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me and my friend Galatea have made a starwars rp server where you can help make the lore where the players of the server are allowed to right the lore for all passive events that they do, make your own factions, build armies, and make friends along the way. I know we are not big but please consider joining we would love to have you.
The Land of Ascarthia is a relatively new server, with entirely custom lore and a new server expansion that was just added! The general lore of the server is this:

The four main kingdoms, which each represent each of the four main elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, are locked in a constant territorial war that has raged on for centuries. Though when the undead kingdom of Liazthur stirs up and causes the dead to rise up from their graves, the kingdoms make a temporary peace to fend off the undead waves. Play as an evolved race of humans known as the Deria, or play as an Irshac, a reptilian race that descended from dragons.
I hope you'll have fun in the mystical world of Ascarthia!
Hello there. Here we offer an RP where you can pretty much be anything you want, in a fantasy setting. We have a wide variety of races to make your character, including cat girls and cat boys for you weebs out there. We’re welcoming and we’re super weird. So join, see how it is, have fun. Thanks.
Warhammer 40k is a new RP server. We have friendly Staff, and are willing to work with you to ensure you have a great experience.

An attempt at curing Oripathy and all subsequent problems related to it resulted in problems unimaginable for the entire world. Originium has become sentient, those of heavy bearing powers lost themselves in the insanity. Units of heavy importance, being Doctor, Kal'Tsit, Closure, and whomever was a high-ranking wielder of Originium Arts are either M.I.A or Confirmed Dead/Mutated.

Welcome to Lightfall. The clock is ticking.

> Generally minor server looking for active RPers with a somewhat serious tone.
>Entirely custom lore, custom world, and a unique interpretation of ArKnights Lore, resulting in an enticing, exciting and new kind of interaction within ArKnights.
>Most importantly of all, we strive for fun, and we respect those who join to be able to utilize common sense. If you somehow fail at being not a douchebag, there'll be no mercy.
>Good luck, god knows you're going to need it.

Join now! (Or don't! I'm not your boss.)
"It is the fourth era, 4E 201, to be exact, a time of peace and prosperity. Yet, as with all times of peace and prosperity, the stormy cloud of War is on the Horizon, for Ulfric Stormcloak has killed The High King, with his mere voice. Ulfric had shouted him apart like a crumble upon meeting a fist. The World mourns, yet the impending horns of war grow ever closer with each passing day. Stormcloaks and Imperials alike grow in number with each fleeting second. Though, war isn't the only thing that comes for Tamriel. The long lost relics of a forgotten past shall soon return.

According to the Scrolls, the Dovah are returning, they have foretold of it, artifacts and dragon scrolls remain hidden, and the eye of Magnus shall soon be discovered, placing the whole realm at risk.

Your destiny is your own, how will you forge it, what will you do? Will you fight, or flee from your destiny itself?"

Taking place just before the Events Of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and it's DLC, The Realm Of Mundus is a Dedicated Skyrim and Oblivion related roleplay set in it's own unique timeline, albeit with prominent figures such as Alduin, Pelinal Whitesnake, Umaril The Unfeathered, Miraak and the Volkihar Family. Give us a chance and find your calling in the Lands of Skyrim and Cyrodiil!

- Features Statbot, Dyno and Vexera.
- Over 300 Channels, dedicated to each city and dungeon!
- Over 35 roles, dedicated to factions, traits, and guild status.
- A Dedicated Meme Channel.
Are you interested in creating your own story and molding the galaxy to your wish in the SWTOR universe? Then this server is for you! Built around custom lore starting from 3610 BBY, the galaxy is free from the restraints of plot armor.

Alongside this, we offer:
-A microrp character-oriented experience,
-The ability to command your own fleets and/or armies,
-The chance to create your own faction,
-Galaxywide events and story lines,
-Experienced and motivated GM's who will help you at every turn,
-The ability to leave your mark on the galaxy and change it forever.

Interested? Join now!
Beyblade! The remarkable sport that forges the bond between blader and bey! Now, bladers are bursting into overdrive with the new Omega System: the zenith of all generations! New rivalries are forged, new legends will rise! Epic battles are waiting to happen. The future of beyblade is up to you!

Welcome to Beyblade Burst Overdrive: A continuation of a fan fiction created by our owner.
We offer:
-A custom system that pays tribute to all previous systems.
-Literate roleplay as well as people willing to help others improve roleplay.
-Friendly staff.
-Custom Season 6 Lore.
-A straight forwards level up system.
-Tons of fun!

