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Small but growing casual/chill community with a Touhou and Feudal Japan theme! | Fun Bots | Leveling System | 125 Self Color Roles
19 minutes ago
ヒカリナナイロ or Hikari Nanairo is a Touhou-themed Discord server for those who loves anime, games, doujin music, or even memes. Rest of the description is in the server itself, don't forget to read them. It's important! :D
50 minutes ago
TNC is a active,friendly & loving community full of gamers and anime lovers a like with weekly and monthly events.We focus mostly on Gaming and anime but welcome all other types of people and interests to our server along with having much more.we haven't forgotten about our kemonomimi's shh they are safe with us come check us out!! :3
1 days ago
All Games 260
NeetWorks is an easy going place for most people! Games║Anime║MMOs║Coding║Art║Tech║Active Voice Chat!! ˙͜ >˙

This is just a simple fun place to chill out. There are channels for art, tech, anime, touhou, and tons more! Be sure to join and say hi, also don't forget to join voice chat too !!!!
FFXIV Server= Gilgamesh
FFXI Server = Nasomi
PSO2 Server = Ship 2
37 days ago
We are a Touhou themed server, but we invite you to talk about anything that tickles your fancy!
Lots of friendly people and interactive bots!
Come say hi!~
71 days ago