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This is a **__Pokemon Roleplay Server__** created with the aim to provide roleplayers with a fun and memorable experience when they are a part of the Pokemon universe. **With your help, it has full potential to be a lovely place to stay!**

Love Pokemon, and want a break from your real-life? This is your place!

**__WHAT WE OFFER:__**

► **Minor-Friendly Environment:** Still a teenager? No problem! This server is completely NSFW-free and politics-free! The only requirements are that you are at least 13 years old and your account is at least 7 days old.

► **Newbie-Friendly Environment:** New to roleplaying? No worries. We will help you get started. It will be **fun!**

► **Three Zones For Different Styles:** Regardless of how you RP, we have a zone for you, as long as you are willing to contribute and put effort into your posts. You can even **host your own RP** if you want!

► **Arts and Fictions Centre:** Have some drawings or stories that you would like to share? You are always welcome!

► **Chatrooms:** For basically everything. Wanting to make friends, share your memes, or discuss about gaming? No problem! We have places for that.

► **Conflict Resolutions Centre:** We do not have the intention of making this place "conflict-free," because such thing does not exist. We acknowledge the existence of conflicts, and we will help you **resolve** them in a **serious** and **respectful** manner, to ensure a **truly enjoyable** experience for all of you.

**__Pokemon Roleplayers of the World, Unite!__**
In a world ruled by Pokemon, Nations are scattered all over, claiming their own land, their own laws, and their own communities. These nations are home to a type of pokemon, like Fire.
These nations live in harmony, but that won't last forever. Enter a world filled with imperfection and room for a little destruction.

**This server is still a bit of a WIP. Currently looking for people to help in finishing the server. I have the basics set up, I really just need help with naming everything and finalizing. This also means possible admin spots early on in the server if I find you helpful and fitting.
☀ Hello! Welcome to a character-centered Pokemon roleplay server! We have tons of channels to roleplay with and you can roleplay as canon or oc! This server has just started so practically any character is open for grabs and you can roleplay in specifically Alola, but you can roleplay as any canon character! ☀

☀ We are open to all people to join! ☀
The clock slowly ticks down as you sleep softly in your bed. The world around you is as peaceful as any youngster might believe it to be. After years of waiting you are finally prepared to become a pokemon trainer.


There it is, the alarm clock that has awakened you. Get movin, kiddo! It's time to become a pokemon master!

Welcome to Distortion, a small but dedicated server of players ready to push a story forward and make a narrative rich world full of adventure. Come on in and enter the world of pokemon!
This is a small roleplay community revolving around the world of Pokémon. We are very friendly and eager to expand our group. Oc’s Are more than welcome, and you may have multiple muses. We are accepting of all people and ages, as long as you follow the rules and the moderators.

We have most roles open including:
-gym leaders
-trial captains
-elite 4
-and many more.

Please join us and say hello. We are constantly evolving and can’t wait to meet you!
A fun, laxed role-play community that aims to help Pokemon lovers of all sorts Connect!
Get custom roles based on your character, ERP or RP in a multitude of different environmental chatroom's, and make many new friends!
**New Pokemon RP Server**
Come join Pokémon: The Lunar Star. And unfold you Sinnoh journey today. And for a limited time, for the first 10 members get to make elite 4 or gym leader characters!! Come join today
Hey you.

Yea you. I’m talking to you.

Do you like Pokémon?

How about *Pokémon* but with a dark and mature plot line? 👀👀

Sprinkle in some nice thick lore and a full storyline, and you got yourself one heck of a good time.

Jokes aside, though, we are in need of new members. We are slowly building ourselves back up after a small hiatus and we are now ready to roll.

We are a small but growing role play server with an overarching plot centered in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon archetype with a fresh new gruesome taste.
Expect death, drama, mysteries, and despair as we slowly delve into the secrets of the region of Rajin.

Our little community is formed by friendly, experienced role-players who thrive to create memorable and creative stories. With multiple OOC channels for those who wish to mingle among the other members and many more role-play channels, you’ll never find yourself without things to do. For those who prefer role playing with a set end-goal we have what we call **Chapters**, **Side plots**, and many more special events that explore the lore of this region and slowly lead into an overarching story whose direction is heavily influenced by character interactions.

We are always happy to hear suggestions and improve your experience in the server as well as we constantly seek to grow! We absolutely love letting others get involved with the server and rp.

So what do you say?

We’d love to have you join us!

~Recap of a few things our server offers~

⚜️| A full overarching storyline
⚜️| Subversive Lore
⚜️| A helpful and friendly team of mods
⚜️| A working economy system so characters can buy and sell goods.
⚜️| Active chatting and rp rooms
⚜️| All roleplayers are welcome, including newbies
⚜️| We have a music bot and more to play with!
⚜️| A summary of the current storyline to get you up to date
⚜️| Currently accepting partnerships
⚜️| Always open for improvements and growth
Hello friends, I'm here to welcome you to the wonderful region of Alewol, a great place of two islands that always see the stars as clearly as possible. all I have to say, is I hope you enjoy your stay on the islands...

