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A serious role-playing server about the city of Harrisburg and it's "other" inhabitants.

Role-play as a werewolf, vampire, or even a hunter trying to fight back for their city!
57 minutes ago
This is a Castlevania rolePlay server that is based in the 1475 , everyone is welcome here as we seek to expand and grow. The staff here are friendly and caring and are willing to answer any questions about the land of Wallachia.
1 hours ago
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games and music to art, fanfiction and RP.
14 hours ago
In a fictional snowy, modern city in Europe known as Jornfan, the supernatural collides with the natural. Vampires, werewolves, and monster hunters wage a constant war for power and survival. (Lore in the server)
1 days ago
LXVI is a friendly fantasy role-playing server set in the modern day. The server focuses on vampires, hunter and werewolves providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy fighting others or simply role-playing a normal life led as a supernatural being, whatever the purpose you will have fun on the server.
3 days ago
Welcome to 1920 London, plagued by vampires and other beasts. We are a completely new roleplay server and we plan on creating a very immerse, creative and fun community. The server itself is heavily inspired on the game "Vampyr" as well as other vampire fiction, we plan on developing based on your feedback.
3 days ago
Welcome into eclipse boarding school, you have been accepted and have been chosen to attend to here. Your duties as a student is to represent both vampires and humans. Humans and vampires will attend both classes together. And will not have separate dorms for the night class and for the daytime class. We encourage you students to have fun and make new friends and not enemies.
11 days ago
Vampire Village is a vampire based roleplaying server that is based inside a village.
13 days ago
Vampires are popping up everywhere in Tokyo, and the Ancient Ones are concerned it’ll draw attention from hunters. Determined to help vampires assimilate into their new lives, they’ve started seeking out the freshly turned to bring them within the fold.

Come explore Tokyo as either one of the undead or a human and learn how to adapt to your new abilities, or become a thrall.
18 days ago
This is a new roleplay server where you can be anything and do anything,
Its set in a large city filled with many creatures and species. Come check it out, and of there's something that should be added just ask!
18 days ago
Welcome to Camp Moon. This is where all fantasy creatures can come and have fun.
21 days ago
In the land of vampire royalty it is known there are six ruling kingdoms of pure blood vampires, each with they're own noble courts.

Some liken to the day, while others to the night. Some to the hot of summer places, others to the cold of wintery mountains.

Never before in this land has a half vampire not been born of human and vampire. Until one day three humans appeared in the court of the Southern most kingdom each with bite marks on their necks. After many questions and countless nights of research it was discovered they were in fact not humans - but half vampires. Born of a curse, like a virus, that was believed to have gone extinct over a thousand years ago.

Who or what caused this virus to come back And what will this spell for the vampire race?

(royals in each court needed!)
29 days ago
Tread with care, for monsters lurk the streets at night...

Afterdark is a discord server dedicated to the discussion and roleplaying of VtM. Whether you want to Storytell your own chronicle, learn how to make a character sheet, or want to join in on some consistent text-based roleplaying, we have you covered.

The ongoing chronicle in the server, Afterdark, is set in modern nights (2018) New York where everything is eerily quiet. No threats from Sabbat, no big policial drivel from the Camarilla. Some believe that it is simply the first time in centuries where things are calming down, others believe that this only means a silent storm is brewing. Whatever the case, the kindred and kine of New York are going to be finding out soon enough what truly looms on the horizon. Storytellers are there to help guide scenes and push players to be active in the world of darkness, offering plot potential and more to those who want a more in-depth experience.

Mechanically speaking, Afterdark is a bit of an experiment. While we use V20 for our sourcebook, we also are going to be using nWoD as a core rule system. Its an interesting idea that we want players (as well as Storytellers who want to help guide the chronicle) like you to help us cultivate.

If you are interested at all in helping this new community flourish, don't be shy! Join the server here!
43 days ago
Welcome to Asgard the Almighty Kingdom! We offer roleplay, advanced lore, Roman times, supernatural creatures, friendly staff, and lots of fun! We've all worked hard on this server so we'd love it if you could join!
82 days ago
Apart of the Supernatural Show Universe by CW, Supernatural: New York shows the entire city of New York, it's secret underworld of monsters, hunters, and gods.

Explore the city, make allies and friends, play as any species of creature shown in the show Supernatural and live your life day by day, because in the city of New York, there may not be a tomorrow.
85 days ago
We are a new supernatural server that is partnered to a similar server made by the same creator. We offer serious and mature roleplay for those willing to stick around as well as some social for those days you just want to chill. Our rp typically consists of mythological creatures such as vampire, werewolves, fairies, and more. If you want to join us then please be sure you are active, we rather not have members joining who go MIA for Weeks without notice. Thanks and hope to see you there!
97 days ago
In this world,

Monsters walk among men,

And we are here to hunt them.

We are a mature, 18+ role-play server on Discord based on Hellsing and Dracula.

Friendly, active, insane group who welcome new faces

We love to see new faces and different writing styles and abilities. Original Characters are welcome. There are no faceclaims or character claims, which allow for players to have freedom in what characters and interpretations they play.
155 days ago
'Nero Sanguinis' is a LITERATE Discord vampire roleplay server partly inspired by the game franchise 'Vampire: The Masquerade'. It's set in the fictional city of Redport in the year 1898. The server also has comprehensive and detailed lore to immerse you in the story! Join us in the night's embrace!
186 days ago