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Hey! I only ask that you’re above the age of 16 and no older than 30 if you plan on joining this server, thank you.
Humans, vampires, werewolves, and hybrids run throughout the castle, along with the other supernatural creatures roaming beyond the gates. Please, come on in and introduce yourself! It’s completely friendly and open to everyone!
Vampire the Masquerade V5

It is set in Prague 2020 after Theo's treason.
The city is divided by Camarilla and Anarchs and the war is close... who is going to win? Are there any Sabbat in the city waiting for their chance to take over? Or perhaps the Autarkis will finally choose a side? Hunters already lurking in the streets of Prague...

• We are mainly a play by post server but we also have voice games!
• Our Mods and STs help when it is needed in the story by interacting with the players.
• We have small events almost every single week and moving the main plot slowly! Bigger missions are also a thing!
• Open to homebrew ideas. We already have Tzimisce and Baali as a playable option plus a couple of more cool things.
• Friendly people without drama OOC!

- Hecata from Cults of the Blood Gods is playable for people with the preview files! -

Game features currently include:
- Greeter NPCs.
- Some Power Positions are still open.
- NPCs for human hunters or even werewolves will be allowed for missions!
- A detailed map of the city.
- A site and Pinterest profile with everyone's faceclaim and info.
- Private Rooms for ERP (Needs NSFW Role to see them.)
- Level 2 Server Boost Status!
- Occasional movie nights.

Come have fun with us!
If you are new to the V5 system, don't be afraid to join us. We promise we don't bite!

Our city is the most important battleground in Europe tonight. Too many eyes focus west on the void that is London or the decadence that is Paris. Others look east in fear, at Moscow with its rattling sabres or Sevastopol with its current problems. Prague is something more. Made symbolic by the treason of Bell, it’s ground zero for the War of Ages. All over the globe, the unbound are empowered by this telling blow against our sect. But here, where it happened, we still stand. That should tell you something about how hollow their victory is. The blood still flows down in Elysium and old Vasily sleeps soundly under the floors of Pražský castle, undisturbed by the ruckus. If you believe the propaganda, what we have achieved in Prague cannot be understated. It’s no Anarch bastion, nor is it a Camarilla tyranny: Prague is the city of neutrality through division.
A place we watchfully share. Our Camarilla Scourges patrol the streets of the inner city, maintaining order and stability. Meanwhile, the suburbs and the south of the city has become Anarch free zones. In this way we keep any political unrest contained, as the unbound are busy spreading their international propaganda among the local activists. All Kindred are welcome in Prague if they know their place. We have our own traditions here, of hospitality, concealment, peace, and our own symbols marking our leaders, our enemies, and those from which we can freely feed. The city is in balance, for now. Truth is, we are a neutral city because we are torn between extremes. Our new Prince is busily expanding his collection of weapons and has been fortifying the havens of his allies. I know what it means. Perhaps it will begin tonight?

🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️Dead of Night🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

No one knows just how it started... One day you were minding your own business eating dinner out with friends, then maybe the waiter yelled. All a sudden another person is chowing down on him. All you knew at that time was that something was wrong with that one person. You flee the restaurant with your friends, maybe decide to go sleep over at there house... The next morning you coughing and don't feel so good. All of y'all seems to not be feeling so good, so you call the doctor but the lines are busy...

Finally, all of you decide just to go to eat maybe you will feel better... Something is off though... People are running threw the streets yelling screaming. What's going on? Your friend sitting next to you slumps over, you go to see what's wrong but there dead... How?

Next thing you know they are trying to eat you, flashbacks of the waiter play in your head. The driver loses control of the vehicle and you crash. The next thing you know is they are pulling you out, they seem to be okay.

You both decide just to go home, once there you check your phones...Zombies? What's this? Days later you find yourself waking cold and hungry but food doesn't fill you... Your mother's neck looks pretty tasty right about now... Next thing you know you're biting her... What's going on? Your father comes in her gets angry seeing this and his body starts to shift onto a furry beast...

That is they type of nightmare you may have encountered a year and a half ago...


