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Hikoto is a fascinating city with magic and crime lingering through its whereabouts. It is a vast, entangled place that pushes almost every inhabitant into unconventional situations. It's a city of both great prosperity and large amounts of poverty, with the highest crime rate not only in Japan but across most of the world. Whether you were born here or moved for more...suspicious reasons, the city is open to people of every background and every outlook on life.

The year is 2012, magic is still unknown to those who don't possess such a unique ability. Many locals would tell you of this vast city and the myths surrounding it, but you might dig yourself into a deeper hole and find yourself at the top of whatever your heart desires.

✶ A friendly and welcoming community.
✶ Selectable job roles to help differentiate your characters.
✶ A well-balanced ability system that encourages creativity!
✶ Plenty of interactive RP channels!
✶ LGBT-friendly and accepting!
✶ An organization system to promote competition!
✶ Titles to make sure your efforts never go in vain.
✶ Events to make roleplay more interactive.
✶ Literate RP >:)
✶ Active admin and genuinely good vibes!
Welcome to epic roleplay! We are a small roleplay server that is still in development. We are looking for more people so we can grow as a community. So join us now!
HEY! HEY YOU! YEAH YOU, THE PERSON LOOKING AT DISCORD SERVERS! This is Charm! Charm is a Sci-Fi/Action/City/SuperNatural RolePlay! Join one of four factions for control over the city in the clouds so rightfully named “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon”! Welcome to Charm, and we’re glad to have you!

- Rules to accompany roleplaying and community environment

- Interesting story for RolePlayers to have fun with

- Frequent updates and reminders on conduct and any scheduled events

- Responsible staff team
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▽ :crossed_swords: Nueva Arrakeen City :crossed_swords: ▽
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✁ Este servidor es una temática basada en una época donde todo esta devastado(en la historia del rol nos encontramos en el año 2030;2 años in rol luego de los sucesos que llevaron a la destrucción de Arrakeen City y el resto del mundo.),para sobrevivir hay que recurrir de los recursos que tengas en la mano y el objetivo actual es llegar a la época actual mediante el esfuerzo y conocimiento previo.

✁Actualmente estamos ya logramos construir medios de transportes como trenes,aviones,etc. Además de que ya hay una ciudad establecida(aun así se mantiene la temática de usar los recursos que tenemos a mano en el rol a parte de la exploración que nunca acaba).

✁Adéntrate en esta nueva aventura para explorar un continente totalmente nuevo llamado "El nuevo mundo". Donde literalmente cualquier cosa es posible ,¿te imaginas un mundo donde todos los dioses/tematicas coexisten en el mundo terrenal más dioses exclusivos de este mundo?Bienvenidos Arrakeen,esto apenas es una parte de lo que realmente es este server.

✁¿quieres humor?lo tendrás,¿Quieres un rol serio o simple? lo tendrás,¿Una historia única a diferencia de otras donde hay mamadas como reyes demonios y esas cosas ya gastadas?tranquilo mi rey,acá somos honestos y no buscamos ser repetitivos,cada historia será diferente al resto (no serás limitados por eventos,podrás crear tu propia historia siempre y cuando no incumplas las reglas)
✁Server secuela de Arrakeen City.

✁5 zonas para rolear,donde cada una tiene su temática,clima,historia y dioses (siendo todo esto perfectamente ejecutado y con una gran coherencia establecida mediante rol).

✁ Con una comunidad amigable, que ayuda a los nuevos.

✁ Un canal Exclusivo para que los novatos aprendan las nociones básicas del rol.
⁺◟Canal NSFW ÙwÚ.˚
⁺◟Canales para rolear bastante amplios.
⁺◟Puedes poner música de fondo en tus batallas.
⁺◟Eventos con Jefes.
⁺◟Consejos para principiantes en el roleo.
⁺◟Comunidad no tóxica.˚
⁺◟Abiertos a nuevas sugerencias.
:crossed_swords: ── ◉ ── :crossed_swords:
⁺◟Pings : @everyone @here
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓣𝓸 𝓢𝓾𝓫 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪

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sub rosa
/sʌb ˈrəʊzə/


happening or done in secret.


