.
The city is divided by Camarilla and Anarchs and the war is close... who is going to win?
Are there any Sabbat in the city waiting for their chance to take over?
-Play by post!
-Mods act as ST when is needed in the story.
-Missions will start at September!
-NPCs for human hunters or even werewolves will be allowed.
-We are open to homebrew ideas.
-Private Rooms for ERP (Needs NSFW Role to see them.)

Come have fun with us!

Our city is the most important battleground in Europe tonight. Too many eyes focus west on the void that is London or the decadence that is Paris. Others look east in fear, at Moscow with its rattling sabres or Sevastopol with its current problems. Prague is something more. Made symbolic by the treason of Bell, it’s ground zero for the War of Ages. All over the globe, the unbound are empowered by this telling blow against our sect. But here, where it happened, we still stand. That should tell you something about how hollow their victory is. The blood still flows down in Elysium and old Vasily sleeps soundly under the floors of Pražský castle, undisturbed by the ruckus. If you believe the propaganda, what we have achieved in Prague cannot be understated. It’s no Anarch bastion, nor is it a Camarilla tyranny: Prague is the city of neutrality through division.
A place we watchfully share. Our Camarilla Scourges patrol the streets of the inner city, maintaining order and stability. Meanwhile, the suburbs and the south of the city has become Anarch free zones. In this way we keep any political unrest contained, as the unbound are busy spreading their international propaganda among the local activists. All Kindred are welcome in Prague if they know their place. We have our own traditions here, of hospitality, concealment, peace, and our own symbols marking our leaders, our enemies, and those from which we can freely feed. The city is in balance, for now. Truth is, we are a neutral city because we are torn between extremes. Our new Prince is busily expanding his collection of weapons and has been fortifying the havens of his allies. I know what it means. Perhaps it will begin tonight?

Welcome to Castlevania, Sonata of Blood where we're just beginning to start this server and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Welcome to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
This is set almost 17 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.. with the Second Generation!

It is a new server with:
More than 100 locations.
Quests & Fun events.
A really friendly community

Also, new ideas & members in staff are welcome, so the server can grow!
Welcome to Salem by Night, a VTM role play server.

We are a pretty new server, but we have 4 dedicated ST's who have several years of experience, a few really cool bots and some fun players. Please feel free to join us!
Fellow Vampires and slavesss, Welcome to Castle Noctia, please grab a chair and relax... Enjoy your stay. This is an 18+ ERP and RP server.

Castle Noctia was founded by our great Master Azazel in 1593, after many long years of waiting and fighting for land, it has finally come together. A place where Vampires are safe and well provided for. Our worst enemy can not even dream of having a haven such as this one. Speaking of the little devils, Werewolves are little to none in Master Azazels territory, for they fear him and his bloody fangs. Yet, there are those who choose to stay. We still have those few werewolves that like to stick around, though they do not have a pack for the majority of them are rejects and loners traveling. They are more than welcome to stay as long as they mind their teeth and claws. We, Vampires live here in Castle Noctia and usually stay around here in our castle or hunt in the Black forest. Our mistress and her sister soo love the hunt and as the prey is more than plentiful, we do enjoy a good hunt now and again. We are well provided for here in Noctia. The warm and delicious humans that live in town see to that from time to time. Few humans are lucky enough to be our slaves or pets. Hmmm, what is that saying here that the yearlings mutter.... "If its got a collar than make it hollar? nooo. Ah! I remember now ...keep the collared ones away itll be your death one day?" Im not sure but the rules are clear. If a Pet or slave is collared than keep away. Master does not take treachery lightly. The humans help us with donating their precious life source and in return they live safe and sound in Michel. Michels a small town though not big enough to fit the castle but it does suffice for the humans. A wall surrounds the town to keep the wolves at bay and the rare yearling vampire, who do not like to abide by the rules. Though death awaits them if we catch them. Do you wish to enter?
The Town of New Harmony is located in Greenfield County, Louisiana. New Harmony is a quaint little town isolated by its surrounding wetlands. The small town is known for it's seemingly picture perfect qualities such as it's cajun architecture and low crime rate. Founded in 1843 by Fredrick Jamieson, it was originally used as a hub for the shipping companies that would pass by on their routes to stop and acquire provisions for the rest of their journey. It wasn't uncommon for crew members who stayed in this town to disappear, never to be seen again. It took no time for the town to be shrouded in rumors. It was dubbed the town of no return on the waters and shipping companies would change their routes to be further around the town. The town peaked at it's natural beauty and the rumor faded into a quiet myth. The ones you would hear only in deep conversation. The myth was never proven to be true or false, however it's dark history was now forgotten and buried behind time and rumors. No one was ever found quilty, and the cases were dropped in 1904, when they dubbed the history a "myth," although nobody was ever sent out to find traces of bodies.
A server for the fans of the Daria Cohen series. Where we can hang out and talk and things like.
The Hidden Valley is a place where mutants, hybrids, vampires, demons, humans and any kinds of supernatural being can come and find a home, make friends or foes, but most importantly find a place where they belong. Mostly peaceful server, you won't get attacked for no reason, and you don't have to fight if you don't want to. Everyone here has their own story, so come and add to it. If you can't accept our rules and live by them then we don't have a place for you here. Come and meet the family, we would be very glad to have you. 😈**16 or older please.
Ilsborough, while fruitful in life and energy, to the unkeen eye and to those with no intent to stay, it is a dead-end town with no potential. No livelihood or joy. It's a place you happen across but chooses not to remain, perhaps you're stopping for gas and get the odd feeling down your neck and through your spine as if though things aren't right. The town itself is relatively small, home to plenty but yet appearing so few. Where have they gone? What are they doing that takes away from busy streets of what could have been a place where each person knew each other, were family and called this place home? As you finish topping up on gas, you hurriedly enter your car while making it at least seem you're fine, driving away.. or maybe you chose to stay, to look around at what piqued those senses.