▶Play as a Werewolf, Werecat, Lizard strain or Vampire.
✨Mutations is new but subject to dice roll once you've been rping✨
⭐ Reward system
✨Or a reward strain of the virus such as playable zombie ones.
👥 Friendly and helpful staff.
🤖 Fun bot
🗳 Suggestions Welcome
💋 Erp on private channels
🖱Self roles
🌈 Free of discrimination and hate speech
🌟 Fun Events
🖋 Welcome people of all writing ability
🏕 Lots of places to explore


Welcome to Blood Rising.
A literate, dark fantasy roleplay server set in Victorian London.

The year is 1853 and the City of London is controlled by the most powerful vampire and werewolf families in the country. There is a constant war in the streets between the two races and the humans who are trying to survive each and every day without becoming a meal for a hungry werewolf or a drink for a bloodthirsty vampire. The wars aren’t only fought in the streets, though, they are also fought with words in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the secret transition of coin to get jobs done or say the right things at the right time. It’s a hellish place to live, but everyone makes do with what they have. Some make allies in high places, others make allies in much lower, darker places. Which will you choose?

What can you do?
• Join as a vampire, werewolf or human
• Fight in the wars on the streets
• Join the private armies as a guard for each main family
• Play as a hunter and take back your great city
• Try to survive as best you can and make a living
• Be a spy and get information to prove your loyalty to one or more of the main families

What do we offer?
• Historical accuracy for the time
• A well thought out and developed world that has been in the works for three years
• A friendly and open community
• Admin and Moderator help when making characters and with questions about the lore

We are an open community that not only focuses on the writing but the server community. We have staff working to make sure everyone feels welcomed and able to meet new people and make friends!
Welcome to Sunset High, this high school is not like every other school. This school is for the exotic and different, the ones who are forced to hide from society, the monsters.
This Rp is a high school for monsters and humans, the ones who support and the ones who just want to live normal lives. Join us as we grow! We offer:
- Different Species
- Friendly staff
- Simple character process
- Unique concepts
- Lgbtq+ Friendly
And many more!♡
This is a new server so there will be updates whenever we feel like aonryjing needs to change, server suggestions are highly recommend and accepted as well!
Are you bored? Are you lonely and want to talk to people or find people with similar interests to you? Do you love the night? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this server is for you! We have multiple channels for all types of conversations. We have channels to help you guys have fun and be able to meet new people and we have game channels for game nights! We also have custom roles that you get to pick for anyone that joins. The number of people per server doesn’t matter; it’s the number of people who are able to share a server with similar interests to you that counts. We aren’t just another random community server full of random strangers, we’re a family. Please come give this community/family a chance, thank you and hope to see you soon!
Orlando, Florida 2020

The Supernatural have been discovered! Humans have learned that they are not alone on this rock and it went as well as one would expect. The Military was called in, of course, and chaos ruled the country. Then the leaders of each of the Factions called for a meeting. After some debate, and the understanding that the Human race would not be able to stand against a unified Supernatural force, they agreed.

The Meeting lasted a week behind closed doors while the country, the World, waited. Finally, the treaty was signed and all sides agreed to be bound by the laws of the Country. There are, of course, people who do not agree and this has led to the formation of groups the most volatile being Human's First. They are not above scare tactics and attacks upon those they believe to be Supernatural. The Supernatural have their people as well who believe that Human's are Lesser and should be eradicated fully. Each side struggles to keep those beings in check and their dealings hidden from the other side.
Welcome to ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪: Lands Divided! 。・::・゚♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ 。・::・゚☆

The Kingdom of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, & Clubs have often prided themselves in their distinctive attributes and traits: Love, Wealth, Power, and Fortune.

Members of these kingdoms no longer age once hitting maturity. However, there was sudden calamity as a citizen was discovered to be different compared to the rest. Over time, these citizens were quarantined and then banished, branded by all as “vampires”. Abandoned and left to fester in their anger, the so called vampires rose up, collecting and using resources over time before establishing a kingdom of their own: ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ.

Each kingdom has a King, Queen, and Jack.

A king comes into power by obtaining the ace.
If the Queen dies, so does the King.
The Jack may sacrifice him or herself to save either royal.

Will you join to save mankind and become a member of one of the four kingdoms? Or will you be a "vampire" of the dark kingdom who plans their retribution to get back at the 4?

