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(This project is still under construction, but feel free to come say hello!) Welcome to Melodis, the city run by a gruesome dictatorship. You’ll fit right in with the rest of the people in the crime-ridden streets.
The Earth is gone. It's been gone for a long time, 80 years to be exact. It happened so fast, one moment the entire planet was celebrating new years and the next the very ground beneath all of our feet changed. What followed next was a brutal 25 year long war and a truce between all sides. Who knows how long that'll last...

{Hi there!}

-Choose to join one of five influential and powerful factions in the struggle to save or ruin the treaty between three worlds who've been merged due to unknown forces.

-Partake in faction interactions and server RP events that will keep things interesting and fun

-Interact with random events such as monster swarms, random attacks, villains that spice things up, rising hostile factions, and much more

-Meet new people and cooperate to make an interesting story worth remembering

[Come join 2100 and hopefully enjoy the experience! We welcome you to an RP server focused on faction wars and heavy interaction in a world that you can either help save, or destroy. The more members, the better the experience, as they add on to the factions and make things feel even more in depth.]

(Every 5 months 2100 will undergo a large change in the world, jumping forward into the future by 10-20 years in order for a new narrative to form. You can use your old characters or create new ones, but both will have to deal with the consequences of the actions from that last part of 2100.)

*At the moment we are looking for proper staff that can manage the server, as we are still a new and growing server that has yet to have any proper admins.
Hey there! Don't be afraid of our seemingly low player count (we have over 40 members, just some like invis mode, rip)! We're incredibly nice and sarcastic and all you could love in a discord server. Code: Prism is a wasteland roleplay, so if you're interested, come join! If not, still, join! There's no harm in it :)

The world ended centuries ago. Now, the world is ruined. The City rises above the Wasteland, a pinnacle of human ingenuity. In the Wasteland, factions fight for resources and resent all those lucky enough to be in the City. Superpowers, called Abilities, have become common in the Wastelands due to overexposure to various types of radiation.
2 years ago the country of Kilead sent a fleet of airplanes to drop nuclear weapons, using the town of Blackburn as their testing grounds. The country of Kilead didn't know that people had inhabited Blackburn when they used the town for testing. The radioactivity from the weapons killed thousands of people, but those who survived... their genes mutated. They gained powers and abilities and the remaining survivor's split into two different sides, Those who want to use their powers only to survive are apart of the refugee camp, Camp Castaway. But those who want to use their powers to harm the country of Kilead are apart of Camp Decimation. Camp Castaway is located inside The Old Church, while Camp Decimation is located in The Old School. The people of Blackburn must stay inside of their buildings or wear gas masks if they are to go outside. The radioactivity is highly toxic outside and will kill them instantly. You are now one of the people in Blackburn. Here are the rules the people have set for Blackburn. One. Stay in your buildings as much as possible. Never drink the water from the lake... Two. Never go outside without a gas mask. And Three.... Never. EVER. Go near the barrier. Nothing ever goes out of Blackburn, nothing ever comes in. Stay away from the barrier at all costs. Will you survive living in Blackburn?
Welcome to planet Siravini. This planet contains everything earth does and much more. Meet our Kingdoms; Oshana, Asgard, Okanawa, Orestia, Dibonestra, and Wolken. Asgard and Wolken are being attacked by the Tithians a terrorist group from the outskirts of Dibonestra. Both are now mostly abandoned, and the royal families are living with the royal families of Oshana, and so are many of the old residents. This has put Oshana vulnerable to attack, (where it stands today). Dibonestra has done nothing to stop this, resulting in the other countries being upset and cutting off ties. Orestia has made itself the peaceful middle man, offering refuge to whoever needed it, Tithian or not. Okanawa has taking a more hostile approach by forming a dictatorship to defeat the Tithians, resulting in famine in their own kingdom. So welcome to Oshana. Are you here for refuge? Nevermind that, come in stranger. Quick before they see you.
From the journal of Marcus Thompson:
January 22, 2112 - The world was peaceful for years. Nearing a utopian society, the entire whole of the world was on the verge of a new age filled with peace and technological advancements. By the year 2074, they had already unveiled so much, with artificial intelligence becoming smarter everyday. The Earth was at peace for the first time in history. A utopia was clearly in sight.

