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Ahoy there shikikan~

This is Prinz Eugen inviting you to my lovely Azure Lane role playing server. This server was made with love by an Azur Lane fan girl, as a tribute to the franchise and to rp as their favorite ship girl in a nice, healthy community.~

Join us Shikikan! Can't wait to sail the seas with chu~ <3
We are Myst, an Azur Lane clan that spans across all four servers. We provide an active community with an active staff that will satisfy all of your Azur Lane needs. Already in a guild? Don't worry, you may still join our server and hang out with us! We shit talk a lot and sometimes do the casual flexing, though if you are a casual player, don't worry! We rarely go overboard. We are expanding to different avenues and other games soon, so keep an eye out for Myst in other games! That is all, and we hope to see you with us on our server and best of luck
Hey Y'all! Its me the colonel inviting you to come join the family of Kentucky fried chicken!

What do we have?
*A active staff team with 24/7 maintenance.
*Fun bots and willing to add new one's upon request.
*A friendly and welcoming community.
*Meme friendly area's.
*A lot of fun and new emojis.
*areas dedicated to hobbies and games like Azur Lane,Girlsfrontline and Arknights!
*We host giveaways!
*Community events!
*NSFW area's for you saucy people.
*last but not least we are accepting of everyone. Weebs,Otaku's,Furries,LGBTQ etc...

Were a small little community at the moment but we plan to expand and grow to a happy little server.

Feel free to stop by and say howdy!
We will be listening to community feedback and will try and host game nights or some sort of group activity.

If you have read this far thank you for your time and I hope you give us a look!
Hop in and have fun in a server with a bunch of degenerate warplanes and ships. This is a roleplay server originating from the Azur Lane community and has adopted a fanbase around aircraft for some reason that I am not going to explain. Join us and help us destroy the evil Sandy cult!
👑Kure Naval Base👑
A large and first international base in the world, with an impressive facilities to wage war on humankinds mortal foes, the incredibly powerful and scheming Sirens as well as the undead fleet of the Abyssals.

Take control of the new and powerful marvel called ship-girls or become a naval officier, to turn the tides of a cruel and bloody war and sail to victory! While not in battle you can visit the beautiful Kure's surroundings and the City of Kure as well as enjoy some time getting to know your fellow comrades in arms.
We offer you:

🏆A variety of events done by the community and the staff

🏆Friendly staff and members

🏆Fan made lore

🏆Pokemon/Waifu bot

🏆Art channels both SFW and NSFW

🏆Gaming and meme channels

🏆Ton of foxgirls
Do you like azur lane!?
Do you like ship girls?!
or is it that u just like anime in general!?
then what are you waiting for join Azur Heaven today!
we have LOLIS! Cake! SHIP GIRLS!!!!!!!!! And its all for free!
so go on and join TODAYYYYY!!!~
extra info:
-good staff
-anime pic channels
-lots of bots
☆☆☆Szkoła Pancernych ASÓW Ostatniego Batalionu☆☆☆ ogłasza nabór w swoje szeregi !!!
Serwer jest głównie poświęcony tematyce anime Girls und Panzer, jesteśmy po paru przejściach i zamierzamy się podnieść.

Oferujemy z tematyki Girls und Panzer:

✅ Autorole szkół Girls und Panzer, a także główne szkoły z tego anime.
✅ Kanały poświęcone o Girls und Panzer.
✅ Emotki z Girls und Panzer.


✅ Miłą administrację .
✅ Wiele kanałów o różnych tematach, między innymi o militariach.
✅ Wysokie zabezpieczenia serwera.
✅ Rzadko używane powiadomienia push na serwerze (everyone, here).
[Update 09/21/2019}
New Horizon Update is now live.
>New economy system
>Formation of Squads now available
>Side quests and mini-bosses
>Revamped and friendly Staff

The year is 1974 the world is still under the threat of the abyss, it is up to you to save the world via the Navy/Air Force/Mechanized Forces/Infantry. As you save the world along with fellow members of the base you are able to forge your story under either the Eternity banner or enemy fleet.
This is not your run-of-the-mill game based on some anime or game setting, this is not your braindead one-liner slinging cesspool - this is a place of exquisite taste and high quality. Based upon the mobile gacha game, Azur Lane, this game puts a rather interesting spin on the history of World War II. By introducing otherworldly technology from a time far beyond that of the 1940s, humanity’s technology expanded far faster, and much further, than any would have dreamed possible. One of the main differences is the introduction of the “ship girl”. It is not an original concept; taking something and turning it into a cute anime girl is not something unheard of by any means, but we go above-and-beyond simplicity.

