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It's yet another Pokemon Roleplay server! We're just starting out, so I hope you'll find a reason to join us! We DO have NSFW, but it's completely optional. The owner is a friendly guy and we have a fair ruleset. We have plenty of roleplayers, all ready to roleplay with YOU! There's also plenty of Factions, including Rescue Teams and Mercenaries. (This server is more about the POKEMON than the TRAINERS.)
Hello. Welcome to Aonia. Here you can make tons of new friends, and characters and explore the region of Aonia. We hope you enjoy your stay here, make sure to read the welcome message! We offer lots of things, like playing as Pokémon and trainer!

✅ One Liners Allowed
✅ No Auto Hitting
✅ No OP Pokemon
✅ Trainers and Pokémon
✅ Family Friendly
A calm and relaxed Pokémon roleplay community. The server features the idea of a Poképark. The Poképark is the plot of every roleplay event within the server whether you’re enjoying a nice beach resort to the forest or even the mountains, it’s all part of the Poképark! Let’s not forget about the roles designed to Describe your characters whether it’s our type to your gender or even to your hobbies such as being a musician or a gamer which features rooms directly related to those topics! We look forward to every member and hope you enjoy your stay!

Emma & Jade, the Breevee couple!
This is a semi lit to literate rp. Though we would be happy to help scrip writers adapt to the new style. The rp uses gijinka style Pokémon. This basically means Pokémon with a more humanoid appearance but more human than Pokémon so not really a furry. The world is similar to that of the mystery dungeon so no humans really exist in it. We are alway excited for new people to join with their interesting ocs.


Rp info
This is a world of Pokemon and Pokemon Gijinkas. Which live in harmony for the most part. In this world there 18 total countries. One for each type. Between the countries are vast forests, lakes, deserts, etc. All of which act as natural barriers. Now not all Pokemon live in those kingdoms, in fact a majority live in the many neutral lands that were left in their natural pristine state or have small villages that (usually) peacefully go mind their own business. Even Pokemon that aren't the specified type live in various other countries. The nation type only really dictate what the royal families typing is.
A small light surrounds you and teleports you to a place of white lights and peace. A swan like pokemon appears before you and gifts you with entrance to a new realm named “Starfield”. New players can be met here alone with pokemon friends to be made! There is even a home for newly created pokemon. Cresselia has only opened the gates to her Starfield but with every Trainer or Pokemon just like you, an untold adventure is waiting to happen.
The Starfield currently offers
-Roleplaying rooms for all types
-Art channel
-A sister server for Pokecord
-And a vast region to be molded

If you're looking for a fun filled place for role play and a great community.
Then join us, and step into the light
☕ | Olá, vai um cafézinho?
💮 Se você gosta de Pokémon e Roleplaying seu lugar é aqui!

🌺 Nosso server foi criado para seu entretenimento, tivemos muito esforço o criando.

🌸 Nossa Staff é amigável e sempre vai estar ativa para tirar suas dúvidas sobre o servidor.

🌹 Roleplays quase livres, mais de 40 canais para seu gosto (Incluído para RP de NSFW), mais uma categoria exclusiva do servidor.

🌼 Servidor simpático, amigável e relaxante, temos até pokécord! Entre alguns outros bots para lhe distrai-lo.

🌻 O servidor é novo, então tenha paciência, caso queira que ele seja mais ativo convide mais pessoas e nos ajudem a crescer!

💮 Aposto que mesmo não gostando de RPG vai amar o servidor do mesmo jeito! <3
☕ | Obrigado por ler! Sinta-se livre para entra!
Start your sunny journey in the Alplana region! Where there’s either Rain or Shine in this tropical region! But wait. . .there’ a huge gap between the rich and the poor creating a political turmoil that’s affecting the region, culturally, socially, and physically. Will you help in this fight against the poor and the rich or shall you try to ignore it and continue on your journey. . .to beat the Champion and their Elite Four!
Welcome to the world of pokemon! This is a brand new server with a brand new story that will be changed and written by the members of the server!

We have:

Custom roles!

Tons of roleplay locations with new dungeons to explore and discover!

Pokecord Channel!

Tons of bots and bot channels!

Image and meme sharing channels!

Bio templates for easy bio making!

TONS of help channels to get you assistance when you need!

OOC Chats!

This server is BRAND NEW, I hope to grow this server, please join and bring your friends!

Staff needed! Apply today!
Help! The ultra beasts have run rampit, and the ultra recon squad needs your help to keep things in check, either that...or you join an evil team and wreck everything....OR....become a bystander in all of this. This will decide the fate of not only alola....but of EVERY region in itself....are you ready to save the pokemon world?
**New Pokemon RP Server**
Come join Pokémon: The Lunar Star. And unfold you Sinnoh journey today. And for a limited time, for the first 10 members get to make elite 4 or gym leader characters!! Come join today
Welcome to Pokémon: Roleplay Central! We have wonderful staff and some awesome bots, you’ll have fun for sure! Here, you can become a trainer or a Pokémon and you can even make Ocs but please just no porn, or you’ll get muted or even kicked and we don’t want that here do we? And remember have fun!
Hello friends, I'm here to welcome you to the wonderful region of Alewol, a great place of two islands that always see the stars as clearly as possible. all I have to say, is I hope you enjoy your stay on the islands...

