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Welcome to Bravo’s Command Post. Here we have daily streams with many games being streamed! We have custom emojis, bots, games, you name it. We have everything you could wish for in a server!
Welcome To The Wolf Pack,
› LGBT+ friendly!
› Friendly staff!
› Special bots!
› NSFW areas!
We are a streaming and video community that works to give our members an advantage over the competition. We are open to all creators and even those who want to take part in a fun community with various backgrounds.
The friendliest and most judge-free server as we can possibly manage to sustain. Any type of genuine discrimination and harassment is quickly dealt with, and reports are investigated swiftly.

Welcome category contains #rules, #welcome, #announcements, #introduce-yourself and #role-assign.

Plenty of roles for everyone, encompassing Hobbies/Interests, Sexuality, Relationship Status, Zodiac Sign, Gender/sex and relative age grouping

Text Channels category includes #general, #general-2, #report, #selfies, #memes, #bot-spam-mewna, #bot-spam

Music Channels Category that includes #music-chat for people to share links etc, and 4 open voice channels where members can play instruments to each other or share a music bot.

Category called The Discovery Channel! which is geared towards those who just want to talk with new people, but don't know what to talk about; there are 5 voice-chat channels and one AFK channel which idle users are placed into after being idle for 5 minutes.

Category called The Mii Channels comprised entirely of voice channels mostly intended to be used during online gameplay without disturbance from other members. These voice channels are: 2 channels with a capacity of one, 4 channels with a capacity of two, 4 channels with a capacity of three, 4 channels with a capacity of four, 4 channels with a capacity of five and 2 channels with a capacity of 8.

Private Category for moderators consisting of two text channels and one voice channel. #modlog is a log of what the bot does or is told to do to ensure no body is unfairly disciplined. #priv-gae-no-plebs is a private text chat so the moderators can discuss any issues which require deliberation. The voice channel is for the same purpose, but just by voice rather than typing. It also means that if need be, private talks can be had from moderators directly to members to resolve issues.

Blacklisted words are being updated to be even more secure. Whenever a blacklisted word or website enters the chat it is deleted and the user receives an automatic warning. Over multiple times, this counts as a rule violation so it escalates to a 24hr ban if the behaviour continues.

Bot is efficient in auto-moderating any spam or caps abuse so the chat remains smooth and uncluttered.

There is currently one moderator who is ranked just below the owner, but it is likely that if the server grows, many more mods will be put in place.

When a user is banned, disciplined or warned, it appears with a link to the last 100 lines of chat inside the private #modlog so the incident can be reviewed if there is any dispute over the correctness of the punishment.

When disciplinary action is taken, sends an automated direct message to the user who violated the rules and notifies them of what they did wrong and the consequences of said action.

Submitting a report in #report will cause the @ of the reporter, the reported and what has happened, along with a link to the last 100 lines of chat log to go to #modlog where it can be dealt with privately and will not be overlooked.
Pretty offensive growing server just hop in play games and stuff Invite friends and more