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Welcome to the unofficial Hong Kong Discord server! A place where locals and foreigners alike can meet like-minded people that have ties to Hong Kong. We encourage discussion and activities; ultimately aiming to create a tight-knit community for English speakers in HK.
Esparia; Where all of your dreams come true. Come join this tight-knit roleplay community, where you can be anything you can ever dream of!
Welcome to The Disgraces of Brandy!

In a small, sleepy American coastal town, there’s not much to expect. Right? Perhaps that could be the case in other towns, but not this one. In Brandy, nothing is as ordinary as it seems. Be it the shady people lurking in alleys, with their curious trades and deals, or the sounds of a boxing match leaking from the warehouse as you pass by. Some people in this town will make you think twice, or do a double-take on the street as you pass by. Wasn’t that lady standing on the other side of the street the last time you blinked? Did that boy’s eyes just flash red? Is it all just a trick of the light? Or something more?However you see it, something is going on in this town, something peculiar. Will you stay on it’s friendly surface, with the tourists and passers-by? Or will you seek the truth behind what goes on in this small, sleepy coastal town? Your adventure begins here.
The Disgraces of Brandy is a new, friendly RP server, open to all!
* Veteran role player? Just starting out? No worries, there’s room for everyone in Brandy!
* LGBT friendly! 🏳️‍🌈
* Fun bots and music!
* Cool self-assigning roles!
* Voice/Text chats for gaming, music, or just to hang out!
* Plenty of interesting events and RP channels to explore!
We’re always open for more suggestions!

Invite your friends: 👋
New Wave’s an interesting place. It’s only been about since around 8 years now, by my last count. It was made after the treaty— oh right! You won’t know what that is, will you? The Treaty of...what was it...Pax? People just call it the treaty around here anyways, but anyways. The treaty made it so that all races other than human had rights equal to that of humans, and so New Wave City was created. It kind of thrived, at least on the mainland. But shit very quickly hit the fan, crime waves began...revolutions were insurrected. But we’re all good now. Or we were, we’ve heard that crime might be coming back again.

Choose your role in this chaotic world of crime and street justice in a tropical paradise. Enlist in the Anti Crime Force, a militaristic police force with advanced technology. take the law into your own hands as a vigilante and commit to street justice above the law. Try to rise up in the criminal underworld and join a mob/gang or just try to make a buck out of the chaos as a Mercenary.
Welcome to Moondrop city. The Shocking aftermath of the devastating Incident in Goldcliff. A change has been made, a very new one. Here there may be huge opportunities to interact with other People in the city, filled with skyscrapers and Plazas. What seemed to be a depressing fall in Goldcliff, now is a fresh start here. Near the amazing City Hollywood is the location of this futuristic city. The history has been quite crucial in the past years as many astronomers has been into space in search of a rare resource in order to keep the city running, but failed. Surprisingly many extra-terrestrial beings have been spotted near the stone circle as it is made out of moonrock hence the name "Moondrop".

After many years of investigating how to power the city for a long period amount of time.. Scientists have found a rare rock called Quarris, discovered deep in the mountains, this rock has been known to be found in the surface of the planet as well as in the mountains. This is an amazing advantage and a great opportunity for Moondrop to live the life people dreamt of here. But Beyond the stars there are still aliens out there searching for Quarris, the element has been hidden from humans, and some even In the humans (the roleplayers). This Rock may not be used by anyone, and must be protected at all cost in case of the high risk of the elements power getting extracted.
Are you tired of super powered interdimensional universities filled with furries and 2,509 year old half succubus half nekos? Are you searching for a lewd anime themed slice of life rp where people actually focus on the rp and not on memes? Would you like to contribute to a growing in character world that promotes unique ideas and activities? Do you want to play in an environment that prioritizes character relationships over super powers and magic? Then help us make Lewdiversity the rp server we've been looking for!

Don't get me wrong, I love high fantasy and monsters, but as a fan of slice of life, I find discord lacking for worlds designed for characters who are only human. But that doesn't mean we're lacking in creativity. Your characters will have a huge variety of channels to interact in. Inside you'll find an extensive university themed core with channels designed to get characters moving around and befriending more than just one or two people. You'll also find a city wrapped around our university, where you can visit unconventional businesses such as Power Players, an Arcade/BDSM dungeon fusion!