This is Sub Rosa, a modern day Roleplay setting based around Vampires, Hunters, Humans and much more! If you're interested in the more bloodthirsty Roleplay Scenes, and have a flair for the dramatic, this server is for you!

Play as a Vampire under the rule of the Council of Night [or go against their laws] , and live out your days through the lifeforce of others, whilst trying not to get caught. Play as a Human, and discover the mysteries hidden beneath the new buildings of Lamia City! Or play a Hunter, and serve the people before you as you try to take down the very beings that founded the original Town of Solitem.

Here in Sub Rosa, we offer
• A dice-rolling system in case of a stalemate in roleplay!
• A friendly and safe space! Nobody will face discrimination in our server.
• Literacy in Roleplaying! Here, we encourage a minimum of 5+ sentences with each roleplay message.

We hope to see your name appearing in our welcome channel soon!
"The bigger the fish, the greater the patience to catch it."
- Obergruppenführer John Smith, 1962.

Looking for beginner-friendly rp? For a Man in the High Castle RP? Or maybe you are simply looking for a post-ww2? You are right here then! The Staff team is active and we constantly add new channels/roleplay abilities!

1962, The Führers health is deteriorating at an insane paste, soon he is going to be no more. Internal power struggles in the Nazi-Party have already led to an oil embargo against the Japanese Empire. In the neutral zone, resistance against the Japanese and the Nazis is rising. With Germany still being the sole power to have access to a nuclear warhead, the powers are far from being spread evenly. New people are rising in the American Reich that already ceased considerable power in the German Reich. And now the mysterious appearance of movies known as "Die Filme" had lead to an insane project by the Reich, building the Nebenwelt project in an attempt to cease control over the alternate realities. Who will you support? Will you fight for the fatherland, the emperor or maybe attempt to overthrow the mightiest empires in human history. The choice is yours.

Please remember that you can't play as a General immediately! xD
We have just revamped our lore category to create a new world with interesting non-human/human dynamics in a two modern day fantasy cities and the school trying to bring them together. The summer has brought increasing tensions between the humans... and well everyone else.
✧⋆┄✦┄✧ 🦋 ✧┄✦┄⋆✧
✧⋆┄✦┄✧ 🦋 ✧┄✦┄⋆✧

┊ ┊ ┊. ➶ ˚
┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✧
┊ ˚➶ 。˚ ☁️


✧⋆┄✦┄✧ 🦋 ✧┄✦┄⋆✧
【➶︱Explanation︱➴】In our world, our zodiac signs determine many things about us. It’s what gives us our personality, and even our powers! if you’re a fire sign, then you’d have fire related abilities and if you’re a water sign, you’d have water related abilities. However, that isn’t always good. Many use these powers to their advantage. People constantly fight in the streets, and shun those who are weaker. In this world, the only thing that matters to everyone is power.
✧⋆┄✦┄✧ 🦋 ✧┄✦┄⋆✧
We hope you enjoy your stay here!
"The city of Sunview is known for two things; it's beautiful oceanic view, and being a thriving and living city despite being hidden on all other sides by dense and think forestry. The city is always moving, and everyone agrees that's for the better.

Of course, while most of this traffic is innocent enough, every city has it's dark corners, and the forest hides more than wildlife from those not meant to see it."

