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Petty Kingdoms of the North

A strategy Game of Thrones themed interactive game.
Dive into a plot in Westeros, where you play the game of thrones to either win or die.
Let the dice decide your fate as the ruler of your house, a lord, a lady and anything imaginable to unravel before your eyes.

A homebrew mix of dnd (we use dice to roll for events), ck2 (army formations and families) and rpg. Controlling the house of your choice, you build armies, create alliances, do personal events, hunt for creatures, duel, scheme and plan to win the Game of Thrones as a King or Queen, or partake in the winning side of a war.

-Multiplayer, social, active game
-Event system
-Battle and combat system
-Character decision making free roam
-Rpg bot

Perfect combination for those who wanna see the world burn.
Pls don't kill the gm, she tries her fucking best to please 'em all.
Hey! Join our custom RP server based on (as the name suggests) The Coming of the Andals! We would love to have you in the community and possibly to join the rp, although it isn't a requirement. You can be an Andal invader, seeking conquest in a new fertile land, or a tough, strong willed First Man set on repelling these foreign invaders and protecting the homeland! You can mould your characters however you want so long as it follows the guidelines. Enjoy :)

House Mudd is available!
A War of Kings is an ASOIAF roleplay on Discord set just before the War of the Five Kings kicks off. Westeros is in what seems to be a golden age under Robert Baratheon, though, something is stirring. In the far North, the Night's Watchmen spread stories of dead things walking in the woods. Currently, the King is on his way to Winterfall, supposedly to reunite with his old friend, Ned Stark, though no one knows the true reason for his visit....
The Crown's Vengeance: A song of Ice and Fire.

The year is 299 AC, a stag sits upon the Iron throne. It has been twenty years since the Baratheon rebellion, where the 'mad' Targaryen King was usurped and slain by his own so called 'loyalists'. His sister-wife, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen and their three children managed to narrowly escape their slaughter. They fled to Dragonstone, from there they fled to Essos on whatever ships they could spare. The overthrown Targaryens have been residing within the free city of Braavos since. Rhaenys concealed their identities, regularly dying her and her children's hair. Keeping their identities concealed, the few Targaryen men they could rally also discarded of their Targaryen armour and blended in within the city.

The Baratheon king sits married to his Lannister queen, having three children of their own after the rebellion. For years, he has been attempting to locate the last Targaryen family members. To end the threat against his reign. However he had no such luck finding them. The former queen and her children intend to take their home and throne back, through Fire and Blood. The Targaryens may have left without a pot to piss in, but with secret allies within Braavos, Rhaenys managed to support her family financially as they plotted to take back what belonged to them.

After Time-skip. One Year
The Targaryens had sold their assets in Braavos and left on the five ships they only had. Many new-found loyalists from Braavos left with them, from there they visited Astapor and Lys. Lord Grafton had stupidly rebelled against the Arryns. The Vale quickly decimated his men, taking him to the Eyrie. He was launched out of the moon-door and that, was that. The Targaryens had acquired three, rare and petrified dragon eggs. However, after a failed assassination attempt upon Rhaenys, the inn they stayed in was set aflame. With Rhaenys and the assassins inside, they burned to death. However, moments later Rhaenys emerged the roaring flames and overwhelming smoke with three baby dragons.
What we offer:

- Active and unique events

- Friendly and Welcoming staff team.

- A fair and unbiased staff-team.

