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A serious role-playing server about the city of Harrisburg and it's "other" inhabitants.

Role-play as a werewolf, vampire, or even a hunter trying to fight back for their city!
There are these beings that attack humans at night, they are called vampires and they live like us humans during the day, but then one vampire named Karin was born and she is a special vampire that instead of drinking blood gives blood. Here you can be a vampire, human, vampire that gives blood, or be a vampire hunter
shadoworld is both a gaming server and an RP server but the main focus being RP. the RP itself takes place in our world but what was thought to be myth and Legend is actually real you have vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, and others. While exploring in the new Dark World you will also discover that magic and gods have power over you and you are nothing more than a Pawn. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dark World?

🦇 Welcome to vampire galore, where it is always Halloween! 🦇

Our server surrounds vampire lore, having humans as the underdogs, instead of the classical vampires as the outcasts. Humans are thrown into arenas to fight to the death for the amusement of the Ladies (Queens) and Nobles.

Come join our server and climb the vampiric ladder, who knows, maybe you could even become a ❓R̴a̵n̸k̴ ̷6̵❓
The year is 2025 and vampires are lose in Tokyo and HERC is humanities last line of defense. Join HERC and use modern weapons to protect humanity or join the vampires and destroy humanity once and for all.
LXVI is a friendly fantasy role-playing server set in the modern day. The server focuses on vampires, hunter and werewolves providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy fighting others or simply role-playing a normal life led as a supernatural being, whatever the purpose you will have fun on the server.
Small Town 1955 is a player-paced game-like roleplay where all teams of players must work towards their objective. The town is set in 1955, where a deadly “infection” has spread through the town that is starting to turn people into creatures of the night, except that they’ve existed there for a long time and now they make their stand, stepping out of hiding and hoping to reign victorious. The revolution has started. Question is, are you with Them, or are you with Us?
We are dedicated to protecting and taking care of a variety of sweet vampire lolis! Our members are chill, friendly people who are ready to give their all for their lolis! <O,.,O>

Some features we offer:

- A fitting, theme server design
- Activity-based leveling system
- A variety of popular bots (Mantaro, MEE6, Nadeko, UnbelievaBoat)
- Currency and shop system for purchasing fun items and roles
- Self-assignable roles
- Active, helpful staff and friendly, welcoming members
- Optional variety of NSFW channels and content

Join the Nyampire Brigade today! <O,.,O>
This is a new RP server based on the vampire legend! No, not like Twilight. The lore is pretty good and solid, but it’s too long to write on here. We hope you join us! It’s small right now, but with your help we can grow!
Hello everyone, i am a vampire here and this is my vampire ❤ human server. Please come and join me human or vampire u are welcome. Have fun p.s dont leave when u join pls and also im looken for admins to help me with the maken of it
Welcome to the world of Austayri!! This Roleplay server was opened on 9/28/18 so please do keep in mind how many people we may have according to your time of joining! we are a fun and loving community who just want to have a lovely place for people to roleplay and hang out! we do so hope you come along with us on our quest for 500 members!
🌸4 Races with their own delicious lore🌸

🌸Mee6 roles for activity🌸

🌸Plot for all to be involved🌸

🌸in-depth lore🌸

🌸literate role play for all those who hate one lining ;)🌸

🌸fun hangout areas!🌸
Many years ago there was an outbreak of a deadly virus that turned anyone infected into a zombie-like vampire. When the disease spread through the world, people had no choice but to go into hiding. A group of people created a hidden city outside of the ruins of a once large city, the name of which has been lost. They call this place the Colony. It is far away from these vampires who will kill any human they come across.

