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Welcome. You have reached the boarder line of Gensokyo and Ebott.
Here, all kinds of creatures are at play.
God's, faires, youkai, humans,monsters,etc.
Here, we come together and be at peace. Now... Let us go forth for a new future.
Girls are praying...Stay determined!
A small server, I know, but one with pretty active peeps. Big into Touhou and military waifus. Friendly and very chill! We value being supportive and welcoming to everyone. Whether you wanna make friends, play games or just find someone or a place to vent your woes we'll be here!
Just another Kancolle/Azur Lane roleplay server with some Touhou mixed in.
Please feel free to join us here.
We're the dankest touhou server, and the second biggest touhou shitpost server, come join us, or else.
The famous video game franchise Touhou is now in RP form! Come here and play any of your favorite characters. Ranging from the main protagonist Reimu all the way to the Nuclear Bird Okuu. Very friendly and loving community trying to grow larger. Join Today to get started ^_^.
A community for people who want an outlet for Touhou roleplaying! The world of Gensokyo is a large and fantastic place!
It should be a fairly lax environment, just remember to read the rules channel. There are things that shouldn't have to be said.
This is a minor friendly server, so there will be no NSFW.
Most importantly, don't be rude. Fighting and behavior that makes others uncomfortable will not be tolerated.
Pandaemonic Corner is primarily a Touhou server where we aim to be a calm place to discuss our favorite flying loli bullet hell. We aren't that serious, so don't be afraid to discuss other things if you want.
This is a server for Touhou fans to share their fanworks and grow their projects. Our mission is to help artists who want to create fanworks by connecting them to people with other skills, fund fan projects and merchandise, and promote artists and streamers on various social media platforms.
Koishi's Fishbowl is a cozy little community for meeting some new friends! We have some cute Touhou pics, and some rhythm gamers from Cytus, Deemo, Lanota, Arcaea, osu!, VOEZ, etc., too though.
A chill server for Touhou fans or just general anime fans alike to hangout! Nothing fancy, just a relaxed place. Roleplay? Gaming or Anime nights? Just listening to music? We do/allow all that. We do have NSFW sections but you must request access to those
Very small discord server for chitchatting over random things. Not like any of the other stupid theme servers, just come in and hopefully someone is online.
A basic hub server, "Komeiji Carnival" doesn't have much going for it. Having many systems such as voting, making this a more community-oriented server. Our main niche is roleplay, as we have many channels dedicated to creating characters and using them. There are NSFW channels, but this is mainly kept PG-13. Disclaimer: This is not a Komeiji Cult lmao.
We are a Touhou themed server, but we invite you to talk about anything that tickles your fancy!
Lots of friendly people and interactive bots! touhou emotes!~
Come play our new Touhou Gacha Card Game!
Gensokyo; Touhou Discord
✦━━━━━━━━✶ 🌸 ✶━━━━━━━━✦

*Our server includes the following features:*

✶ A Customized Touhou Themed Server

✶ Talk about the game and browse community creations

✶ A variety of chats and categories!

✶ Show off your art you create to show off your artistic style in our art channel

✶ We don't tolerate mean people!

✶ Looking for partners

🌸 Please help us get to 100 members 🌸
We're bunch of autists that play league of legends with dumb builds.
My friend is severely brain damaged and needs help.
Please help him.

There's touhou shitposts too, sometimes.
Hello there! Just like the name of the server suggests, We are a community who love touhou project.

Even though it's a touhou server, you don't have to always talk about touhou, you can also talk other things like anime, game, manga, LN, etc.

We also have many communities other than discord, like facebook fans page, facebook group, google+, twitter, blog, etc.

Feel free to join us.
A server with over 100 memebers waiting for support we are all active! we are searching to be more notice by all the world!! it a place where all touhou fans share pics everyday there even events
A chill chat where you can meet people, hang out and post shibes. We have anime nights/gaming nights so come on in and join the fun! You can also choose between lots of fun roles.