This is a new human RP server with a medieval setting. We are semi-lit/literate.
- You can play as a "vampire" or a human.
- Fun/safe environment!
- A detailed plot that is inclusive of all characters!
- Many in-depth channels available to RP in!
- Friendly staff members who are always ready to help!
- Higher ranks available!
- And much more~!

We look forward to seeing you. C:
The Game: Vampire the Masquerade V5
Medium: Play-by-Post
Playable Sects: Anarch, Camarilla, Autarkis
Roleplay Style: SHbN is a dynamic world where character actions to make an impact on the story and things that happen in game. It is a world where actions have consequence, whether good or bad. It is a freeform roleplay that is guided by said character actions as well as plotlines guided by storytellers. This chronicle is focused on a shared narrative as well as character development and personal horror.

Setting: A city, once ruled by the Grey State, known in Kindred circles as the Camarilla. This sect is now in turmoil as it was pushed back and the city now run by the local Anarchs after they turned the Kine politics against the Camarilla. Two Barons rose from the ashes of those domains and now claiming them as their own. The remaining territory? Well, that is independent though some still remains unclaimed to this day. What remains of the Grey State is ruled by Prince Hjalmar Maelström. The two known Barons are Måns Bengtsson and Madeleine Bergström. Will you come and explore this beautiful city? Who will you stand with? A Baron? The Prince? Or will you make your own path? Choose wisely as there are many threats that roam the night, waiting for you to make the wrong step.

Oh and do take care not to get lost underground. It's been said that it is a maze down there.

**!!Non-ERP Server!!**
In a modern world, like our own, what if I told you there is masquerade happening all around you? Monsters that wear a mask of your best friend, your night-shift boss, that one guy you know you can get some pot from. What if they were all monsters that dance in the night? What if you were turned into one of them. Now you must tread the fine line between your moral values and the insatiable hunger that comes with immortality.

'Ashes of Vienna' is a play by post-VtM roleplay game that takes place in Austria. The game is set eleven years after the collapse of the powerful Tremere Chantry, and now Vienna is ripe for the power-hungry Vampires. Yet, even with the fall of the Tremere Chantry, maybe a lucky kindred can find a powerful artifact left behind by the mysterious blood mages. Join the city under the safety of one of the dominant sects; Camarilla, Anarch Movement, or the Sabbat. Or strike out on your own or with other like-minded living dead as an Independent faction. The city is yours for the taking, can you claw your way to power?

- Beginner Friendly
- Events run by both Storytellers and Players
- Play by Post, no need to stare at the screen for four hours straight
- Homebrews from the community
- Power positions still open
- Play Camarilla, Anarch, or Sabbat in an unstable truce
- Homebrew Sabbat, Tzimisce, and many paths of Blood Sorcery
This is a; "Originals", 'mythology; and "Lost Girl" RP...Most creatures are available, just 'rp-discuss' if you see a species you don't see us having... @Owner to see if you may be 'it'.
Judgement-Free rp-server!!
This is a 'newer' server, suggestions are appreciated. Looking for co-owners as well...PM owner if interested :)
The Wild West has been steadily tamed over the past hundred years; forests are beaten into farmland, outlaws imprisoned left and right, and the humble cowboy turned to little more than a glorified ranch hand. It seems that society is changing; but nature refuses to move with it.

As if fighting back the hand of mankind, the people of New Hanover have begun to report sightings of creatures said to exist only in fiction-werewolves, vampires, witches. Monsters that have risen from the pages of the devil's diary to come and terrorize a world just learning what peace is. Bodies are found in every forest, valley and hill, and travelers are urged to stay away from the wilderness once the sun sets. The common man-the backbone of early America-stay in their fortified cities, watching their backs for a being that shouldn't exist.

Are you here to beat savagery back into the dirt, or heed its call?

