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Come hang out and talk about fanfics, your fandoms and have a little fun roleplaying if that suits you!
A place for lovers anime to hang out and chill. We hope to build a large community of writers, artists, and weebo's alike from communities other than our mains: Fairy Tail and Blazblue. Come, be apart of the growing ragtag group of weebs who love to watch anime, write, and chill.
Writers Anonymous was created to host a supportive community for writers of all kinds! We have critique sections, beta readers, cover showcases, and a currently small group of people wanting to help. We offer organized channels, active and friendly staff, and have a system in place where you earn higher levels the more you post! Come check us out. <3
A server for all the fanfic writers and readers to come together in and share their love for the beautiful art of fanart and fanfiction, whatever fandom they be in!
+ Friendly, yet moderately strict and fair staff
+ Art channels
+ Voice chats
+ Weekly events
+ Channels for feedback and criticism
+ Original Works allowed too!
This discord server is made for story updates and discussion.

I wanted to make my own story of Splatoon. I was only 12 years old when I started making the story in 2018. Now, it's been a year, well it's been a year as I'm writing this here, and by looking back at my story... I've really come far in writing it. A made Wix website is going to show my story. But it isn't the old one I made when I was 12 years old, it's the in-making remastered version of it which I made this year, hehe. Just so you know, before reading this story. This story contains Violence, Bad words, Sorcery, Time Travel and Manipulations, and some Splatoon Lore.
Yes, I made the main-main character, Melissa, an inkling sorceress. I was such a mental kid back when I was 12. Welp, if I made the story and it's really long for me to change it, then I'll be keeping it that way.
Want a place to share stories that you made, a place to discuss some published content or somewhere to find a good read? Well, join Writer's Inc. where you can do all of the above and more. Whether you want to meet new people with similar interests or promote your own content, you came to the right place!

(I mean, there's only 2 people here rn so it probably ain't the right place but it's a start I suppose.)
We are mainly a writers group(mostly for fantasy and sci-fi but all writer welcome) but we welcome non-writers to our mad house! We most chat, talk crap and have fun.

~Writers resources
~Nanowrimo preparedness and support
~Meme section
~Fun bots
This Discord is so that others, including myself, can share their fanfictions or fanfiction ideas. I want people to be able to speak their criticisms more directly, talk to each other about ideas for their stories, or simply hang out and chat.

As of now, we are pretty small... So everyone that joins is a welcomed addition, as long as the rules aren't broken of course.
Sanctum of Hyrule is a lore/fanworks based discussion server for the Zelda series. We welcome Zelda fans of all kinds, from theorists to artists to fanfiction writers and beyond!
👋Hello come stop by to hear some funny stories our readers share! We offer games and many event to have fun and get wild🤯 We do fan fiction readings that will crack you up😂🤣 Stop by and enjoy the show‼️😎💪
| English | The Art Lab is a community of artists wanting to share their art, tips, inspiration and challenges to practice and improve! Fan art, original art, sfw and nsfw content are welcome, and different artistic fields aswell: drawing, music, writing, 3d animation, and more!

| Français | The Art Lab est une communauté d'artistes souhaitant promouvoir leur travail, partager leurs inspirations et tutos, ainsi que de participer à des défis pour s'entraîner et s'améliorer! Les dessinateurs, écrivains en herbe ou affirmés, créateurs de contenu musical, animateurs 3D, créateurs de contenu adulte sont la bienvenue!
If you want to join a discord where no one judges you, you can share hentai and make friends, then this is the server for you!

Join now!! :)
A friendly, politically incorrect, freedom-of-speech encouraging safe haven for scalies and anyone who is interested in them. Here, have no fear of expressing yourself in any way, be it through art, roleplaying, fanfiction or simply chatting.

We have:
-A level-up system and self-assigned roles.
-A place to share art and fanfics and promote your work.
-NSFW chsnnels for all your naughty needs. Our NSFW material is neatly categorised and catering to every preferance.
-A roleplaying section where you can submit your sonas.

Hello! Welcome and thanks for reading our description for our server! My name is Cinna and im the owner! We are a server based on Webtoons and Webcomics combined! However we will take people who havent even read webtoons as we are also a community! We are small now but we can grow! See you on the other side!
Hello! We are currently a small server of authors looking to collaborate with others! There is room for every type of author, including fiction, non-fiction, and fanfiction authors! We also have other subcategories to discuss other fandom interests like DuckTales, Star Wars, or DC! All are welcome!
In the final battle, Peeta, due to his injuries, falls off the cornucopia leaving Katniss to deal with Cato. Katniss doesn't last long without Peeta's support and assistance, and Cato kills her with a gruesome death. Cato is crowned as the 74th victor of the Annual Hunger Games, and Seneca Crane continues to be the Head Gamemaker.
It's now the year of the 99th Annual Hunger Games. Many changes have occurred, but everything seems to run as usual. Will it ever change?
Looking for a place to share your latest writing? Or maybe find some good fic recommendations? This must be the place for you 😉
Welcome to a place where you can share your joy and fervor for your favorite pairings to your heart's content. I hope this little server will grow to be an island paradise of sorts where people can share their love of love in all the shapes it may take.

Join Phoenix Nest, a brand new (and quickly growing!) server focused on Star Wars Rebels! There's room for discussion about other, non-Rebels aspects of Star Wars, of course, as well as places to share fic prompts, music, cosplay, and much more! We're a tight group, but we'd love to welcome you too!
Welcome, one and all, to Hentai Fanfiction! This is specifically an NSFW server for all those fanfiction writers who aren't allowed to post their NSFW fanfictions in regular servers! Anything is allowed (except raiding, bitch). You can also relax here, just listen to music or casually gossip, you know?
Welcome to Write Me Up Inside, a server where writers and artists can discuss ideas and concepts! We're LGBTQ friendly and a really fun community, with events and exchanges and lots of channels for all ages! Also memes. We have so many memes. This is Hell.
Here is a place where you can talk about your fanfics, get ideas, and hopefully grow as a writer and get inspired. It is for both sfw and nsfw works. There is also role-playing and Pokécord. I hope to see you there.😙
Welcome to STORY TIME, a place for all story lovers to gather in one server and have fun. ✾◦∘

── ☆ what we have here:

Different types of stories:

Our topics vary, with fanfictions, stories, roleplaying and much more to accommodate your needs.

Upcoming events:

We will have upcoming events once we reached a desired amount of members for events, we'll start doing events!

Leveling system:

Level up and receive **role rewards** while progressing up the leader board.

Social chats:

Channels for general talk as well. you can advertise your social medias in a special channel~

We hope you join our community!
Welcome to The Online Cafè!
Why should you join? Well because this server is an all in one! On here we offer our members the ability to talk just about anything they desire. We have dedicated channels and catagories for certain topics and interests. Even some fandoms have been added. We feature an art catagory, a writing catagory, a fanfiction catagory, a graphic design catagory, a gaming catagory and many more! Want your specific topic added, I'm sure that could be arranged. Along with all these catagories, we also have a world market dedicated to whoever wants to sell their work, services, or any other thing you want to sell. As well as dedicated marketplaces for every catagory if you want to make sure that other members who share your interests see your listing.

Why dont you come on by and join our community!