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The year is 2060 on an alternate Earth. Where the discovery of Kaito crystals have propelled humanity into the futuristic enlightenment. The current conflicts between Earth and Mars have been rising since the 1940's, and continue to do so after all this time. However, with new leadership of Mars under the Genos Empire, the New Federation of Earth must figure out what to do against the growing threat as the Genos Empire starts gain more control over Earth.

With the Gemini Gate now broken, Earth is left with space travel in order to trade with the Genos Empire, but only time can tell who will make the first move... and who will come out on top...

Come join the Collision and enlisted!
-Be a Soldier, Pirate or whatever you want!
-Original Lore and Materials!
-Apply for staff!
-Create your own story! and get ready to take on the Milky way!

The year is 323 of the Post-Disaster era. Gjallarhorn continues its reign as the supreme military force in both the Inner and Outer Spheres, all while the four Economic Blocs of Earth grind their teeth. Earth is wealthy and peaceful, the horrors of the Calamity War seemingly erased by centuries of peace.

But underneath this great veil of order and peace lies a bubbling pool of turmoil, waiting to be unleashed. Colonies suffer from the oppressive hold of the four Blocs, lawlessness remains rampant in the Outer Sphere, children are sold as Human Debris and forced to pilot relics of the past, the world of Mars and the countless people that live beyond it suffer in ways incomprehensible to the comfortable people of Earth.

—How does this affect you?

We’ll help you decide that. Join Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Rising, and be whoever you want to be.


The server features:

• Nice, friendly, staff members.

• Beginner-friendly RP. *(We’ll help you out if you’re new to the series or in RPing in general.)*

• Free-form combat. *(We only use dice for luck checks.)*

• A chance to pilot a Gundam and dominate the battlefield.

The server’s still pretty new, so we’re accepting new members and even new staff members!
Welcome to the Gundam: Formula Breaker Roleplay Server, a roleplaying server that, implied by it's name, is dedicated to the Gundam series.

As a new server, we're hoping to get a few members that will be willing to help us out by playing out a few key roles. However, in our current state and with our current staff members, here are a few things we have to offer:
• Balanced Cooperative Roleplay
• High levels of Customisation
• Fair Balancing, Rules, and Combat
• Fun & Exciting Events
• New Finisher Options
• Friendly & Open Staff
• Classic & New Areas
• And lots more!

The story takes place five years after the closure of everything related to Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, a Mass Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game created by Bandai Namco for fans of Gundam and Gunpla alike. The closure of GBN was particularly related to abnormal activity occurring within the game that resulted in the hospitalization of several players who attempted to play the campaign mode. It was reported that each player had supposedly fallen into a coma for unknown reasons, sparking lawsuits by angered families that ultimately led Bandai to completely remove the feature of campaign missions.

Despite their best efforts to recover from the lawsuits and health risk concerns, GBN had ultimately fallen into obscurity as part of a mirage of unfixed glitches that turned the player base away. This would eventually leave Bandai Namco with no choice but to shut down GBN's servers and remove machines from stores, marking the end of any further activity related to GBN.

It wouldn't be until five years later that Bandai Namco would finally release a new Gundam game based on the premise of GBN's Virtual Reality Mass Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, which was aptly named Gundam: Formula Breaker. Despite it's similarities and ties to GBN, along with the controversy regarding the events of the previous game, Gundam: Formula Breaker would ultimately become a massive success in Japan.
The Luminous City of Ishan M'Mara, an expansion city deep within the Frontier that has remained untouched by the IMC/Militia war. While it may not be as much of a behemoth as other cities, like Angel City, but Ishan has seen rapid growth in the last three generations making it one of the giants of the Frontier. There are remnants of IMC influence still visible in the city.

The city is made up of four sections made up of multiple districts. The Central Districts sit in the center of the City, making it the heart of Ishan. The Midtown District is the latest project, made for those looking for a simple life. The Holiopeon District is a commercial powerhouse, a tourist trap. Finally Slodes Yard, it's the workhorse of the city. Each district has its own personality and benefit off one another. Of course each one has its own problems as well that spread throughout the city.

Ishan may not have it's only military force but it does have the CPD, the law enforcement that protects it's civilians from the criminal underbelly of Ishan. It's officers are put through extensive training making them the bridge between grunt and pilot.

The stage is set. This story will follow our characters as they start through humble begins as a group of Vigilantes. Titans will be absent for the time being and characters will not have to start out as pilots. These characters will grow as the RP goes on.

