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A nifty place to hang out and relax.....?
While you can do that the main focus is to battle eachother with the power of memes.
We will have tournaments and everyone can have there own mini battles.
Become apart of top boss Gang and help out the community.
Be a spectator and watch over battles.
There are also other cool roles you can have too. Join and find out.
Server Italiano della community italiana. Gioco attualmente in Closed BETA - A breve disponibile gratuitamente sull'Epic STORE
A Pokemon League i created for Pokemon fans to enjoy and to battle with one another while also experiencing what it's like to be in a Pokemon League.
A noice battle rp with monsters, monster hunters, powers, and cool weapons that can turn into guns if ya want. This is a RWBY based rp and will have RWBY locations and mechanics. I try to also keep it original and add newer places. We're a growing server so please join and support us.
Pokemon Conquest Roleplay and battle server in it's infancy.
Your fate is set only by the limitations put on one's self. Once you break free from your control, you can enable yourself to stand out, above everything, and shine like you were meant to. Chaos consumes a city, and battle is clear to ensue. Could you be the one to stop it?

Join our wonderful (and small) RP community. We may not have much, but I guarantee you're in for a good time if you stay.
We have a Level & Pizza Economy System on this Server that really explains itself and gives you a lot of opportunities on our Server.

By climbing the Leaderboard and Leveling Up you will gain new Ranks and Roles, which will give you access to special features and hidden channels.
Deutsch/Russischer Clan und Scrims Server
Ihr seid Hier herzlich Willkommen und könnt in den Clan wenn ihr paar wenige Vorraussetzungen erfüllt. Scrims sind Eigenbedingt.
Here we are a public server where you can communicate and chat! You can talk all topics of Fortnite, Save The World (STW), or even Battle royale! We are mainly for Save The World, but all topics are welcome!
The Four Districts have lived in peace: until now. The Shadow District, Obscuras, has threatened to take over the continent and rule. Will the other districts, Icilis (Ice), Azura (Water) and Volcanis (Fire)
be strong enough to defeat the people of Shadow? Or will they perish under the hand of their greatest enemy? Only time will tell.

Our server has great admins and welcoming staff who will aid you in your roleplaying quest.

We hope to see you here!
⚫️ --- Discord's Most Brutal Academy Server Is Back! --- ⚫️

One year ago, Discord was met with a server that took the Anime School Genre and spun it on its head. Now, that server is back and remade! With the original members rejoining and newcomers checking in to see what's all the fuss, Infinite Zeroes: Total War brings the Anime School Genre into a world full of war and violence.

Set in the Republic of Franc. The Great War has broken out, millions of troops march into battle only to be slaughtered in mere seconds. The war seems grim, and it is. The male population dwindles and soon, children, teens and young adults are conscripted into battle. You are one of these soldier, but! You're not just some helpless gun touting soldier, no no no. You're a Mana Sentinel, an elite unit of Espers who utilize their special abilities to fight in combat. Be it fire, ice, lighting or even grass.

Train in the academy.
Fight in dynamic battles that change the story.
Defend your country.

⚫️ Dozens of powers to choose from, all with their own special quirks!
⚫️ Over ten roles with different bonus abilities and stats!
⚫️ Dynamic events that change depending on what YOU do.
⚫️ Rise through the ranks in the military, become an officer or even a general!
⚫️ Slice of Life for those who wise to interact with each other in a strange new school anime RP.
⚫️ NSFW channels for those who are interested...

🔷 --- They Shall Not Pass! --- 🔷

Opened: 12/31/2018
Harmony.BBX est un nouveau serveur de Beatbox présentant de nouvelles fonctionnalités inédites ! Ici vous trouverez des beatboxers mais aussi d'autres artistes" (chanteur, musiciens...) de langues et d'âge différents.
N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre si vous voulez découvrir, partager ou perfectionner votre pratique !!

Welcome to the city of Aurelia.
Aurelia is home to many an adventure, guilds, and so much more. We are a server of traders, explorers and many different races who all interact as one community.

❤️ Explore the unknown with battle style Roleplay
💜 Become a trader and sell your items, and buy valuable ones from explorers
💛 Fight monsters to become the best you can be
💚 Many different classes, guilds, races and backgrounds to look at, courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.
🧡 New roles to gain!

