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Hello! We're a newly founded record label that plans on doing things differently. IE. Not screwing artists. We're building a discord community and would love to have you involved whether you are an artist, producer or just want to chill and talk about music join on up!
1 days ago
This server is dedicated to music networking (primarily rap and hiphop).
1 days ago
Hey, this is a one of a kind, diverse chat for music, gaming, and other stuff related! it has listening parties and discussions for new albums releasing, gaming discussions, memes, general discussions, and other stuff will can be added! Hope to see you soon.
7 days ago
OOF is a great server for someone to make new friends or just talk, it has many features that are guaranteed to anyone. When you join you will be an Oofling, we hope to see you come up the ranks.

• Active Members
• Friendly People
• Music
• Fun Bot Commands
• Friendly Staff

-OOF staff.
8 days ago
This is a server dedicated to the rapper Cupcakke, the queen that we stan. Come on in sis!
19 days ago
My discord is a little bit of everything. From memes to therapy and i never thought i would type that in a sentence. We also have games and a dank memer bot for economy. With rhythm bot for tunes. Not many rules just dont bully. We have a very small community so enjoy! (Theres politics to but it limits my tags REEEEEEEE)
48 days ago
Official Discord server for Reddit's /r/Drizzy subreddit. The Discord is dedicated to talking about Drake's music and the subreddit but also about sharing all kinds of hip hop music and listening together. Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.
67 days ago
This is a server for people to chill out and party. There is very little rules but if you are an ass to others, yes there will be concequences. Send your edgiest memes and be just as offensive as you want.
75 days ago
Here, you can listen to music, listen to me playing music, and talk with random people if your bored. :P
114 days ago
We listen to music make beats rap also some of us skate and video games
119 days ago
Sound Design, synthesis, mixing techniques and resources for electronic music production in rap beats
17700 days ago