•Semi-lit to Literate server!
•Canon and OCs accepted!
•Takes place in the Red Dead Redemption 2 universe!
•Western with supernatural influence!
•Custom vampire and lycan lore made specifically for the server!
•Server-wide plots and events!
If you wish to gather more information before joining, just add me and I'll chat with you in DMs!
Spoopy#2002 Perm Link
✦An England/Dracula server with a mixture of fantasy!✦
✦ LGBT+ community! We don't judge anyone as we all love eachother✦
✦We have werewolves, vampires, hunters, witches, holy, etc✦
✦10 Factions to join or go against✦
✦Each Class has different types of ranks you can choose!✦
✦Work your way up to potentially become royalty or a ranked class!✦
✦Choose to be hunted, lawful evil, chaotic evil, or neutral✦
✦Create your awesome skills for your character!✦
✦No Character limit!✦
✦We will soon have Server and Non-RP Events! such as games and movie nights!✦
✦Looking for admins and mods to help them run the server!✦
✦Battle System and *optional* dice rolling system for easy RP fighting!✦
✦We welcome ALL RPers: One-liners, Paragraph, Semi-Literate and Multi paragraph!✦
✦Fun bots to play with outside of RP!✦
✦We welcome any new ideas for classes, races, areas, events, and other epic stuff you might have.✦
✦No Toxic nonsense, bullying or anything horrible in this server.✦
✦Friendly and cheerful community with heaps of enjoyment✦

It's been a year since then, now 1860, and it seems the supernatural has only gotten stronger. Some still have strong desires to overthrow the king and queen even going as far as creating king and queens of their own. London remains under the watchful eye of the Farraday's while all around London there are more supernatural beings arising and claiming areas that they deem worthy. They've only gotten more wicked and far more vicious. Something the King and Queen fear. Is there something beyond just supernatural? Maybe there is more to this then meets the eye? No one knows. But the question still stands. Can you handle it?

While the King and Queen struggle to keep their city and kingdom safe, the three factions are still at war. With added factions who felt the need to come forward and put their agendas into the mix. While we have the Witches wanting to keep their covens safe from any threats we also have the undead causing more problems than anyone needed. It seems Dracula's need to murder the Alpha werewolf has just gotten harder. With his unforgiving anger and thrust for blood, Dracula doesn't seem to care what he sinks his teeth into. Human and supernatural alike. Could this be his downfall or humanities destruction?

Even with extra supernatural classes running around, creating spawns of themselves by breeding and wrecking plans being made, the King and Queen have taken in some protectors of their own. The supernatural beings who want London to go back as it was have accepted the idea that helping the Farraday's would seem to benefit them more than the royal family. Are you going to be apart of the royal guard and use your ability to protect them at all costs? Are you worthy of doing so?
These breeds being made by the supernatural only adds to the fire. Hybrids roam freely, what with the royals not knowing they even exist yet, they walk around and live all around London. Some even live in London. But just because the royals don't know yet doesn't mean the Hunters don't. They've gotten just as stronger with the new information and so Hybrids are now on the run like any other supernatural creature. Hiding for their safety and running for their lives. Of course, this angers them. But what can they do? Will they fight back?

So what's going to happen now? How will things play out from here? Is there a war coming stronger than the first? Will this be it? No. Of course not. Not until Dracula gets the head of Accaila. Not until Accaila gets her packs freedom again. And not until Lucifer gets his angel form back.
Join our Coven of Vampires & other dark creatures 🦇 4 Voice channels 🦇 18+ **Exclusive** name colors 🦇 30+ Roleplay rooms 🦇 70+ Roles 🦇 100+ games & commands 🦇 5 Exclusive main chats! 🦇 Level UP the more you're active to unlock exclusive channels, roles, and name colors! 🦇 Discord Nitro? When you boost our server, you get our exclusive perks instantly!
🦇 Welcome to vampire galore, where it is always Halloween! 🦇

Our server surrounds vampire lore, having humans and vampires equal instead of having vampires as the underdogs. The largest vampiric empire—The Vermiculï Imperium—was the kingdom that kickstarted the overruling of vampires, although the ladies (queens) that rule the empire are tolerant of humans, and allow them into the walls of the vast castle.

Come join our server and climb the vampiric ladder, who knows, maybe you could even become a ❓R̴a̵n̸k̴ ̷6̵❓
🥀 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓃 🥀
( Medieval Time Period )
( Vampire/ Slave Server )

Back in ancient times supernatural creatures ruled the earth. One by one they started vanishing, now only the Vampire lords and ladies remain. Having enough of humanity they vow to take over as supreme rulers. Now humans run in fear... the Vampires have enslaved humanity and use them as their personal play things. Will you be prey or predator? The choice is your but choose wisely . . .

