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🅳🅴🆁🆁🅸🅲🅺 🅱🆁🅰🅽🅲🅷's OFFICIAL COMMUNITY Server, Goth, Metal, Cosplay, scarlxrd, HipHop, 4chan, soundcloud.
hello. hope you have fun in this sad hole. we talk bt music n memes here, dark humor is always appreciated. come join. we're cool. I swear.

come talk abt:
- music
-make friends
Are You An Artist Or Producer This The Server For You We Give Away Free Plug-ins, DRUM Kits, Beats And More Join Our Fast Growing Community Engagement Group We Are Large In Numbers On Instagram. To Join DM Group Message @420mafiagod_thme on IG | What This Server About: A music-related server
with some hints of conspiracy theorizing and torrent sharing
>>share your music and art
If you make music or art come here to talk about if and share your creations.
If you just want to find new music we have channels full of suggestions.
>> We have memes
There's a channel where memes are spammed literally constantly from the best subreddits.
We have pokecord along with other games like idle rpg and boxbot. These games are limited to the games channel which you can opt in or out of seeing via self roles. So if you dont want them bothering you then they wont
>>>>Self roles<<<
We have a lot of bots. Everything from economy bots to music bots.
Theres also porn for all you meat beaters out there.
Discord server where you can chat, listen to music not only popular, but also the performers of this team! We are waiting for everyone in our family. Anime, love and more.
This server is a place for classical music fans, listeners, and players to hang out! The server is neatly organised so it is appealing to the eyes, and we have a variety of colour roles for you to choose from!
What's PreMiD???
> PreMiD is an open source project that allows you to show what you are watching on YouTube... in your Discord status

> No worries! You can download it by joining our Discord server!
Sup posers. 3:1 Female to Male Ratio, isn't THAT enticing?
Welcome male orbiters.
Hey welcome to DemonEyes. We are a gaming community that helps small streamers, musicians, and YouTubers grow there channels, or just hang out and make friends with new people. We are also a YouTube community for GrimmPLAYZ and V3 FUB. We are helped and supported by 4AGamers.

Anime / Manga
Much More

Come join DemonEyes Toyday!
In the Prime Evil discord server we have:

➵ Gaming Voice Channels for Your Favorite Games
➵ Soundcloud music sharing for artists
➵ Edgy Meme Channels
➵ An NSFW Channel with NSFW Commands
➵ Emotional Help
➵ Unique Roles
do you like legit.smitty ?? Oh. Don't know who he is? k hang on..
Ok. now, do you like legit.smitty ??
Well we do too! Join us and we can worship or curly haired, all greasy music god !!
This server is dedicated to music networking (primarily rap and hiphop).
The OFFICIAL Discord Server For MarMed Studios! Join For Exclusive Updates And News!
"C'mon down, we've got snacks! Please bring food!" - Owner of Marginally Mediocre Studios
A fresh new music & lounge community. Good vibes only.
This is what we offer
➺ Discord Games ( Connect 4 , Tictactoe , Hangman )
➺ Fresh Memes Generator
➺ Unique Voice Channels ( Active with Radio,Playlist,Memes Sounds )
➺Tons of working bots ( Lot of Special Commands )
➺Fully setup & Fancy Server( $20 )
➺ 1:1 Female to Male ratio
➺ Fast growing discord
➺ Friendly staff
➺ Active chat
➺ NSFW channel
A chill server for networking, advertisement, hanging out and having fun! (SoundCloud, YouTube, and Tumblr advertisements only!!)
Real People, Real Problems. this server is meant to be your reminder that you're not alone, just come on in let's have a conversation if you're having a shitty day i'm sure somebody can relate.
Managed by Rylan @DeathHimselfR
This is a place for rappers and producers to do collabs, sell beats, and socialize. We chill af tbh.