However, where there is peace and order, there is disruption and chaos lurking. Someone got in power over in China. The man was corrupt; he waged a war upon Japan, triggering several nearby countries t battle China. This then spiraled as the butterfly effect hit the world full-force, breaking the haze and letting violent nature spread. Governments became sinful, corrupt people who could be compared to demons; the people became hostile, attacking the federal union. In America, the S.W.A.T. team had to kill at least ten people per day to moderate the violence. Sickness, starvation, and murder became simple facts of life.

Now, many years later, we are stuck. We must survive somehow. Our technology is gone, ruined, leading us to the primitive days, around the year 2020 or so. But... there is hope. Hope we can survive and create the utopia we dreamed of.
Even though it will never happen.

A rebellion has been formed. Now it is time to server your purpose. Survive. Adapt. Kill others or work together. These are your choices.
Silochi. A dead world. Three towns, a fight to survive every day. Monsters, brutal and bloodthirsty outside the towns. Join this struggling world and fight to survive. Will you be a part of this dead world? Or will you be a wimp in paradise, ignoring this call? Join us, and survive.

What we have:
Active and friendly community and staff!
Unique characters that you create!
The more you roleplay, the higher ranks you get!
Reaction roles!
Epic fights!
Incredible creatures!
Frequent events!
Help with any issues!
Anyone is accepted!
Welcome. It's the Earth year 2593, and mankind has evacuated its homeworld and scattered among the stars. Enter Argara. The most densely-colonised planet of all the known universe. Also the most racially diverse, with species of all kinds living among and with the humans.
The thing is, the world was meant to end. Except Apocalypse turned to dystopia and the world kept crumbling. Kept dying. Even though the world keeps spinning, keeps turning, keeps moving, but in a sluggish way, a pained way, giving up? Perhaps the world already knew.

You see, the Rich people own the world now, capturing the monsters that once came out of the research of corrupt science, making a more pleasurable way to exterminate these monsters and those that… well… commoners. It’s a rich mans world.

`Trust me, life isn’t fair right now. Hasn’t been since it was meant to end. A simple science experiment gone wrong... that’s all it had been. World leaders had given up, replaced by the power hungry executioners that we know today. We live wrong, we breath wrong, we eat wrong... you get found out.`

`Too many monsters in the world, turning it bloodthirsty, the Executioners sending out rewards to those that could catch these demons and bring them back. Back to the arena. Yeah, the world is still ending, just slowly and painfully. First turning into a dystopia. `

`There’s criminals, criminals and their innocent families removed from the streets and dumped in the concentration camp, one by one being transported to the arena, where monster and humans would battle to the death. No escape, not that people haven’t tried of course.`

`So I lay down the foundations now. It’s hell, the simplest things could get you a front row ticket in front of a monsters gaping maw, inside that arena. The rich or the immune leering up from above in the stands. Happy in their own little blood painted paradise.`

`It was better when the world ended.
Every land has a story to tell, yet these lands keep secrets. From the runic overgrown villages to the charred sands of the desert, these dystopian environments yield not to life, but embrace the deaths of millions. Solitude may be your only friend in the aftermath of the disasters of the past. Nobody seems to know much about what brought us here, but many seek an explanation and understanding, while others seek solitude. Whatever the case, the wild wild wastelands are not a place for the weak.

- Play as virtually ANY original character!
- Level up your character in 5 skills!
- Questing!
- Friendly & Helpful Staff
- Constructive and family-like community!
- Massively Expandable Universe!
There's this huge place living in sort of the middle of no where. It's impossible to get out of here, no matter how hard you try. There are rules set up, and the most of them have a death penalty. If you break one with a death penalty, you are put into a small little room with windows on all sides with nothing inside. Here, you are forced to die without anything to help you. The rest are forbitted to help you and if they try, they will only end up in your situation. There is a tight schedule and many despise this place. However, if you follow the rules and be good, people will willingly call it a utopia.
The Fallen Stand is a post apocalyptic human rp group set 18 years after the zombie apocalypse. Join the civilized or the dangerous tribal people that live beneath the city.
But whatever you do...

Trust no one.

Sign up is fast and easy, no long DA journals to read, we're based solely on the discord with the option for forum rp if that's what you prefer! You can RP anywhere on the server, hang out with other members and create your characters! No character limit, no story limit, a free and open group for all!
RP may contain mature themes and strong gore. Recommended 18+
Maraudim City is a sprawling, urban dystopia set in the year 2100, nestled between america and hawaii in the pacific
ocean and is rumored to be the remains of California during what some call, "The last earthquake". The island that
the city is settled on is about half the size of texas (possibly what was saved when it moved into the sea) and the
city covers nearly all of it. A large wall does cover the bits that aren't dominated by shipping docks, leaving the
citizens no other choice but attempt to enter/leave from one section. Exiting the city comes at a high cost, but
no one is sure why as no one that has entered has ever left
want to be a robotic human? a human? well this is the server for you! come join us and hang out! we love making friends!
// = change in radio channels

Hello and welcome to the Utopia, the place where//everyone dies//as fun, you can go to scho//join the rebellion//stay safe and co-exist with//killer//robots.

