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Come on by and talk about Fan Fiction, whether you're a reader or a writer. We're here to supply you with fics, and to support you with your own.

We offer:

- an inclusive environment
- regular writing related events
- a sharing and trading platform for your writing
- an active community to call home
Sanctum of Hyrule is a lore/fanworks based discussion server for the Zelda series. We welcome Zelda fans of all kinds, from theorists to artists to fanfiction writers and beyond!
Hello! Welcome and thanks for reading our description for our server! My name is Cinna and im the owner! We are a server based on Webtoons and Webcomics combined! However we will take people who havent even read webtoons as we are also a community! We are small now but we can grow! See you on the other side!
This is a new server in desperate need of members. Lol. Just your average anime/manga server minus the chaos and the fighting between people who throw fits. It's awfully quiet here, ya know? Anyone's welcome. It's mostly fanfiction talking but anything goes. You're all invited! The average rules apply- don't be a dick, unless it's the good kind of dick. Otherwise, I'll be a bigger D. Ja? Ja. Not always strictly nsfw but to hell with it. This isn't an RP group, just to clarify.
k-fiction is a fanfiction server for all kpop lovers to share their stories on! whether it's fantasy or sci-fci, every story is welcomed.
we hope to see you here!
Want a place to share stories that you made, a place to discuss some published content or somewhere to find a good read? Well, join Writer's Inc. where you can do all of the above and more. Whether you want to meet new people with similar interests or promote your own content, you came to the right place!

(I mean, there's only 2 people here rn so it probably ain't the right place but it's a start I suppose.)
Une bande assez déjantée qui aime écrire toute sorte de chose.
Le principe est simple, on écrit avec des personnages que vous avez créés.
Enfin, ça c'est dans le principe. En réalité, on passe plus de temps à dire n'importe quoi qu'à écrire, mais il nous arrive quand même de le faire de temps à autre.
"Curious are you? Of the tale of the Tokyo Crusaders? Listen in all ye who dare, for I shall recount, that fateful day..."
Yo! We're a bunch (two) writers trying to cultivate a safe haven for all types of writing! This is a definite place to come if you're a writer, whether you write academic, fiction, any kind! The server has a main focus on my series, Transcendents, which gets updated semi-frequently, so there's a lot in store for the next few years! Commissions are also now open! DM FC for more details!

~Join if you're interested!~
Let's start from the beginning: This server is something very personal to me, as it is the embodiment of a lot of shit that goes on in my imagination, popular fictions encountering each other, ranging from cinema, anime, video games and even books.

I wanted to share this madness of my mind with the good people of Discord, I don't count on making this very big, but rather just right for it to be comfortable, people will be allowed to do whatever they want and new channels will be created as bios are created, I'm curious to see just how far a collective mind can go using characters and places we all know and love!

If you're still reading, thank you for going all the way to the end, it means a lot that you'd put aside a few minutes of your time just to read someone rambling on about a childhood dream finally come true. Love you all, have a nice time!!
A place where people can share fanfiction they like or find fanfic recommendations.
original content creators is a server for anyone who wants to talk to people that have similar interests in writing, drawing, etc. it's fairly new, so come join and meet some friends!
Hello and welcome to Free Flow Writing, a community for all kinds of authors! After struggling to find a community that I felt comfortable sharing my work in I decided to create one myself. Many servers were either too casual, and I didn't feel like it was really a writing server, or it was too professional and I felt like my fan works wouldn't be welcome. I created Free Flow Writing (and Freaky Free Flow writing) to make that perfect mix of comfortable chillness and creative spark.
Welcome to the server! Step right in to a place that thrives with budding authors and amazing betas straight from the website. This server is not only to connect readers, betas, and authors alike but it is also a place where new writers can learn how to better develop their craft with the help of others who are more experienced when it comes to writing. Need help with making good summaries? We got that. Need help with new plotline ideas? We can help ya. Trying to find out a way to avoid that stereotypical character trope? We gotcha covered. This is a place for everyone from any fandom alive to come together to read and nerd out over the things that we love the most so please come and join us for a lovely time! Write on!
a cool place! earth and moon is hanging out come join us on the happy moon server chill a new server has bots and a place where u can talk this server is new
This server is a fresh start and a complete fan fiction of the HTTYD series, we go back to hiccups teen years and act like he never found toothless and we rp what could have happened otherwise!
A safe place for anyone who loves D:BH. 𝘼𝙧𝙩𝙞𝙨𝙩, 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨, 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨, and much more can come here to created a healthy and safe community of people who loves this game and it's story; for the people who are willing to read and see peoples creations or to display your our to a community of people who love what you love. Also this is a casual server, so you don't have to be there everyday--
[Must be 14+ to join]
[NSFW within the server]
[ Status: I just made it, so it's a little slow]
We are a Dragon Prince server that has a liking toward the Star
Hello yeah not really a server, I'm just looking for a beta writer. You'd correct any grammar I screw up and give me some critique and tell me your opinion on my story. Please join im desperate
◤A 13+ server made for all sorts of fandoms, fan-fiction writers, etc◢

here we offer~

➺self-assignable roles
➺channels for any tv shows, bands, etc with a fandom and if we don't have yours just say and it'll be made in an instant!
➺binge watching events
➺channels for advertising your social media, edits, stories, etc.
➺channels for support, memes, etc.
➺bots to play with
➺places to promote your social media, servers, and writing.

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥we hope you join!
A small based discord server, for everyone to enjoy!
We are mainly a writers group(mostly for fantasy and sci-fi but all writer welcome) but we welcome non-writers to our mad house! We most chat, talk crap and have fun.

~Writers resources
~Nanowrimo preparedness and support
~Meme section
~Fun bots
A role playing server for fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Join a story of betrayal and loss while crafting a tale with a fun and hospitable community.
We are a get-away for all those looking to enjoy their fandom, share their works, or network with others who share same or similar interests! Also includes aesthetics, pastels, and a loving community for self-care and peace of mind. If you are here to cause chaos, please go away. Only 15+ please. Thank you very much. Enjoy your stay! <3
During the 1800s six magical families were stuck into a constant state of war, until finally one of the bloodlines surrendered willing their magic to the other five. Agreeing to a truce the five bloodlines formed the covenant. Since the creation of the covenant 200 hundreds passed into what is now 2018 and there hasn't been war amongst the five but now a new threat has appeared threatening to expose and destroy what was built