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Hello and Welcome to our kingdom. We're a new rp server and are accepting anyone who follows our rules. Ask our admins about our lore if you are curious about joining.
The denizens of London's night have banded together against forces who would see them ruined, will you be one to support what they have built? Or be the one to stand upon a crumbled empire?

Start as one of 3 core races, the adaptable Guardians, the irreproachable Court of the Vampires, and the strong family clan of Werewolves. Or you could be just human, knowledge of this world but with their path undecided.

With Adv Players, you can have up to three characters and access to the advanced races with their own stories and clans.

Who will you follow?

[Closed lore server, be prepared to read the lore before creating a character, with a friendly active community ready and willing to help you get into this world.]

Port Orchard, Washington, 1976

Night falls over the city. Like all other nights this time of year, a layer of fog coats the ground. It rains near constantly, and the air is cold enough to make it so your breath can be seen. Few are up and about. Just the few people trying to get home from work. Maybe the odd kid still out hanging out with their friends after school. All is peaceful.

Aside from the vampire standing above city hall, looking for a snack.

Port Orchard is an urban fantasy server, taking place in a damp, frigid little city on the west coast right in the middle of the Puget Sound that was once host to a beacon of hope for the supernaturals, now forced into hiding and cast to obscurity.

This server includes:
- General chats for any occasion!
- A variety of races to choose from, all of high detail.
- No character limit.
- Helpful staff.
- Literate roleplaying.
- Tons of locations to visit.
- New content being added regularly.
shadoworld is both a gaming server and an RP server but the main focus being RP. the RP itself takes place in our world but what was thought to be myth and Legend is actually real you have vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, and others. While exploring in the new Dark World you will also discover that magic and gods have power over you and you are nothing more than a Pawn. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dark World?

⊱ Choose to be a vampire, werewolf, different kinds of witches, demon, their respective hunters, or just regular humans!
⊱ Work your way up to potentially become royalty!
⊱ Choose to be hunted, neutral, or on the side of good.
⊱ We will have Server and Non RP Events!
⊱ Dedicated owners that are looking for admins and mods to help them run the server!
⊱ Battle System for easy RP fighting!
⊱ We welcome ALL RPers: Casual, Paragraph, New and Veterans!
⊱ Fun bots to play with outside of RP!
⊱ We welcome any new ideas for classes, races, areas, events, and more!
⊱ We really look forward to growing a close knit, fun, drama free group of friends and fellow RPers!

1854, the streets of England are dark and full of danger at every corner. Vampires lurk in the shadows waiting for their next meal. Werewolves, either anticipating or dreading the next full moon, wait for their time to strike or desperately find a basement to chain themselves in until the full moon passes. Witches, either helping or hindering the others, are at every corner. Demons, tricking humans into a contract for their souls, are a staple on these streets. The human race have risen up and specialized hunters have trained their whole lives to extinguish the plague of supernatural beings. Will they succeed?
WELCOME, to Stained Sins! We are a friendly Vampire and supernatural Community and RP server! A pretty much brief TD;LR of this place goes like this..

In Las Vegas, the supernatural population seems to be growing, and the humans are starting to get wary as more murders, more crime, and more things that shouldn’t really happen upon a mortal place like this. In fact, the Humans are starting to get so wary that they are looking to DIVINITY, a monster hunting faction organised and owned by the church to protect them...

We have discussions on Vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural entities and have around 100 channels all for your pleasure and accommodation. We also have a very friendly staff and mod team to help and I hope you will enjoy your time, here at Stained Sins!
What if there is an apocalypse, which forced the monsters to come out of their hideouts? So, they must live together with humans. However, the world isn’t in peace. The monster and humans have to try to survive. The humans don’t want to be turned in a vampire or werewolf. And the monsters don’t want to be killed by monsters or humans. Can your OC survive this chaos?
✧༺♥༻∞ Fantasy Roleplay ∞༺♥༻✧

Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay. This isnt your regular once upon a time , this is a create your own, bad endings happy endings. This fantasy is yours to sculpt! Magic is everything in this world!

What we're looking for:
•Active members
•Good writers
•Friendly, Kind people who are willing to grow with us!
•No one liners!

Have fun! :)
Vampires have existed since time immemorial, living hidden from mortals who over time began to grow in number and strength. The lands once uninhabitable for humans and home to societies of immortals soon found themselves pushed out and further into the fringes of the world. Stories of soul steals and immortal beings were spreading among mortals and fear and mass hysteria grew. In the year 2045, humans found a way to conquer and inhabit every point on earth leaving immortals no choice but to expose themselves.

