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Are you interested in discussing about fine arts? Do you want to post your work (paintings, drawings, music, 3d, video etc) and get some feedback or just share your opinion with others?
We are for you mate! a server where we love chatting about contemporary and history of art, music, philosophy, museums, galleries, afairs and exhibitions we see!
There is a place for funny memes too!
Hello, I’m Landon Justice, I’m the owner of: Musician Community. If you like music, and talking, this is the place for you! Join now for:
Lots of fun roles, bots, people! Hope to see you there!
Inspired By Music is a place for both music enthusiasts and musicians. Song Writers, Preformers, Producers, or anything related to music. Whether you want to talk about your favorite band, your own band, instruments, genres, or just participate in voice chats, there is something for you. And the best part is our frequent events. That's not all. Reach level 50 on our bot (by being a good community member, and being active in both voice chat and text areas) you'll get a free Nitro Games subscription. :) Hope to see you soon.
Worldwide music community, that wants to unite music listeners and especially musicians all over the world, like the name says; Music ATW=Around The World! OUR BIG BROTHERS PLAY MUSIC ON THE SERVER WHENEVER THEY ARE ONLINE, SO COME LISTEN TO THE NEWEST AND SOME OLDER MUSIC TOO, TOGETHER!!!
Welcome to golden factory. You've come to the right place if you are a musician, producer, artist or just want to network with people from the music industry. All levels from Beginners to Pros are welcome. Self-Promo is allowed. We all share one thing: Love for music! Enjoy your stay with us.
A server which includes channels for:
◆ Artists and NSFW Art
◆ Artist and Musician critique
◆ Musicians
◆ Writing
◆ Photography
◆ Partnerships (read below for details)
◆ Self-Assignable Roles
◆ Gaming
◆ Memes

We are an artist and musician based server, our
secondary topics include gaming, memes, writing,
photography, and weekly art contests/events!
We welcome anyone to this server no matter who
they are, and we try to provide as much flexibility
as possible to who joins (meaning many varieties
of channels for interests of members). The only
exclusion includes foreign languages being used;
this is an English-speaking server.
You can promote your work here, whether it be art,
music, writing, or social media. However, if you want
to promote a server, dm a staff member in the server.
If you have any further questions, please dm me or any
staff member in the server.
Enjoy your time at CYBΞRCФRD!
Hello! In music makers club we hope to grow quickly (as the server is new). We hope you have a nice time on the server!
The only original official one. Others are cheap imitations.

depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, musicians, production, recording, rehearsals, underground elite
Here at Altered Visuals (AV) we are looking for digital artists of all sorts! Whether you specialize in photo-manipulation, music creation, design, or film-making, there's a spot for you here! The goal of the server is for feedback, criticism, and overall helping each other become better artists! We have novice and experienced artists within our little community, but we hope to grow it even more! We want everyone to feel welcome, and we are looking forward to seeing your work and can't wait to see you at AV!
We are a small server but who knows, we may get thousands of members! We have:

Anime bots

Art channels

Musician channels and music bots

Pokemon bots

And more!

Come join us in the beautiful nature, we call home!
Heya and thanks for viewing my Server, its not much but its open to all, feel free to share/steal memes, use one of the many music vcs, or small channels for calm conversating. Ion know man we pretty chill, and we need gamers.
NOTE: This is a Re-Created Version of the String ORchestra Hangouts Server!

Welcome to the Official String Orchestra Hangouts Server! This is the place where all types of Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists, and Harpists can get together and make beautiful String Orchestra Music Together!
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.
Are you fans of Classical Music? Do you play a string instrument, woodwind instrument, brass instrument, percussion instrument or keyboard instrument? Then you came to the right place! Come and collaborate with other musicians!
Are you thirsty? We are a small but (hopefully) growing server. We treat everyone as equals. If you are an artist, a musician, or a coder, then this is the right server for you. We have plenty of channels for you to meet new people and discuss what you love doing. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm always up for improving my server! Come join us at the bar for a few drinks why dont ya?
Not strict, chill, share music, make friends, jam, promote your music

dsbm, black metal, and all types of metal welcome
This server is for people who would like to get better in music or writing.
You can collaborate, discuss, ask for help and gain experience! In order to get accustomed to each other, this server aims to stay small and active. 🎶

If you are related to music, song production, writing lyrics or poems, you are at the right place. ✨
Hi Name's, Zax The Hedgehog
And I would like to you to join my server
The second home of my Sonic Fan Series Sonic Reckoning SR for Short=) I also do Amv's, but enough about me.
Here you come and post art, your music, and if your a Modder, or a up and coming sonic game creator, you work can be shown in my server, to others, and from time to time I'll upload. Everyone of you guys are welcome, this is a awesome and friendly server for everyone to post your stuff good that is, and if your a artist in game music, sonic remixes, you can come too.
So come on and join!
TMF is a server based on sharing, playing and listening to all kinds of music. All your favorite genres can be found here. Share all the music you love, play something on voice chat or just discuss the work of artists. Join now if you want to have eargasms about your favorite music!
We are a community server which is opened to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, etc. We try to keep this server a welcoming place for everyone, and always aim for positive people and positive energy. This server was created by smd.mp4#1210 on June 15th, 2019. This server will have updates either weekly or monthly and will be carefully moderated by Gods and Demi Gods. We are open to suggestions, and will have one of the Superiors to help you out if you have questions or complaints! We are still a growing server so we’d very much appreciated if you joined us and stick with us! Thank you for joining Drip department, we hope you enjoy your stay!
Are you an artist looking to improve your skills or maybe even show them off? Maybe you just want some new artsy friends to hangout with! Well, I welcome you to Artist's Outlet. This is a welcoming community for all artists and non-artists alike!
This server is still in development so do not worry, there is plenty of unput to be taken and plenty of changes to be had. If you NEED a feature in the server dm me and I will do my best to make it reality.#1 rule HAVE FUN AND CHILL! We listen to music of big and small artists alike. Bring your music to the server and good things may happen!
Songwriter's Hub is a community of fellow musicians and songwriters where you can discuss music, share your work and make friends. With over 20 customizable roles, you can show the server just what kind of musician you are. Join our community to connect with musicians across discord!