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Come into the bar and have a drink! Or just meet new people to roleplay with your OCs! We're always friendly here and have a pint ready just for you. It's a chill server where you can come in to make friends or create stories with other writers.
We are a place to socialize and make new friends. We're a place to let free and talk about just anything that you'd like (within reason, of course).
Welcome to The Midnight Bar

The midnight bar is a place for all kinds of people from all different kinds of places to visit and for them to drink and eat and fight and screw. There is said to be a door that ends up in the most random of places all over the world from world to world, the door is a symbol of a blue crescent moon, those that open the door end up in the midnight tavern, a place for relaxing and eating and enjoying yourself. This door opens from the cruellest and most vicious of criminals and the most tyrannical of people down to the most common and the shyest of person, as long as the person has a desire for the door to show itself to them then the door will. The bar is a place for people to fulfil their desires, whether that is just a desire for good company and good food, the desire to find someone to fulfil a carnal desire or the desire to start brawls with people or even the desire to drink and relax from a hard days work. Even just the simple desire of wanting to meet new people in a different environment, then this bar is for you. Come on in, you're welcome to stay a while and have a drink.

[ This is a supernatural bar, role-play and erp server to be clear. Please be over eighteen if you want to role-play in this server, as it will have many mature themes and content. The new system in which is being tried out here is that writing up a character bio before role-playing here is optional. You can role-play without a character bio instantly. ]
Au Moon bar vous êtes le bienvenue !

Vous pourrais discutez de tous et de rien avec des personnes du monde entier !

Un bar est à votre disposition et des rôles aussi avec des avantages !
The Old Arcade Bar is a server that aims to be an open, warm, and relaxing place for both new and experienced board game players. Join us for a chat, gossip at the bar and some fun games.
C'est un serveur ayant pour but d'être libre et de s'amuser et de boire (avec modération bien sur) et de découvrir de nouvelles personnes. Pour tous les joueurs sur tout type de jeux et bien plus encore.
Join the server and become a member of this wonderful and fancy community and you won't be disappointed. Ideologies, age, nationality doesn't matter here. We accept you, whoever you are. we hope to bring a feeling like you're at home here. we have channels for Talking and Chatting. Need advice or just people to talk to? go to any of the talking channels and there will be someone there that you can talk to. Welcome to the Club, Ladies and Gentlemen.
just to clarify, we do not allow dating in the server, if you wish to date someone, do so in dms
Hello there, ladies, gentlemen, and all others! Are you looking for a comfy server where you can engage in intriguing discussion about games, movies, and anime? Share a (virtual) drink with a stranger sitting next to you? Philosophize and reflect on life and reality?

Join us at the Elysium Bar, where you can drink and chat to your heart's content.


What do we have here at this establishment?

*A friendly and engaging community
*Enjoyable and conversational moderators
*Music and game bots, to gamble your (virtual) money away
*Dedicated channels for anime, memes, and debates
*A fine selection of emojis suited for your needs
*Occasional events, ranging from movie-viewing to gaming events
*A leveling system, that rewards you for your activity within the server

If we've caught your interest, please, click the link, and join us. First drink is on the house.
Welcome to The Comos Bar

Hello there reader, the main idea for the bar is that it is a space for Villains and Heroes drink in the same place.

The cosmos bar is a bar that is a Superhero and a Super Villain neutral space, that means that it allows both Superheroes and Villains to be able to work there without worry and also drink there without any amount of stress. Founded in Cosmos City which had been created after a giant meteorite hit the earth causing a giant hole and giving off limitless power. The Cosmos Bar would be at least a symbol that Villains and Heroes could at the very least be able to drink in the company of each other even after they had fought each other. It was a space that all can come and drink their wryness away, where Villains are free to relax without the threat of being arrested and where Heroes can drink without worry. whether you're on the side of evil or whether you're on the side of good, you're very welcome to come to the Cosmos Bar, I invite you to come to the bar have a drink and relax, even find some good company to drink with along the way.

