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Summer’s End is an ASOIAF roleplaying game on Discord that takes place in 298 AC. It has been 16 years since Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion, and all seems to be going well for the realm. In fact, the King, Robert Baratheon, is going up to Winterfell to have a grand feast with his old friend, Ned Stark. Though, things are stirring. Talks of “dead things” in the North runs rampant while political intrigue and backstabbing rule the South.
A thousand years has passed since the second war for the dawn. The time of dragons ruling the skies, dead men haunting the far north and krakens prowling the depths has once more passed into legend. Westeros has changed. The realms of men now erect towering monoliths made of glass and steel, the lowliest of wretches has can possess the sum of human knowledge at their fingertips, and high lords continue to play the eternal Game of Thrones in the halls of Parliament just as their ancestors did upon the field of battle.

The cycle continues in a modern fantasy re imagining of the popular A Song of Ice and Fire saga. The board has changed, but the game remains as lethal as ever. You can be anything from a Lord Paramount, to an elected member of the Parliament of Westeros, to a commoner who has never been more important in Valar Dohaeris. We welcome roleplayers of all skill levels in this dramatic reshuffling of the world of Ice and Fire!

* Currently casting for all major houses and roles, including Prime Minister and Hand of the Queen!
Intrigue, magic, and dragons - oh my! Come and check out 'Game of Thrones: A Ballad in Blood,' a brand new role-play server!


In the land of Westeros, the rules of power are simple: you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.

The year is 370 AC, nearly a century since Aegon VI landed in the Stormlands with the Golden Company at his back. The Red Comet has returned to the skies above Westeros for the first time since the War of the Five Kings - a harbinger of fire and blood to follow. The Crown has been steadfast in their portrayal of the comet as an auspicious portent, a sign of favor from the gods, going so far as to rename the Grand Tournament for the king’s twenty-first name day after the celestial phenomenon, honoring the noble House of Targaryen in its wake. Despite their best efforts, however, tensions built throughout the capital have reached a breaking point.

The Seven Kingdoms have been held in regency for over a decade by the Queen Mother and the Lord Hand, her lover. It was widely expected that King Rhaegar II Targaryen would continue to be a docile puppet even after he reached his majority; the boy always seemed far more interested in tournaments, women, and carousing with his friends than in the affairs of state. This conventional wisdom has proven entirely wrong, and has left the lords of Westeros scrambling to get the measure of their sovereign and divine his future intentions. With less than a moon left before the tournament is set to begin, the Lord Hand has suddenly resigned and returned home to the Westerlands. The Queen Mother has likewise left the capital--under heavy guard--to take up residence at Summerhall. The former Lord Hand’s heir remains in the Red Keep as the King’s ward. Several other formerly influential courtiers have fallen from grace for being too close to the previous regime.

Into the simmering tensions in King’s Landing now comes the rest of the realm, invited to the Tournament of the Red Comet planned to celebrate the King’s impending name day. What awaits the lords and ladies of Westeros in the capital?


GoT: A Ballad in Blood is a brand new, community-driven role-play set in the same fictional world as the popular literary series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' by George R. R. Martin, and the HBO show, “Game of Thrones.” The roleplay, while technically utilizing the same setting, is meant to be considered an alternate universe as the lore, timeline, and events in our story will diverge from those outlined in canon.

Our goal is to create an intriguing, player-driven story with no set end-point, but rather a dynamic living scenario woven together over time by the threads of the community members’ stories. With exciting lore and a ready story just waiting for you to put your mark on it, our role-play is waiting for one thing, and one thing alone: you.

We are opening up the server to accept the applications of like-minded writers eager to post their chapters as a part of a never-ending tale where characters are limited only by their writers’ imagination.

Together we can craft a tale worth remembering and have some fun doing it!

We offer:
* In-depth lore and very active, helpful admins.
* Story and character-driven plots.
* A welcoming community of like-minded writers.
* Staff who are very knowledgable with regard to the setting.
* A system for magic!
* An open world (this means that you can rp in Essos)!

