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A music driven community to help and develop one another, while continuing to bring different cultures and life styles together.


Music Feedback is a place for all things music. We offer:

• in-depth feedback on originals and covers
• a Spotify playlist featuring music from the server
• a highlighted Artist of the Week
• guides to navigating the industry, DAWs, distributors, and much more

We love music and want to hear yours!

We are the Wandering Musicians!

Our server is geared towards anyone who is a producer, music enthusiast, or an on overall creative person!

We have the tools and the community for you to be successful in your creative endeavors. Whether it be networking, collaboration, or advice from other members!

We also have fun activities that are server-inclusive for you to participate in (competitions, showcases, etc.).

We just have a few rules for you to consider before joining:

- Follow Discord's Terms Of Service
- Be kind to each other. No need for conflict
- Respect the owners and moderators of the server (we just want to help :D)
- All forms of advertisement regarding other Discord servers is prohibited
- Do not advertise anything to any member of this server via DM
- Please only use English when speaking in this server
- NSFW content is prohibited
- No spamming of any kind

We'll see you there! :^)
This server is for Producers and Music Artists alike!
We can offer you much fun and with many channels
* You can search for partnerships!
* You can talk and have it chill!
* We have a very spicy meme channel!
* Chill community!
* Promoting your work!
server for people who enjoy drill/rap music from america and the UK

meet producers who have made beats for your favorite rapper

producers and rappers welcome

active members

no goofies

constant upload stream from videographers in channels specific to an area (ny, uk, la, etc.)
| 𝐋𝐄 𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐃' |

Salut !
Nous sommes un serveur francophone de producteurs de musique électronique.

- Salons organisés par styles (Techno, House, EDM, Hardcore, Dubstep...)
- Stream
- Événements
- Pas de niveau requis
- Des graphistes et motion designer peuvent aussi nous rejoindre pour réaliser des demandes de cover, clip ect...
Kind of a server that has a bit of everything! If you’re a music producer or just a music fan, come join! We have production channels, contests, sample packs and much more!
The official discord for /r/MusicProduction. A community for hobbyists, professional musicians, and enthusiasts to discuss music-related topics, ask questions and share useful information.
Welcome to...

__▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ Pauer's EDM Eden ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂__

If you're looking for a server for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) appreciation, you've come to the right place! Pauer's EDM Eden is a server where fans, producers, and aficionados express their passion for this heavily influential mega-genre of music.
Our EDM channels and features are the highlight of the server, seen in the form of:

-- General discussion and sharing of EDM/music/artists
-- Production channels for feedback, tips, samples and plugins, and self-promotion of music.
-- A MASSIVE subgenre dictionary where members can explore and share tracks from many different EDM subgenres.
-- Voice Chats for production and jam sessions
However, we also have general features including but not limited to:

-- General messaging and support channels
-- A variety of bots
-- Recreational channels (Memes, art, gaming, writing, etc.)
-- NSFW channels for older members
-- Voice chats for chilling, listening to music, gaming, etc.
Regardless of whether EDM is your everyday life or not, we hope to see you around someday! As of now, thank you for reading all of this and I hope you have an amazing day!
- Pauer

Invitation Link:
▆ ▄ ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▄ ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▁ ▂ ▆ ▆ ▄ ▂ ▆

We are a community that loves Electronic Music. 🎶

🔷🔹🔹🔹What We Have🔹🔹🔹🔷

➟ Over 100 electronic genres and subgenre roles to assign yourself ❤️

➟ Weekly events, performances and competitions 🏆

➟ Many bots
- Rythm, Groovy and Atlas 🎵
- We have a bot that post the most recent uploads from your favorite artist like Monstercat, Trap Nation, Tasty and many more 🤩

➟ Multiple channels
- Music and art promotions channels
- Informative art and music channels
- Meme and fun channels 🐸

Join now and become part of the Homies! 🎉
Welcome to TheFrequency! We are a musician community for musicians or vocalists of all kinds to link up and share their work or collaborate.

We have plenty of resources to help better your production/quality. These include useful links for plugins, sample packs, tutorials, sales, and more. We also have an Artist Email service to help you find rappers looking for beats, aswell as a label search service to find labels wanting to release your work.