If you are interested then you are welcome to join. I do have a few expectations but nothing serious. As a group we are just looking to have fun but I want effort put into each post. There are no rules other than those unspoken ones we should all know. We use discord.
A RP based off of the manga and anime series Knights of Sidonia

It is the Year 3200 where humans are living in massive spaceships. Earth has been destroyed by powerful aliens known as Gauna. It’s been 816 years since humanity has left its cradle the massive seed ships they now call home are still constantly being targeted by the strange aliens. The seed ship Sidonia is one of the last bastions of humanity with the status of the other seed ships being unknown. Only with the mobile weapons known as “Gardes” and their pilots are the Sidonians able to make a stand against the Gauna.

Now with the return of long thought dead pilot Naoki Notoshi the Gauna have begun to increase their attacks against Sidonia and are starting to adapt to humanities tactics. With the number of pilots decreasing and the Gauna threat growing ever quicker, will you join the fight?

(This RP takes place in a separate universe to the Anime/Manga)
This is a friendly server were cursing is aloud, but there will be no racist comments or slurs. The admins will also be doing some rp with you guys and girls. You can listen to music, catch pokemon, and earn ingame money. Hope to see you in the server😁

Welcome to the Kemono Senso Project; our plotline is influenced by various other mecha ideas to take inspiration from and become a new, original plot for your pleasure.

A world taken over by foreign creatures, humanity was reduced to nothing and driven underground by the Anthropoids. However, humans aren't something to give up so easily. Gathering together their might, humanity made The Plantation, a moving rebellion base above ground. Through the plantation, you’ll be a part of the rebellion to take back your Earth rightfully. Once again, welcome to Kemono Senso Project.

♡ Fun Bots ♡
♥ Growing Community ♥
♤ Raid Battles ♤
♠ Mudae ♠
Transform & Rise Up! We’re a Transformers server that caters to the creative side of the fandom.

Our server is OC friendly and has dedicated channels for discussion on the cartoon / comic series, figure collecting and so on. There are also casual chat areas if you just want to hang out and talk about things that don't pertain to giant alien robots.
A gundam server set at the beginning stages of the One Year War, with certain elements modified to give both sides an equal chance of victory. Hosting multiple events that include ground and space forces in addition to mobile suits. Join if it sounds interesting

(Started on July 13th, 2020)
It's the year 2000 and humanity faces an unrelenting alien threat. Battles will be fought to the last man in this RP that combines modern Warfare with giant mecha action.
Centuries into the future after mankind has expanded civilization in the the nearby solar system, the greatest attack humanity had ever faced appeared on earth. Dark Energy MONsters or DEMONs appeared from unknown causes and nearly wiped all life off the face of the beautiful blue planet.

Now, decades later, humankind has developed ways to retaliate and strike back at the demons who took their original home. With soldiers and mercenaries alike piloting massive ARMA units, mobile mechs used as the primary vanguard in the fight against the demons in hopes of researching the otherworldly creatures and eventually retaking Earth.

ARMAgeddon is a brand new roleplay server where you and others pilot huge mechanical suits and fight against otherworldly creatures. We are semi-literate and everyone is welcome! See you on the front lines!
Start slideshows:
Technology and Science play the important roles in our life.It started from the simple things like creating fire or creating tools for life.
Nowadays,technology and science have been improved incredibly,we had flying car,sky house,etc.But... 02-10-2570,something went wrong.A scientist unintentionally spread a virus to the air while he was examining the other virus.That virus is called BW-092,a virus that can turn any living creatures into cyborgs and control their brains,include..humans.The government decided to create lots of shelter for the residents but all have been destroyed,the virus lead the cyborgs to the shelters to destroy it and..infecting humans.
The real doom has begun.Everyday,everywhere,in all over the world,Cyborgs did and are infecting more and more people.
End slideshows
~Are you 13+ years old?

~Likes/Loves Gundam or other anime?

~Builds Gunplas or other kits?

~Draws Gundam arts?

You've found the right server!

Welcome to GUC!

A community server about mecha anime; Mobile Suit Gundam! Created by the Commander, bee The Great PHOENIX#5421/Accel#9817. We have:

-Friendly members

-Discussion about Gundam, other mecha anime(s) and other things

-Gunpla discussions/suggestions

-Self-promo channel

-Self roles

-Not-too-strict rules


-Emotes suggestions

Since 5 Dec. 2019
Look. I know your in Quarantine. With nothing else to do. You might as well go ahead and join us.

In this rp. You will start as a basic year one and progress the the year’s to eventually becoming one of the three classes of mecha Pilot it one of the other non combat classes. The combat ones being Combat, Support, and the Royal Guard.

Welcome to the Mysterian Royal Academy for young Mecha Pilots. Here you will learn to develop your skills to protect and defend the Emperor and his reign.
After the Great War ended in 1922, the world was completely reshaped. New countries were born, old countries had fallen, and many countries such as the Commonwealth of Albion, United States of Liberion and the Germanic Empire had completely reshaped their borders. The League of Nations was created the following year to help the world recover faster and hopefully bring unity among nations. And, to perhaps prevent another world wide war, after all, almost a quarter of the world's population was killed in the fighting. The introduction of combat magic on the frontlines of war, as well chemical weapons, dreadnoughts, aircraft and many, many more “technological advancements'' made sure of that. Civil war broke out in many poorer countries that were left ravaged by the war, only to be annexed by larger countries.