[ Warning: This is an adult server, so you have to be over eighteen to join, anyone underage will be kicked as this server includes violence, erp ect. ]
Welcome to the bar roleplay server where we rp and chat in the chats! Don't be afraid or anxious to talk, we are not gonna bite! This bar rp is a supernatural rp server where you can be anything you want and do whatever the hell you want! Have fun in this server and chat as much as you can! This rp contains hidden content for 14 and down... Graphic Content be advised!
Welcome To The Bar
The Bar Is Open 24/7 We Never Closed
Nitro Boosted (Lvl 1 Boost)
Custom Emojis And Gif Emojis
Fun Fun And More Fun
A Lot Of Activities
Weekly Giveaways
Movie Night
Music Night (And Radio)
And More Come On Down To The Bar And Have Some Fun
Hell's little Paradise exists on an abandoned camp ground, surrounded by year round snow. Behind the bar and its additional buildings is a forest filled with strange creatures. Not many can remember how they came across such a place, a bar miles away from towns alone in the wildness
Bienvenue au Qindecim. Chaqu'un d'entre vous se réveille dans une chambre, vous ne savez pas pourquoi, il semblerait que vous ayez perdu la mémoire.
Vous vous retrouvez dans un bar, avec un confort de vie, vous avez tout à disposition, cependant le barman vous fait participer à un jeu:

"Bienvenue au Quindecim. Vous vous demandez surement pourquoi vous vous retrouvez ici, et bien, je ne peux vous répondre pour l'instant...Cependant, je ne peux vous empêcher de trouver par vous même. Enfin bref, revenons à nos mouton.
Vous allez tous participer à un jeu. En voici les règles:
Chaque soir, 2 d'entre vous se livrerons un duel, parmi les jeux à disposition. Les joueurs et le jeu en question sera choisit au hasard.
Le gagnant survit et gagne l'argent du perdant, tandis que le perdant meurt.

Puisse l'endroit vous être agréable"
-Année: 2029
-Endroit: Inconnu
-Localisation: Inconnu

Il semblerait que internet de marche pas

Welcome To The Bar
The Bar Is Open 24/7 We Never Closed
Fun Fun And More Fun
A Lot Of Activities
Weekly Giveaways
Movie Night
Music Night (And Radio)
And More Come On Down To The Bar And Have Some Fun
The Zen House Bar and Inn is a roleplay server fit for all ages. We're SFW and welcome all. We accept all varieties of literacy. The setting takes place primarily in a bar/restaurant combo and inn setting. We prefer original characters {OCs}- you can have multiple OCs at a time. We'd love for you to join us! 😊
We have Comic books, Booze, Music (A lot of power metal), Games, and food, Only the Grooviest of peeps allowed
A Night Club known as the Moonstar, Named in honor of Countess Moonblood by her loving husband.
Welcome to the Brothers Bar & Inn~.

Looking for a community with the waifu bot where you can roll and a place to roleplay, maybe meet some friends and show your cool memes? Yeah this is the place for you. Stay in one of our many rooms or have a fun party on the roof bar with the pool. Click the link and begin your adventure here!~

It is said that if you follow a certain narrow and almost completely dark alley way, that has a single strand of spider web, that only glows in the dark and more so on a full moon, that you will reveal the door between the human and a place where entertainment is the business and where indulging in yourself is the priority. Welcome to club Spider, a place where those of the supernatural and of the human kind can come to enjoy themselves in any way that they desire. This place is both a dance club, a bar and also a place to enjoy your most sinful and hungery desires, a place that doesn't care for rules and that enjoys it when it's patrons are enjoying themselves to the fullest, whether that be alcohol, the enjoyment of other supernaturals, the most carnal of pleasures and even the humans that happen to wander into the club every so often. This place welcomes many types of species and is a place for people to gather and to have their own fun, if this interests you by all means go past the veil that hides this most fantastic, most entertaining and most dangerous place. If you are brave enough, if you are willing enough then this place is the place for you, I really hope that you find the entertainment or whatever else you're looking for.

{ Warning: This is a erp server and so it will have adult themes, this is an adult server for people that are eighteen plus. }
Want to become drunk and mess with demons, we got you. Need a pace to eat and drink but dont want the hassle of hardcore roleplay? we fucking got you. join us and you can have a light roleplay with easy going but protective bartenders, trust me we fucking got your back.
Just a hangout spot for gamers, making our own bot so please suggest things to add. Suggest channels etc