- We have a very diverse set of roleplayers, quite literate and creative.
*This world wasn't always so small and petty. Hundreds of years ago as the rest of men craved to gods the Valyrians became them. Through magic and sheer will they mastered the greatest creatures in history. A horse grants man dominion over the land, a ship over the sea but dragons gave us the skies and everything and everyone beneath it. At its height the Valyrians ruled the known world, whatever parts they didn't weren't worth known. The capital of Valyria shamed the magnificent cities of the east. For hammers and chisels were no match to dragon fire and sorcery. It was a city and an empire built to last until the end of time but it didn't.*

*Aenar Targaryen and his descendants settled into Dragonstone like a tomb. That was until Aegon. When Aegon looked east he saw the past old,tired and dead but when he looked west he saw the future. Gold in the ground, Gold in the fields and no dragons in the skies except his. It was his time to expand*

GOT:The Great Conquest is a Game Of Thrones roleplay server based at the events of Aegon 'The Conquer's Conquest. Although our lore is alternate and slightly custom. For example House Durrandon has instead pledged with Aegon and the two Houses work together to claim the realm. We are currently looking for many LP's and spaces and would love to see more people join us in our rp! :)
Hello! This is a Game of Thrones literate rp server moslty based on the HBO serie. Though, of course, anyone who only has read the books is more than welcome.
only canon characters are allowed but this server is brand new so all characters are atill available and we lok foward to meet new people!
Suite au bref règne de Bran le Rompu, Westeros à besoin d'un nouveau roi
Toutes les grandes familles se doivent de cohabiter (ou pas) entre elles mais aussi avec le Briseur de Chaînes, la Baie de la Sérénité (ex-Baie des serfs), les cités libres ou encore le Rhoynar qui réapparaît de ses cendres
Rejoignez nous au sein de The Book of the Nine Kingdoms
A multi-fandom server for fans of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon (Prequel series), and ASOIAF books!
What the hell is this?

- This is a game we've had going for over a whole year now in its current form. We do use a dice bot to decide many things because we actually find it very fun to do it that way and also it is the most unbiased way of deciding things.
- This is kind of an RP, you are expected to play to your chosen character however and we do follow the laws and logic of ASOIAF.
- This is a "DnD" style game where you control a Westerosi House during the designated scenario. (EX: War of 5 Kings, Faith Militant Uprising, Roberts Rebellion, etc.)
- We Use Google Sheets to store all the information used to show your stats. (Bank, Army, Castle Info, Families, etc.)
- We also follow Book canon like 99% of the time and very rarely go by show canon.
- We joke around a lot as well, so you need to have an open sense of humor if you're gonna join up.

How do you join if you're interested? Well, join on in and we will guide you on how to get set up.
Everything is the same as it is in the show, until Sansa and Peytr get to the Vale. Peytr marries Sansa and gets the northern houses to support them in the siege of Winterfell. Eventually they succeed and become King and Queen of the North.

Cersei Lannister, angered by this new enemy, can’t do much of anything since she has almost no forces and has to fight the now incoming Daenerys Targaryen and her allies, Tyrell and Martell.

Jon Snow stays as LC of the Nights Watch trying to get everyone to help on the fight against the army of the dead, but no one listens.

When Daenerys lands on Dragonstone, she sends ravens to the lords of Westros. The Reach and Dorne bend the knee to the Targaryen Queen, the Westerlands and Kingslanding refuse to bend the knee. Tyrion, knowing Little Finger, reluctantly requests that he comes and bends the knee to Daenerys.

Peytr meets with Daenerys and bends the knee, making the North and Vale loyal to the Targaryen side.

Daenerys attacks the Iron Fleet head on once she sees them in the Blackwater bay, completely destroying them and killing Euron with her three dragons and Yara Greyjoy’s fleet. After this, Tyrion and Daenerys call the banners to rally to take Kingslanding from Cersei Lannister.

Daenerys uses her dragons to burn the gates of Kingslanding before landing them outside the city so she wouldn’t harm innocent people. The combined forces of the Reach, Martell, Greyjoy, Baelish (Stark and Arryn) and Unsullied invade the city and win. Killing Cersei. After this, Daenerys begins to rebuild the city and let’s the Iron Islands become independent. She makes Tyrion the Lord Paramount of Casterly Rock while keeping him as her hand. She makes Petyr her Master of Law, Varys her Master of Whispers, Grey Worm her Master of War. Daenerys names missandei her Heir since she cannot have one, but expects to change it due to missandei’s relationship with Grey Worm. Everything seems to go well with everyone bending the knee to Daenerys, but when winter hits Jon Snow and Sansa Stark raise the banners of the North and request Daenerys to help defend the wall and Dorne wanting independence like the Iron Islands in secret, the fate of Westros May lay in a very uncertain path.

