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This is a literate roleplay server based off of the books Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan! As the title states, this roleplay takes place at Camp Half-Blood, a camp made for demigods to stay safe from the threatening monsters that lie in the outside world.

The plot takes place roughly 8 years after the series The Heroes of Olympus, bringing us to the current day time, 2018 (side note: we're disregarding the Trials of Apollo as it has yet to be finished). As usual, trouble is stirring up in Mount Olympus, the events of the last Summer Solstice sending the gods at one another's throats as they try to figure out who was behind the incident... however, things are not as they appear. A mysterious force is at play here, and it's going to take the demigods at Camp Half-Blood to help unmask this stealthy culprit.
Camp Half Blood/Jupiter!
Welcome fellow half bloods!
This is Camp Half-blood! Or for you Romans, Camp Jupiter!
This server is run by Harry#1925

It is a fun place to meet friends and people with the same interests as you.

It is a very thought out Greek and Roman mythology roleplay server, my staff will usually be around to help if not you can always ask me.

I hope to see you all there.
Hello! This is our little camp half-blood RP server! It was just made so get the parents you want before the cabin fills up!!!
We offer ~

- All 20 cabins 💖
- Many godly parents to choose from ✨
- Capture The Flag events 🐰
- Java edition Minecraft server 1.13 🌱
- LGBTQA+ safe space 🌈
- Rythm bot for ooc music 🌼

Hope to see you there! ~
A Percy Jackson inspired server made by me and a few others. It contains it's own lore, re-balanced and new powers, and simply more then just the normal 12 gods of Olympus! Play as a demigod and enjoy the presence of other demigods as we relax...Or attempt to save the world again. Just be sure to be back by curfew!
(Placeholder description.)
this is a camp half blood rp, centered around the percy jackson universe. it's tons of fun!
we're fairly well established, but not crazy, you know? and growing every day!
-active rpers
-50 friendly faces
-nonbiased mod team (no favoritism)
- over 35 rp channels!
-capture the flag and campfires
-easy application
-LGBTQIA friendly
This server is for people that would like to roleplay demi-gods!
~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
~ Has more than just Camp-Half-Blood!
~ Great community!
Camp Half-Blood is a laid back roleplay server centered around, well, Camp Half-Blood.

600+ Members


Join camp and meet people from your own cabin and participate in quests!
We welcome campers, satyrs, and nymphs to Camp Half-Blood.


1) An active community
2) Quests to keep campers on their toes
3) A new plotline every day
4) Over 90 channels to rp in
5) Over 400 new people to meet!
6) An active and welcoming staff team
7) Clubs you can create!
8) Stores ran by Senior Campers
9) Mee6 Leveling System
10) Currency System
11) Heph Phones

This server is sort of new with 15+ people, with a very very veeery expansive god list to choose from. With a special way to be claimed and sorted by a god. In this RP, we allow many more gods and things than other servers out there! So come on by and join us today! We'd be happy to have you!

More details are on the server.
A server where you can roleplay as various characters created by you. This is also a Percy Jackson RP server. Have fun roleplaying!
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

⚡️200+ Members ⚡️

Safest place for demigods! Have you ever wanted to become a Demigod? Camp Half-Blood is a roleplaying discord server for fans of the Percy Jackson series or Greek Mythology!

You can chat with friends or roleplay in our many nature or camp locations! Don't hesitate to invite your friends, any support is appreciated! You can choose over 20 different gods and goddesses to be related.

-= 🌷 Server Features 🌷 =-

📚 50+ Channels
✅ Organization
⚔ Events & Daily Plots
🧔 Active & Mature Staff
⚡️ 215+ Members
📃 Open Partnerships

-= 👑 Camp Owners 👑 =-
🌷 - @ItzMytic#6039
💪 - @Darkfire#8337
❤ - @Gabriel the Devil#7423

= =
A friendly roleplay taken place in Percy Jackson's Camp Half Blood!Camp Half-Blood is a training camp meant for the progenies of the Greek Olympians. Demigods have abilities granted by their parents upon their claiming, which can be used as the demigod sees fit- however, it will be draining depending on how much of the ability is used, and how for how long.

These demigods are trained to fight the horrors that would just as much assume take over the world, but the Olympians have no intentions of permitting that to happen, so they have charged their children, the campers and demigods of Camp Half-Blood, to complete their will in their name, for the defense of the world.
Being a demigod can’t be the worst thing ever...right? Welcome to Camp Half Blood, set up like the books we have an armory, the big house and most importantly **the volleyball court**. Join us at camp and be claimed by your godly parent.(No pior knowledge is needed
(Will interest fans of X-Men, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and more.)

Who Can Join?
- We're open to everyone—be you 14 or 17, maybe even 20 or 32—we'll be fine with you joining in.

- Urban Fantasy
- Sci-Fi

Available Locations:
- Vancouver, Canada
- Paris, France
- Jeju Island, South Korea
- Barcelona, Spain

Summarized Lore:

It began in 1987, as a school in Vancouver. Founded by a loose coalition of wealthy men and women, it was systematically designed as the "private high school to end all other private high schools." Only the best students and teachers managed to get in, and as it went on to develop, it became apparent that this school seemed to get new technology before anyone else ever did.