We hope you enjoy the server, and cannot wait to have you join up!
-Derp(Overlord of Server)

Quick Note: We had to change the description since a server called Beyblade Academy literally copy pasted our old description. I apologize for the confusion, but this is the real server.
The Eastern side of Ezili, a land that knows nothing of magic and went down the route of technology instead. The Western side of the world is typical Fantasy where as this eastern side is closer to a cyberpunk state, this server offers high-tech and city life while keeping with the action and adventure we all know and love.
A New RP set without the heroes of canon, leaving the world entirely up for the members and RPers to essentially determine the course for the future!
In the beginning there was nothing and then there was the great expansion made by the great celestial who is eternity incarnate and is the one true god. The celestial then made 5 sons Megiddo Thanitos, Goetia Solomon, Testimoniam Verum, Cyprian Gremories, and one nameless one because it was just like a side project that was going to be the Celestials replacement for Megiddo because he thought Megiddo was a bit to childish. it was killed by Testemoniam and Megiddo making a huge explosion that shook the universe itself because the child was one of the most powerful children second only the first megiddo, the explosion killed Testemoniam, (and he was absorbed by Meggido) and it also created the multiverse. When the Celestial noticed what he had done he was immediately thrown through 3 galaxies at light speeds before slamming into the sun (YES THE SUN) and made it go supernovaThe explosion caused single celled organisms to thrive on every planet that was compacted together from the explosion, eventually evolving into humanity yet most other planets were too harsh to sustain life and killed the organisms. Megiddo sat there asleep for a long ass time before he woke up in the middle of an orange sun and then decided to land on the nearest planet, he hit it a bit two hard and caused the ice age. After the ice age Meggido decided to make races of his own and made the first humans, these small little man creatures amused him for a while but he grew bored with their mortality so he made demi-demons from the bones of the humans and half the soul of a demon. Demi-demons were more violent than the subhumans and live longer so eventually he realized that there were too many of them so he gave the humans something that would help them fight back, MAGIC. Now after thousands of years later Megiddo wakes up from his slumber to find a new era of man one more advanced . that is where you come in, you will have to fight and befriend many different people in this new world filled with monsters and demons using magic or even being a monster or demon. NOW GO FORTH AND BATTLE YOUR WAY TO THE TOP OF HELIOS CITY.
Player driven Rp no chains discord.
This discord is for people tired of rules and judgement and just want fun attentive RP. We require you be atleast 16 years of age due to the nature of the no rules aspect of the discord. Freedom lists as though a push to shine peoples creative sides. We're all chill and lax people who enjoy RP and the creative freedom of no chains. basic morals apply. Come check us out we have fun every Friday as a group. We RP 24/7. And overall have a blast how we can.
A Song of Ice and Fire: The Age of Dragons is an unique RP setting based off of the idea that dragons remained in the realm after the Dance of Dragons, set early in Daeron the Good's reign as king. You can write your character's name into the history books as an honourable and beloved Knight, or a feared and gruesome Lord. Come join!
Anglian Remnants Medieval RP:

The year is 1360 on the former lands of Anglia, with different city-states, tribes, and small kingdoms vying for influence over the land in the 6 regions, it is up to the actions of the few to decide where this land leads. Will you fight to restore the former great Anglian Empire and return it to its rightful heir to bring peace back to the region? Or will you take advantage of the newfound lack of laws to your own gain, and become a feared and well-known criminal who terrorizes the land? Or will you fight your own ideology, to grow your influence and power to become a new kingdom in these lands? Or will you just live your own story away from others and create a thrilling narrative? The choice is yours, and there are many other options to choose from.

We offer:

- An attentive and approachable owner who ensures justice is done properly and wishes to keep the server going.

- A realistic-medieval setting, without conventional fantasy aspects such as magic, potions, alternative races, etc.

- A custom-built map, with different regions that function in different ways, and a large amount of small-scale lore to keep the people occupied.

- The opportunity to create a new group, given you have approval of the owner of course.

We are very welcoming to newcomers and hope to see you there!
Welcome to Promise City!
Owner: @Monkey Boi
After the bombs were dropped on America in 2031, Promise City was formed, come on down and find out more!
Become a Resident Today!
-Friendly and welcoming community
-Staff are always active
-Post-Apocalyptic RP, no magic
-Ever expanding City
-Accept all partnerships
-Lore is not too restrictive

Interested in the server? Join the server and find out more!
Nothing is ever set in stone. You go about your daily life the same way you always do. Perhaps your world revolves around driven fairy tales in storybooks, never assuming such things real. Whether you believe or not, Magic exists in many forms.

You find yourself wondering as you stare out at the stars shining down on you - and then, in the blink of an eye you feel a force pressing into you. The vision of your world - everything you knew of, disappears. It is replaced by something far different. An Alien world, filled with fantastical creatures and humans alike, in what some say is a long forgotten era.

Whether you are from this world, or have been swallowed by an unforeseen vortex, you must ask yourself - do you try to understand this new possibility? Or do you find a way home?