Things to note:
+ We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses.
+ A writing sample/past role-play sample will be required as a part of any character application.
+ We will accept original characters only.
“A Song of Ice and Fire: Bright Sun” is a game of thrones/ASOIAF roleplay server, featuring OC’s, and canon and custom houses alike. We are plot and character driven, though of course, there’s always some sort of battle in the mix!
What we offer:
• Story opportunities for all
• Custom houses
• Interesting lore, and an original plot
• A diverse world, open to any and all happenings
• A community welcoming of any and all
A strategy Game of Thrones themed interactive game.
Dive into a plot in Westeros, where you play the game of thrones to either win or die.
Let the dice decide your fate as the ruler of your house, a lord, a lady and anything imaginable to unravel before your eyes.

-Event system
-Battle and combat system
-Character decision making free roam
-Rpg bot

Perfect combination for those who wanna see the world burn.
Pls don't kill the gm, she tries her fucking best to please 'em all.
Join the peoples of Westeros (and Essos) as they prepare to fight the Night King and survive winter.
It has been 401 years since Aegon's Conquest. Targaryen rule has been reestablished on the continent of Westeros, through the might of the alliance of Aegon VI Targaryen, son of Prince Rhaegar and Princess Elia Martell, and Daenerys I Targaryen, the last child of the Mad King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella. After the rebellion of the treacherous Lord Robert Baratheon, which saw the murder of King Aerys by the rogue kingsguard Jaime Lannister, as well as the brutal murder of Princess Elia and Princess Rhaenys at the hands of Ser Gregor Clegane, the remnants of House Targaryen were split and exiled. It was believed that the future King Aegon VI had been killed too, though the Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys, had smuggled the babe out of King's Landing and placed a peasant child in his place. It was this peasant child who had been killed by Ser Gregor that day. After being taken across the Narrow Sea and given to the care of the exiled Lord Jon Connington, who was once Hand of the King to Aerys II, Prince Aegon was raised with the intention of becoming the perfect king.
Meanwhile, the last two children of Aerys, Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen, travelled the free cities in exile, attempting to find someone to take up their cause. Upon the murder of Viserys by Daenerys' husband, Khal Drogo, she became the supposed last heir to House Targaryen. Upon Khal Drogo's funeral pyre, Daenerys hatched three dragons: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. After living in Qarth for some time, she returned to Pentos, where she was confronted with her nephew, now with the Golden Company at his back. Aegon and Daenerys were wed, combining their strength, and he came to ride the dragon Viserion. With their combined strength, Aegon and Daenerys invaded Westeros, pushing out the Baratheon pretenders and restoring Targaryen rule in Westeros. The Baratheon kings were wiped from the records, their existence only being acknowledged as rebel lords rather than legitimate Kings of Westeros. Now, almost 100 years after Aegon and Daenerys' reconquest, their great-grandson Daeron III sits the Iron Throne of Westeros, young and untested.
Westeros has been divided for 150 years. The descendants of Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy sit both the Iron Throne and the Seasalt Chair. The North remains its own kingdom, and over time relationships were re-established with the southern states.

While things have calmed over the years, Westeros never truly recovered from its decimation. While the North has remained under its own ruling it has not been easy going. The border has weakened over time, but there are still many resources that it does not have access to. While House Stark has done all that it could to revive the North after the war, it is now a desolate, impoverished kingdom. While loyal to the King in the North, many Northerners wonder if secession was the right decision...

In the South there are many lords and ladies that have not forgotten the depths of the Mad Queen’s insanity. House Lannister rules Westeros from King’s Landing, but the lion’s reign is far from assured. There are whispers of an uprising - that the flames of rebellion are being fanned...

There is also talk of a marriage that would see the North and South reunited once again - securing the fate of both halves of Westeros...

Meanwhile, across the sea, Westeros was not the only continent affected by the war. Essos, too, suffered. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen took the land with fire and blood, and the Iron Bank of Braavos was drained as a result of Cersei Lannister’s inability to repay her debt.