We offer:
• Canon characters
• good staff
• OCs
It has been nineteen years since the War of Four Kings, a bloody civil war that lasted nearly eight years. Comprised of a Targaryen civil war, a Greyjoy rebellion and a Northern uprising, the realm was only barely held together, but circumstances have changed, chief among them that the Targaryens no longer have many dragons to enforce their rule.

To celebrate nearly a decade of peace as well as the coming of age of her heir, Queen Visenya Targaryen has thrown a massive feast and tournament in King's Landing for all of the realm to attend. However, plots are made in the dark, and hungry eyes look at a weakened and divided Westeros.

This server is a continuation of another server called a War of Four Kings that was abruptly shut down. The RP continues 19 years after the events of that server, but you do not have to have been a part of the previous server to join. We cater to 18+ and literate writers and roleplayers, so a writing sample is required to enter the server.
The year is 128 AC and the realm is prosperous. The crown is rich and stable, or so it seems. But there is conflict amongst the dragons of Westeros, lurking beneath.

King Aenys, the first of his name sits on the throne now, surrounded by his family. House Targaryen is at its peak, boasting the most dragons and dragon riders in history. But even dragons can’t protect the Valyrians from what’s to come.

With only a daughter from his first marriage, King Aenys had no other choice but to recognize her as his heir, in fear of his brother succeeding him. He doted on his daughter and loved her, teaching her the ways of ruling the kingdoms. Even after remarrying and having sons, he still proclaimed her his heir and next in line. Much to the ire of his new Queen and her father, the hand of the king.

Now as the topic of succession is heavily debated amongst the nobles, many look to see what will happen next. Some argue that his daughter shouldn’t take the throne, and that her own sons aren’t legitimate, but rather bastards themselves. Others think Aenys’ firstborn son should be the rightful heir, as a male.

Who will end up on the throne? Two sides at court have been formed as the King’s health starts to waver. The greens, the lords and ladies of the Queen’s party. Or the blacks, the nobles of the Princess’ party.
— *𝐖𝐚𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐖𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐬*

Sixteen years ago, the Seven Kingdoms were gripped by a vicious war that saw House Targaryen usurped from their place as Kings of the Andals and the First Men by House Baratheon and their allies.

They claimed that King Daemon the Cruel had been secretly selling off the citizens of King’s Landing to peculiar men from the far corners of the world. They said he had burned men alive for his own amusement, and tortured women and children alike to cure his boredom.

Whatever they claimed, almost all of it was true. And as such, House Targaryen fell from greatness with no dragons to protect them. For the dragons had been gone for a century when the Targaryens fell, nothing but bones and claws remained in the deepest dungeons of the Red Keep.

Now, in 298 AC, with the Seven Kingdoms under a new king and mourners of rebellion spreading throughout the realm, how long can he protect peace within Westeros? How will Westeros react to the news of the last Blackfyre leading the Golden Company though military campaigns across Essosc And with stirrings in Asshai, Old Valyria and Qarth, what is happening in the East? And what dangers are crawling forth from Beyond the Wall while men and women play at the Game of Thrones?
House of Black and White is a free speech server for A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. Tired of not being allowed to talk about politics in a political drama? Tired of SJW culture, virtue signaling, ad hominem attacks, mob rule and moderators on a power trip? If you're looking to attack the ideas rather than the person, this is the place for you. Bring your favorite theories and ideas and test them with the group! Leave the outrage at the door. These stories are filled with controversial and contentious topics such as politics and crime, and we intend to engage with all of those topics like well-behaved adults. There are voice channels, an art channel, a monthly chapter discussion and more behind the weirwood and ebony doors.
The year is 105 AC, and the realm has undergone an era of peace under Good King Jaehaerys, the fourth Targaryen to sit the Iron Throne. His reign had been one of justice and benevolence, a contrast to his predecessor, Maegor I Targaryen.