Welcome, to Akaregal! [ All ages permitted under own advisory. 18+ for NSFW content.]
This is a Literate RP server that focuses on detail in our replies, which must be 5 or more sentences at all times unless we become lenient. It is custom tailored for lore and creatures alike. Nothing is set in stone, and things can always take a turn. Do you desire to rule a country of your very own? Feel free! Start a war? Be the best villain you can be? Do it! Be a god? well - you can always ask!

We respect people here, and though we are brand new - our desire for RP stands true. We allow a lot of freedom to roam this expansive world and discover new things and new people. If you desire story, creativity, development and adventure then you have come to the right place! All era's of time permitted under certain circumstances - but the time of the world is Victorian/steampunk.

Be aware we are still getting things set up, but the owner is active every day! Hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Shinobi!

We are a chat-based roleplay server based on the hit anime/manga "Naruto", where Shinobi are constantly at war with each other, usually over "jinchuriki", humans with Tailed Beasts sealed within them, granting them incredible strength and unique abilities. There are also clans with "Kekkei Genkai", bloodline-based abilities that come in many different forms.

We're currently in the Warring Clans era, so there aren't any villages or tailed beasts sealed inside Shinobi yet.

In Shinobi, we have passive RP, fluid RP & custom personally-driven storylines, which we are willing to fit into the main story, which is customly made by us.

So, if you think this server is perfect for you, then come on and join! What are you waiting for!?
~*Welcome to the Hivemind, A Wings of Fire Pantala Roleplay!*~
This is a relatively new server based on the Third Series of Wings of Fire, where you roleplay as either a Hivewing, a Silkwing, or a Leafwing. The server will change over time, as it is not complete yet. The server doesn't follow canon, so there are no canon characters but the Tree Wars still happened.

for centuries, life has been peaceful on Pantala. Hivewings and Silkwings live in peace and nobody has seen a dangerous leafwing in years. But not everything is as peaceful as hivewings and many silkwings may see it as. A secret rebellion of Silkwings lurks under the hives and plan to overthrow the Hivewing queen, Deep in the Poison Jungle a secret society of dragons thought to be extinct thrives with a goal to change Pantala for the better, while most hivewings are subjected to mind control and can never be free. Will you succumb to the rule of the Hivemind or will you plan and fight to gain your freedom?

Turn your eyes, your wings, your fire
To the land across the sea
Where dragons are poisoned and dragons are dying
And no one can ever be free.

A secret lurks inside their eggs
A secret hides within their book.
A secret buried far below
May save those brave enough to look.

Open your hearts, your minds, your wings
To the dragons who flee from the Hive.
Face a great evil with talons united
Or none of the tribes will survive.
This is a RP server for Dark soul, In this server your able to make a character and able to go the distance with friends and fight event bosses and get even loot!
SCP-Site 56 is a Roleplay server about the SCP foundation, the events of site 56 take place after the game SCP containment breach. We allow anomalous personnel within reason, even our SCP characters have twitters lol. We always welcome new members.
The World as we know it, is changed. As the armies of Napoleon swept over Europe, many thought he would never be stopped, but in 1805, the Napoleonic Grand Armee was brought to heel and defeated. The Following war was a stalemate, and Napoleon was forced to make peace, and turn elsewhere. It has been 56 years since then, and the world is far different from our own. The stage is set, and the players in place, as the nations of the world preform to gain power and to keep it, but the question is...

Who will stand in the spot light?
Star Wars: The Great War

As more Star Systems get swept into the Clone Wars, the valiant Jedi knights struggled to maintain order. However, there was a storm brewing, which caused the Cosmos themselves to crack in two. The Cosmos started regenerating itself in the form of the Big Bang, on the twin universes, which resulted in both cosmos’ to be completely similar without figuring out what happened. This caused this to be an alternative universe, without the canon characters, except for the last one standing… The Darth Sidious, Lord Palpatine, or also known as the ‘Most Successful Dark Lord’. He was considered the strongest of the force users, since no one in this cosmos could stand up to him, other than one person… Who was this one person you ask? Well no one knows, except for Palpatine himself of course, yet he doesn’t seem to want to reveal this. However, the descendants of this savior have risen, as the most force-sensitive of the world. So to put it bluntly… Will you join the Sith and be under Palpatine’s Manipulation, or will you join the Jedi and be under the Savior’s guidance? The choice is undoubtedly yours.


We have:

•A warm welcoming community

•Lots of roleplay channels

•Literal role play (but we welcome one-liners)

•Free help and support if you need help with an OC

•This is an Rtk server

& a lot more

And most important..... FUN!!

Come on and Join!!!
Welcome To RWBY: Destiny Unbound! Where your destiny is up to you! We Have OC's And CC's! All within our fun little Server!
Welcome to the world of Jafraen where races of all kinds live together in harmony, of course, that didnt last long, you see the races all have their own cultures and beliefs, some want to be powerful, others want knowledge, some just want to live, this caused discord between the races, splitting them apart farther than ever, what will come of this world? You may even change it, if you are worthy