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A fun place to talk to new people! We welcome anyone and everyone, so bring your friends! We have chats for people looking to talk about any topic; books, movies, drama, school help, personal, memes and more! Join us, we’d love to have you!
44 minutes ago
Home of the starseeds where we talk about, paranormal, spiritual, metaphysical and discussion on deep topics & truth Ever heard of Starseeds before? Basically we are ppl who are intuitive Deep and those who look for / Question the deeper meanings of life, different & odd but hey that's not a bad thing ^_^ ( password "Outcast" )
1 days ago
A server for Astrology, Role Playing, Gaming, Anime, Movie Events, and Much More!
45 days ago
Fun-loving organized environment built to work together to make zodiac theories. We base the theories off of how the members answer questions. Majority rules, but remember, this is for fun, not for prejudging.
57 days ago
Personality themed discord that explores theories including MBTI, enneagram, zodiac, and socionics. Come meet people like you or a little different!
169 days ago