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Neon Genesis Evangelon: You will (not) be alone is an Evangelion roleplay server that takes a look at what would happen if shinji realised how badly things had gone for the past year during 3rd Impact and decided to go back to the beginning, Join shinji, Rei, Asuka and the rest as they do their best to avoid 3rd Impact and make themselves legends.
A new server centered around the Armored Core universe, created by From Software. The server is recent, and posesses a basic and flexible structure made with evolution and updating in mind, that way, the Last Question RP is welcoming to changes, and any new members!
Fight in a world where people have isokated themselves high up in the skies, living inside the Cradles. Who might you be? The pilot of a new-model Normal made to use Primal Armor? A freedom fighter Lynx, member of Line Ark? Or an utter monster, friend of Old King and on a path of pure destruction with a trail of death behind you?. . .
Choose, and find it...
Pray, for Answer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
• New, in-development system prone to adaptation!

•NEXTs and Normals have been balanced, through implementation of Primal Armor and a series of modifications to Normals!

•Friendly and helpful staff with the objective of assisting you!

•Free-form RP, without the use of Dice!

•The chance to pilot a NEXT, and know how the society of the AC4 and For Answer world works!

We await you, Lynx.
This is a Gundam roleplay server I made during a train ride I wnet on a few days ago. This is similar to Gundam Build Divers, but I had the idea long before Build Divers was announced. This is still about an online VR type game, but I added an antagonist and story so it isn't just the characters chilling out the whole time. I hope to see you here.
``` In the year 2075, humans have been surviving on the planet earth for many millenniums now but after a science team uncovers some sort of building, the city is under attack and now humanity has to build machines that go against the different forces that are attacking the city, after some trail and error, the Agency of Evangellion would make the best mech suits for them to use but while they was experimenting with animal dna, there was a accident and now they also have to deal with a half human half animal wanting revenge that started the New Mecha Arsenal```
A New and growing Roleplay server focused on Gundam Build Fighters. We welcome all comers and only ask that you leave your woes at the door to enjoy the Roleplay and fellow fans.
The year is 2016 AD,3 years after the devastation of the third world war- even then, humanity continues to survive in the Abyss that is outer space. The Neo Zhūhóng Empire, ruled by the ousted Chinese monarchy, the Royal Federation of corena, an aristocracy which rules the outermost asteroid belt colonies. These nations using their weapons, such as the superhuman proto-humans, the humanoid Mecha known as HAUs, and their large fleets of ships,to continue fighting, in an ever changing RP, where factions rise, fall, and Change hands constantly- the question remains of who will gain power in space. Will the nation-states of earth itself extend their reach over the solar system-- or will the colonies?
Intended target of the server is 15+, But there is no official restrictions
Explore a universe as a pilot of your own (or mass-produced) mech, and join factions such as an interstellar military, rebellion, or serve as a mercenary! Earning currency in-rp allows purchase of upgrades and machines & weapons, as well.
Have you ever wanted to have your own EVA and protect Tokyo-3 from Angels? Or be an Angel and destroy Earth itself? Maybe you just want to be a scientist working for NERV? You can do all of that and more here!

OCs are allowed.
A server for fans of the mecha genre, whether it be anime, manga, model kits, figures, or anything else. Both old and new fans of the genre welcome!
Memorandum From: Pan Pacific Defense Corps' Jaeger Program
January 4th, 3059, 12:42 AM PDT

In the year 3054, technology, medicine, science, all other fields in the world have advanced dramatically. The Jaeger program had been fully rejuvenated and is being given the full attention and budged the world could offer. Jaegers no longer needed two pilots being able to run on a single mind without overloading, fully functional Jaegers run by AI we’re slowly advancing and becoming the new way to defend earth. The AI required zero sleep or food and rarely needed to return to be returned to bases for maintenance. This was the golden age of humanity, though something was wrong with this new golden age. Unknown to the people of the world a new type of breaches had been opened by the precursors, this new type of breach was undetectable to humanity. Slowly they are beginning to breach more Kaiju to earth preparing for their attack to reveal themselves again.