We are looking for explorer characters, civilian characters and trader characters. Do you seek adventure? Or are you on the side lines. Please read all our roleplay information before joining!
Welcome to Star Wars: A New Age! Join a faction and fight for control of the galaxy! Command your own fleet and go into battle, or visit many different planets! If you're looking for an authentic RP in Star Wars, this is the place!

* level up
* earn money
* buy ships
* attack planets
/|Not wanting to do canon stuff? Bored of Saiyans? Are power levels just bullshit? Well, you're in luck!

/|Welcome to a new and interesting world taking place outside of the main Dragon Ball universe! In this all original universe, we follow the adventures of Earthlings tracking down the Dragon Balls!

/|Just like in the original, it will contain many storylines and arc but with our own ideas and twists to make it feel fresh.

/|Be among many others in capturing the Dragon Balls or maybe you want to just fight for enjoyment. We have tournaments planned for arcs and are usually opened whenever the slots are unoccupied!*

/|But how do we determine the power of one fighter? We have a tiering system where instead of power levels the fighter is estimated based on the grade of their destructive capability. Each time someone fights another or trains, they notify staff to count up the sentences they put to add in their total to see how they compare to the general tiers and grades!

/|It's still a growing server so any support would greatly be appreciated! Despite this, our staff members are experienced in handling servers like this! Thanks and have a great time!|\
/|Welcome to Carnage Entertainment! We're set outside of reality with a few uninhabited universes on standby made for our little games! Come and watch your favorites beat each other up under striction conditions in a controlled environment or take part in them!|\

|Pick your choosing, either a battle royale like in those Hunger Games movies or the classic tournaments like in that Dragon Ball show!|

|Battle it out as anyone of your choosing from any form of media as long as they fit under the condition!|

|Each round is regulated and no audience will be harmed. We, however, have rights to kidnap and force fighters from alien worlds to battle to the death.|

|We're mainly focused on creating amazing and memorable battles than making a narrative! We enforce our rules more than those lax servers to optimize a more fun experience for RPers and to keep others comfortable in the server! So, no dirty RPs!|

|Our members are to be respected and treated like how they should! Also raiding will lead you into being banned!|

|We have bots such as Dyno, ErisBot, MEE6, Tatsuamki, Yggdrasil, and Pacman!|

|Earn roles as reward for participating or being active here!|

/|It's still a growing server so any support would greatly be appreciated, we have most of the channels finished, but we need more help from others who are interested! Despite this, our staff members are experienced in handling servers like this! Thanks and have a great time!|\
Successful Fortnite 2v2 Most Kills Tournament
-Every Saturday at 7pm GMT! No Entry Fee + Prizes for Winners!

Watch the Trailer for the Tournament!
Welcome to Project Separate! We are a (very) small roleplay group, looking to grow a non-toxic community. You can roleplay as a child, high schooler, or even a 20-year old college dropout!(that last one is just a joke, but your choice, man.) We have interesting arcs, events, and role giveaways! Can't wait to meet you!
This server is a Pokecord Pokemon raising community. We raise YOUR Pokemon!
The [DEV] clan is dominating the competition. Join our supremacy!
The Kingdom of Lumina welcomes you. Create a squad or join a squad, choose between Summoner, Elemental. Swordsman, and much more! Create a character and make friends! This is a new server, so please bear with the inactiveness until it gets bigger! Come to join the Battle of Lumina!
Welcome to the Town of the Supernatural!

A beacon draws all manner of life into the town, both human and inhuman.
You all came to make a new life, perhaps find asylum? But what you didn’t know expect was that in this cozy little coastal town, everything beautiful on the surface is corrupted by the violent Purge that takes place each night. The town is split into two, and you must pick a side, or gamble with your life and try to play with neither.
Just make sure you make the right decisions because when the Bell tolls at Midnight all who find themselves alone, are fair game…

In this Town, there are two Factions.

The Hunters, led by Eli, who believe in respecting the law of the Bell and wish to become a small government of sorts to protect the people of the town.

The Monsters, led by Max, who respect the Bell but would rather be rid of it altogether and allow chaos to take over the little port town.

You don’t have to join right away, but for your safety... Join before the Bell Tolls, or else you’re on your own.
Like Dragon Ball? Like Dokkan Battle? Then this Discord is perfect for you! You can talk to other Dokkan/Dragon Ball lovers, talk about hobbies, friend others on Dokkan, you can even make new friends, too!