Plain Info;
This RP is taking place in a COVID-less universe, but physically in the fictional city of Sunview, Oregon. Enjoy your stay!! ^^

Noteworthy info;
-No powers
♡ Rosedale takes place in the present time of 2020 (but without coronavirus). Though, over the years Rosedale has grown quite shady.. each day there is new reports of burgularies and robberies, other violence. The city itself is quite shady but that is only when you get on its badside. For years, Rosedale has been protected by one woman.. People claim to have seen her in dreams, near-death experiences, tough times and other experiences like that. The woman is unknown but she is believed to be a goddess that once lived upon Rosedale, watching over the ones who lived in the city. It was an old folktale, or as it seems to be.. Nobody knows if this woman could possibly be real but people have tried to debunk it.
Even if Rosedale has it's badsides, there has always been room for the prettier side of Rosedale. The city is lit up at night, the seas are nice colorful, there is many nature wonders to find around in Rosedale. ♡

Hello! Welcome to my server, the rosedale server. It can get a bit quiet here sometimes but we are really nice here. The roleplay can include shady actions here, if you have a hard time handling things involving violence then maybe Rosedale is not for you. We have heroes and villains inside of this server along with gangs, so it is not completely bad. Here are some things we include!

♡ Gaming Talks
♡ Multiple characters, races, and powers allowed!
♡13+, anyone is allowed as long as you are nice!
♡ NSFW channel

So please, join us here! We are working on getting the server bigger. It is still slightly in progress so please do patient for things.
- Sincerely, Owner.
Hello and welcome to Echo City!

Echo City is home to people of all sorts. From high schoolers who attend Echo City High, to adults who have jobs and responsibilities within the city, Echo City has it all! You can choose who you want to be and what you want to do, and create multiple characters if you can't decide on just one!

Echo City itself is a combination of new and old, rundown and built up. There are people living in the slums, and others living in mansions! The quality of life isn't high, but life is what you make it...

This server is made for roleplay, but we have a community too! You can make friends, chat, and post funny shit and get to know the people on the server. We are an open community that accepts anyone, so stop by and check us out!

Note: This server is new, and we are still developing. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know!

Oh, and we have an owo bot
vibe city is a great and bustling city filled with fun and activeness. We have:

global news feed
movie night
active chats
and many more.

join the great vibe city today!

This roleplay takes place during modern times in an area named Prospect City. At first, it seems like any other ordinary place. The wide streets are lined with buildings built so close to each other that you can barely fit in between them. Tall apartments rise up like monoliths of concrete towards the sky. The streets are bustling with people.

However, the moment you take a turn down the wrong street, or you step into the wrong building, the reality of this city starts to dawn on you.

This is a place plagued by crime. Two rival mafia families, the Thornes and the Romanos, are fighting for complete power and domination and won't stop at anything to get what they want.

Will you join them in their fight? Or will you be the one to fight against them and put a stop to the endless suffering?


We offer:
> - An accepting and open community!
> - A chance to make new friends!
> - A friendly and supportive staff team!
> - A literate roleplaying experience!

Get prepared for an exciting story, with amazing upcoming events to experience, and great characters to get to know!

( Partnerships are open! )
Welcome to the City of Angels!

A place where sections fight over who has the right to own the place. A city, where sections rule the city and their cops. Sections of mythical creatures who roam around like demons, vampires, werewolves and etc.

Do you dare to enter the world of mafia, gunfights, man-to-man fights and more? Then this is the place for you.

We offer you:

- A nice envoirement to be at!
- Freedom is creativity!
- A literate RP server!
Sur ce serveur, le lore s'est crée au fur et à mesure du RP de chacun et de chacune. Certains ont naturellement introduits des sorciers, des sorcières, des alchimistes et tous, grâce à leurs imaginations débordantes, ont su faire vivre le RP de façon originale. Ce canal est dédié à la mise à jour du lore afin que les règles inventées soient conservées et respectées à chaque fois qu'un joueur voudra y avoir recours. Le but n'est pas de limiter les possibilités mais de savoir exactement comment faire une action précise sans paraître incohérent par rapport à la méthode d'un autre joueur. Ce channel sera en constante évolution tant qu'il y a des joueurs pour inventer des potions et autres sortilèges. Ne freinez pas votre imaginations. Plus il y aura de détails, mieux ce sera.