We at Horizon’s Edge have built a game from the ground up to bring these girls to life in a way like you won’t find anywhere else. Every girl is available for use, but some more readily than others, and each is represented faithfully and accurately to preserve the perceptions created by the game and anime. However, for those that do not wish to, or perhaps do not feel comfortable doing so, there is the option to bring a ship of your choice to life with a wisdom cube, thusly creating your very own original character.

Our game has numerous features to help it stand out, including, but not limited to:
* Two factions, Azur Lane and the Red Axis, each independently represented by players, led by players, and influenced by players.
* A detailed, dynamic theater control system that represents who owns what territory, and where it is. As the war progresses, players will have the ability to capture and defend these territories to influence the course of the war.
* An optional RPG rules system created specifically for this game. It is simple and robust, and can help facilitate PVP, as well as player progression. However, as stated, it is purely optional! There is no pressure to use it if you wish to focus exclusively on writing your story.
* Player driven plot. Your choices matter! This is not always the case where people say it will be, but in Horizon’s Edge, there is no script. Choices have consequences and every action has a reaction. The more active you are, the more driven you are, the more you can influence events!
* Last but not least, a friendly, helpful, and inclusive community, many of which are knowledgeable on source material, and others that are exceptional with the historical bits that will see to it you get settled in and feel at home.

No knowledge of Azur Lane is needed, just a willingness to participate and a drive to write. If you follow the rules and seek to have fun, you will find Horizon’s Edge is a great place to be.

So stop by, check it out, and help us make this place truly great!
Looking for a server to join with a good community? Feel like talking about games, anime, or even something different entirely?

Come check out Haifuri Fleet Harbor!

While not explicitely named after the Server's namesake, an anime of the same name, this server is actually the home server of a guild based in the mobile game Azur Lane. Our guild has a server of its own, and it's open to everyone! We are a community server, and while we do spend time talking about the mobile game our guild is based in, we also discuss many other topics as well.

What we have:
- A small, but good community to socialize with, don't be afraid to participate in chat!
- Roles exclusive to members of our guild, and roles for those who are there simply to be a part of the server
- Fan-Art related channels
- Channels for memes, dark humor, and more!
Welcome to Penguin Logistics!

We're a ragtag group of buds who like playing games and doing fun stuff together. We come from many different places, mostly centralized in Vancouver but we have members spanning across the globe into Japan, Korea, and China. We love games, especially gacha games like Arknights (where this server's name originates from), Azur Lane, and Girls Frontline, but those aren't the only games we enjoy. Other games we spend a lot of time on are MOBAs like League of Legends or shooters like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, or The Division 2.

We may host IRL events and stream movies/anime from time to time. If there's anything you'd like the community to do or join, ask around!

Feel free to chat or hop in a voice channel and join in on the fun!
[Update List] 1/31/2020
>Under new ownership
>Sortie campaigns still in progress
>RPG based combat system
>XP and Item system are both out and rolling! Join in sorties versus the abyssal threat to earn XP and items to level up and receive even cooler upgrades and abilities!
>Commissions system! If you're not a fan of dice based activities no need to fear! Sign up to conduct missions entirely based on only RP.
>Minigames - Want to practice some Kendo? Perhaps have an archery competition? Now you can! We have a system in place to use dice when competing against others, or you can just RP it out.

War based ship girl server.

The year is 1946, the Abyssal threat was introduced late after World War Two. Imperial Japan was wracked by the two atomic bombs, and refused to surrender. Nazi Germany was in a several month long struggle for the battle of its capital, Berlin. Very shortly however, the threat of the Abyssals showed up in the Pacific and started to harass American supply vessels connected to Guam, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal. Their presence marked an international ceasefire between nations and the assembly of a multi-national combined fleet. Though months earlier, these nations were at each other's throats, were forced to band together to fight this unknown threat that could potentially take over the Earth's oceans.