That’s what happened, in the year 3056 they launched a swift and crippling blow destroying nearly all the autonomous Jaegers and killing any piloted Jaegers deployed to counter-attack. After a slow and costly fight to push them back, the world is now in desperate need of Jaeger pilots to fight the nearly endless waves of kaiju. Will you join? Or will you let the world suffer?

Hello there user, this is a roleplay server inspired by Pacific Rim if the Precursors attacked once more with all their might.
This server is 16+
This is a fairly new server, I recently decided to make it somewhat alive again.
Now join the server if you wish!
Mecha Legend
Serveur communautaire orienté sur la culture japonaise.

Discutons Mecha mais pas que. :)
Vous appréciez la culture japonaise, les animes, mangas, les jeux vidéo alors bienvenue par ici.
Start slideshows:
Technology and Science play the important roles in our life.It started from the simple things like creating fire or creating tools for life.
Nowadays,technology and science have been improved incredibly,we had flying car,sky house,etc.But... 02-10-2570,something went wrong.A scientist unintentionally spread a virus to the air while he was examining the other virus.That virus is called BW-092,a virus that can turn any living creatures into cyborgs and control their brains,include..humans.The government decided to create lots of shelter for the residents but all have been destroyed,the virus lead the cyborgs to the shelters to destroy it and..infecting humans.
The real doom has begun.Everyday,everywhere,in all over the world,Cyborgs did and are infecting more and more people.
End slideshows
Crossover RP based off of concepts of Super Robot Wars, with focus more on Real Robot genre and Original Generation (softer supers allowed). Expand on worldbuilding, or work on your own plotlines with others. Also includes primary GM'd events by server owner.
Under revision currently but looking for members! Feel free to join if you are curious. I'm happy to answer any questions.
It's early 2002, and Operation Ouka has proven to be a remarkable success. The Kashgar Hive and its constituents have been blown to all hell. In the name of humanity, we will ensure that the other Hives follow suit. The BETA do not belong in this world.

As far as the mecha genre and RP's go, this server does have realism and writing standards. It's a pretty chill place, otherwise.

WAR AESTHETIC videos and stuff are welcome here.
The fate of the Omniverse seems bleak as the Grim Dark Future and an Alternative Present have been flung together by the Chaos of the Unicron singularity. Only in the face of this Paradox can your heroes rise...or fall.

This is the Fourm RP OOC discord for the Super Robot Wars RP formerly held on spacebattles and now on

Fourm RP

New Frontier is all about a plot between factions, and the fight for supremacy over the galaxy. Make an oc, Choose a faction, and fight till the bitter end of the galaxy. Greatness awaits, as well mecha battles, and rising conflicts.

·Original Characters only. Create your own race aswell!
·Mobile Suit, and Faction Fights!
·Hardcore type of roleplay and story driven!
·Apply for staff, and partnerships!
·Lore related events! participate, and maybe you can change the lore!
·Much more!

It should be known that this is a rebooted server of the old New Frontier server. We're under new management as the old server owner wasn't very active. Nor did he really care about. The few of us that wanted to keep the server alive did, and that's what we are. The current reboot takes place 2 months after the first event, if you have any questions feel free to let staff know!
In the world 3068.. All hell has broke loose..The world has been split into 3..The Alpha,Beta and Gamma sectors. They are at war..However..a resistance has started..trying to stop the war from continuing any further. Will you fight as a war machine..or as a beacon of hope?
Just a roleplaying serve for people that wanna rp in the universe of sidonia

Also it’s a work in progress
Welcome to mechanical Knights!

We are a server about RP with badass mechs and badass monsters! You can make your own Mecha and fight other members or you can take your chances in a fight to the death against a Monsterous Kaiju!

• Kaiju
•ERP allowed in all appropriate channels
•Custom mechs
•mech classes