At his passing, his son Daemon would ascend the throne. The former Targaryen prince was widely disliked throughout the realms, although none would admit that fact aloud. The man had never been the same since the death of his sister-wife fifteen years earlier. Now as he has sat the throne for the last year, the rumors of his cruelty and madness had only increased. But as he was the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the claims were often said into the wind. His madness was mostly confined within the walls of the Red Keep. He is a decent king, but the presence of his cruelty and paranoia were starting a reign of terror.

He is a man of the Faith as well and his religious zeal only bolstered the High Septon to be his strongest ally. Rumors were even started that he had rearmed the faith militant, to be nothing more than loyal dogs to do his bidding. In return to look the other way while they took their own endeavors.

Now with the happenings of the Seven Kingdoms and the incoming problem of this livestock disease in the northern kingdoms, it is yet to see if things will remain stable for much longer.

What we offer:

- Welcoming and hardworking staff.
- A chance to become staff.
- Interesting storylines and plots.
- Character flexible.
- A welcome environment.
Non-canon Game of Thrones roleplay.

Small server, friendly, casting most major house roles. Hop on in. 18+ (Characters and Participants). Third person, para style writing role play.
Our tale begins in 297 AC, and King Robert Baratheon still sits the throne of Westeros; though it is known to all that Jon Arryn truly runs all real business. And the seven kingdoms live in a reasonable peace, for now. We pick up before the events of Jon Arryn's death, before Eddard Stark made that fateful journey south. We explore the possibilities of alternative paths that could change Westeros' future from the course we all know. 


We are a group of passionate people who admire GRRM's work and love roleplaying. Here, we encourage divergences from the canon storyline -- exploring what characters would do in these alternative timelines.

We have a lot of literate roleplayers as well as helpful and inviting staff.
Seven Realms

In the unforgiving world of Westeros, this is year 163 AC, under the reign of Daeron Targaryen, so called “Young Dragon”, realm finally inhales as the expensive conquest of Dorne is coming to a conclusion. In 157 AC, Daeron sought to succeed where even King Aegon I Targaryen had not, and conquer Dorne in the name of House Targaryen. Daeron I's conquest was a stunning success - all the more so because he did it without dragons, which had gone extinct during the reign of his father. The conquest was all the more impressive because the young warrior-king was only 14 years old at the time, earning him the nickname "the Young Dragon". While the initial conquest was successful, it led to a protracted Dornish insurgency which bled the occupation forces through guerrilla tactics and ambushes. The Dornish rebelled en masse, however, after Daeron's steward, Lord Lyonel Tyrell, was killed when he pulled a sash by his bed to summon his consorts and the canopy split open, dropping a hundred red scorpions over him. Four years after the initial conquest, King Daeron Targaryen returned to Dorne with 60,000 men to root out the resistance and burn it to the ground. On a failed assassination attempt on his life and death of his 20,000 men, Daeron ruthlessly burned every town in Dorne he passed, eventually after 2 years of occupation, Dorne was pacified and Daeron is marching to Sunspear once again for the “negotiations”.

Simple, realistic and favorable server, there are plenty to choose from, first come, first serve.
=== PROLOGUE ===
After successfully fighting the Army of the Dead and killing the Night King, the heroes say a final goodbye to their fallen before a solemn celebration ensues. It is during this celebration that Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son is legitimized by Daenerys Targaryen and named the lord of Storm’s End. Shortly after, the survivors of the Great War muster their strength one last time to march on King’s Landing. Queen Cersei Lannister dies alongside her brother and true love, Jaime Lannister- leaving the Iron Throne open once again.

It is then that Daenerys Targaryen steps forth, reigniting the flames of House Targaryen’s ancient and turbulent rule as she proclaims herself as Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men and Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. However, her reign ends almost as quickly as it begins- with Jon Snow stabbing her in the heart shortly after. Drogon is heartbroken and takes Daenerys back to Essos, where he is never seen from again.