They even expanded their growth further, including research laboratories in a secluded facility under the school. Their wealth grew over time, and so did their influence on the education industry. The headmaster randomly selected other nations that met specific criteria, and then chose a location there to build another institute. Sure, it cost a lot of money, but it bought back much more than it took.

For a period of time? They were nothing short of unstoppable—a monopoly in the education industry. If this wasn't enough, a discovery they make in June of 2011 completely reshapes all of human society as it was once known.

To some, "aura" was something commonly found in fantasy, being nothing more than a concept to entertain the minds of children. However, after a very particular outburst of rage, this is seen to not be the case.

Although it was initially covered up for two whole years, people were gradually warmed up to the concept through the media. The superhuman abilities we once saw as impossible were fully integrated with society, suitably called "aura expulsions." Further research conducted in 2016 showed that it directly correlated to your personality, and even discovered the root of how certain abilities functioned.

So, where we are now, as of 2023? The Cinicula Institutes still manage to maintain a firm grasp on their monopoly—not only giving some of the best schooling you will ever see, but also being the leader in aura research, going even further as to help the wealthy adolescents of our time unlock and master their true potential.
Camp Jupiter is a camp designated to protect and train the children of the Roman gods and their descendants. Its entrance is a service tunnel near the main Caldecott Tunnel in the Oakland Hills, near San Francisco so feel free to join us
(No knowledge of the books is required)
Welcome to Camp! Camp for demigods that is. Camp Jupiter is a roleplay server centered around, well, Camp Jupiter. Join camp and meet people from your own cohort and participate in quests! We welcome demigods and legacies to Camp Jupiter and hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, a place were demigods, satyrs, and nymphs can stay and not worry about monsters the second Titan war ended five years ago and the primordials have awoken to bring forth their own children but one has awoke not for peace but for destruction. As you can see this is a Percy Jackson roleplay server it takes place five years after PJO and HoO didn't happen because of reasons and if you are actively roleplaying for two weeks you can be a demi-primordial if you're actively roleplaying for one week you can be a demi-titan.
This is a Camp Jupiter server based on the books by Rick Riordan, Have fun!
Hey there! Join our server and you will be taken into an entirely different world where you could:

🚩 Play capture the flags with other fellow campers at Camp Half Blood!
⚔️ Spar with fierce campers at Camp Jupiter!
🏢 Meet tons of new friends in Hotel Valhalla!
🌅 Travel the many nomes to explore!

And so much more!
Welcome to The Oracle!
The Oracle is a Roleplay Server focused around Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Book Series, however we are based 5 years before the First Book, once you join just head over to our #get_started channel to well, Get Started!
We offer many features such as:

⭐ Open Partnerships 🤝
⭐ Both, Camp Half-Blood and Jupiter 🚶
⭐ Many other channels for Quest and such, like Sicily and Portugal! 🗺
⭐ A channel map for navigating our many Roleplay Channels 🖖
⭐ Mature Staff and lots of Mature Roleplayers! 📚

Join now!
are you a pathetic loser who doesn't have any friends? do all your discord servers die because no one cares enough to talk in them? do your friends punch you in the face when you reference a shitty tv show? THEN THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU
Christ Academy is a spin off to the Rick Riordan universe, For all who ever wondered what the christian camp would look like, Look no further than Christ Academy!

Welcome all to Eden city, A city for Christian demigods and prophets alike, A place to train and become the greatest heroes of your times We are still new and need your help to grow this server.

Comes With
- Free travel of Heaven, Earth and Hell!
- Some of the coolest powers of any religion!
- Custom pets and weaponry!
- A chance to raise to the level of angel!
- New abilites!

Join today!
Hi! Welcome to Camp Half Blood!
We got a few rules:

1. When RP-ing (roleplaying) use "" when speaking and * when doing an action.
For example: "Hi!" *she said,waving.*

2. Don't kill another person's character without permission!
For example: *chops his head off killing him.*

^ If you do this without asking,you're probably going to be warned.

3. No ERP! Take that shit into DMs or fade to black.

4. Don't make your character know things they're not supposed to know.
For example: Person 1: *in another room* "Person 3 is so ugly!"
Person 2: *in the same room* "I know,right!"
Person 3,randomly entering the room: "I'm not ugly!"

5. If your char sheet is short,it won't be accepted. Try and reach at least 1k characters.

That's it,for now. Have fun!
You've all heard of Greek Mythology, Roman, Nordic, Gods, Goddesses, Demi-gods, but it's all myths right? Well, what if I were to tell you that they're real, all of it, The Greeks, The Romans, Egyptians, All of it. Demi-Gods, Monsters, Magicians, they all exist, and you are one. Come, Join us on your journey through a realm of Myth.

Demi-gods: Legends Of Olympus is a roleplay server based off the Rick Riordan books, and allows characters to be numerous different species, such as Demi-Gods, Magicians, and Monsters. The server includes detailed information on the Species, channels, and camps. We are still on expanding Mythologies.
Come along to a new generation in the wonderful world of Rick Riordan's books! Camp Half Blood awaits newcomers with a drive for adventure and will to explore the unknown! Join as a camper and roleplay with others to shape your path on the server!