🎉 Un serv rp actif

💠 Un staff présent et à l’écoute

🔞 Rpq autorisé

• Progression des personnages

Depuis toujours, l’humanité méprise les êtres qui ne sont pas à 100% humains, ils étaient appelés les "monstres" par les humains. L’église qui a l’époque reignait en maître incitait les gens à les chasser et les tuer obligeant donc les monstres à se cacher.

Les années ont passé et l’Eglise occupe désormais beaucoup moins de place dans la société, les monstres pensant être acceptés ont arrêté de se terrer dans l’ombre mais les humains ne les acceptaient toujours pas.

C’est là qu’un homme décida de créer un lycée en plein milieu de l’angleterre dans lequel humains et êtres surnaturels pourraient coexister. Pourquoi le lycée ? Parce que c’est la période où les pouvoirs commencent à surgir ou à s’améliorer en général pour des êtres surnaturels et que c’est dur de les cacher lors de cette période.

Le lycée s’est développé et il est maintenant devenu une mini-ville du nom de "Fantasia", le lycée en plein agrandissement a commencé à s’appeler "L’académie Fantasia" et très vite de nombreux êtres surnaturels ainsi que des humains ont commencé à vivre ici même si il y a encore des problèmes de tolérance envers les "monstres".
Cette ville a grandement évolué et est devenue le lieux de rencontres des créatures magiques, malheureusement la vie n’est pas parfaite et parmis ces personnes aux facultés exceptionnelles se cachent des être capables du pire, comme les rois démons et surtout les démons primordiaux. Un d’entre eux du nom de Seth est parti conquérir le monde, fantasia est sûrement une des seules villes dans le monde qui résiste pour l’instant. Enfin la situation du server ne fait qu’évoluer en permanence, venez voir et testez par vous même. Progressez pour arriver à devenir les meilleurs, qui sait, peut-être que vous serez de futurs dieux.

• — : : — •
           ˚꒰ welcome to paradise ! ˚ˑ 💫 ͎·˚
-`,✎ paradise city, a city originating on the islands. with the burst of people populating the city ever since the earliest of times, the city is now rich with many cultures and many sights for you to see ! although it may seem like a peaceful and calm city, there's some secrets or maybe criminals that are hiding themselves under this peaceful demeanor.
whatever side you find yourself on, whether it be stopping the criminals, being one of them yourself, or just watching from the sidelines, you obviously have a story waiting for you in this paradise! ‧₊٬٬𖧧
what we offer ✰
— aesthetic layout
— friendly and accepting community
— active community
— a fun roleplay experience in general !
we hope to see you here ~ ヾ(・∇・)ゞ
After a successful small coup in the land of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, Owen Mills implemented a political ideology called Owenism. He describes it as "fascist will mixed with democratic ideologies."
Detroit, Michigan is the main city (and where the RP is set), and Michigan is the main living area. Ohio and Indiana are mainly for the peasants and factories. the middle and higher classes tend to live in Detroit, but anyone can live anywhere!
> ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・✦・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ‿︵‿︵
> ༻ ˚。༄・🍥 Ⓙⓞⓘⓝ Ⓛⓔⓦⓓ Ⓒⓘⓣⓨ ! 🍥 ✦ ༺
> ⌜ Join our City Roleplay/Smut based server to meet new people and explore all different types of lore. Come join our welcoming community and cool staff. Make all different types of OC's. Try different types of rp, with all different species and things alike. Work your way to the top through activity and shops, get your own home, job, partner and so much more! We encourage creativity and all types of inspiration when it comes to developing your character's and growing in rp! We'd Love to see you around some time, so come check everything out, Hope you enjoy your stay! ⌟
> ⌜ 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛 ∶⌟
> ● cutesy emojis and media channels to share memes and play games ! ⊰
> ● lewd bots and such to enjoy ! ⊰
> ● ranks that give you a cool perks in the server ! ⊰
> ● tons and tons of roleplay rooms to explore ! ⊰
> ● a chill & non-toxic environment ! ⊰
> ● media and game bots ! ⊰
> ● events and awesome roles to choose from ! ⊰
> ● active vc chats ! ⊰
> ● leveling system towards earning more channels ! ⊰
> ༻ ˚。༄・🍥 𝑱𝒐𝒊𝒏 𝑻𝒐𝒅𝒂𝒚 🍥 ! ✦ ༺
> ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・✦・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ‿︵‿︵
Welcome to vestea city, a city of heroism, villainous deeds, and everyday people! Based in central America in 2050, people have the choice of leading a normal, happy life, choosing to dedicate their lives to saving others, or dedicating their lives to the ruination of others'. The choice is yours to make! We hope you enjoy.
-We are a Cyberpunk/Futuristic server, with some fantasy, slice-of-life and Military aspects.
-Strictly for users aged 16+
-(SFW/Gore/Violence/Mature Themes)