Imprisoned for treason, Tyrion Lannister is brought before the great lord and ladies of Westeros- in which it becomes apparent that another ruler must be chosen. Countless suggestions and proposals are thrown about until the lords and ladies settle on one lord in particular, Gendry Baratheon- the true heir to the throne that started the battle all those years ago. The heads of the Great Houses of Westeros agree almost unanimously, with only Sansa Stark interjecting to declare the North an independent kingdom- as it had been for thousands of years. All agree and Gendry Baratheon is named King of the Andals and the First Men and Protector of the Six Kingdoms.

=== CURRENT ===
The year is 375 AC and Steffon II Baratheon is King of the Seven Kingdoms. Steffon rules out of fear, much like the Boy King Joffrey Baratheon did so many years ago. Many despise him, although not as much as Robb II Stark- the Lord of Winterfell. This is because King Steffon had a member of his kingsguard shove a sword through the back of Robb’s father as he discussed the North’s terms with the new king’s reign. Then forcing Robb’s mother to bend the knee, the North was renounced as an independent kingdom with the Warden of the North status being revoked from House Stark and given to none other than House Bolton.

Now well into his adulthood, there is only one thing on Robb Stark’s mind- revenge. He, along with many other houses throughout Westeros, believes that it is time for Steffon to face the justice of his many crimes. It’s time to call the banners and get pieces moving, however- just remember that when you play the game of thrones you either win or you die, there is no middle ground.

If you’re looking for a GOT server that could quickly become your second home, you’ve come to the right place. Legacies Untold boasts a friendly, open-arms community that was created by two IRL best friends! For more information about our tags, look below:

=== OUR TAGS ===
» Mature (18+) community!
» A combination of book, series, and game lore!
» Active staff!
» Detailed, yet open plot!
» A multitude of channels for RP!
» Actively updated lists and house ads!
» Community-wide OOC and IC events!
A Survivor ORG with an unique theme: rewrite the song of ice and fire by becoming both the Sole Survivor and the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms!
80 years have passed since the failed rebellion of Robert Baratheon, who was soundly defeated by House Targaryen. However, in this new age, Westeros is not without turmoil. A war of succession has sprung out, that once again divides the Lords and Ladies of Westeros against each other. And to the North, a march darker threat is on the horizon.
This is a fun and friendly GoT/ASOIAF roleplay, that is constantly looking for new members! We also currently have a Lord Paramount open, and need to fill the role!

Some of our features include:
-Rolls for battle
-Strategic roleplay
-Active staff and members
-Several Great Houses up for grabs!
-Lots of channels
-Advanced Lit
-Detailed Plot
-And More!!!
A strategy game based on the song of ice and fire (game of thrones)
come claim a house from the year 157ac, marry a lord/lady, have children, and conquer Westeros, in a board game manner
When You Play The Game Of Thrones You Win Or You Die best of luck to you
This roleplay takes place during season six of the show. This is an AU roleplay where both canons and oc's are accepted.

Currently Sansa, Brienne and Podrick are reunited with Jon Snow who has recently come back from the dead. Ramsay has sent a letter to them suggesting they hand over Sansa or Rickon will die. Sansa convinces Jon to take back Winterfell and they all head out to start recruiting the lords of the North.

Tyrion has offered a deal with the slavers of slavers bay to abolish slavery in seven years. This has angered many slaves. Danaerys has currently burned the Khals and taken command of the Dothraki army. Littlefinger has returned to the Vale to mobilize against Ramsay.

In King's Landing, Margaery visits Loras while Cersei, Jaime, Kevan, and Olenna shelve their differences and plot to defeat the Sparrows. Theon has just told Yara that he will support her claim in the kingsmoot on the iron islands.

Will you be a canon and change how the story takes place? Or will your original character find their own place in Westeros? You decide! We are an active roleplay that is just starting up.