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Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!
“History in the making.”

Westway is a city Roleplay including
•A high-school (grades 9-12)
•A primary school (grades K-8)
•A university
•A summer camp
•Jobs (create your own business!)
•And more!
>>Keep reading to find out more<<
—The sounds of the street grow loud. The smell of freshly made food fills the air as people walked through central park. The calming sounds of birds and a fountain, Students entering the university courtyard, meeting up with friends. Highschoolers being.. well.., High schoolers. The school bus can be seen heading towards camp Alpha with the sound of kids singing chants flowing through the open windows. People walking their dogs, meeting up...Then there is you...—
>>What history will you make?<<
What does “Westway” Provide?
•LGBTQ+ Discrimination Free server!
•Accepting Members!
•NSFW and SFW Roleplay!
•Bot o’ clock for all your roleplay time needs!
•Music Bot!
•Scheduled Roleplays
•And unscheduled roleplays^
•Music listening with roleplay to make things more interesting!
“What can i do?”
•Rank Up
•Suggest Bots, Channels, Roleplaying spots
•And more!
••Letter from the creator••
Hello people of Disboard. Im the creator of Westway. I was just making this server for fun when my friends told me i should open it to the public because “people like different”. This was either not going to be an actual server at all or just for my friends and i. I just hope you enjoy your time here in the city of Westway or if you do not feel interested, have a nice rest of your day. Thank you very much❤️
lore heh:
Welcome to Zauber, a small city on the outskirts of Berlin. You've probably nerver heard of this before you discovered your powers, as your parents kept you well aware that you lived in Berlin. Your whole life has been a lie, your actually someone who craves power, and having it passed down to you, your ready. The small town is full of secrets, and villains, and the Fremden. Are your powers strong enough to maintain relevance in this strict city full of uptight people? Or will you come crashing down with the powerless?
Seaview is a modern, slice of life rp server set in an English coastal city. With an active, friendly community, dedicated and helpful staff, and over 40 channels, we’re sure you’d fit right in! We are SFW and welcome a range of rp styles. Come on down!
¤☆Hillend town (Supernatural vs hunter rp, semi-literate)☆¤

Welcome to Hillend! A quiet town in the middle of countryside fields and land. While our town is quite small we're an active community that's always friendly to new neighbours! Go to the local market for fresh fruit, vegetables and meat that are all made and raised from Hillend land.

Events that tourists don't know of though are the local hunts for the ungodly, or otherwise known as supernatural. But apart from the hunts, curious neighbours are also welcome to said creatures executions. Yes, these creatures who hide among the townsfolk are Hillends little secrets with specially trained hunters living in the area to help eliminate these beasts.

As for the supernaturals, well for all anyone knows your best friend, neighbour or even that lovely man who sold you that leg of lamb is apart of this other race. From witches and warlocks to werewolves and vampires, these creatures are very much real and outlawed. Any to be found or anyone who dares defend one will be given the ultimate punishment, death...
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
It is the year 2065. Many years ago, God himself, Yhureon, granted elemental powers to human beings when he decided to share his powers with the world. However, demons and demigods grew jealous of the elemental mages and started a war, scattering the mages everywhere. Years later in the present, descendants of the elemental mages, demons, demigods and regular humans attend the same academy. Which race will you fight alongside with in Erythrake Academy?
This is a crime and life rp server with an intricate rp experience.
The Roleplay takes place in 1981, the five original families have died out after a huge crackdown on organized crime. The new families have risen up in New York: The Moltisanti's, The Gambani's, Napolitano's and Agosti's. In Boston the war between the Italian DiAngiulo's, The Irish Southie boys mob and The Russian mob continues. The New Jersey DiVersace family and the Albanian Baci Family want dominace between the drug trade in Jersey. Of course in the mists of these gangster wars, you are welcome to be a regular Joe, work in a diner, club etc. Come and help us grow.
Hey you yes you! Do you want to be a celebrity? Become the new bright shining star? And thinks that you have a under appreciated talent? If so then you’re delusion- Uh... I mean then you might enjoy our new server call Famous RP! You can be a actor, a singer, or even turn to a life of crime anything! Unlike real world this is a world where if you put your heart into it you can achieve anything! Join today! And get a 50% discount on your 0 dollar ticket!

Now recruiting Admins and mods

It is simply a server of different role plays and even a weekly special event role play you get to vote for every Wednesday! Be sure to at least check it out, and it even has features for those who don't like to role play. (The tags are each of the role plays we have, you can even request a role play if enough people agree!)

You’ve died.