What we offer
- Semi-literate to literate roleplay
- Invested admins and moderators
- Detailed lore including races, locations, and history of the town
- Lots of channels to rp in!
- And an active atmosphere
┃『𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐳𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐝𝐨𝐦𝐬』┃
Stargaze Kingdoms is a newly reworked server with tons of fantasy elements. The setting is medieval-esc having many different kingdoms for all different types of creatures, vampires, werewolves, dragons, demons, humans, and so much more!


✦ ┃Many different races to choose from!

✦ ┃Royals, nobles, military, and common folk!

✦ ┃Bits of various Mythologies!

✦ ┃A hub city for all sorts of characters to meet!

✦ ┃Endless possibilities to forge interesting stories!
NOT an ERP server. It is an RP server WITH the ability to ERP if it leads up to that.

Long ago, humanity was once in peace, living simple mundane lives. Until one fateful night, the underworld became exposed by the light of truth. Vampires and Lycan's existed! They were much more then the mere folklore told in books, stories, and movies. Not only that but they emerged from the dark with one plan in mind. Total take over. Both supernatural beings wanted to conquer and control the human race so that they could be the superior beings ruling the lands, the world.

However, the Lycan's and Vampires would have first tried to intergrade with the humans, giving them a sense of false trust. Once they wormed their way into the homes and hearts, obtaining billion-dollar business and political positions, they would cultivate what they have collected and turned on the humans. A hellish war would break out, killing thousands of humans, while the rest were enslaved or hidden in a sanctuary of sorts. This would compile from years and years of slowly intergrading themselves into their systems.

Humankind's burgeoning and bright future was cut short by the resurgence of their ancestral nightmares. Lycan and Vampire clans had swollen in ranks underneath modern man's noses to unleash dark armies upon the world. However, their true war was with one another, and mankind soon became little more than subservient spectators.

Now, it is the year 3290, and ordinary humanity lies enslaved to their warring masters. With the aid of their advanced technologies, cities became ruled by Lycan, and Vampire groups, the war between the two for global domination being waged inexorably. Some accept their fate as cattle; others fight in the shadows to reclaim humanity's dominion. Others still from all sides wish for peace.

✔ERP Friendly ✔Friendly staff ✔Opened ro Ideas
A kingdom of chaos.. the queens own playground.. and now your home. Who will survive and conquer? And who’s fate will be sealed in blue flame.. ( 16+ )
~ Friendly staff!
~ vampires/wolves/humans available!
This server is plot driven; not strictly erp. If you intend to join for only erp, this is not the server for you.

We are a new role playing server set in a Victorian gothic style kingdom. Home to vampires , humans and Lycans! Nsfw and erp friendly. Come and stay a while!
Welcome to Blood Rising.
A literate, dark fantasy roleplay server set in Victorian London.

The year is 1853 and the City of London is controlled by the most powerful vampire and werewolf families in the country. There is a constant war in the streets between the two races and the humans who are trying to survive each and every day without becoming a meal for a hungry werewolf or a drink for a bloodthirsty vampire. The wars aren’t only fought in the streets, though, they are also fought with words in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the secret transition of coin to get jobs done or say the right things at the right time. It’s a hellish place to live, but everyone makes do with what they have. Some make allies in high places, others make allies in much lower, darker places. Which will you choose?

We are an open community that not only focuses on the writing, but the server community. We have staff working to make sure everyone feels welcomed and able to meet new people and make friends!
50 years have come and gone! Thus brings us to the next Vampire Sanctuary Bicentennial!

A party settled deep into the woods for most protection. Where vampires are free to be themselves! Under the watchful eye of Magnus Aldridge - the current head vampire - the festivities are as follows:
- Casino
- Banquet Hall
- Personal Cabins
- Café and Lounge
- Open spaces for general play
- Unpoluted Lakes for swimming pleasure
- All the blood your stomach can stand
- Vegan accommodations

The Bicentennial is an event planned by Magnus himself. It's purpose is to bring the community together and allows him to personally oversee their numbers growing. That being said, this is the time for serious announcements as well seeing as how every Vampire is expected to attend.