Some of the wonderful things within the region of Alewol are things including, but not limited to:
•the ability to be either a Pokémon, Pokémorph, Trainer, or just a normal human.
•the ability for Pokémon as well as Pokémorphs to be hybrids, combinations of two different Pokemon.
•and... Well... Let's just say the children don't need to hear about that, so I'll just leave it out...
•and finally, the ability to make complex characters with unique backstories how do you use them to role-play with other people!
This pokemon server rp might not have as much quality as a few others but what we do have is fun you can come and join our region and become a pokemon trainer wanting to become the next champion or completly ignore the leuge and just explore our custom region whatever you do i hope you come and have a good time
Enter the region of Rotova, where dust blows harsh in deserts and pharaohs sit atop thrones with their Pokemon. Set out on a journey to prove yourself to the Elite Four, and become Champion!
A calm and relaxed Pokémon roleplay community. The server features the idea of a Poképark. The Poképark is the plot of every roleplay event within the server whether you’re enjoying a nice beach resort to the forest or even the mountains, it’s all part of the Poképark! Let’s not forget about the roles designed to Describe your characters whether it’s our type to your gender or even to your hobbies such as being a musician or a gamer which features rooms directly related to those topics! We look forward to every member and hope you enjoy your stay!

Emma & Jade, the Breevee couple!
A literate to semi-literate Pokemon roleplay featuring a new region and story. There are plenty of locations to visit, and lots of active members to roleplay with. If you're looking for an active roleplay server, this is the place for you! We also have Pokecord and plenty of chatting channels if roleplaying isn't really your thing.

Within the RP you can earn access to any legendary Pokemon by showing RP skill! Effort put into RP posts will be rewarded, and we also have a points system to reward good RPers and prevent OP characters.

This is a generally more literate RP, though the skill levels vary a lot. We have short paragraph RPers to novella-spam RPers, so there's plenty of different styles of roleplayers here to suit your fancy. However, one-line responses are generally not accepted.


The Pokemon Region of Setenia is a prosperous place that is much like any other region, with a League and Contests that produce some of the greatest Pokemon Trainers of the century. Despite the presence of Team Dawn and Team Dusk, peaceful times have settled on the region for quite a few years. However, a certain disturbance has taken over the two Legendary Pokemon of the Region, Nocturna and Lytara, and the leaders scramble to find a solution before the region is thrown into a permanent chaos that threatens to destroy the very world.

The Teams' goals are simple. For Team Dusk, they wish to settle the world into a permanent night to secure mankind's power over all other creatures, even over Pokemon. For Team Dawn, they wish to settle the world into a permanent day to destroy the darkness in the world forever. The only way they can accomplish this is to take the two Legendary Pokemon and use their power for themselves.

Both the leaders of the region and Pokemon Trainers alike will be challenged in their race to save the world from the very legendary Pokemon that saved the region so long ago.
This is a test for a concept I'm thinking of, I am looking for staff members and people who are willing to help me out, thank you
Hello, and welcome to Pokemon- The Secrets of the Unown.
This, is a Johto-based Pokemon RP server. You can be a trainer or pokemon, and go have your own journey.
You could try and get all 8 Gym-Badges, maybe even go out to Kanto once you're strong enough- or you could join the infamous Team Rocket and try to steal pokemon for personal gain- the choice is yours as a trainer.

We've made some slight changes to some pokemon, making the RP go a bit more smooth for Evolutions.
Other than RPing, you can-
Use the bots like Pokecord, Dank Memer and Tupperware
Talk with other Pokemon fans from across the globe
Show others your shiny pokemon
Advertise your own Discord server
Do the Mr.Ping challenge
And much, much more!

We can't wait to see you, in Pokemon- The Secrets of the Unown!
For some reason I created a slice of life city rp for pokemon...
anyway, come join us, the server is very new so pls help me grow it.
Hello the lovable Green here to introduce a new pokemon rp server. We are just starting out and would love input from other pokemon rpers. We cater to both canon or oc roleplayers and even pokemon. We take place in the pokemon mega timeline where anything can happen. We have several pokemon bots, as well as storylines in the different regions pokemon has to offer. We turn no one away. We do have some NSFW channels and even SFW channels. We have roles for who you want to protray and are looking for gym leaders, champions and the elite four. You could even be an OC gym leader or even elite four. So please come and join is in some either naughty fun or regular fun.
This is a server with a bit of people to roleplay with we would love to have anyone in the server to join in!
We have these items below:

1.) Pokécord, MEE6, Yui, OwO

2.) Character Sheets

3.) Roles and more!

4.) Music!

5.) Hilarious Staff
Hi this is a pokemon united rp server. Im looking for staff and players. I hope you can have fun!
Welcome to TBWS | PKMN RP, no one reads this, so I'm not typing anything.
Welcome to Pokelewds X!
Pokemon and Humans casually lived as they did until one day, all the pokecenters had a glitch in the programming, replacing the DNA that they healed with human DNA. Now, most pokemon were turned to either almost human or only humanoid figures. Other pokemon had their DNA meshed with others, creating new species! Climate change also awakens in this universe introducing an infinite amount of new pokemon to catch and discover!
Pokemon: Universal Platinum
*"Hello there! It's so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!
My name is Rowan. However, everyone just calls me the Pokémon Professor. Before I go any further, is this your first adventure? If you need advice, I'm certainly capable of giving it.
Would you like to know more about anything else?
This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon. Here, I have a Poké Ball. Touch the button on the middle of the Poké Ball, if you'd please.
We humans live alongside Pokémon as friends. At times we play together, and at other times we work together. Some people use their Pokémon to battle and develop closer bonds with them. What do I do? I conduct research so that we may learn more about Pokémon. Now, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?"*
Here on Pokemon: Universal Platinum, you can:
-Actually RP!
-Participate in Pokemon Showdown Battles
-Just relax in the General Chat for awhile
-Enjoy the Bots like Dank Memer, Mee6, and Pokecord
-Spam images of Togekiss
-Speak in the Voice Chats
And much, much more!
*"Alright, <player>, the time has come. Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. On your journey, you will meet countless Pokémon and people. I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even something about yourself. Now, go on, leap into the world of Pokémon!"*