Eve Hollow is a small town in a more rural New York of about 2,000 residents, both in the city and it’s surrounding farmland. Unlike some of the bigger cities, Eve’s Hollow is a town where for the most part immortal and mortals live peacefully. Generally speaking there is little care of blood status or purity among citizens. But like most towns, there are people who still hold prejudice and stigma against those unlike them
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. We also have both short and long form RP channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
This is a server loosely based on the Castlevania game franchise produced by Konami. This server is about vampires that have been resurrected by Dracula himself, and the vampire hunters that have to put an end to them. Create your own character, interact with others, and have fun!
Welcome to Mexico City by Night! You’ve arrived in the seat of Sabbat power; rife with blood, carnage, and deception. Our game is free forum, but based almost entirely on Vampire: the Masquerade. We have modified some elements to fit our hybrid environment, but have remained true to the lore and majority of mechanics. We utilize the 20th Anniversary Edition for our rules. Not familiar? Don’t worry! We're happy to teach.

MCbN is rated ‘M’ for mature. There is death, there is violence, and there is slavery. You will be exposed to all these things and more, consider this your warning. Welcome to the Sabbat.

"...Blood! It's your new leg of lamb, your new champagne, your new f*cking heroin!"
Hello. Welcome to the Boarding House, we appreciate your interest. I am the owner, Krow and my Co-owner is The Magical King. With your attention, here is a brief overview of The Boarding House.

The boarding house has been around for almost 99 years located in Montana, it being passed down from generation to generation. Now in the year 2019 it has reached its 100 year mark. The boarding house was made way back when supernatural were hunted but over the years humans had forgotten their Supernatural neighbors. Some still hold their stigma and continue to hunt Supernaturals.

We offer many classes to choose from:
- Witch
- Warlock
- Werewolf
- Vampire
- Shifter
- Humans
- Ghosts
- Hybrids
- Finally, Hunters.
We will be adding more as we go, if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them.

We’d love for you to join our ever growing family, we offer friendship, family and maybe even an intimate relationship. So we’d like to welcome you to The Boarding House.
Welcome to Blood Loss; A roleplay server for vampires and humans.

After WW1 (World war one), vampires sought the opportunity to take over. It wasn't easy but after some struggle they gained control of the human race.

Most humans are placed as pets, servants and in some cases unfortunately dinner. But before all hell broke loose some escaped into the forests.
There are even vampires that disagree with the royal family for enslaving the humans. Pro-human vampires have taken fortunate humans to a safe haven to live in harmony.

But all that aside, what will you do, who will you be, what side do you belong after the vampire take over?
LXVI is a friendly fantasy role-playing server set in the modern day. The server focuses on vampires, hunter and werewolves providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy fighting others or simply role-playing a normal life led as a supernatural being, whatever the purpose you will have fun on the server.
We are a brand new server Looking for help to make Us the Greatest
This server is set in a different universe as the Vampire Knight anime we all know and love, the only thing that is different here is that you make your own character, the characters from the anime don't excite here, unless you decide too make a character using their last name and backstory, then that character can live on in you as you experience emotions and reality like never before!
Welcome to Laal Khoon. Located in north-east India, in Rajasthan, Laal Khoon stands as the only true safe haven for vampires in the world .Working in harmony to give young, new vampires the skills, knowledge, and community needed to survive a life of immortality, Laal Khoon trains new students in history, personal health, martial arts and spiritual studies.

Here, history runs deep and complex, but each vampire that treads it's halls will tell a new story, a new adventure. There's danger lurking in the dark, and it's more than just the vampires.

The server is new, but you can join and create a character and begin their discovery of their own abilities, powers, and place in this world.

Server has a strong, simple vampire lore, and after there are some active roleplayers, will include complex plot. Roleplay is third person, semi to semi-literate (two-four sentences per response).
A casual vampire, werewolf and hunter RP chat. Just hop straight into the action without having to worry about 'ranking up' like most other chats.
Welcome to Vampire War

An original vampire roleplay server

We are a new roleplay server, we are just starting out but we would love to see new faces.
This is a semi-literate roleplay, so try to keep the one liners out of this. If you can't help it though, we won't mind. That much.

We have plenty of high roles still open! You can choose to be any Darkling you want! (Except the Leader, she's already reserved.)

There is still one Mod place open - I will add more Moderators when we get more members though!

This roleplay is about two races:
The Vampires and the Darklings.

The Vampires are.. whatever you imagine a vampire being but with slight changes. Bloodthirsty monster with pointy teeth and ears? Yep! Also, there are bunch of different types to choose from!

The Darklings are a WIP species, I will add them here later.
It is simply a server of different role plays and even a weekly special event role play you get to vote for every Wednesday! Be sure to at least check it out, and it even has features for those who don't like to role play. (The tags are each of the role plays we have, you can even request a role play if enough people agree!)
**The Hunters**
The hunters are a group of half-angel, half-human beings. They try and kill the demons to protect humans and make sure they don’t know about the supernatural world going on around them. You can be any species in the species channel and if you’re a shadow hunter under the age of 18, go to Shadowhunter Academy.
Welcome to The Vale, everyone is welcome here.
We have fun roleplay, great lore and a kind staff

we have the following bots:
Rythm 2
There are these beings that attack humans at night, they are called vampires and they live like us humans during the day, but then one vampire named Karin was born and she is a special vampire that instead of drinking blood gives blood. Here you can be a vampire, human, vampire that gives blood, or be a vampire hunter