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The writing and beta server is a place for readers and writers alike! Here, you can enter competitions, share your writing, get good feedback and find people to edit your work! It's also a great place to make new friends and find new things to read :)
The Boring Server is a community where you can chat with strangers and gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward that you can claim and show off to lower levelled members. We're hoping to see you on our server.
We offer:
• Role rewards!
• Fun bots
• Friendly Staff
• Leaderboards
• Partnerships
Programmers Paradise is a server where we aim to appeal to all people and help them learn to code. We also help you learn other things too. Come join if you are trying to learn some awesome computer skills.
Dutch College League is een League of Legends studentencompetitie voor studenten van universiteiten, hogescholen en MBO’s uit Nederland. De hoogste competitie "Premier League" wordt wekelijks op locatie gespeeld en uitgezonden op Twitch en FOX Sports. De overige competitie's worden online gespeeld.

Geen zin in 'competitive gaming'? Het is binnen de community ook mogelijk om in contact te komen met andere (Nederlandse (student/non-student)) League of Legends spelers voor plezier, tips en tricks met elkaar te delen om in challenger te komen.
Welcome to Septgen. We're a small server just starting off. We host community events of a variety of games (e.g. trivia, TOS, Spyfall) in a competitive spirit. We will soon be including "clans," teams that will be able to participate in group events and rack up unique achievements. Achievements will be rewarded with unique tags.

Since we are new, we are currently looking for staff (the server itself is not ready as of yet). If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to join the server for more information.
A dance group with monthly competitions on the game ROBLOX, mostly roleplay with animations and such
This is a TWOW server. That’s means ten words of wisdom. A prompt will be shown and it is your job to dm the host, Tomato Jam, your answer. Your answer will be submitted. After a deadline, everyone in the server will vote on who did the worst-through best. The two people with the worst submissions will be eliminated. It will keep going until there is one person left. If you get eliminated, don’t worry, there is a new season to look foward too.
Ready for some competition? Gaming? Friends? Well we have people to compete against, people that you can play games with, people you can make YouTube videos with and that are youtubers, and, you can make some online friends here. We are a non toxic cancer free server, and waiting for you to come join us. We are in need of staff, and we are in need of members. We hope to grow big one day, so please join our server, Hope to see you here!
Drakonteo - a fresh new gaming server for everyone

Hi! Drakonteo is a new gaming team server that is looking for more people to join us with gaming. We're a very welcoming community, and play a wide variety of games!
This is a fun and cheap way for experienced or competitive fortnite players can compete for money prizes!! Any platform welcome, any other information found in the discord server itself.

Hope to see you soon!!
Hiya! We are a new art server that sets out to help artists make friends and improve their own art! We have music, 24/7 music bot, art, weekly events, competitions and more!
Welcome to Big Brother Discord! This server is based on the reality TV Show Big Brother, mainly Season 16! Please join, we need 16 members to start! This is a well organized server and we want to give you the best house experience, check it out! We are a small server but we really want to grow!
My bfb camp. Unlike most BFB camps, this camp's eliminations are done by challenges. This means no targeting.
We are a community revolved around a circle of people creating and playing games and stories! We also just gather together and do events (gaming events on many different multiplayer games, music events such as blindtests and music sharing on a theme, movie nights...).

We are about to release an experimental Discord adventure involving many skills (gaming, drawing, solving enigmas...), and we are looking for adventurers. Please be sure to join to be there at the start of this adventure!
Hello, there competitor! this is a server where you get asked questions and if you get it right you get a point! whenever you get a milestone of points you can earn a special role! this is a completely new idea I hope it'll succeed...

1) I will pick random people and I will DM them a question, depending on the difficulty, I will give then points if they answer correctly!

2)Please and I mean it, please be patient if you ever think that you have not answered a question in a VERY long time (I am meaning like 2 weeks or so) only then ping me in #help

3)When you reach a milestone you will get a role! get them questions right!

4)If you answer a question incorrectly you will not lose points you will just not gain any points!

5)Have fun and googling is unacceptable please don't google it's not very nice to other people... (you will have a time limit too)
New server, looking for members and staff. Fully operational with moderation bots.
Want to improve your music production or artworks? Get feedback and participate in regular competitions. Join now!
come hand out with us and have a good time playing pokecord
This Server is for anyone who wants news or plays the game Pixel Gun 3D.
Welcome to Everything Music! Someday, we might have a more original name but since this server is extremely new, that is what I'm working with. The server is obviously still a work in progress.
In this server you can sit back and talk to the other members or you can submit some of your own music for a chance to win the monthly competition and be put into the Hall of Fame! Earn special roles and fans. Use the server to reach some sort of audience for your work. Don't write your own music? That's fine. Just post a cover! Or, just participate in votes and choose your favorite artist. Feel free to make suggestions for anything you would like to see added to the server. i still have plenty of plans for the near future and would love to hear your ideas as well!
We also host games such as Cards Against Humanity and Truth or dare. Not into that? We also have Karaoke every Saturday if there are enough people interested! I promise you won't be disappointed.
Hangouts is a small community where we engage with our members in games and activities along with a place for others to find new interests.