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Pandaemonic Corner is primarily a Touhou server where we aim to be a calm place to discuss our favorite flying loli bullet hell. We aren't that serious, so don't be afraid to discuss other things if you want.
3 hours ago
☯ Touhou Overdose ☯ is a chill Touhou environment for everything Touhou! We have everything Touhou related. Feel free to join if you don't own a fedora. [No NSFW channel. We aren't lonely 16 year olds]
Touhou 16.5
Touhou 16.5
10 hours ago
NeetWorks is an easy going place for most people! Games║Anime║MMOs║Coding║Art║Tech║Active Voice Chat!! ˙͜ >˙

This is just a simple fun place to chill out. There are channels for art, tech, anime, touhou, and tons more! Be sure to join and say hi, also don't forget to join voice chat too !!!!
FFXIV Server= Gilgamesh
FFXI Server = Nasomi
PSO2 Server = Ship 2
10 hours ago
We are a Touhou themed server, but we invite you to talk about anything that tickles your fancy!
Lots of friendly people and interactive bots!
Come say hi!~
7 days ago
A server with over 100 memebers waiting for support we are all active! we are searching to be more notice by all the world!! it a place where all touhou fans share pics everyday there even events
8 days ago
Small but growing casual/chill community with a Touhou and Feudal Japan theme! | Fun Bots | Leveling System | 125 Self Color Roles
56 days ago
Currently with 25 Cirno emotes, Club Cirno is a server centered around all things Crayon Cirno and community. Crayon Cirno's artwork originated from some 4chan user who I cannot credit because I don't know who they are; their legacy shall live on! Club Cirno also strives for a thriving community of laid back, low motivation peeps. There are many server features that are in-development such as automated seasonal events, so stay a bit and have some fun.
58 days ago
A chill chat where you can meet people, hang out and post shibes. We have anime nights/gaming nights so come on in and join the fun! You can also choose between lots of fun roles.
62 days ago
ヒカリナナイロ or Hikari Nanairo is a Touhou-themed Discord server for those who loves anime, games, doujin music, or even memes. Rest of the description is in the server itself, don't forget to read them. It's important! :D
68 days ago
A basic hub server, "Komeiji Carnival" doesn't have much going for it. Having many systems such as voting, making this a more community-oriented server. Our main niche is roleplay, as we have many channels dedicated to creating characters and using them. There are NSFW channels, but this is mainly kept PG-13.