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New York has always been a hot bed for underworld activity, but only recently have mundanes been so intrigued by it. A cult of demon worshipers has formed seemingly from no where, lead by a shadowy figure with the powers of a nephilim. This cult has been known to summon multiple demons, with the power to control and empower them. Meanwhile the vampires have started to become more active, and rumors of mass murders done with blood leaching have surfaced in the population. A new pack of werewolves have come come into the city, who claim to be of heritage of the first werewolf. They now are attacking the local pack and stealing their turf. Warlocks are mysteriously disappearing for months at a time, and reappearing with no memory of capture and strange symbol placed upon their bodies. Additionally an object has fallen from the sky, which has been discovered to be a sword radiating holy power. Chaos ensues, and it is only by the hand of the shadow hunters that the city does not collapse. However there are those who believe the shadow hunters should leave the city, and allow it’s shadow realm to run itself.

Come join the shadow world!
Valentine Morgenstern attempts to gather the Mortal Instruments to destroy the Downworld. As War looms on the horizon, the Nephilim must deal with the darkness falling upon them. Meanwhile, Alec struggles with a deadly yin fen addiction that threatens to tear his world apart.

We're looking for new members to join us. There's still an extensive character list available (since this is a canon-only server.)
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A fun and welcoming RPG server where you have the chance to roleplay as your favourite character from The Infernal Devices.
~No canon characters here, sorry~
In the last few months alone, the amount of Downworlders and Demons has gone up about 60%; mundanes with the Sight are starting to report sightings of the Downworld to mundane authorities and to talk about it, while those without it are getting suspicious and superstitious about the events reported. The Shadow World is in great upraw about the mundanes finding out about it, and it's putting all their world in great perral, for Nephilims and Downworlders alike! They must unite to vanquish the enemy once and for all! Who knows what would happen if mundanes learned the truth?
Meanwhile, two handsome Nephilims show up at the New York's Institute door. Who are they? Where did they come from? What are they doing here? No one seems to know their origin or purpose at the Institute. A lot of mystery and suspense surrounds them as they don't say much about themselves and who they are. But one thing is sure: they are more powerful than your average Shadowhunter. Why? That, my friends, remains to be seen.....
This server is based off of the Shadowhunters tv series. Here, we role play as OCs of different mythical creatures. You can be a faerie, werewolf, vampire, shadowhunter and more! Join today!
A public discord for the Shadowhunter Chronicles! Come and choose your place in the Shadow World! Here, you are free to discuss the books, the brand of conditioner our most magnificent Magnus Bane uses for his voluminous locks, the breakdown of Nephilim politics, or wonder if Alec really is afraid of umbrellas... We await your companionship.
~~~Currently a WIP~~~
It’s been years after the Mortal War.
Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Alec moved out of the New York City Institute for the North Carolina Institute, and a new band of Shadowhunters took over.
For a few years, all was peaceful.
And then one night, they found a young girl outside the Institute doors, telling them that the war was brewing.
No one believed her, until now.
We have a traitor in the Institute, one that wants to rule the entire Shadow World as we know it. The Downworlders and Shadowhunters must learn to work together once more if they wish to survive this battle.
After all, we are dust and shadows. We cannot last forever.
A new server for all hardcore fans of Shadowhunters. You’re all welcomed to join us!
This is quite possibly the most comprehensive Shadowhunter RP out there, directly made from one very dedicated fan who's willing to keep this server going to the end.