When Daenerys sailed for the Seven Kingdoms with her Dothraki army she left Slaver’s Bay in a state of chaos. Feeling emboldened, each of the Free Cities decided that the time was right to expand their reach across the continent. There was pushback from the Slaver Cities, and eventually the forces of the Free Cities were pushed back. They had seen the possibilities though, and now each turned their own eyes inward…
House of Black and White is a free speech server for A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. Tired of not being allowed to talk about politics in a political drama? Tired of SJW culture, virtue signaling, ad hominem attacks, mob rule and moderators on a power trip? If you're looking to attack the ideas rather than the person, this is the place for you. Bring your favorite theories and ideas and test them with the group! Leave the outrage at the door. These stories are filled with controversial and contentious topics such as politics and crime, and we intend to engage with ALL of those topics like well-behaved adults. There are voice channels, an art channel, a monthly chapter discussion and more behind the weirwood and ebony doors.
What the hell is this?

- This is a game we've had going for over a whole year now in its current form. We do use a dice bot to decide many things because we actually find it very fun to do it that way and also it is the most unbiased way of deciding things.
- This is not really an RP, you are expected to play to your chosen character however and we do follow the laws and logic of ASOIAF.
- This is a "DnD" style game where you control a Westerosi House during the designated scenario. (EX: War of 5 Kings, Faith Militant Uprising, Roberts Rebellion, etc.)
- We Use Google Sheets to store all the information used to show your stats. (Bank, Army, Castle Info, Families, etc.)
- We also follow Book canon like 99% of the time and very rarely go by show canon.
- We joke around a lot as well, so you need to have an open sense of humor if you're gonna join up.

How do you join if you're interested? Well, join on in and we will guide you on how to get set up.
A game of thrones RP which takes place while the Targaryens sit on the Iron Throne.
In an AU (Alternate Universe) around the time of Robert’s Rebellion in which no canon characters exist- though canon houses like Tyrell and Stark do.
This is a new server looking for members to grow with and rewrite the Game of Thrones history in our image.
The timeline is set Before Aegon's Conquest to Westeros. A time when Westeros was divided into Seven individual kingdoms.
~Custom Characters, Houses, and Weapons
~All forms of Writing styles are welcome
~Vassal Houses and more...
The first couple of people to join could be eligible to be a king or queen, acquire a House sword for their Custom-house.
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╚═══════╕ ⟠ ◓ ⟠ ╒═══════╝


158 AC

The second war for Dorne is fought between the Iron Throne and Dorne, to full unite Westeros under the Targaryen Kingdom. Sparked by an ambitious King against the throne of Dorne to complete what his ancestors could not, conquer all seven kingdoms. With the last Targaryen dragon dying in 155 AC it caused a division among the Kingdoms, the Lords of Westeros seeing the Targaryens as weak, with many of them plotting against the crown for their own personal gain, with only a separate few still remaining loyal to their Valyrian conquerors.

Will you join and fight for a dominance over the iron throne?
Will you fight for a free Dorne, or will you see to it's fall?
The choice is yours.


|↣ A Fantasy world set in the wonderful world of G.R.R.M.

|↣ Meaningful roles, and many of them. You can be a Lord of a House, a household knight, an adventurer, or even a simple peasant! Maybe you’ll be all through the development of your character and story.

|↣ Friendly staff that takes pride in being unbiased, expect quality relations with our team who are eager to help maximize your fun within the server, and help you along in RP.

|↣ OC Characters only, this is on an alternate-timeline in the GoT setting.

|↣ The server is brand spank-me new! Just being made a few weeks ago.

If your interested, come on and join! All are welcomed.
In the year 199 AC, the realm of Westeros faces dire issues. While war brews between Dorne and the Stormlands, the bastard sons of a disinherited Aegon IV Targaryen oppose the rule of Queen Maelar Targaryen, seeking to reclaim the throne of their father and rise as true Targaryens. Elsewhere, an unknown party aids the wildlings against a bumbling Night’s Watch, the Iron Isles collide with Lannisport against Casterly Rock and the North stews over broken trust with the Targaryens after a wave of the Great Spring Sickness affects the regions north of the capital.