We hope you come and enjoy our community, and maybe stay awhile! See you there.
Eploc is a music community to help each other grow as people and musicians. Most of us are active in text and voice/video chats. We are all friends/family here so feel free to join we would love to meet you
We are a friendly server with fair rules. Members can leak music supplies within the right channels, and the owner leaks lucrative things in a private leaking channel. You can join and trade drumkits, VST, and DAWs with each other, and make some collaborative friends. Join today for a chance to get the drumkit you always wanted.
MRKV : A Community that is made up of Artists both musical and more on the drawing side, producers, editors, promoters, Stoners, Collective's of Artists etc. It's a place to not only promote/build your sound but also your talent with some real dope people, hella channels, hella VC's, Super Chill Environment. Issa Hideout, Issa Movement. It's a Brand. Come join, Let's have a Sesh too? Spark Up ;)
French Beatmaker est un serveur qui à pour ambition de rassembler un maximum d'artistes musicaux Français, tout niveaux et toutes professions confondu, afin de permettre à chacun d'entre eux de mieux se faire connaitre, aider, conseiller et améliorer sont expérience musicale.


Pour conserver la meilleur ambiance possible, ce serveur compte beaucoup sur l'échange et le partage. Nous nous échangeons et partageons nos dernières créations afin d'en discuter ensemble, nous créons des concours régulièrement !
Les concours ne sont pas la pour juger des compétences de chacun, mais ils sont la pour générer de la discussion et de la bonne humeur entre les musiciens.
ici vous pouvez également discuter, faire de la collaboration, échanger et Partager des VST, pack de son, etc.


Ce serveur comprend littéralement TOUS type de personne. Des professionnelles, des amateurs, des auditeurs. il y a aucun orgueil à avoir, même si vous pensez tout connaitre, ce n'est jamais le cas, ici vous pourrez trouver de l'inspiration, vous mettre aux courants des dernières nouvelles, découvrir des nouvelles pratiquent, des nouvelles choses tels que des VST, des packs, mais surtout, des gens très certainement aussi talentueux que vous, voir plus, qui pourrons vous apporter beaucoup plus que ce que vous pensez.

Le staff et les membres de French Beatmaker vous accueillerons avec plaisir, nous attendons plus que vous !

Rejoins nous :
Inspired by the /prod/ general threads on 4chan's /mu/

What we've got for you:
- Active feedback channel, with a command system to facilitate fair and equal feedback exchange.
- Weekly challenges with a livestream of all submissions!
- A community poll to choose the winner
- Soothe your ego via stupid 1 v 1 beat battles!
- Self-promo channel for *active members only* : )
- Professional and amateur anons alike
>come shitpost with music producers from around the world

Bandcamp of past challenges:
IMF is a community for all musicians, all genres. It is a community of independent musicians from all over the world. Some features include:

-Feedback bot that ensures everyone gets feedback on their music
-Music production games
-Music collaboration games
-Live events where we listen to user created music
-Extremely active and supportive community
-Live interviews where we interview our members, anyone can sign up to be interviewed!
-Session rooms where you share your live creation process or do a live collab
-Weekly Saturday open mic sessions where musicians can perform live for 7 minutes.
-Weekly feedback streams for musicians to show off their music bot for members to compare their favorite music
-Bot commands
-Critique and advice

We hope to see you there!
Nous cherchons a créer une communauté de producteur et de beatmaker 🎹
Bien sûr, ce n'est que le début de notre aventure sur discord, nous ferons tout pour que cette communauté sois active et respectueuse!
Intéressé? Rejoins-nous vite!
dans le discord vous aurez :
- Téléchargements et partages de logiciels, séquenceurs, de VSTs, de Packs de sample etc.. (ajout très réguliers et grosse exclusivité)
- Des conseils, astuces et des aides pour améliorer vos productions pour débutant et confirmé
- Des lives de beatmaking et des tutoriels détaillé en direct
- Partages de prods, de sons, de loops et bien plus encore pour obtenir des avis constructif
- Des conseils pour l'achat de matériel
- Des Concours & Events beatmaker
- Du fun, de la rigolade et de la détente le tout dans le respect le plus total

