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Welcome to NewTopia! This is a typical city for Europe with some hints of modernity. This city stands on a long flat coastline, and the edges of the city is surrounded by green mountains. NewTopia the city is administratively divided into 3 districts: Downtown, uptown and industrial. Each of that districts are connected with roads and subway train railroad. You can also use a bust to get to any of that districts.
But here starts the darker part of this city: crimes, especially "The trinity" members. This organization known not only for simple burglars and money stealing - they also steal people and no one knows where are they. They usually stay in Port of NewTopia or in subway tunnels there is rooms where they store their victims.
Although this city got crimes, most of citizens are simple anthropomorphic furriers,nekos(and more) along with humans, different types and color. They sometimes unite against crimes in "NewTopia rebels" and or they start dealing for peace or they start a war. Sometimes it ends in shootings, but don't worry! We got doctors that will always help you.
Our mayor tries to help citizens too but sometimes the mayor takes the dark side and steals money too, so citizens choose another one. Well, now you got known with this world! Join it to get more information!

(also there is a family and marriage system)
Are YOU looking for a community that is friendly and non-toxic? Then Badger Metropolis is for you because we are a friendly and non-toxic community and strive to keep it that way! You'll find some features that Badger Metropolis has listed below.

We have:

🔥 • Level one discord boosting!
🍺 • A city with all the role-play shops, scenery and adventure it should have
💬 • Plenty of different channels from; pokécord, phone calls and more!
🎭 • Self-assignable roles to show who you are!
💰 • City economy with prizes to be won monthly!
🤖 • Range of fun and useful bots offering music, chat levels and games!
🍁 • Secure, safe and family-friendly community!
🎁 • Giveaways were you can earn unique colours, titles and more!
📊 • Weekly polls such as would you rather and the question of the week!
🏠 • Own your own house, where you control who enters it
Badger Metropolis
Moonlit City, a city set in the modern-day/near-future with a mid-20th century twist.


Moonlit City is prospering as the up-and-coming pioneer in technology as we know it. However socio-economic divisions were just the start to the infection that was growing in the underbelly of Moonlit. While the northside of Moonlit was the geographical “poster-boy” for the city, so-to-speak, the festering southside grew more and more crime-ridden with drug trafficking, violence, and other forms of gang activity.

Although, not all is as it seems on the bright, gleaming side of northern Moonlit; rumors of organized crime and governmental corruption motivate stirs of uprising and cause for rebellion from the not-so civil gangs in the south -- with both parties seeking control over this wealthy city, the MCPD certainly has their work cut out for them.


Moonlit City is 100% Human OC based. This is a literate roleplay server and long term. Multiple OCs are allowed.
Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!
Evermour City, a continuation of the Evermour Highschool storyline, taking place three years after the events in the highschool, leading to it's destruction. The City allows for greater heights as to what your character could accomplish and gives the possibility for almost anything. Join now to get your daily dose of awesomeness, only made better with our amazing staff 🤗🤗
Welcome to the Neon District! A futuristic city filled with things to see and do. Get a job and earn money for items and houses! Run for a governmental position and help shape the laws of the Neon District. Make new friends (with benefits) and explore the District together! Anything is possible in the Neon District!

Custom roles
Many locations

And many features and locations are still being added!
Vanguard is a modern roleplay server based on the Agents Of Shield TV show. With two secret spy agencies fighting for peace or domination of the world. A classic Good vs Evil.

Welcome to The Disgraces of Brandy!
Invite your friends: :wave:
We’re brand new and open to all!
• It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran at role playing or just starting, come join!
• LGBT friendly 🏳️‍🌈
• Bots for fun and music!
• Self-assigning roles!
• Voice/Text chats for gaming, music, or just chilling!
• Suggestions to help the server is always welcomed!
Invite your friends: 👋
Detriot, Michigan, The city blossoming with new technology! A place where people come to start a new life, start a family, or pursue their dream career.

🕛 Real time roleplay!

👥 You can have as many OC's as you want!

👮‍♀️ Welcoming and friendly staff!

💰 Money System! (Ooc)

👋 Very friendly community!

Come and visit Detriot, Michigan today!!
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
Briar Glenn is a nonexistent town in real life that is located in the northernmost part of Maine. It’s a small town with some shops, an apartment building, some houses and schools. A nearby city holds all the shops you need. Clothing, shoes, lotions, body washes, etc. We need staff and members in general, so come join us! We offer:

• A friendly community
• LGBTQ+ accepting group
• A semi-literate roleplay
• A friendly owner
• 100+ roleplay channels
• Tons of activities!
•And more!

Please consider joining us! It would be appreciated! Thanks ☺️
- In case the join button doesn’t work:
🌃City Scope🌃
₪ The city of New Yokyo is a fantasy metropolitan area that combines the elements of NYC and Tokyo to create a wondrous blend of both American and Japanese culture. Here you can be any age you want, any type of person, whatever really! There is so much creative freedom in this server and in this world! ₪

◇Great for both the literate roleplayer and beginners
◇ Amazing out of character roles!
◇ An actual storyline!
◇ You can have up to three characters!
◇ ERP allowed in some areas!
◇ You can role play as both adults and teenagers!

₪ yes, we are looking for staff! ₪

It is simply a server of different role plays and even a weekly special event role play you get to vote for every Wednesday! Be sure to at least check it out, and it even has features for those who don't like to role play. (The tags are each of the role plays we have, you can even request a role play if enough people agree!)
Asterford City

Welcome all! This server is a city roleplay which is located in southern California. Unfortunately, this wonderful city doesn't actually exist in the real world, but here, it does! Taking place in the present, modern day world. Though, by city roleplay, it only takes place in the many districts of the city, where otherwise, it's more of a bit of life- fictional, life. Where you control. Your character can be anything from a little kid, going to school and playing at parks, to a hardworking adult, and ever an elder who's lived their life. The sky is the limit!

