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Welcome to the ORIGINAL and LARGEST Discord server for all things related to hip-hop!

Created by Kim#1337
Mainly targeted to those who make and enjoy music, we are filled with people of mass variety (we aint got bots lol). We discuss, critique, and just enjoy ourselves! You're more than welcomed to join and see for yourself!
We're a gang of chill OGs always looking for new people to hang out with. We like music, chatting, gaming, coding, art, memes, & having a good time.
HELLO THERE! I am Faded David and this is my server! We have many things to do. First off, you can apply for jobs and get in-server money to buy things from our shop and also play in our casino. Second, we have many channels such as memes and much more, Third, I stream! You can potentially be in a stream :D Come along and join the kingdom!
#1 top-rated server in edgy/toxic/drama culture ― the leading uncluttered server & simplicity usage for our users to interact and meet new people! #reality
Welcome to Moternal!
On this server you can listen to music, chat with others, search for people to play your favourite games with, and make friends! We also got our own playlist, hiphop and game news and events!
Group for X And SKI fans, alot of roles, looking to play chat, active staff, we are VERY new, but i am Trying my best to make this popular and poeple to have somewhere to go to meet other fans of theirs if you are sad, RIP X.
Rest In Peace XXXTENTACION We Wished He Stayed Alive Longer But Legends Seem To Die Here You Can Talk About XXXTENTACION... We Usually Do School Times So More Active In Weekends
this is where u can just listen to music!
Serveur pour chanter, parler, et parler de tout et de rien.
Si vous avez du talent dans la voix se serveur est fait pour toi!
Bienvenue Dans La Rebellion,
Un Discord pensé et creé par une bande de potes prête à tout pour faire régner la bonne humeur entre les joeurs.
Rejoignez nous pour faire partit des Rebelles et pour passer des bon moments avec nous et les autres joueurs !!
Hip-Hop/Rap Music is a dedicated server to musical exploration. Find artists you might not know, find playlists that fit your mood, get up-to-date tweets from your favorite artists and talk to others with similar tastes.

Sound Design, synthesis, mixing techniques and resources for electronic music production of rap (trap, hip hop, lo-fi, boom bap, ...) pop and rock, with main focus in Rap Beats.


Hey, this is a one of a kind, diverse chat for music, gaming, and other stuff related! it has listening parties and discussions for new albums releasing, gaming discussions, memes, general discussions, and other stuff will can be added! Hope to see you soon.
Posty's Rockstar Club is the best place for fans of music, specifically rapper/rockstar Post Malone to come together to get news about him, interact with other fans, and discuss his music. We have a custom bot as well as games and events!
Yo everyone join this discord server for some goods
Serveur discord : EMPIRE 1k8 membres
An Eminem discord server with chill rules, and a great community! You can also promote your own music in the #promotion channel!
Hey :) We are a discord server that's main focus is around discussing hip-hop (particularly rap) music. We tolerate muisc of all kind however :) We talk about new releases and dive back into the past to talk about old projects and their legacy. Feel free to join and contribute to the conversation :)
Young Thug is an Atlanta based rapper. This was originally a server for r/YoungThug on Reddit. Since then, we have grown to about 100 members and partnered with popular Young Thug fan page @ThugActivities!
Stay Slimey
Server dedicated for Denzel curry fans to Talk about music and meet other fans.
My server is mainy focused on music and gambling!
here you can gamble with in-game currency anc you can also share you music with your friend, we got xp ranks and lvl's. join the best community!
Version française: Discord'Style est le premier serveur français de Beatbox, de rap, de chant, d'instruments. Nous avons notre propre bot pour les musiques.
English version : Discord'Style is the first french server of Beatbox, rap, vocals, instruments. We have our own bot for music.