•18+ server.
•LGBTQ friendly.
•No Bullying.
•ERP Is Allowed.
•OC’s Welcome (5)
Be warned this server is 16+!

Vampires have enslaved humanity and conquered medieval Europe pulling in a new dark age for humans that have become only slaves for their vampire overlords to use. Now who are you? The lords, or the slaves?

Masquerade in York is a roleplay based on the classic World of Darkness setting. Set in 1854, in the midst of the growth of Empires and the Industrial Revolution, the main focus is on the English City of York, long a home of Kindred Society in the British.

The old Prince is dead, and his successor seeks to establish his control against the numerous threats he feels encroaching around him. Alongside this, the typical power games of the midnight aristocracy continue to play out among the kindred of the city.

The tide of industry and urbanisation has rapidly led to a growth of the city and its population, and many of the more adventurous kindred worry about what will be stirred up in the countryside by such advancement of 'civilisation.'

And even still, no one can forget the Sabbat. Although usually condemned to their powerbases in Spain and Eastern Europe, and the Americas, it would be foolish to believe that many some would not want to take advantage of the chaos in York.

Players can take on the role of Kindred within this society, enacting their own schemes or serving a higher purpose. Some opportunity is also allowed for players to view the world of darkness from other perspectives, if they can show capability and trustworthiness to do so!

Server is LGBT+ Friendly.
Choose from a Vampire, Werewolf, Dragon, Witch, or Gifted Human who can be turned into any of the listed races.

Functions like a school.
E.R.P (erotic role play ) All beings welcome you play a seductive role like none you’ve ever seen! Hot, fun and playful with a lot of nibbling, biting and sucking...and those fangs! It’s a fun, romantic, and highly erotic story that will keep you mentally and physically engaged for hours .-Great & Friendly community.
-Self assignable roles and open to create more upon request, female friendly !
-music channel
-private channels nsfw
-a welcoming community
-vampire community sang etc
-roleplay community
- bi sexual community
-gay community
-lesbian community
- live webcam nsfw
- group call nsfw
Lupi et Sanguis
Wolves and Blood

Lupi et Sanguis takes place on the fictional Southern English peninsula of Aston. Aston is a temperate and swampy local with lots of mud and swampland, and tall green trees. It’s damp, appears quiet, and is slightly in chaos. The regional capital is plagued by military occupation and a murky criminal underground. While only rumors, it’s said vampires and werewolves inhabit the corners of the peninsula. This is true. The English Vampiric Empire is here in the ancient and almost completely hidden castle of Aldermoore, and to rival and keep them in check, the Lunar English Alpha has set up shop in a nearby underground cave system that the vampires used to own. Abandoned catacombs and vampire bodies can still be found in pieces in the off limits sections of the caves.. War is brewing in the peninsula, and the slightest actions can set it off. May the blood run like wine and the night be forever shrouded by beasts.

This server may contain roleplay and content not suitable for all ages, so be warned. If you are caught being underage and having partaken in the optional nsfw sections of the server, you will be banned on the spot.
Hiii! We invite you to join a wonderful world full of adventure and fun! We have many rp channels and OOC channels! Colored roles and different races to choose from!
We hope you will join our server Traveler! We do have NSFW channels but they are only for 18+ roles! But if you are under 18 you are still welcome to join you just won't have access to that channel! We hope you'll jump in and stay awhile!
Vollunstraut is a dark and foreboding land forever engulfed in the fog of war for or against the sanguine corruption. To the north lies the vampires, the original settlers of the island who have been driven into a singular royal hold. To the south lies Deustas, a nation of humans driven mad by religious fever and a zeal to finish off the remains of the vampires. Locked in a struggle of control that seems like it will never be concluded, Vollunstraut sits as a volatile land filled to the brim with holiness, corruption, and blood.

Many lines more of lore describing cultures, races, religions, and general history liter the server. If this brand new server seems to perk your interest then feel free to join to ask questions and check out what we have to offer!