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Hottest Models, funniest comedians, otaku culture, best eSport gaming and amazing conversationalist from around the world. JOIN US NOW!

We at Spicy Plum Entertainment offer a variety of pleasure for your entertainment. Whether it be engaging in the newest and current game topics, the most trendy fashion, the hottest cosplayers and models, or talks about conspiracies or wealth management, we have it all for you.


Other entertainment offered:
-Anime Topics
-Meme concepts
-Conspiracy theories
-Sex education
-Professional music making
-Art and Tattoos
-YouTube Production
-Otaku Lifestyle

Hey, everyone. I'm a new cosplayer but I love dressing up and taking pictures. So join my discord and buy some of my cosplaying sets. I do have some naughty stuff as well.
Welcome to ~Cosplayers~
-Show off your latest cosplays
-Ask for help if needed on a new cosplay or your current one
- individual roles
-social media shout out
and more..
KOLIE's NSFW🔞Community server is a friendly nsfw focused server , you'll need to verify your age if you want access to the nsfw section of the server
but no need to worry on joining you'll still be able to chat with our lovely growing community
Have a passion of joining a community that are into female cosplay pictures and not only that, but these girls showing off their bare soles for your pleasure? We are a friendly community that will support your feet kinks and not be ashamed and judged for it.

We also welcome females to this server who wishes to be a foot model here as well and work with me on helping them promote their content. We have age verification and a verified model system to help users know you are dealing with real female models who wants to show their feet. If they are cosplayers to show their feet, even better! :D

I plan to share many of the female cosplay pictures I have taken in the past in this community! Hope to see you join soon so we can all be open to talking about all this.

"So you think you can be a star?"

Welcome to the prestigious Limelight idol agency. We at Limelight produce the world's most famous idols and icons. You've been invited to join us- so don't screw it up.

Singers, musicians, actors, dancers, and models are all present here at Limelight. It's a highly competitive process, so if you're here, you have something in you that's special- something that we think can pull you through the hell known as 'showbiz'. You will be provided with dorms and a weekly allowance, as well as practice areas and amazing opportunities. Our agency building is huge, and perhaps just a tiny bit haunted. A curfew is set in place to protect trainees from potential threats- by 11:00 PM every night, all trainees should be in their dorms. Do not ask why this is- after all, nothing's ever perfect.

No matter what you want to be, you'll first be put into groups of people with the same talents as yours. Your team leader is an idol that has already reached enviable levels of success- do not question their methods. However, feel free to ask them if you have any questions or concerns, and they'll be glad to help you out.

So hurry up- put your red carpet smile on, because the world is watching.

This server is just starting out at the moment, and we're looking for both mods and members. Every person helps!
Twerk Hub is the number one source for twerk enthusiasts and ass lovers. We love to watch, share and discuss the best booty shaking videos on the web, and promote the best dancers we can find. Come join the fun!
You're a professional or an amateur model ? You like photography ? You're a makeup and fashion lover ? This server was made for you ! Here you can post your work as a model or a photographer and promote yourself ! Just give it a shot !
A new community on the block to support an old Kik group but looking to expand with Kik gone so please come join us. We verify all buyers and sellers. NO BS Admining, we do it right guaranteed. Something going on you don't like fill out a ticket in our unique. "Submit a ticket" section. We believe in being fair no favoritism no BS just selling photos like everyone else without the drama. Admin Done Right.
This server is a drag racing show which you can enter and win a possible prize! Recommended by many and guaranteed fun!
Welcome to ChiChi Couture Fashion we are a roblox group on roblox who host runways and showcases along with tryouts in Beverly hills and more!!
Our description on the group:
started august 5 2018

"we're the girls with the passion for fashion"



our goal: active members by august!
We host on roblox!

Join and you'll be free!
Welcome to Eros's hub!
This is an 18+ only server to showcase the owner Eros.
They're a 19 year old bbw enby who sells custom and premade photos and videos
prices are listed on the server
Enjoy and we hope to see you soon
WELCOME to Croissant Con !
Croissant Con offers a whole lot for everyone who is intrested in or even talented in these areas!
Such as in Croissant Con we have
~ Fashion
~ Modeling
~ Weeb
~ Photography
~ Art
~ Music

Our owners and co-owners created this environment for you to chat or meet people with similar intrests!
We provide the following
~ Roles
~ Announcements
~ Memes
~ Social Media
~ Selfies
~ Music-sharing
~ Mixtapes
~ Soundcloud
~ Voice chats
So join us and check us out!
Come and explore something different!
Castings are now starting for VNTM CYCLE 2! Please cast or fill out an judge application to participate this CYCLE! If you know anyone that may be interested in a IMVU Modeling competition please DO Invite! Thank you.
Venez faire des concours de modélisation (1 à 2 par mois) sur notre serveur, venez partager vos créations ou encore demander des conseils pour vous améliorer !
Are you 18 years of age or older? Are you looking for a community with similar fetishes to you? Looking for Girls, Guys and more? Look no further than Dream Land. We offer the Following.
Active Mods and an Organized Community
NSFW such as Feet, Bots, Boobs, Hentai And more.
Currently Looking for Models
A variety of Bots.
Verified 18+ only rooms
Self Roles
Unique Emojis
Here you can train to become a model and have fun with rp and compete with other models and show off you're amazing charisma. You can also apply for jobs and help the models using you're skills and determination.
Fan club of Mariya Babko(formerly Masha).
Ms. Babko is a professional model and this server is to appreciate her and her work.
Welcome to Blue and Red's Den of Love, an 18+ server for two models that go by the names of Blue and Red. All we need is you~ Join today!~
A discord server in which you can make friends and play games together. We're based off the roblox group Belle's Angels.