TDoD is an alternate history Blackfyre-inspired ASOIAF RP server with a mix of new characters paving their path and familiar characters in new roles. Aegon IV was disinherited before his time, the throne now no longer accounts gender in succession, and the daughter of a decloaked Aemon the Dragonknight sits the throne. A tale told newly comes, how will you play?
The year 2 B.C. The continent of Westeros is at hovered by great tension. Aegon Targaryen has a goal, to conquer the former Kings and become the only King in the Seven Kingdoms. With his sister wives Rhaenrys and Visyena he plans a conquest which will go down in history.
Will you be conquered ? Or the conqueror, any one can win the Game of Thrones. But you either win or you die, good luck. And don't die...

We aren't fully canon. We just have some canon characters obviously. Nothing is set in stone
Game of Thrones: A Tale of Ice & Fire

"When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or die."

Welcome to the World of a Song of Ice and Fire, a world of medieval low fantasy, and a story that intertwines and extends through the furthest reaches of a very large map.
Reach deep into yourself and find the strength to lead one of the Houses, join the Nightswatch, or fight for glory in the Free Cities of Essos. The possibilities are limitless in our vast community.

▪A Map with many, many locations!
▪A combat and war system.
▪A legacy system.
▪A dedicated and helpful staff team.
▪️Acceptance of all writing styles.

We await you in the Lands of Westeros!
This a Game of Thrones Roleplay Server is situated in 120 AC, the day Laenor Velaryon was murdered by his lover Ser Qarl Correy, who disappeared from Westeros leaving no footprints, Rhaenyra therefore was now without husband, and the path the story can follow can either lead through some eventual peaceful solution of the succession crisis, or into a bloodshed even greater than what, in the lore, happened. This roleplay is loosely base around the canon, but nearly everything can be subject to change.

Will you rise as a great lord, a powerful queen, or a brave knight?
What are you waiting for? Play the game of thrones!

Masters of Westeros is an Alternate history of the show Game of Thrones (And the books A song Of Ice & Fire). The current year is 280 AC
We have to offer:

- A diverse open world
- Custom houses, as well as characters
- A well thought out combat/war system
- A need for Staff and members

We are relatively new and all positions are in need of responsible people. Join today!
Seven Kingdoms: Welcome! This is a Game Of Thrones RP with a decent amount of freedom and creativity at hand with your character, while being managed properly with fair and trustworthy staff. In the RP history can be determined and changed from the actual canon while your own characters can be inserted, diplomacy and wars are handled realistically while certain things haven't been established while others have. You may also produce potential custom houses alongside canons. There are no set "main characters" or things of the sort. If you do choose to join the server, read #lore and #rules first. Refer to @alexander @sean and @danny for questions or problems you encounter with the roleplay.
Do you love Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire? Us too! Ever wanted to explore the time period known as Aegon’s Conquest, when there were still Dragons? Us too!

Here we offer a few things:
-A chance to explore and create an ancient World in the universe.
-The ability to make OC’s or canon characters, or even make an OC in place of a canon.
-Friendly staff.
-A story YOU get to create!
-And more!

We hope to see you there, friends!
We are a Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire series role-play,

It is more than 50 years since the War of the Five Kings... A new king has emerged from beyond the sea to unite Westeros once again... but will it remain so for long? You can decide in this custom role-play!

Initially rooted in the canon of George R.R. Martin, this server will build upon that foundation and grow into a unique role-play experience featuring your favorite (or least favorite) characters, and even those characters yet to exist.
The Dragon's Wrath is an ASOIAF roleplaying game set during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. Will the Black Dragon finally rise above the Red and reign supreme? Only time will tell!
Game of Thrones / ASOIAF themed community with the beloved BearBot and TV/Movie nights ...
This is the beginning of times, the Dawn Age where civilizations have emerged to explore and conquer the hidden world. The realm is filled with magic open to anyone who is willing to tap into it. Essos is sprawling with civilizations, each ruling in its own right. Westeros and Sothoros are lands that yearn to be conquered. However, these lands are filled with ferocious magical creatures. Join this realm to tame magical creatures, use magic and conquer open lands.

This server is fairly new, it is loosely based on from ASOIAF and GOT. History will be made by the players.
~ Legacy and Marriage system
~Establish regions
~Build and conquer kingdoms
~create custom families, characters and religion