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hey there!
I am an account seller!
in my server I host giveaways and drops for free!
WE Have A Marketplace Within Our Server! so you can advertise your shops all for free!
🔥Amazing Generator Server🔥!
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴏғғᴇʀ
-✔️A Fʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ Sᴛᴀғғ
:Classis: Skyblock Hub
:arrow_right:Active Server
:arrow_right:Fully Set-Up With Bots
:arrow_right:Good Active Staff
:arrow_right:Many Giveaways, Paypal Money and Accounts
:arrow_right:Owner is a youtuber
:arrow_right:Minecraft Friendly
:arrow_right:Discord Nitro Giveaways
Things were looking for
:arrow_right:New Staff
:arrow_right:Members to win giveaways
If you are intrested:
Join Via -
Welcome to Kiwi Army, in our server we offers you alot of services and accounts premium which you can get it freely, the generator link is below!
-✔️Nitro ( Drops / giveaways )
Generator Bot link :
This is a new DevilGen server!
We had 1700+ members before we got banned, we have a new bot here.
Join now and won cool giveaways and get cool invite rewards!

You can generate:
Get your free minecraft and nordvpn accounts here! It's very good quality

The only gen we have rn is
1. Minecraft
2. Nordvpn
Coming more soon...
🔥 Strife Gen 🔥

♥️ Working Generator Server w/ Gen Bot and Marketplace! ♥️

💯 NordVPN, Origin, Steam, Spotify, Disney+, Minecraft & More! 💯

🔌 Free Accounts and no need for invites to access the gen! 🔌

🤖 Bot Invite: 🤖
5 invites =
And more
Gen Acces is 20 invites (your gets real accounts)
An up and coming Gen server, as of now we are beginners but we’ll add more content, so if you were gracious enough to join, stay tuned! 🤙
• Nice Community
• Gen Bot
• Giveaways
• Free Accounts

Note: Whoever joins only because of the gen is banned
🔥 Hey, would you like to get a premium account of any type for FREE. Guess what, its your lucky day because that's what give you. Join Now and get a VIP Role where you can advertise you server.🔥

Thank You,
CyGen Team
We got:
[✔️] Minecraft
[✔️] Spotify
[✔️] Origin
[✔️] Hulu
[✔️] Eset
[✔️] Nord VPN
[✔️] Grammarly
[✔️] Crunchyroll
[✔️] Seed4Me
[✔️] IvacyVPN
[✔️] Disney Plus
[✔️] Nice Staff

All of the accounts are working we put an new stock everyday so you never get a used account 🤩

Our server also got an Gameshare Channel were you can share your games for new ones and save some money all the members are reliable and we also got an trusted list. Enjoy our server
🔥┋Daily giveaways.
👋┋Fast support & friendly staff.
🎁┋Invite rewards.
🤝┋ Partnerd servers.
💎┋Friendly Community.
Hi, our server is a GENERATOR SERVER.
We have a lot of accounts :
-Other accounts
⚠️We trade / sell accounts !

If you want to join us for have accounts, don't panic ! Juste click here
**Hey, this server its a lil chill server**
We have
Global chat
And cool space bots
Welcome to Cyber Gen
✔ Community
✔ Bots
✔ Generator
✔ Invite Rewards
✔ Giveaways
✔ Drops
✔ Events
✔ Marketplace
Join Now
Here at the farm where we (literally) farm free accounts for everyone (no invites needed) we have
- fortnite
- u play
- steam accounts
- steam gift cards
- origin accounts
- Spotify account
- Nord VPN
- Crunchyroll (x2)
- Netflix
- Disney+
- wish
-league of legends
- Adidas
- Fitbit
- Mega/
- Gfuel
- pornhub
- Domino's
- Amazon gift cards
- mail access
- Steam keys
- Nitros
- psn giftcards
- Apple music
- express VPN
- seed4me
- ivancy VPN
- Fitbit
- Udemy
- JetBlue
- slingTV
- minty
- Mega
- PayPal

We also have daily giveaways 🎉 and daily drops!
And all of this is for free! You're not obligated to invite anyone!
Why are you waiting for? Join now!