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Fountain of peace is a peaceful server where fellow smash players around the world can play! Here you can find matches and play! We’ll host online tournament to prove yourself to be one of the best fighters out there!

We don’t complain! We learn!
We be nice to each other!
Most importantly have fun!
The Boring Server is a community where you can chat with strangers and gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward that you can claim and show off to lower levelled members. We're hoping to see you on our server.
We offer:
• Role rewards!
• Fun bots
• Friendly Staff
• Leaderboards
• Partnerships
This is a server for art! The community is fun, and you can advertise your own art commissions and have others do your art (for a price, unless they don't do that)! To find out more, share the server with friends and check it out!
Welcome to Drag Rush! Here you can discuss and talk about everything Drag Race, but also other things like tv-shows and games! We have our own Drag Race Competition, so feel free to join!
The go to place for FIFA Pro Clubs Transfers or friendlies. We also host a monthly cup competition. It's a server for all console's and everyone is welcome to join.
Phantom Forces competitions and gameplay.
🤖 Many bots to entertain yourselves!
💣 Custom PF emojis!
👍 Nice people!
👮 Fair mods!
Join now for a chance to show your skill!
Toxic Gaming is a brand new gaming community currently looking for members who are active and wanna have fun and no we aren't Toxic each member will be placed into a certain team depending on their main game where we can set up parties and groups for their games for help , we also have have a general chat for anyone to talk to and meet people
Underdog Debate server, with other things you can do such as bot commands, casual talk, etc
Hey guys, do you like cursed images? 'Odd' jokes? and dumb memes? Well come to The Cursed server to be My Cursed Child
Salut à tous aujourd'hui je vous présent mon serveur discord , un serveur qui va plaire au fan d'animal crossing car il est sur le thême de celui-ci et se nomme animal crossing french , il posséde
-Des salons pour discuté , - il à des concours et évents , - des salons où partagé vos création que se soit sur animal crossing et des salons pour partagé sur d'autre création qui n'aborde de pas animal crossing car il y aussi des salons pour d'autre jeu afin que vous puissiez vous sentir bien et que vous puissiez vous détendre et vous amuser avec vos amie et beaucoup plus encore , alors si vous étes fan d'animal crossing et que vous cherché un serveur alors rejoignez nous
Great, thanks for your attention. 👀
We're a growing community with exciting events happening every other week.

》Movie nights
》Meme showdowns
》Art competitions
》The Hunger Games

And of course, there's a lot more to where all that came from.
We're a family here, and we'd really like you to be a part of us!
Feel free to be our server partner.

If you've read this far, type and send "yoink" when you join our server to receive a MYSTERIOUS PRIZE! 🎁

♡ From all of us at All Hail
♛Think you've got good looks, talent, spirit, and charm? Compete for the title of Miss Discord!
♛Miss Discord is a pageant that will take place within the server.
♛People will compete against each other with selfies, kindness, singing, ect.
♛There are friendly judges and contestants, so don't be nervous!
♛Join the contest today!
♛We are also a new server so please be kind if we have no members.
Welcome to Three Houses! I had an idea to make a more competitive type of discord server where each house would compete every month for a reward. The rewards will start off small, however they will grow to be more valuable as the amount of members increases. We really hope that you will be willing to give our server a shot,
-Three Houses Staff Team
⭐️Have you got the vocals!! ⭐️
Join our freshly made server today, to join a singing contest, have fun, and make new friends. ⚡️
There will be 3-4 judges and audience members listening to you, and we’ll decide if you got it!
This server includes of:
¤ Frequent Events ¤
¤ Auditions ¤
¤ Open Mics ¤
¤ A friendly community ¤
¤ Fun Bots ¤
¤ Self Roles ¤
🔹️Discord communautaire français.

🔹️Choisissez une des maisons présente sur le serveur, et aidez la à devenir la meilleur avec un système de points à gagner !

🔹️Réunissez vous et parlez des vos passions !

🔹️Faites vous une réputations grâce à nos grades par level !

🔹️Plein d'events intéressant !

🔹️Des compétitions de dessins, photos, codage ou même de jeux !

🔹️Une communauté active et sympathique !

🔹️Un staff à l'écoute !

🔹️ Des recrutements toujours actif !

Rejoignez nous !


Post Scriptum: Certains événements récents ce sont produit sur le serveur, à cause de ceux ci, nous avons des reviews négatif sur notre serveur. Faites vous votre propre avis ! Nous vous invitons donc de suivre/faire des commentaires constructifs, qui peuvent nous aider.

This Server is for anyone who wants news or plays the game Pixel Gun 3D.
Welcome to the Zodiac server! Here we have each of you sorted into your correct zodiac and we have some conversations! We respect each individual and we hope you do the same.
We have a point system in case there is a fight or an event. We count up these points to determine which sign is the most savage of them all!
The following zodiac signs are included:




Ever had a group of weirdos that you're given the chance do literally anything and talk about anything with?
We all know that's what its like to have friends, but what if I told you that there's a whole community filled with potential new friends? With fun bots to constantly draw your attention and a games section so that you can bond even more by playing your favourite games together.

Too little? Well, there's also a music section to jam out to your favourite songs, as well as Factions to expand upon your competitive nature.

Come, run away to the Legendary Sanctuary... We're waiting
Hello there! This is the server for the annual summer event called The Program, or Battle Royale. No this server has nothing to do with the game Fortnite: Battle Royale and I wish that the words battle royale were not always associated with that game. This server is for an event that is hosted within the bedrock edition of Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition, Pocket Edition, The New Xbox Edition, Switch Edition) there will be 3 games every 2 weeks starting from Saturday May 25 to August 10th Exact Dates will be discussed.
‼️Spots are limited‼️

Have you ever wanted to be on Survivor or any competition based reality show? Well we're here bringing the survivor experience to discord! You can either join the game as a castmate or watch it all go down as a spectator!

Why should you join? Maybe you want to see how you'd fare, tear up the competition, or just love survivor!! Any reason is a good reason to get into the game!!

We offer....

⚔️Fun Strategy/Competition Based RP⚔️
🗨️ A Chill Community 🗨️
🎮 Games 🕹️

And much more...
Looking to play competitive eSports? Participate in tournaments? Join Team Spark! Here at Team Spark, we organize tournaments for many different games such as.. CS:GO, Rainbow 6, Smash Ultimate, and many more. Join us for more information.
This server is a random server i made (Mysterious)
This server will or already has a ton of bots depending on when you join (I like using bots they give me something to do)
We will have (or already have)
-Competitions (probably the same as contests but who cares)
-(Insert something interesting here)
Hello random person of the Internets that decided to look at this description.
This server is a Bot focused server
We have
1.) 14 bots at the moment
2.) Friendly members
3.) Slight dating(as in there are roles and an introduction channel)
4.) Random funny moments in chat LOL
5.) Suggestions
7.) uhm
8.) Why are u here still?
9.) Stop reading this JOIN ALREADY!
11.) Ok im done
12.) If u join
13.) I hope u stay and have fun
Join one of 6 clans and compete in challenges thought of by the Lorekeepers!

Strong and courageous, this clan is for the natural born warriors.

Social, charismatic, and optionally cunning. This clan is for those adept at social events.

Intelligent and wise, the Amiso are the type to push their (metaphorical or physical) glasses up in any situation.

Driven and determined, they’ll never back down. The “protagonist” Type is who’ll fit in here.

Noble, kind, and born to lead. This clan is for those who are followed rather than those who do the following.

The quirky and creative ones. The artist’s (and other forms of expression) clan.