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✧ For Touhou Discussion and Media.
♡ For 13-17 dating and 18+ dating and roleplay.
☆ For Sharing skills, talents, hobbies and interests.

This is a relatively new touhou themed server with the multipurpose of being a hangout and place to talk about touhou along with being a center of art, talent, music and hobbies combined with an online dating portion with a roleplay section. The dating, roleplay and talent portion is optional. This server is really just designed to be a conglamorate of people doing many things, touhou related or not.
❁ 東方 RP ❁ is all about Touhou Project. We offer +60 roleplay channels and +30 roles. If you're interested in bullet-hell or roleplaying, this server will be your favorite Shrine.
A roleplaying server for all fans of the touhou series games manga and anime everyone is welcome
Hewo, my name's Kiri(I rp as Sakuya) and thank you for reading my server description! :3 This is a server that I'm putting a lot of work into, so please enjoy! We still have a lot of open canon characters for you to pick from! I prefer activity on the server over anything else, so please be active if you join!!! Even if you aren't interested I hope you have a great day, and I love you! <3
Just another Kancolle/Azur Lane roleplay server with some Touhou (Mostly minor. closer to enhancements) mixed in. This explores what would happen if a Splinter faction of Shipgirls decided to break away and form their own home country on a Enlarged Midway atolls. plus a bit of Comics thrown in for Main Arcs. as well as a Tech tree
Please feel free to join us here.
Club Cirno aims to be your other home! No longer do you have to go bowling alone, come join us in our comfy club of Cirno! This server promotes a neutral ground to converse in and widely is accessible to those who want to have some nonchalant fun. Included with your club membership is access to exclusive nitro Cirno emojis as well as a server rank that reflects your loyalty to the club. Come by and chat in your home away from home!
Hi, welcome to Megumin Hangout! The server has been opened recently after being shut for a time. Our server contains:
- anime channels
- waifu posting
- osu! channels
- meme channels
- NSFW channels
- and more
Greetings description reader This is the world of touhou server where we welcome veterans of the fandom and new members of the fandom with open arms. We have a large list of places to rp that grows with every new location added to gensokyo. We have a character creation template for people to use but feel free to add to it if you like. We allow erp in specific channels(which we are currently adding). We allow normal discussions about the games and manga. WE NEED MORE STAFF preferably staff that can be online when i’m Not. We need active members. We have channels for artist looking to show off there art to the community. We are willing to take suggestions for the server. So if your thinking about joining go ahead it will make us one step closer to having every touhou character have a role player for them.
🐣 Cluck Cluck Kutaka Hell 🐣
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ★ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
Are you looking for a chill community server? Are you looking for a place to find fellow Touhou fans? This server's the place for you~ Here, we worship Kutaka and value everyone.
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ★ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
彡✧ Self-Assignable Roles
彡✧ Touhou Content!
彡✧ Homework Channels
彡✧ NSFW Channels
彡✧A calm, accepting community
彡✧ Art channels
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ★ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
We accept everyone with open arms and hope you'll join our wonderful growing community.
Nous sommes une communauté francophone internationale de Touhou Project, un regroupement de fans dont nous avons tous un point commun : Touhou Project.
Mais nous voulons aussi faire connaître les jeux de base à un public plus large et encourager les gens à faire plus. Nous organisons également des rassemblements communautaires pour lier nos membres à d'autres fans ayant les mêmes idées autour de stands organisés par l'association Touhou-Online installés dans certaines conventions., ou de rencontres organisés eux même par les membres.
Группа фанатов игровой серии Touhou Project (東方 Project, Project Shrine Maiden).
Здесь вы можете задать интересующие вас вопросы или просто пообщаться по интересам.
Проводим турниры и ирл сходки.
A server for the Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl, Nue Houjuu, from the Touhou Project.

Featuring Nue emotes and feeds that post the newest Nue images from Danbooru.
Pandaemonic Corner is primarily a Touhou server where we aim to be a calm place to discuss our favorite flying loli bullet hell. We aren't that serious, so don't be afraid to discuss other things if you want.
The only Discord server dedicated to yuri of the Touhou Project series!
We have a leveled ranking system for active members, channels to post original content, NSFW content and more, as well as plenty of emotes!
Join Gensokyō Light if you feel like spending comfy time talking about the series in general; characters, literature works, music, anything about it! We're also fond of roleplaying, that's why we set up a bunch of locations in Gensokyō where you can do so!


Únete a Gensokyō Light si quieres pasar un buen rato discutiendo acerca de Touhou en general; personajes, trabajos literarios, música, ¡de todo! A nosotros nos agrada el roleplay (y contenido NSFW también), ¡por eso hemos colocado lugares de Gensokyō para que puedas hacerlo!
A community for discussing various topics and playing games together. We welcome all people of all kinds and are open to any honest opinions.
Defiers of the Mad God is a Realm of the Mad God PServer developed by two morons in their spare time. The pserver itself isn't public yet, but you can join this Discord to watch us. Also a bit of the content is based off of Touhou, so there's that.
We're the dankest touhou server, and the second biggest touhou shitpost server, come join us, or else.
Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion! A server loosely based around touhou and it’s awesome characters. Here we want you to be able to chat and make friends with the other members. We hope you can join us and help grow this small community!
~Here are a few of the awesome things you can experience on the server:

-Tons of colored self-assignable roles and an NSFW role
-Admins ready to chat
-Lots of bots to play with and a fun ranking system
-and finally a bunch of cool emotes!
Hello there!
This isn't your usual Touhou server; it is more like an archive of history currently in construction. It is an ambitious project of mine to thoroughly summarize the events that occur in the Touhou Project. If you are interested in the story/lore of Touhou Project, I welcome you. Most of the archives are still in an early unfinished state, but I plan to finish them over the course of time. I am very fond of explaining Gensokyo history and society, so feel free to ask any questions you have in regards to Touhou.