As a vessel newly assigned to the western-coast Japanese naval base, Sasebo, it is your duty to serve your nation, and to serve the multi-national combined fleet in their efforts to defeat the Abyssal threat. The loss of most major American airbases and Japanese port cities have proved to the world that if the Abyssals spread farther than the Pacific, it could sever the supply and trade lines connecting the world, ultimately destroying whole super power's and their economies. The situation is dire, but it's do or die. Completely surrounded, it is your job to support the combined fleet and break through the forming Abyssal blockade-line and save Japan, and the world, from annexation and destruction.

Anime Girls With Guns. A friendly and welcoming server with a common interest for armed anime girls. Most of us also play the related gacha games.
Danke das du auf meinen Server geklickt hast wenn du Lust hast kannst du auf meinen Server auch drauf joinen ich heiße alle willkommen. Dieser Server ist leider noch sehr klein aber ich hoffen du wirst trotzdem viel spaß haben. Wenn dir mal langweilig ist oder keiner deiner freunde online ist kannst du hier mit anderen läuten zusammen spielen oder einfach nur reden. Auf dem Server sind leider noch nicht so viele läute aber ich denke ihr werdet trotzdem spaß haben.
Havana is a friendly, literate roleplaying community based around story and character development. That being said, we are set in the middle of a war, so there are bound to be some dark themes that pop up during roleplay. The plot is based on the plethora of shipgirl games out there like Kantai Collection, Azur Lane, Warship Girls, and Victory Belles. We hope you'll give us a try!
Here's a quick rundown of the important stuff we offer:
❀ Literate and story-based roleplay
❀ Smut confined to direct messages
❀ Exotic sub-tropical setting
❀ Ranks and job assignments for every character
❀ Base regulations that are enforced in-character
❀ Detailed lore and world history
esse é um server focado na criação de amigos, somos uma comunidade pequena mas pretendemos crescer mais!
se você quer um server para conversar e conhecer pessoas novas, esse é o lugar!

temos chats para jogos, animes e mais!
aceitamos todo o tipo de pessoa (menos drama queen)
se você quer alguns amigos é so vir!

nossa staff é amigavel!
This is a server for fans of anything related to anime and Girls Frontline, Azur Lane, Arknights, Fate Grand Order, Fire Emblem Heroes. We are A non-toxic discord server for everyone who are interested in socializing, hanging out and making new friends. Anyone who is interested in joining our discord server are welcome in our community so long as you follow our rules and regulations. All Moderators and Admins will attempt to try their best to help out individual members who need help with certain things. If you have good friends youd like to invite, by all means, invite them. We are always looking for more members to keep our family alive.
Veteran Neptunia theme server with a member base 900+ strong where everyone, Neptunia fan or not, is welcome. We offer Neptunia theme channels and roles for all Neptunia fans to enjoy. The server also features weekly events such as live streams and cringey fanfic readings, as well as general areas for everyone to hang out.
A brand new ship girl role-playing server that integrates elements of both Azur Lane and Kantai Collection. Still mostly under construction but feel free to check us out~

💥Friendly staff
💥Combat system under development
💥Ranking system and promotions
💥Fun and friendly environment
💥Ever growing community
💥Tropical and fun Hawaiian themed naval base
This server is to learn how to get better at playing the mobile game, Azur Lane. We also have a YouTube channel that has information videos and members that are experienced at the game.
Shipgirl Docks is a brand new NSFW Discord server built for the sole purpose of sharing content relating to Azur Lane, Kancolle and whatever similar titles that you weebs and boat lovers consider your favorite. We want to fulfill that role by being the best server possible for that.
Welcome to okinawa base! we are a small Roleplay community that focuses on having a good time between ourselves, the server is slowly growing and we are greeting new interested people in, we hope you may join us and have a good time!
Our goal is to raise this boring 2D waifu game together. Because really, single-player games and gacha games are boring without a proper chat room to talk and share common weeb-interests. In this server, our goal is to simply bring people together, strengthen friendship, and make more connection using anime and game. Just like the anime Saekano! We are in this together to raise a boring server and waifu! We play games like Azur Lane, and other waifu gacha games! We do all kinds of stuff, we manage guild in all servers, ranked roles for selfie chat/meet up, etc. Giveaway once a month. Fair and well-moderated server, with various custom-made art/banner/profile picture every season!