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Welcome to Vocalize! In this server, we hold Tier Tryouts to allow people the opportunity to get themselves a tier.

Tiers are listed below:

Diamond tier is the highest tier you can achieve, and it shows the server how good of a singer you are.

- Tier Tryouts are held frequently!
- We hold events like open mic, competitions, and more!
- We give honest and respectful feedback.
- We love everyone, we don't discriminate!
- Singers are encouraged to join, but ANY other musician is too!
- This server is under one year old, still brand new to the Discord community.

Just join us and wait for our next Tier Tryouts event! We can't wait to see you.

**We Love Music 🎶❤**

This is We Love Music, and as the name implies, we love music! If you also love music, (or talking to friendly people) then we can't wait to have you here! We have:

😁 A friendly community! 😁
🎶 Categorised music channels 🎶
👌 Self roles 👌
🤖 Loads of fun bots 🤖
🧔🏻Active Staff🧔🏻

And there's more, but that's up for you to discover. **So why not join us today!**

Hello I am Mushroom!
This is my new boosted music server. If you like music or chatting with friendly people is this the perfect server for you.
Beatbox Hub is a welcoming place for everyone.
Here you can learn to beatbox, and jam out with friends.
An active server with 400+ members
Feel free to join and chill with us!
You Have Been Invited to the Creative Village!

What You Need to Know:
This is an International Server. We Welcome Those Who Loves Beatboxing, Singing and Art!

Activities We Do:

So Come and Join Us!
Originating from Ventrilo, Beatbox Talk made the next step to move to Discord in October of 2017, Beatbox Talk set out with a goal to reach new levels of the online beatboxing community. Currently, Beatbox Talk has over 11,000 members with many world renown professionals of the art. We host many battles a week ranging for solo and occasionally loop battles. Out of respect to the original Beatbox Talk management on Ventrilo, we have large jam parties with the focus on improving and bringing the beatbox artform to the next level.

This is a music based server that is new, however if you wish to partner with us we will gladly accept. Thank you, and have a great day!
Hello Guys! Join our beatboxing servers if you wanna learn or teach.
We have
Amazing bots
Awesome roles
Become Pro, Legendary, Master, and God.
Always online staff
Beatbox battles, Tournaments
And much more :)
We are a small comunity and maybe one day a big one!
Come join and become part of our Community. Esh!
Welcome to, cseto • Beatbox!
a place where people make noises with their mouths. We accept artists of all kinds of areas/media such as painting, digital drawing, designs, etc...
On this server, we don't abuse or manipulate others. We will listen to everyone's opinions and we will accept them. We like to accept everyone and not discriminate people for our own will.

But, we recommend joining today! Since we are a growing new beatbox server. Where we accept everyone's talents and feelings. Also feel free to talk about your problems to anyone because we listen, and we feel as well.

this is a server anyone who can beatbox you i will host battles once i get more people you can beatbox or just chill and listen to other beatboxing
🎤Fast Growing Beatboxing Server🎤
**___Hey welcome to Beatbox Unit___**

___Are you looking for a discord server that includes:

-Every day News
-Info about new stuff coming up
-Connecting With others such as ( Jams, Chilling.)
-24/7 Music Bots!

This place is for you we have all of it !

Facts about owner!

# Lives in the UK!
# Loves to Beatbox
# Active/ easy to connect with
# And just all around chill!



Use this invite to invite your friends : { }
This is a brand-new server for the lovers of beatbox.
This server include: Special Skilled roles for all categories.
A ton of events.
Teaching Jams
Learning Jams
Loopstation Jams.
Everything you want!!! You wanna enter now right?! :DD
Come. It's free and I tell you, you wouldn't regret it
[ Despre ]
• Serverul HYPE TOWN a luat BAN...(R.I.P 800 membrii) iar acum incercam sa il refacem
• Avem un nou design
• Un mare proiect in lucru
• Boti interactivi si activitate
==============JOIN NOW============
This server is all about enjoying great music, finding free beats, freestyling, beatboxing, sharing experience, and having fun. Rules are not strict.
We are a welcoming beatbox community!

Here are some features we offer:

-Competitive Beatboxer Rating System

By taking part in our tournaments, you can gain ranks!

Feel free to join us!
DesTinY_bbx is a Twitch streamer who plays games & beatbox at the same time! Jump in our Discord channel if you want to talk with him or even play some games on stream. We have separate channels for English & Lithuanian speakers.
Seeking a place to share your talents or listen to talented people? BFE is a community created by beatboxers for beatboxers and people interested in beatboxing! We have a wide variety of events however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. So if you're into beatboxing, then there's no reason not to join!
Hey, let me tell you about Cseto. So basically this server is all about equal manner, here we don't judge each other of what we like. People might have opinions but on this server, a bad opinion is an bad oath.

Here you don't need to reveal any information about yourself, here you can hide from the truth and become whomever you'd like to be! It's all about making choices that will change yourself.

Also, the administration division made sure they boosted the server so it's more fun! Better quality audio and more emojis for us all.

But let me say this, welcome to Cseto!
🎤Beatboxing Discord Server🎤


🤖Danke Memer🤖
🤖24/7 Music Bot🤖
🤖Invite Manager🤖


🎤Beatbox with others🎤
💬Chat with people💬
🎶Listen to Music🎶

39+ Members
▪▪▪And more▪▪▪
In questo server troverai una community molto amichevole con degli admins sempre a tua disposizione! Ecco un elenco di ciò che facciamo:
•Anime Talk
-Questo e tanto altro ancora! Buona Permanenza!
We Love Beatbox is created by Nafees

We enjoy to host daily tournaments and events to help improve each beatboxer

If you enjoy beatboxing, or if you like events or would like to listen to gain experience, please join our server, thank you :)
Welcome to the Senpai Kingdom.
In this server we're all a Senpai family with a growing community
in our Senpai Kingdom. We all treat each other as family,
Join us today to become a UwU Senpai and make sure to read the rules!