In 1934 the element, which came to be known as Caelisium was discovered. The gold like material was found to be incredibly light, and containing magical properties. So when caelisium is infused with with steel or other heavy metals, it decreases their weight by astronomical amounts. This new material, has made things that would’ve seemed impossible only a few years ago, possible. The economy saw a massive boost, jobs increased thanks to new emerging technologies. Military technology also saw a massive boost, as countries started developing mechs, that were truly, a miracle of modern engineering in this era.

As a result, It ignited yet another arms race, and a global trade war between the League of Nations and East Eurasian Alliance. This is where we look to Lorora. The small port city is now the main trade hub of the Commonwealth in the South Pacific. Many independent merchant companies wage a figurative war against each other, trying to control trade routes and tax each other, trying to extort as much money out of everyone as possible. As a result, pirate activity has also jumped. They raid merchant ships and in some cases, take over weak merchant companies while fighting the large companies.

But during this time of “peace.” A new storm was brewing, far below the realm of earth. :)


What our server offers!

1. Plenty of bots to screw around with, but not too many
2. A friendly and accepting community. If you wanna have some dumb fun we’re down for that.
3. Guns, lots of guns. Did I mention factions, such as pirates and merchant companies.
4. Semi literate roleplay.
5. A diesel punk like setting in a alternate universe taking place in 1943.
6. Monsters!
7. Magic!
8. Much more that I’m too lazy to list.

Anyways! Come on down and check out the server for a bit.

Welcome to Neon Genesis Revelation! This is a freeform RP server based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. We have a large-scale, directed storyline directed by an active and amicable mod-team. Come join us, make a character, be an Eva Pilot, a Nerv Scientist, or involve yourself in the ongoing conflict between Faust, a clandestine Anti-Seele Military coalition and Shamir, the Military arm of the Seele Council, be a Military Operative or perhaps even a pilot aligned to either faction, or, of course, just come and have some high school drama.

We have an active mod team and we’d be happy to work with you to make sure your characters can fully be involved. And of course, if any questions arise, you can of course ask us!

We’re looking forward to having you!
Project Ryder takes place in the year 2302, all of earth has united and is now the United Earth Coalition. Humanity had achieved FTL technology in the year 2149 and started to explore the stars, starting the golden age of Humanity, colonizing worlds and much, much more. In the year 2219 creatures called Phantasms were discovered alongside an old precursor site, these creatures are organic in nature and speculated to be artificial, despite being organic they've shown the ability to interface with technology. The year is now 2302, military academies have been formed to teach and train promising youths to fight the Phantasms with mecha's called Ryders

This server allows custom mechs, or Ryders as well call them along with modules to customize them and much more!

We do not allow custom Ryder modules, items, weapons or equipment in general unless you pass it by the owner ahead of time, but most stuff is premade

This server is a work in progress and all ideas are welcome!
Neon Genesis Evangelion
You Will (Not) Be Alone is an Evangelion RP server that takes a look at what would happen if Shinji had truly realized how badly things had gotten post Third Impact, and decided to go back and fix it all. Follow the original cast (+your own OCs) as they do their best to avoid the Third Impact and survive.
Welcome to Super Robot Wars ZENITH! Here you can take on the role of a pilot going to a war that spands across all known realities with the aid of a machine gifted to you by an unknown entity! With it, you have the option of taking on the following roles.
---The soldier---
---The hero---
---The villian---
---The mercenary---
---The junker---
As well as character roles, you also have the choice of Robot as well. Ranging from super robot, real robot, fantasy robot, transforming robots, vehicles and many more to come as the server grows!
New Gundam server with endless possibility with customization and creativity if its gundam we accept mostly everything we also have interesting systems and ranks plus were gonna fo a event soon.
It's early 2002, and Operation Ouka has proven to be a remarkable success. The Kashgar Hive and its constituents have been blown to all hell. In the name of humanity, we will ensure that the other Hives follow suit. The BETA do not belong in this world.

As far as the mecha genre and RP's go, this server does have realism and writing standards. It's a pretty chill place, otherwise.

AESTHETIC videos and the like are welcome here.
``` In the year 2075, humans have been surviving on the planet earth for many millenniums now but after a science team uncovers some sort of building, the city is under attack and now humanity has to build machines that go against the different forces that are attacking the city, after some trail and error, the Agency of Evangellion would make the best mech suits for them to use but while they was experimenting with animal dna, there was a accident and now they also have to deal with a half human half animal wanting revenge that started the New Mecha Arsenal```