-Safe for the LGBTQ+ communities, including roleplays!
-Tons of channels for a wide variety of roleplay (if there isn't a channel you want, ask!)
-Kind staff/owner
-New, excited server, looking for people.
-Staff positions available!
-Room for choices and imagination!
-A realistic and LITERATE (no one-lining) roleplay for those looking for it.
-NSFW Channels for those nasties ;)
-Tons of possible jobs, if it exists, your character can have it!

Much love,
~Asterford City Staff
“History in the making.”

Westway is a city Roleplay including
•A high-school (grades 9-12)
•A primary school (grades K-8)
•A university
•A summer camp
•Jobs (create your own business!)
•And more!
>>Keep reading to find out more<<
—The sounds of the street grow loud. The smell of freshly made food fills the air as people walked through central park. The calming sounds of birds and a fountain, Students entering the university courtyard, meeting up with friends. Highschoolers being.. well.., High schoolers. The school bus can be seen heading towards camp Alpha with the sound of kids singing chants flowing through the open windows. People walking their dogs, meeting up...Then there is you...—
>>What history will you make?<<
What does “Westway” Provide?
•LGBTQ+ Discrimination Free server!
•Accepting Members!
•NSFW and SFW Roleplay!
•Bot o’ clock for all your roleplay time needs!
•Music Bot!
•Scheduled Roleplays
•And unscheduled roleplays^
•Music listening with roleplay to make things more interesting!
“What can i do?”
•Rank Up
•Suggest Bots, Channels, Roleplaying spots
•And more!
••Letter from the creator••
Hello people of Disboard. Im the creator of Westway. I was just making this server for fun when my friends told me i should open it to the public because “people like different”. This was either not going to be an actual server at all or just for my friends and i. I just hope you enjoy your time here in the city of Westway or if you do not feel interested, have a nice rest of your day. Thank you very much❤️
Current day — 2019

In the heart of the ever-bustling city known as Vancouver, British Columbia, citizens and residents crowd the streets on their way to work. Some will find their way to the local cafès and restaurants for the early morning shift, others will rush through the busy areas so they don't miss the schools' first bells, and many will climb into the elevators of skyscrapers only to reach their destinations and sit in a cramped office for ten hours. The city has always been this busy, and today is just another day here.
And it's your choice what you choose to do here.
Fall into the life of a Canadian citizen, get a job, live your life and build relationships with others. Your story begins today.

We offer—

- Tons of cool channels to roleplay in!
- An ever-growing community of cool people!
- A fun, safe place to hang out and chat!
- Many character opportunities!
- So much more! Come check us out and say hi!
~[Welcome to Lakeside City! We offer tons of exiting adventures. We offer good (lies) roleplay, romance, tons of Drama (by me. You're welcome.) And tons more. Of course it's still under production, but we try to make your stay amazing!]~
There is a place with a mix of city and town, tall buildings that light up at night and small houses with warm fireplaces. That place is known as White Oak. White Oak has a reputation of differences but a homey feeling. Night stars and nice little shops. For years though, the place has had it's famous jaw-dropping stories that could make anyone shudder in fear, told and whispered around the country. Everyone had believed those were only stories. Laughing and spooking each other at campfires or sleepovers. Doing little dares in the depths of night. If only they knew those stories were not fully fake.
Your decisions will unravel the truth and decide your fate in this masked over horror show. No matter if your a resident or a tourist, fate lies in your hands. Don't let it go no matter what.

100+ Channels
NSFW is allowed here
This is a horror RP
Heavy topics will probably come up
Most importantly, Creepypasta is the theme!
Welcome to Satanova, a city in the nation Kaedwan. Currently, it has the highest population of supers than any other city, as well as an abnormally high death toll. The country is anarchic, and separate from the rest of the world. Gangs control the cities, and as any player can create a new gang, the control of each part of the city is never certain. In this server you have the choice to create or join a gang (or go it alone) as a human or super. The city of Satanova is in your hands.

This server is very new, and so we are in need of admins. The lore of the world is incomplete and will evolve as a result of the world growing.

DISCLAIMER: TURF will allow some very violent and disturbing themes, and IC there may be examples of human trafficking, terrorism, racism, sexism, transphobia, rape, etc. This is not allowed OOC, obviously. TURF is set in a violent and corrupt city and what goes on IC does not reflect our OOC beliefs in any way.
Welcome to Hasuki Island, where anything can happen! Here is what we have to offer you!

《Awesome events and polls》
《A fantasy and Anime world》
《Lots of helping, and nice people》
《Memes and jokes》
《Chill people》
《A place where you can vent/rant》
And lots more!
This is a community for people attending, working at, or interested in Santa Barbara City College. Here you can meet new people, ask questions about the school / classes, and more.
This server is the application server for the main Minecraft City/Town RolePlay Server! In that server you can do so many things and work for a living. Please consider joining and joining our community!
(We're an XB1 community that uses the Xbox 1 version of Minecraft)
Essentially Tokyo Ghoul but a little bit different.
Three centuries ago, the races and beings known only in fantasy were all captured, and put on a remote hidden island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean . The world covered up their existence, writing them off as only fairytales. Now, they have been rediscovered on the large island known as Forest Spear City, lead by a wise Jarl. Somehow they had advanced technologically alongside humans, despite not having contact. One might say they were a bit more advanced, mixing technology and magical powers. Once rediscovered humans and fantasy beings alike were able to travel to and from as they please. However, there is still some prejudice between these beings and the humans.

Join and rp freely! Just make a character, and get started!