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Hello, welcome to the Official BlvckkSheep server. This server is for everyone that likes to make music, or who wants to learn how to make music. This servers main purpose is to help improve your music producing skills. Things included in this server are featured guest music, sample packs and tutorials. We hope to see you soon!
A new server for people to converse about new songs, new artists, their favorite songs, old songs etc etc, we also have channels for artists to post their music and other things!
Our Server description
you have been invited to: notesmusical_notemusical_scoreMusic PaLacenotesmusical_notemusical_score
please join our server, we are looking for lots of new people and for real artist!!
(If you are a real artist you will get a role and you'll have the perm to advertise your stuff isnt that awesome?)
we are very friendly towards others,
We always have new things coming,
✧・゚: ✧・゚: 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 𝕨𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 :・゚✧:・゚✧

----Nice people----'
---- not very strict rules----
------ We are Open for suggestion so if you want something, we will do it, we will do what people want to stay (not giving admin role for sure :)----
----- make loads of good friends-----
---- it's active
----we have lots of music bots, of music channel and and specific music Categorie!!----
---- very friendly!!-----
----Really open for Partner!!----
looking for partner manager and mod
Questa chat si ispira all'originale spirito di J4S

Che cosa era J4S?

J4S è un posto in cui puoi dire tutto ciò che vuoi, postare tutto ciò che vuoi, senza limiti (a parte augurare morte e malattie agli altri utenti)

Tu quindi penserai, posso insultare gli altri? Sì certo, a patto che tu sappia che anche loro possono insultare te.

"Ma perchè dovrei farlo?", ti chiederai. Semplicemente perchè questa prassi catartica ti permetterà di vivere meglio online e nella vita reale.

Ah già tu ora non vedi un cazzo perchè ti trovi in una sala d'attesa. Sei pregato di scrivermi in privato cosichè io possa ammetterti serenamente, ok? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Che altro dire?

Svapo hai rotto il cazzo.

Welcome to Producecord! were a small discord server/producer group all about making music that we LOVE! Here you can meet people to collab with, advertise your art and even get some tips on your works

(It should be mentioned that trading of kits/vst's is strictly prohibited within the server, requesting is allowed but giving/receiving should be kept to DM's)

Welcome to Rap Central!

o Events + Polls
o Make new friends!
o Rap
o NSFW Content!
o Awesome Bots!
o Ranking System

And many more! Join Rap Central~
If anyone is into hip hop and wants to stay up with the latest news such as latest album drops etc join our community here!
Moin, was hab ich da gehört?
Du suchst einen Server auf dem du ganz entspannt mit paar chilligen Leuten chatten und Kontakt aufbauen kannst?
DAS hier ist GENAU das was du suchst, trust me.
Komm rein und genieße:
-Ein cooles Levelsystem
-Viele Bots
-Laidback Admins (außer wenn du komplett Blamage bist)
-Viele Chicas

Wir warten auf dich!
Discord'Style est un serveur de partage basé sur le rap, le beatmaking, le chant, le Beatbox et pleins d'autres disciplines. Nous possédons également un salon

Discord'Style is a sharing server based on rap, beatmaking, singing, Beatbox and many other disciplines. We also have a salon to advertise.
Scarlxrd community from Reddit
Hey everyone, Compose is a community for anyone interested in joining a music creation server. Collaboration for beats, talking about music in general or just sharing your own beats, we do it all.
So if you are a Producer, Lyricist, Singer, Rapper or anything related to music and want to join a small but active community : Welcome!

We also try to organise some events from time to time to keep the producers active.
Anyways, if you feel like joining a friendly, musical family, welcome to the pack! :)
We are The Onfroy Family, we are a fanbase for XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep. Disrespecting either rapper's death or related things is a auto-ban.
Welcome to the ORIGINAL and LARGEST Discord server for all things related to hip-hop!

Created by Kim#1337
Seeking a place to share your art & music or just hang out? SADPOSTING is the right place to do that! Join and start conversations in our laid back and non-toxic community!
300+ Members / Chill STAFF Team / Custom BOT / Pokecord
Rap listening**talking**spotify parties**promotions**collabs**fuc em_!:)
Witamy cieplutko na polskim serwerze skupionym wokół muzyki. Na naszym serwerze możecie podyskutować o muzyce, od zwykłego mainstreamowego rapu aż po NSBM :)
BEEM is a community focusing on music production and connecting people.

• You can share your work on our discord server, no matter what genre you are creating.
• Meet other music producers and share and discuss your ideas with them!
• Find people to collaborate with for your upcoming projects!
Official server of Youtube rapper Asa Jake. Get notified when a new track is released and discuss music with other artists!
Welcome To Death's Hub, A Discord Rap Server For New Or Advanced Rappers. We Have Voice And Text Channels.
This is a brand new server focused around all kinds of music. From metal, pop, rap, and everything in between. If this interests you come in, everyone is welcome.
Rap fans only, we take no L's
Very chilly Discord server with lots of friends and fun.