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Hello sorry for bothering!

Would you like to join a awesome gta 5 server!

- Easy giveaways every day!
- best staff
- nitro drops
- free money!!
- we have self roles
- custom ranks
- awesome giveaways
- invite rewards
- trading channels for each consoles
- bodgan channels for each consoles
- awesome staff
- and all round a sick server
- friendly members

Come check us out and enjoy!!

╔═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ๑◥◣◆◢◤๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╗
◈━━ 🎉 Welcome to Our Server 🎉 ━━◈

༺═━━───What Our Server Includes───━━═༻

⦃ 👥 ⦄ - Over 1k+ members & new members always joining!
⦃ 🎉 ⦄ - Invite Rewards, Robux & Nitro!
⦃ 🎁 ⦄ - Server-Boosting Rewards!
⦃ 🥂 ⦄ - Tons of perks for server boosters!
⦃ 📌 ⦄ - Level 3 Server Boost!
⦃ 🎊 ⦄ - Often giveaways! Sometimes including nitro!
⦃ 🤝 ⦄ - Partnerships! We partner with any server!

<I———◈———「 🎖️3 Invites = Nitro🎖️ 」———◈———I>
We offer FREE NITRO to our users! What are you waiting for?

Join Faz now! You won't regret it!
We provide the following:

- 📨 Invite rewards, invite your friends and earn NITRO!

- 🎉 NITRO giveaways!

- 🏆 Compete in events and more to earn NITRO!

The great thing is everything is legit!

Join now and see for yourself!
Join for free nitro & other prizes,
For example, nitro, paypal, giftcards, and many more!

6 Invites = Nitro Classic (1 month)
10 Invites = Nitro (1 month)
15 Invites = Nitro (2 months)
30 Invites = Nitro Classic (1 year)

20 Invites = $10
25 Invites = $15
40 Invites = $30
60 Invites = $50

You can also bump the server and level up with the mee6 bot to redeem more prizes!
5 Invites = Rewards est un serveur Discord ou tu peux obtenir des comptes gratuitement ! Il y a giveaways, drops et rewards ! Vous pouvez aussi discutez entre vous.
{─────} Super Quizz Rewards {─────}

• Super Quizz Rewards c'est un serveur communautaire qui propose des évènements journaliers, la récompense peut aller du Nitro Classic jusqu'à de l'argent PayPal ! Mais c'est pas que ça c'est aussi :

🛡️ • Un serveur surveillé et sécurisé !
⚒️ • Des améliorations régulière !
🎉 • Événements & Giveaways journaliers !
👼 • Une communauté angélique et actif
💥 • Un moyen facile et simple pour avoir un Nitro !
👑 | Un staff à l'écoute et à votre disposition !

🎀 | Recrutement→ ✔️ OFF ✔️

Ton portail de téléportation ↬
Welcome to Zynn Rewards, where I reward YOU for using my referral code!
Zynn is an app on the app store that is free to download. One of the few actually legit rewarding servers ✨ We have proof/vouches, and a chat you can talk in :)

1 Account Using My Referral: $2

2 Accounts Using My Referral: Nitro Classic

3 Accounts using my Referral: Nitro Boost
Join us we are a reward server with amazing rewards. Such as nitro and robux and fortnite.

We are a market place too.

There so much to tell, join to know better.

**Bienvenue sur le serveur "5 INVITES = REWARD 🎁" !
Ici, tu trouveras des récompenses à gagner juste en invitant tes amis !
Tu trouveras les récompenses dans le salon nommé : <#716760659190087732> !
Des nouvelles récompenses seront ajoutés au cours du nombre de membres.
Maintenant, tu as plus qu’une chose à faire, INVITER PLEINS D’AMIIIIIIIIIIIIS !!!**
Welcome to Premium Account Giveaways! This server is extremely new and giveaways premium accounts from Minecraft, Hulu, NordVPN, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Grammarly, Origin, and ESET.
Mining crypto currency has never been easier using! Join the community today and earn lots of money and rewards! All the necessary information is found in our discord!

Rewards you can obtain:

Discord Nitro
Gift Cards
Visa cards
Donations to different charities
and lots more!

Invite people to get awesome roles, or maybe boost the server to get your very own custom discord role!
Chop away!
¿Quieres unirte a un servidor de Discord muy bien configurado, usuarios activos, sorteos y premios?

Pues nuestro grupo es el indicado. Somos el SplashTeam un Team de YouTubers/Amigos.

En nuestro grupo se pueden hacer gran cantidad de cosas, realizar sorteos, vender servicios/cuentas, publicar tus videos si eres YouTuber.
Buscamos ayudar a los que recien empiezan con YouTube brindado una herramienta para publicar sus videos.

Tenemos premios por jugar con los bots, invitar personas, etc.

Contamos con varios bots con los que te divertirás de forma definitiva.
Hey! Join our new legit server! Help us build our server and in return we'll pay you!
Join for drops such as free nitro, accounts etc!
Come join our community.
tu veux un serveur Reward, Giveway,et discussion à la fois ? et bien le voila !

des rewards et des giveways de comptes , minecraft, nord vpn, spotifyn, crunchyroll, Disney et + encore.

un salon spècial pour se lacher et insulter les gens si on veut !

pas mal de roles comme (youtubeur, partenaire, membres, VIP, joueur Minecraft, joueur Fortnite et plus encore !)

un salon mini-jeux vraiment cool !

un salon nsfw

enjoy !
This is a server where you can chill and talk to other. We will have giveaways and invite rewards. So you should join!
⋆⛧┈┈┈┈┈┈﹤୨💎୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈┈┈⛧⋆
Bree's Market 🌹

🎉 We provide HQ Nitro Subscriptions, both classic and boost, starting at only $2! 🎉

In addition, we also offer:
📺 Accounts (Spotify, Hulu, Netflix)
🖥️ Email/SMS Bomber
💳Verified Fullz
🎁Store Cards $1k+
㊙️And more!
・〉Welcome to Chéy Lea's Community!

We strive to be a welcoming and friendly community where you can be comfortable, meet new friends, and be treated with kindness and overall, love. We are more than just a community server, so everyone and all topics are welcome!

What Our Community Offers:
➺ Hosts Movies Every week in server!
➺ Hosts Many Live Games throughout the week! (Skribbl, Jackbox, etc.)
➺ Many cute and adorable emotes!
➺ Active Chats + Vcs to make and meet new friends!
➺ Events + nitro giveaways!
➺ Birthday Announcements!
➺ Play with bots all. day. long. Dank, Mudae, TTT, Owo and more!
➺ Variety of self-assignable roles! ➺ Ranking System + Booster Perks!
➺ Self-Promotion, Art, Counting, Gaming, and Music Channels.
➺ And so much more ~ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ・〉Looking to grow our community! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
✿ | Invite link:
✿ | Vanity link:
✿ | Current Banner (Discord Anniversary!):
on the server you can find several nuders there is also a free nude salon and shop for most nuders
Join this server now! We have alot of stocks and all you need to do is Invite people and get Premium Minecraft for Free! We also do Constant Events so who ever Win's, Gets an Minecraft Account!

What we can Offer:
- Events
- Giveaways
- Constant Drops
- Active Staff
- And Much More!