Join the Dystopia, We...
Try new things
Do events
Have nice people

So why don't you join, you will, please....
At an unknown year, the eye chip has been deemed necessary as a vital part of life. People who did not have them were seen as subhuman and inferior.
The Town was built after an unknown Catastrophe. In order to maintain order, eye chips became a obligation to have implanted at birth. People who refused to have their eye chip implants were cast off and abandoned in the forgotten zone, where the ruins of the old town laid.
Now the world is The town and The town is the people's world. People who venture out to the wasteland disappear. Only the town remains as an oasis of hope to man's survival. Unfortunately, division between the citizens, Watchers, Rebels and Cyclops have caused disorder and possibly ruin if this goes on. Who will win and regain control of the town?

Before taking you in, maybe you should read our wonderful and resonable laws:
I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other Gods before me, except for The founders

You shall not worship false Gods. Only worship the Founders.

You shall never take my name in vain. And never disobey the founders.

You shall keep the sabbath day Holy and keep your trust on the founders.

Honor the Founders

You shall not murder unless commanded by the founders

You shall not commit adultery.

You shall not steal.

Always hold your faith to the founders and follow them no matter what.


All are laws that are broken, will be punished by death!
BRAND NEW (Opened 20/09/18)
We are currently looking for RP moderators also, more information within.

Suddenly it’s a world without adults and normal has crashed and burned. When life as you know it ends at 15, everything changes. There are no adults, no answers. What would you do?
Those left must do all they can to survive.
But everyone’s idea of survival is different. Some look after themselves, some look after others, and some will do anything for power.
What is the mysterious wall that has encircled the town of Perdido Beach and trapped everyone within? Why have some kids developed strange
powers? And will you be able to make it out alive?
It isn't until the world around you collapses that you find out what kind of person you really are.
"Don't worry, it's just a FAYZ."

A non-canon RP set in Michael Grant’s chilling world.
Welcome to the Dystopian world of Dishonored, With it's steampunk gadgets and powers from the Void and where your actions can completely change the world for the better or for the worse...
The Color system of the Society originally was a caste system created by early humans on Earth to create order when first colonizing the Moon. It is also a form of social hierarchy improved upon by the early Golds during their conquering of the Solar System. It divides Humanity into fourteen distinct "Colors." Originally the "Colors" were native Earth human beings who simply wore colored clothes that denoted their position. After conquering Earth the founding Golds of "The Society" used genetic engineering to cause members of each Color to have hair and eyes to match their caste.

Beyond the coloring the genetic structure of their bodies were modified to allow them to be more adept to performing their denoted tasks. Examples are Red's (miners) being smaller and squat, Obsiden's (fighters) being large and with 8 fingers per hand, and Gold's (conquerors and explorers) having bone 5 times stronger then an average man. Every person's vocation is dictated entirely by their Color.

In addition to the genetic engineering that gives individuals the pigment to match their castes, a certain amount of social engineering exists in an attempt to prevent the desire for social mobility. Obsidians (for example) believe Golds to be literal gods, helping to ensure their loyalty to their masters. While Reds are socially engineered to be heterosexual, family oriented, and marry and breed by age 14-16 in order to maintain and increase their labor population.

While the genetic engineering is fairly perfect, the social engineering is proven time and again to be woefully inadequate. Throughout the novels, there are very few examples of specific low-color individuals who remain loyal to Gold, given a reasonable opportunity to rise against them. Even a surprising number of Golds seem to very-easily abandon the system that has allowed them to live as gods.
Fall asleep, to wake up once more.

Bloom in a cold Academy, with blank faces and empty minds they suppress the self, a cold routine. Follow the white cat into the broken world of Insomnium, and sacrifice your being for the power to fight back.
Carry the thorns of this glass flower, which grows upon bleached bones.

Fall asleep, to suffer the cold dream of the shattered city.
A casual post apocalyptic roleplay server with plenty to do. Welcome to anyone.