Some of the wonderful things within the region of Alewol are things including, but not limited to:
•the ability to be either a Pokémon, Pokémorph, Trainer, or just a normal human.
•the ability for Pokémon as well as Pokémorphs to be hybrids, combinations of two different Pokemon.
•and... Well... Let's just say the children don't need to hear about that, so I'll just leave it out...
•and finally, the ability to make complex characters with unique backstories how do you use them to role-play with other people!
Welcome to Arcases, a medieval world ruled by magical creatures known as Pokemon. Mystery dungeons spawn throughout the world, creating false, animalistic pokemon from their depths who are no more than monsters, roaming the countrysides and causing trouble for the people. Yes, the people of Dracore went through with a cross between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Medieval Fantasy with edited lore. Of the 18 type-based kingdoms, parts of the normal-type are in the playable area, will be expanding soon.

Anything from one-liners to multi-para welcome, so come in and have some fun as a Pokemon.
"This story takes place 5 years after the main Mystery Dungeon games. Since then, Chatot moved to live in another town, and unfortunately, Wigglytuff turned sour, and resigned to be a Villian. A new face, Florentino, was elected for leader, and his friend, Yaichi, was elected for vice leader. The group of villains have grew, reaching a community of 300 people. They have a full base, but not only them, but the Guild has grown. Now there are 200 in total Guild members, and there's more floors, and things to do. Explore this land, and uncover the secret of the Portal Crystals..."
Made by: 🍄ᴋᴀᴇʀᴜ🍄#1418
Posted by: Kohi 💕#3106
A literate to semi-literate Pokemon roleplay featuring a new region and story. There are plenty of locations to visit, and lots of active members to roleplay with. If you're looking for an active roleplay server, this is the place for you! We also have Pokecord and plenty of chatting channels if roleplaying isn't really your thing.

Within the RP you can earn access to any legendary Pokemon by showing RP skill! Effort put into RP posts will be rewarded, and we also have a points system to reward good RPers and prevent OP characters.

This is a generally more literate RP, though the skill levels vary a lot. We have short paragraph RPers to novella-spam RPers, so there's plenty of different styles of roleplayers here to suit your fancy. However, one-line responses are generally not accepted.


The Pokemon Region of Setenia is a prosperous place that is much like any other region, with a League and Contests that produce some of the greatest Pokemon Trainers of the century. Despite the presence of Team Dawn and Team Dusk, peaceful times have settled on the region for quite a few years. However, a certain disturbance has taken over the two Legendary Pokemon of the Region, Nocturna and Lytara, and the leaders scramble to find a solution before the region is thrown into a permanent chaos that threatens to destroy the very world.

The Teams' goals are simple. For Team Dusk, they wish to settle the world into a permanent night to secure mankind's power over all other creatures, even over Pokemon. For Team Dawn, they wish to settle the world into a permanent day to destroy the darkness in the world forever. The only way they can accomplish this is to take the two Legendary Pokemon and use their power for themselves.

Both the leaders of the region and Pokemon Trainers alike will be challenged in their race to save the world from the very legendary Pokemon that saved the region so long ago.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Legacy is a Pokemon-based roleplay group hosted on Discord that features a PMD inspired setting and an overarching story about the conflict between Kyogre and Groudon in an original Pokemon region. Members play as a Pokemon affiliated with one of four guilds (Explorers, Merchants, Researchers, or Scoundrels) and complete missions with others to earn rewards. Of course, the roleplay here is not limited to just missions. Members are encouraged to also explore the lives of their characters and meet other players, whether or not they are in the same guild. We focus on storytelling whether it be a solo experience or with others!

Inspired by the now defunct PMDE and PMDUnity groups on Deviantart, this RP group strives to be a place to roleplay that inspires creativity and collaborative storytelling. All ability levels are welcome here, and points will be rewarded to each team based on participation rather than skill.
Hello, and welcome to Pokemon- The Secrets of the Unown.
This, is a Johto-based Pokemon RP server. You can be a trainer or pokemon, and go have your own journey.
You could try and get all 8 Gym-Badges, maybe even go out to Kanto once you're strong enough- or you could join the infamous Team Rocket and try to steal pokemon for personal gain- the choice is yours as a trainer.

We've made some slight changes to some pokemon, making the RP go a bit more smooth for Evolutions.
Other than RPing, you can-
Use the bots like Dank Memer and Tupperware
Talk with other Pokemon fans from across the globe
Show others your shiny pokemon
Advertise your own Discord server
Do the Mr.Ping challenge
And much, much more!

We can't wait to see you, in Pokemon- The Secrets of the Unown!
Welcome to pokemon rp!
-humans and pokemon allowed
-fan made pokemon not allowed

The clock slowly ticks down as you sleep softly in your bed. The world around you is as peaceful as any youngster might believe it to be. After years of waiting you are finally prepared to become a pokemon trainer.


There it is, the alarm clock that has awakened you. Get movin, kiddo! It's time to become a pokemon master!

Welcome to Distortion, a small but dedicated server of players ready to push a story forward and make a narrative rich world full of adventure. Come on in and enter the world of pokemon!
Enter the region of Rotova, where dust blows harsh in deserts and pharaohs sit atop thrones with their Pokemon. Set out on a journey to prove yourself to the Elite Four, and become Champion!