Obviously Lewdiversity is keenly focused on bEiNg LeWd. However, this isn't purely an ERP server. This is a semi-literate (meaning no one liners) server that doesn't ignore a desire to explore your characters outside of sexual relations. Sometimes it's nice to have friends and dramatic rivals. But feel free to find fellow kinky players who share your interests and go to town. And if you'd still like to have futanari, or characters who lactate for no reason, all that lewd stuff's still welcome here too. This is a no kink-shaming environment, but ageplay will be strictly forbidden.

We've got a lot of potential to make a server that focused, chill, and lewd roleplayers can get down with. If you'd like to help make that happen, then read the #server-rules-💂 and get started ASAP! We can't wait to have you in Union City, home of the Lewdiversity! Go Titans!

Springlake City Roleplay 👓


Welcome to our **new** server, created for the enjoyment of people to roleplay in the city life!

-💐 There is completely kind and welcoming staff owners, along with a community wanting to grow!

-💐 Over 50+ channels and more to roleplay to your hearts desire, plus as this is a more literate server!

-💐 We welcome anybody or any character of the LGBTQ+ community ♡

🌹We have over 150+ channels!
🌹Looking for staff!
🌹Detailed character profiles too!
🌹Safe guard to avoid against raids and bots!
🌹A friendly community looking for more!~
🌹Allowing of ERP too!

🍁**As this is a new server we may not have many members as of yet, but we are wanting to grow!**🍁

**I n v I t e l I n k**
• •
Hello! Welcome to **Sunland Park City!** ☀️
This is just a random server to hang out with a growing and super friendly community 🌻

🏳️‍🌈 Lgbt and furry friendly 👌
🤝 Easy partnering
👁 No strict rules and BS
💀 14+ only
😁 Rp channels
📈 Help us make this great!
⛧Welcome to Hell!⛧
~Looking for Partnerships, DM to do so!~
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
A freshly creative server with great features; everything you could ask for in a simple roleplay server.
⛧Some things include:
⛧75+ Roleplay Channels
⛧Flexible Staff & Owner
⛧Humorous and Welcoming Members
⛧Very Well Organized Character Creation
⛧Simple Rules Inside The Server
✯ Many Different Types Of Demons To RP As!
•─────⋅☾Plus So Much More To Come!☽⋅─────•
Welcome to Hell! Here you might think its a fiery pit of endless distress; well, you're wrong! It runs just like a normal city here. We have everything from drug dealers to the highest point in the medical field. Only twist is that we're all demonic figures here! That's right, a little bit of evil runs through all of our veins.

The wonderful modern city of Hell is overlooked by two Rulers, commonly referred to as the Man and the Woman. Then you have your Seven Deadly Sins, Upper-Class Demons, Lower-Class and more! Everyone here is quite special in their own way. Don't fret if you see a demon with large wings, a sharp tail, fangs longer than yours or really anything out of the ordinary; its all common here!
Server Owner: jos#0496
Server Banner:
Server Link:
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
Come join in and have fun in the city of dreams! Theres lots to see and do in the city, its built on dreams and corrupt businesses after all!

- Fun and safe roleplay/erp server
- Features erp channels, but erp is completely optional and is not the main focus of this server!
- Run by Mama Chi
- Roleplay as a human, android, alien or whatever the hell you can think of!
- A major wip due to the previous owner leaving, I plan on adding new things and possibly even new lore.

As the new owner of this server, I strive to create a roleplay with a story, factions and many other things. This server is open to suggestions and I would love to hear yours!
Heyo! We welcome you to join our one of a kind realistic city server, set in the south of England in the year 2020 :D

A quick overview:
Have you ever woke up in the morning, and just felt out of place? Like life was going on around you, and you weren't really a part of it? Or spent a sunny afternoon in the nearby park, and looked around and thought 'I don't belong here?'  Haven't we all? Then Denningport is the place for you. A city in the south of England, home to people from all walks of life, from actors and Instagram models down to outcasts that just don't belong anywhere. Come, join us, create your own story, be your own person, and most importantly: have fun!

:| |: ── ·Gangs of Norfolk· ── :| |:
Welcome to Gangs of Norfolk! We are a server presenting the 4 gangs in the fictional city of Norfolk, those gangs being: The Horde, The Forsaken, Hydra, and God’s Devotion. We hope to see you there soon!

We present our players with...
>> An active and welcoming staff and community.
>> An open role-play, able to go in any direction the community guides it.
>> Plenty of surprises and cliffhangers, as well as drama. (irp)

...Will you join the war?...