Following a Nuclear attack that caused the collapse of multiple industrial cities, the survivors engaged in a fight for survival, salvaging all they could from blown up supermarkets, grocery shops and factories and warehouses.

That was followed by the survivors giving rise to three completely new cities, known as Canaro, Elysium, and Fortuna, each with their own specialties and character. However they are rumours that more cities continue to rise.

The open world is riddled with many old-age artefacts and dangers.

Choose a role for your character, and watch them grow and develop into the world.

-Tight-knit, friendly community.
-Flexible setting, forged by our members rather than one person.
-Flexibility on races/abilities.
-Player-hosted long-term or short-term personal plots.
-Custom Factions.
-Character development is valued, encouraged, and rewarded.
-Currency system to buy assets, like property and vehicles and gear, which is actively kept track of.
-A fun, friendly and relaxed community.

Please do not hesitate to check us out!
The Crisis City - a place in the future where survival is hard. It is home to Silver The Hedgehog. Join and have a good time with awesome people!
The Capital is a city wildly known for its gambling habits, thriving economy and infinite wealth. During the “Mafia Era” or -what it’s more widely know as- the so called “Solitude Era”, An organised group called the ‘Deathtoll Slots’ took control of the city, the council and all of it’s authority were their bitches and four men wanted to manipulate it to their liking. These ‘Classmen’ moulded the Capital into their own glorified poker table system.

The rules? Well...Find out more about the lore in the Server when you join. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
This is voids end, A Server where you can pretty much be whatever you want from wherever you want, We have an arena where you could fight other characters and Dangerous foes.. A anomaly brings people and enemies from other universes and worlds, So please, Pop by and take a good look. And remember! We could need good Admins and the such
<<>> The violent winds of the wilderness. The crashing waves of Atlas County. The wisps of wheat of the Farming District. The whistling of heavy Machinery of Siretha. The bustle and whirring of Requiem <<>>

Meadow Escape is full of opportunities for alike! The world is a open roleplay for people to use their characters. There are five main sections of the roleplay with a addition of a event section!

Requiem City- A high-tech innovative city! The rich and the famous are known to reside here.

Siretha City- A heavily industrial city with a lot of low income and poverty living. Crime is high and can be very dangerous for family life!

Atlas County- A residential area with many shops that sits right on the coast! Wonderful for a beachy life and families too!

Farming District- Provides agricultural needs throughout the area. Producing millions of pounds of food across the area! Many farmers and older families live here!

Wilderness- The forestry of the area! Many animals and low living people live here! Small housing scatters the area from individuals to families.

Icoclasos(Event)- This Kingdom was transported from another realm! Filled with demonic and unheavenly beasts! Great for old time roleplay!

<<>> Our community is welcoming to all members no matter who you are! We hope that your come join us soon and we are happy to get you started! Happy Roleplaying :D <<>>