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Hello random person of the Internets that decided to look at this description.
This server is a Bot focused server
We have
1.) 14 bots at the moment
2.) Friendly members
3.) Slight dating(as in there are roles and an introduction channel)
4.) Random funny moments in chat LOL
5.) Suggestions
7.) uhm
8.) Why are u here still?
9.) Stop reading this JOIN ALREADY!
11.) Ok im done
12.) If u join
13.) I hope u stay and have fun
🔹️Discord communautaire français.

🔹️Choisissez une des maisons présente sur le serveur, et aidez la à devenir la meilleur avec un système de points à gagner !

🔹️Réunissez vous et parlez des vos passions !

🔹️Faites vous une réputations grâce à nos grades par level !

🔹️Plein d'events intéressant !

🔹️Des compétitions de dessins, photos, codage ou même de jeux !

🔹️Une communauté active et sympathique !

🔹️Un staff à l'écoute !

🔹️ Des recrutements toujours actif !

Rejoignez nous !

Phantom Forces competitions and gameplay.
:robot: Many bots to entertain yourselves!
:smiley: Custom PF emojis!
:thumbsup: Nice people!
:cop: Fair mods!
Join now for a chance to show your skill!
Great, thanks for your attention. 👀
We're a growing community with exciting events happening every other week.

》Movie nights
》Meme showdowns
》Art competitions
》The Hunger Games

And of course, there's a lot more to where all that came from.
We're a family here, and we'd really like you to be a part of us!
Feel free to be our server partner.

If you've read this far, type and send "yoink" when you join our server to receive a MYSTERIOUS PRIZE! 🎁

♡ From all of us at All Hail
Join if you like to discuss cat topics, games, memes and potentially art, a server that allows you to freely post images in general and you get privileges if you're active💦💦💦

•Server houses (weekly competitions)
•Nitro emotes
Do you have OC's? Yes? Do you want to see how one of them would do in an elimination style game similar to Total Drama Island, Survivor, Battle for Dream Island, etc.? Yes? Then you should hop right into this game led by a yellow cube!

We're currently starting season 1 of the competition, so join the server and make an application for one of your OC's to try and claim one of those 20 competitor spots. If you don't make it into the first season, don't worry! There will be a place to rp in outside of the competition as well, and you could join into later seasons.

In this server:
-We have an art channel, meme channel, oc showcase channel, and more to come!
-Rythm is here, so that you can play your rp tunes
-If you want to join, please send more than simply one liners so that the rp can be more fun for everyone
-Nearly any kind of OC is allowed here! (But please make sure they're not too overpowered)

YB hopes to see you soon!
Dutch College League is een League of Legends studentencompetitie voor studenten van universiteiten, hogescholen en MBO’s uit Nederland. De hoogste competitie "Premier League" wordt wekelijks op locatie gespeeld en uitgezonden op Twitch en FOX Sports. De overige competitie's worden online gespeeld.

Geen zin in 'competitive gaming'? Het is binnen de community ook mogelijk om in contact te komen met andere (Nederlandse (student/non-student)) League of Legends spelers voor plezier, tips en tricks met elkaar te delen om in challenger te komen.
A dance group with monthly competitions on the game ROBLOX, mostly roleplay with animations and such
In Beat Battles Central, we have weekly Beat Battles. Judged by the server owner and previous beat battle winners. Hope you join and have fun Beat Battling!!
Drakonteo - a fresh new gaming server for everyone

Hi! Drakonteo is a new gaming team server that is looking for more people to join us with gaming. We're a very welcoming community, and play a wide variety of games!
Welcome to music rush x3! All you need to do is select an artist, and when there's a theme select a song related to it by your artist! It's simple really and just a fun longterm. Come Join! Any type of music is accepted.
The writing and beta server is a place for readers and writers alike! Here, you can enter competitions, share your writing, get good feedback and find people to edit your work! It's also a great place to make new friends and find new things to read :)
This server is for a big competition. Please consider helping me out!
A developing social hub server themed after the U.S. that welcomes gamers, music lovers, and literature lovers of all kinds,
Programmers Paradise is a server where we aim to appeal to all people and help them learn to code. We also help you learn other things too. Come join if you are trying to learn some awesome computer skills.
Welcome to Septgen. We're a small server just starting off. We host community events of a variety of games (e.g. trivia, TOS, Spyfall) in a competitive spirit. We will soon be including "clans," teams that will be able to participate in group events and rack up unique achievements. Achievements will be rewarded with unique tags.

Since we are new, we are currently looking for staff (the server itself is not ready as of yet). If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to join the server for more information.
A dance group with monthly competitions on the game ROBLOX, mostly roleplay with animations and such
This is a TWOW server. That’s means ten words of wisdom. A prompt will be shown and it is your job to dm the host, Tomato Jam, your answer. Your answer will be submitted. After a deadline, everyone in the server will vote on who did the worst-through best. The two people with the worst submissions will be eliminated. It will keep going until there is one person left. If you get eliminated, don’t worry, there is a new season to look foward too.
Ready for some competition? Gaming? Friends? Well we have people to compete against, people that you can play games with, people you can make YouTube videos with and that are youtubers, and, you can make some online friends here. We are a non toxic cancer free server, and waiting for you to come join us. We are in need of staff, and we are in need of members. We hope to grow big one day, so please join our server, Hope to see you here!
This is a fun and cheap way for experienced or competitive fortnite players can compete for money prizes!! Any platform welcome, any other information found in the discord server itself.

Hope to see you soon!!
Hiya! We are a new art server that sets out to help artists make friends and improve their own art! We have music, 24/7 music bot, art, weekly events, competitions and more!
Welcome to Big Brother Discord! This server is based on the reality TV Show Big Brother, mainly Season 16! Please join, we need 16 members to start! This is a well organized server and we want to give you the best house experience, check it out! We are a small server but we really want to grow!
My bfb camp. Unlike most BFB camps, this camp's eliminations are done by challenges. This means no targeting.