— Topics in this RP might be triggering for others
— Our server is no longer in development
— Our rules enforce safety within the community so we avoid those triggering topics mentioned earlier oorp
This server is dedicated to the Marvel Universe.

Come on in and Roleplay, we're a brand new server with lots to offer. And we make sure all the members are kind and respect whatever beliefs you have.

We have a wide range of characters to choose from and for you to roleplay as!

No matter how good your skills in roleplaying are, we will still accept you!

A seemingly normal town set in Southern California during 2004. The town seems to be in the middle of nowhere, with suspicious happenings going on.

Will you find out their secrets?


Our server features:

• A simple setup
• Fun races
• Friendly staff
• A cool alien aesthetic
• A somewhat vague yet thought-out lore
• And lots more!

The screen activates in a blue flare of light and a strange man appears.

"Welcome! Welcome to the Half Life Roleplay Server. You have chosen or been choosen to move to one of the finest remaining RP-Servers. Welcome to the Half Life Roleplay Server. It's safer here."

Want more? Join us!
Tiberia city is a brand new Minecraft city server.
We work with the community to get their opinion on updates and a lot of content is polled to the community to see their view on the content. We strive to stay connected to the player-base and get their opinion on the server.
☞New York City!!☜

Welcome to New York City! A bustling city of excitement, entertainment, and crime. A city where comics come to life. Super heroes saving the day from the most fearsome Super villains. But they don't only do that for a living, after their job is done they go into hiding. New York is filled with bright lights, to the most amazing stores. Come on down and enjoy your time in New York City.

So, what is here??
☞ An amazing group of staff.
☞ Lots of help when you need it.
☞ Some cool bots to play with.
☞ A bunch more!! (:
Sunset Heights, located in New York. This town possesses special magic capabilities. Come RP now!
Looking for a fun roleplay server? Want to be a warewolf? Witch? Alien? Any creature? Then this is the server you are looking for if your 16 or older!

We offer roles like, student (for the creatures needing to be taught), professors (teachers), and adults (Just people there). Students go on missions outside to help people using their powers and abilities!
Starlight Shores
A city RP with a slight fantasy theme

Decide how you want to live your life

The city of Starlight Shores is divided into 5 sections that each have their own way of life.
-The Industrial Zone
-The Hood
-Shore Side
-The Estates
-The Diamond District
Where do you want to live?

-Private House Channels
-Minor Super powers
-Extremely realistic roleplay
-Fun Roles
-News channel
-Freedom of speech
-Roleplay skill scores
-Fun bots
-Web access for characters
-Descriptive and immersive locations
-fun emojis

Welcome to Haven City, a place for furs to come together and have fun. We hope you'll stop on by and try it out!

This server has:
+ NSFW categories
+ Multiple RP categories
+ A chill staff and a welcoming member pool
Asterford City

Welcome all! This server is a city roleplay which is located in southern California. Unfortunately, this wonderful city doesn't actually exist in the real world, but here, it does! Taking place in the present, modern day world. Though, by city roleplay, it only takes place in the many districts of the city, where otherwise, it's more of a bit of life- fictional, life. Where you control. Your character can be anything from a little kid, going to school and playing at parks, to a hardworking adult, and ever an elder who's lived their life. The sky is the limit!

-Safe for the LGBTQ+ communities, including roleplays!
-Tons of channels for a wide variety of roleplay (if there isn't a channel you want, ask!)
-Kind staff/owner
-New, excited server, looking for people.
-Staff positions available!
-Room for choices and imagination!
-A realistic and LITERATE (no one-lining) roleplay for those looking for it.
-NSFW Channels for those nasties ;)
-Tons of possible jobs, if it exists, your character can have it!

Much love,
~Asterford City Staff
(This is a non-finalized server. We need your help to make it better!)

Anhevia is a city that is popular because of its roses it holds within itself. It's given the name because of them, too. The city is pretty big, and is in a short triangle of another two cities that follow the same 'overpowered flowers' rule -- one for sleep (blue tulips), and one for joy (sunflowers).

Anhevia's overpowered flower is the rose, which emits aphrodisiac. Expect to be under the rose's effects since you'll smell it about everywhere and anywhere, so unless you are magically or genetically immune to the substance, you'll be desperately looking for a mate. Be careful when you're doing so, though. The city is actually well-protected since the goal here is to make a city based off of endless sexual appetite.

The server offers:
- Economy (buy chats and categories for yourself with enough grinding!)
- Roleplaying
- Fun with bots
- Lewd!