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This is a Gay Straight Alliance server! Everyone is included here and supportive, this is made for teenagers by teenagers! We hope you enjoy your time here! :)
Here you can socialize with people (only me ATM) but hopefully people will join (please suggest things) hopefully you enjoy your time here and bye incase the invite doesn't work
This server goal is to give everyone a safe place to be. If your beliefs and practices don't resgrosse mere others, you are very welcome here ! You may be able to share with other people like you, or explain it to others if you want to. We also have pluralKit for systems to use !

the whole server is themed around birds but is not a bird enthusiasts server itself ! I don't even know much about birds myself... So you are more than welcome to explain this to me !
Welcome to our You're Not Alone Community Server.

We made this server to help people that have been bullied, shunned, neglected, beaten, teased, rejected and etc. Also, we help people who have anxiety, depression, signs of suicide, and etc. To find friends they can hang and chat with. Our server aims for supporting the left out people and the people who have fetishes. Anyone is welcome who has a fetish or not and can help or needs help! We will direct you to the right section of our server when you join us.

FYI, this server is still under development and we need people to help us make it the way we want it to function.


■ Roles
■ Level System
■ Economy System
■ And more!


#1 Be Respectful to staff and other members.
#2 Organize and help our channel!
#3 Please try not to spam.
#4 No teasing, shunning, bullying, harassment, rejection, and neglection of any kind.
#5 Do not send NSFW or Racist Content (if we find this content in our server it's an immediate ban for you).

**︵➴Emotional Support-♡**

> Emotional Support is a safe place where YOU can be you, there are people to help you.

> We support LGBTQ+.

> We like to have fun.

> So? What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

> Links:
Welcome to Fazbear's Diner: New World! We love everything Fnaf and games, to comics, roleplay, art, and etc! Join alongside the animatronic crew as everyone lives in harmony.. or so you think. You can live as a human who has to live life in the year of 2039, or serve a human throughout the life of a Fazdroid or Android. The DBH stuff is optional for you to participate in, FNAF is the main thing here!

What we offer!

★OCs and Canons★
★LGBTQ and Furry acceptance!★
★Memes and fun spirit as well!★
Have you ever wanted to join a relaxed but welcoming server? Well, Kiwi's World is the place for you then! In this server, there is a themed roleplay, a general roleplay and venting channels alike. Everyone is welcome, and you don't need to worry about anything as the admins are always there if you need someone's shoulder to cry on.
₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ Hello! I have made a server with one of my friends called Acceptance!

We welcome everyone from the LGBTQ+ family, furrie family, and a ton more, we will also help with depression, anxiety, hard times, family issues.

It would be a great honor for me if you joined as this is my first ever chat! Anyways have an amazing day
We are a multifunctional server. We are slowly growing and evolving! I hope that you can join us, helping us evolve! We now have many things to offer and if you want something added there is a chat where you can request things be added to the server!
This server is for everyone bi,gay,les,pan etc, and is a fun caring community with voice chats, lots of categories and music 😄

Please give us any suggestions on what you would like!
This is a server for people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, furries , e girls and e boys and more
Even the everyday casual people can join this server :)
Welcome to Steven Universe: Pride of the Galaxies! We are a fun-loving community about everything SU, and roleplay! Keep in mind that this server takes place a few months after the movie!


★OCs and Canons★
★Literate and Semi-lit standards★
★Optional romance and erp~★
★LGBTQ acceptance!★
★Memes and fun spirit as well!★

We hope you enjoy your stay...
Welcome to Times' Mafia! Ignore the name, but we have tons of unique qualities!
-Fnaf (Roleplay included),
-Banjo-Kazooie (including RP),
-Multiple other roleplay categories,
-And, LGBTQ+ acceptance of course!
We also hold polls, and events for the members to join, there's more, but you have to join to see, cuz I forgot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We are an active and forgiving community who follow a self-translated Book of Nig (versed from the bible).
- We Talk About Life and Stuff
- We play Pokécord
- We Have League of Legends BOT
- We "Preach" to our god Nigus Chrinig
Hey hey hey!
Welcome to our Hotel.

What can our hotel provide, you ask?
Well, allow me to tell ya!

We provide:

~Trushworthy staff
~fun bots!
~an art gallery for your and others art
~your own hotel room
~and more!!

Have fun, and enjoy your stay!! <3
The Cheesecake Factory is a server built to bring together people as a community.

Everyone is welcome ages 15+

No matter your gender or sexuality you can feel accepted and loved with open arms.
Furry Hangout is a server that accepts everyone. We accept all genders, sexuality, beliefs, and anything else!
We offer...
Accepting community
Reaction Roles
Discord games
Much more!
United is a new server, our aim is to make everyone feel welcome and happy and to help those who feel they need it, and those who trust the staff i have carefully picked out.

United involves the following:
- LGBTQ channels, such as a general and an advice chat
- A dedicated gaming category for PS4, Xbox and PC (If asked I will add Switch channels and role.)
- An advice team specified to helping those who ask it, can be in the #Advice channel, #LGBTQ-advice or DM's if that's where you feel most comfortable.
- Voice chats and a music voice chat
- Fun bots such as rhythm and Unbelievaboat

Anyone who joins will join the fight of acceptance, because remember, when you're in our server, you stand united with us all.
✤│Hello! Welcome to SSadkiddS

✤│What we offer \/

✤│Self assignable roles

✤│Friendly environment

✤│Stale memes :'(

✤│And a anime channel for the weebs out there

✤│Not a lot of unnecessary rules either.

✤│Litty Committee staff members and much more we are a server open to suggestions and currently in need of staff since we only recently made the server
A friendly place where people can be people! Meet new teen friends and discuss your interests everyday. Includes music, voice chats for everyone, and games among much more.
Peace and love. Stay trippy.