“Welcome to Purgatory” is a group roleplay server, all about, well, Purgatory! Purgatory is the middle ground between the Heavens and the Underworld. The Heavens being a constant rave party, festival, and overall a utopia on the outside, whilst corrupt and damaged in the inside. The Underworld is just as advertised. With the mines, red hot flames, and contests to decide who will prosper, there is turmoil within the government, other Gods wanting to overthrow Hades, and to start a democracy. Purgatory, is a large and wondrous city, combining the massive tech giants and skyscrapers of New York City and Tokyo, while also having the rustic and loving nature of Paris or Mexico City. The choice is yours, will you do good, and be filtered out into the Heavens, or be dragged down to the Underworld?

We have:

Friendly, yet stupid members who are absolute shitposters.

Casual roleplay on Discord

Be anything you wish, from human to ooze.

Explore the hidden unknowns of this Universe, and likely the next.

Welcome to Purgatory. Enjoy your Afterlife.
Hello! Come on down and join we would love to have you. We take everyone 16 and over but if your younger than that you’ll have to rp else where.
“We’re people too.”

What we have in the server!
•A primary School
•A highschool
•A University
•Mythical creatures!
•Magical Powers!
•Academy(to fight monsters!)
•No humans ;)
•LGBT+ Friendly
•Different types of bad monsters (npc) Categorized as “The Cravers”!
•And more! Join to find out
>>Keep reading to find out more<<
Creatures roam the streets, big and small. Some may think of it as a horror movie, scary and as if you will die. But the monsters are friendly, creatures civilized and living as humans just like you and me! The Force fights off all bad creatures, making it safe for the new and friendly monsters. Kids going to school and adults going to work, all friendly creatures have a place here.

K join plz 😂
Welcome to temtashima city. Once centered around the highschool, the server has expanded far beyond. Allowing various species and OC’s, there is a large variety of people. We have numerable rp channels, a suggestion channel, and several staff around to help.
Bluebourne Hills, the city where many people come to start a new life, start a family or to follow their dreams. Become anything from a hobo to a famous celebrity, it's your choice!

🕛 Real time roleplay!

😃 Many Roles you can earn IRP and ORP!

🌍 75+ channels to roleplay in! And more to be added!

👥 You can have as many OC's as you want!

👮‍♀️ Welcoming and friendly staff!

💰 Money System coming soon!

👋 Very friendly community!

Visit Bluebourne Hills today!
Gold City
Things we need and we have

Need more members active ones
Meme channel
Art channel
Allowed swearing
But no NSFW
And more!

I have nothing else to say please join

Welcome { Name } , To The City Of Shirubarifu !

Here In Shirubarifu, We offer Role-players many opportunities, Such as :

- Making New Friends
- Finding Love ( Not Irl, Maybe... )
- Lgbtq+ Friendly
- Fun Mini-Games For When Not Roleplaying
- A variety Of music
- Lots Of Events
- And Much Much More !

Our Staff here are very Polite and easy to approach { Including the Owner }
The Staff are On Mostly all the Time, Don't be shy to befriend The Staff Either !
This Server Is A More Adult Version Of The Old Shirubarifu Academy Server !
Its Just As Much Fun Though, Maybe Even More !
Make Sure To Check Out The Other Server Too!
Hope To See You Soon !
This is a roleplay server🙂.
We have many many places to rp
Always active staff
We add more and more for you people to enjoy
We do partnerships aswell
When you join ping a admin and they will help you around
enjoy it all -Staff of Delexa
This is a Giant/giantess Server for all Tinies and Giants to have a Great Time! Choose Any height between 1cm to 100ft high for your character. You can be any species of any kind here, if your character is a kid or teen you need to go to the two different schools that is set up, if your an adult you may adopt any character that is a kid and start supporting for your family (if they want to be adopted). This is a 18+ server but we try to keep things "clean" here so nothing Chaotic happens. Thank you and Enjoy Your Stay! :3
In this fun RP you life the the life as the average citizen. Work your way to the top and become the best and richest
We are the darkest place in the country, and that doesn't help it when you have a
And dark hero
He is the eyes of the blind
He is the noise for the shy
He. is. Batman
Moonlit City, a futuristic, “decopunk” city set in was is now present-day Toronto, Ontario.

The year is 3038. Moonlit City is well into its own technological advancements. While “Lunoleum” powers nearly all parts/tech of the city, the UNNA has put regulations on the energy source as the people begin to distill the fuel -- abusing the substance for its superhuman symptoms; this altered form of the energy source known as “Moonshine”

Conspiracy speculation arises over the motivation the government has to control such a powerful substance -- especially with the potential it has to sustain humanity’s power crisis. Some say that this simply is in the best interest of Moonlit, while others swear that the government seeks to keep this power and technology for themselves.

Nevertheless, rebellious sympathizers flock and gang up against a corrupt government, seeking control over this wealthy city.

Moonlit City is 100% Original Human OC based. This is a literate roleplay server and long term. You may have up to 5 OCs.