Within the Colony there is a hierarchy of power. The Highers, a group of five individuals, govern the Colony and accept nothing less than perfection. One slip up can mean death. They believe that fear is important in order to maintain order and control, and no one is willing to prove them wrong. Save one, perhaps.
Just below the Highers, are the Watchers. They are like the police within the Colony. They are dressed normally, aside from the masks they always wear. They will keep the peace, no matter the cost.
Next you have the Bellators, which in latin means warrior. This group are selected at a young age to train as fighters so that they can defend themselves against the vampires in the old world. They are typically sent out in groups of three or four to the Old World in search of things that are needed in the Colony, like medicine.
Lastly you have the Adepi. This is everyone else. They are your everyday, run-of-the-mill people. If the Bellator trainers find an Adepi with exceptional skills, then they will be promoted to Bellator and begin training.

As a Bellator, there are three rules you must follow in order to survive in the Old World:
Rule #1- Never go out after dark.
Rule #2- Always carry a weapon.
Rule #3- No matter what, never EVER get bitten.

Eighteen-year-old Rinda is a Bellator, one who has a problem following orders. She knows the three rules about going into the Old World like the back of her hand, but what happens when the rules Rinda has always lived by can no longer apply?

~We are now accepting character applications.~
This is a Castlevania rolePlay server that is based in the 1475 , everyone is welcome here as we seek to expand and grow. The staff here are friendly and caring and are willing to answer any questions about the land of Wallachia.
This server is a Vampire coven Roleplay looking for literate and dedicated people. Friendly staff and moderators along will a fully functional plot line.
In the year 1448 a war began between the three most powerful creatures on this Earth. One, with the highest of numbers was man. The second, was the most cunning, The Vampires. And the third was the strongest, The Werewolves. For centuries the factions warred with each other, until the final result was man's dominance over the land. Though, all was not lost for the Vampires or their swore enemies, The Werewolves. Many of them survived and simply hide themselves from the humans who would destroy them. And eventually, as all things are, they were forgotten by the humans. Believed, by them, to be nothing more then creatures of fiction... And of legend.

And yet, they The Vampires and the Werewolves still stand, in the dark and in the cold, hiding in the knowledge that the Human's have the power to wipe them out. Yet still the Vampires feed on them, believing in their arrogance that the human's will never take note of their existence and shall never come knocking on their door. The Werewolves believe that the human's have not, and will never forget of the Supernatural, they believe that there is a faction of human's who have dedicated themselves to finding and destroying both the Vampires and themselves, so they hide like scared animals preferring solitude to moving in packs, because in this world, we are all... Hunted.
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games and music to art, fanfiction and RP.
In a fictional snowy, modern city in Europe known as Jornfan, the supernatural collides with the natural. Vampires, werewolves, and monster hunters wage a constant war for power and survival. (Lore in the server)
Welcome to 1920 London, plagued by vampires and other beasts. We are a completely new roleplay server and we plan on creating a very immerse, creative and fun community. The server itself is heavily inspired on the game "Vampyr" as well as other vampire fiction, we plan on developing based on your feedback.
Welcome into eclipse boarding school, you have been accepted and have been chosen to attend to here. Your duties as a student is to represent both vampires and humans. Humans and vampires will attend both classes together. And will not have separate dorms for the night class and for the daytime class. We encourage you students to have fun and make new friends and not enemies.
Vampire Village is a vampire based roleplaying server that is based inside a village.
Vampires are popping up everywhere in Tokyo, and the Ancient Ones are concerned it’ll draw attention from hunters. Determined to help vampires assimilate into their new lives, they’ve started seeking out the freshly turned to bring them within the fold.

Come explore Tokyo as either one of the undead or a human and learn how to adapt to your new abilities, or become a thrall.
Welcome to Camp Moon. This is where all fantasy creatures can come and have fun.
In the land of vampire royalty it is known there are six ruling kingdoms of pure blood vampires, each with they're own noble courts.

Some liken to the day, while others to the night. Some to the hot of summer places, others to the cold of wintery mountains.

Never before in this land has a half vampire not been born of human and vampire. Until one day three humans appeared in the court of the Southern most kingdom each with bite marks on their necks. After many questions and countless nights of research it was discovered they were in fact not humans - but half vampires. Born of a curse, like a virus, that was believed to have gone extinct over a thousand years ago.

Who or what caused this virus to come back And what will this spell for the vampire race?

(royals in each court needed!)