En bref, on cherche a créer une superbe communauté, et grandir tous ensemble dans la musique :)
I am Mitruți Raul. I'm a boy with brown hair, blue eyes and a very ambitious mind. As of now, I am domaining in writing, drawing, music producing, photo editing, 3D modeling, sculpting and animating and actoring. My passions are maths, science, chemistry, physics, philosophy, programming and technology. I'm usually lonely, not interacting too much with my friends, giving me a lot of free time over school. In my free time I usually watch videos, play games, draw or work on the movie. As the director of this movie and CEO of NewWorlds Studios I'm responsible for a big part of rises and downfalls in our success. But I wouldn't have even been able to start this without the help of The Crew!
Ciolly, also known as Alex Cioltea is a boy with brown hair, brown eyes and a creative imagination. As of now, he is domaining in actoring, music producing and sound engineering. His passion is mostly music, as far as I know. He has been a major part of The Crew. Ever since the beggining he has been a great help in the Studio, and just as a friend in general. His attention in meetings, his implication and results have been mostly promising. A lot of his ideas and suggestions have seemed very great for our work. Overall, Alex has played a very big and major role in our studio.
Sabin Mercaș is a boy with brown hair and brown eyes as well, and a very good talent. He has been a great sound engineer ever since I've met him. His great impact in the recordings are more than great. He puts a lot of effort, trying to perfect every attempt to suit it the best. He makes a vast majority of the sounds for our movie. Allthough a very subtle job, it should not go unnoticed.
Hoca Rareș is a boy with blond-brown hair and, again, brown eyes, and a great appealing look. He is domaining as an actor and a great football player. At first I didn't see a lot of potential in this person, but once I got to know him that thought changed. On the outside he was usually bossy, but he is just trying to be cool. This boy is not a bad person at all. He usually has deep thoughts, some of which are really interesting. Over the fact that he plays as a character in our movie, he has great ideas and plans and they are sure worth sharing. Rounding it all up, while Rareș doesn't play as big of a role as the other members, it's still great to keep him around.
Us four make the group that we now call NewWorlds Studios. And while our work may seem like a waste of time and resources, we move on, because we are doing everything in our powers to succeed. Even if we won't make a lot of money off of it, it's okay. This is just an experiment for fun. We're not doing this just for business, allthough we would appreciate every sum of profit that we get. For now, this is our first movie. After this we can get more experience to make higher-quality movies for our fans. It's your choice if you support us or not. But we will move on, do our best to release the best results to the people. For now, that's all about us, our studio and our workings. We hope you enjoy your time in the Bleeding Luck Fanbase!
What started as a group of EDM fans has grown into an active and close community! We talk about everything, whether it's music, gaming, or just having a friendly chat. Events are frequently hosted to bring the community together, such as our weekly Spotify playlist update, Trash Mash (a competition involving randomly generated mashup combinations), and gaming sessions! As a nitro boosted server, we have hundreds of emotes to enjoy, with plenty being custom made. Whether you're a producer, music fan, or someone simply looking for a friendly group of people to chill with, the community is happy to welcome you in!
From the depths of darkness,
Rises a horrifying army of death.
It marches forward,
Destroying everything in its path.
A murder of crows announcing its arrival.

It is too late to run,
It is useless to hide.

Thousands of souls have been reaped,
Thousands of bodies have been torn,
Thousands of minds have been broken,
By the horrors, of the Crowsnest.
Welcome to Electronauts, Inc.!

Hi and welcome to Electronauts, Inc.!

Our server is dedicated to bringing together musicians, producers, artists, vocalists, engineers, and other creatives for the sole purpose of helping each other create, improve, release, and promote professional compositions as an independent record label. A producer owned and operated label. We are an inclusive community that supports all musical genres, and we aim to have an eclectic mix of artists on our releases.

Our goals include monthly label releases from all our artists (1-2 songs each depending on submissions), promoting our music on our 24/7 Youtube stream, and helping bring your music to music streaming services!

Please be positive, provide feedback, collaborate, and let's help each other out!
We are a music label and a community that strives to help bring it's members to the next stage in their career and to better themselves as producers!

-Get honest feedback!
-Get help on composing, mixing, and mastering!