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Hey everyone, Compose is a community for anyone interested in joining a music creation server. Collaboration for beats, talking about music in general or just sharing your own beats, we do it all.
We also try to organise some events from time to time to keep the producers active and recently made a blog where we'll explain how the music we post is made to help out everyone who would want to get into music production or just understand mixing better (and many other music related subjects.)

Anyways, if you feel like joining a friendly, musical community, welcome! :)
We are a community server which is opened to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, etc. We try to keep this server a welcoming place for everyone, and always aim for positive people and positive energy. This server was created by smd.mp4#1210 on June 15th, 2019. This server will have updates either weekly or monthly and will be carefully moderated by Gods and Demi Gods. We are open to suggestions, and will have one of the Superiors to help you out if you have questions or complaints! We are still a growing server so we’d very much appreciated if you joined us and stick with us! Thank you for joining Drip department, we hope you enjoy your stay!
A server which includes channels for:
◆ Artists and NSFW Art
◆ Artist and Musician critique
◆ Musicians
◆ Writing
◆ Photography
◆ Partnerships (read below for details)
◆ Self-Assignable Roles
◆ Gaming
◆ Memes

We are an artist and musician based server, our
secondary topics include gaming, memes, writing,
photography, and weekly art contests/events!
We welcome anyone to this server no matter who
they are, and we try to provide as much flexibility
as possible to who joins (meaning many varieties
of channels for interests of members). The only
exclusion includes foreign languages being used;
this is an English-speaking server.
You can promote your work here, whether it be art,
music, writing, or social media. However, if you want
to promote a server, dm a staff member in the server.
If you have any further questions, please dm me or any
staff member in the server.
Enjoy your time at CYBΞRCФRD!
Do you play music? Write Music? Or just love music in general? Well this server is for you! 💙 We are a friendly community of people who all share one common interest, Music! We’d love to have you come check out the server. 😄
Not strict, chill, share music, make friends, jam, promote your music

dsbm, black metal, and all types of metal welcome
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.
Here at Altered Visuals (AV) we are looking for digital artists of all sorts! Whether you specialize in photo-manipulation, music creation, design, or film-making, there's a spot for you here! The goal of the server is for feedback, criticism, and overall helping each other become better artists! We have novice and experienced artists within our little community, but we hope to grow it even more! We want everyone to feel welcome, and we are looking forward to seeing your work and can't wait to see you at AV!
Tuned is a server for musicians of any kind. We help users to grow in their love of music by selling songs, promoting YouTube channels, finding bands, getting new ideas, or just listening! We host plenty of competitions, game nights, movie nights, and karaoke nights to help people engage together. Even people who don't sing or play instruments can be welcomed for artists who are in need of testers and critics. Staff is also needed at the moment for those who wish to help. Come join us! Get in the groove, get Tuned.
TMF is a server based on sharing, playing and listening to all kinds of music. All your favorite genres can be found here. Share all the music you love, play something on voice chat or just discuss the work of artists. Join now if you want to have eargasms about your favorite music!
Are you fans of Classical Music? Do you play a string instrument, woodwind instrument, brass instrument, percussion instrument or keyboard instrument? Then you came to the right place! Come and collaborate with other musicians!
Server dedicated for discussing women in music. It's NSFW and the discussions are sex-oriented.
BLACK METAL UNDERGROUND depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, musicians, production, recording, rehearsals, underground elite
Songwriter's Hub is a community of fellow musicians and songwriters where you can discuss music, share your work and make friends. With over 20 customizable roles, you can show the server just what kind of musician you are. Join our community to connect with musicians across discord!
Heya and thanks for viewing my Server, its not much but its open to all, feel free to share/steal memes, use one of the many music channels for some beats or jump into radio bluwu for something new. we sometimes do livestreams and podcasts so feel free to ask about that.
NOTE: This is a Re-Created Version of the String ORchestra Hangouts Server!

Welcome to the Official String Orchestra Hangouts Server! This is the place where all types of Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists, and Harpists can get together and make beautiful String Orchestra Music Together!
Welcome to my server! This Server involves All Different Types of Musicians, meaning a collaboration of Beginners, Mediocres, Advanced, and professional, and some that just like to improvise. These types of musicians can get together, whether solo, or in a group, and make beautiful music! These Musicians will also attend in auditioning in some Music Groups, which they will be announced in the "Music Announcements" Text Channel. So come and join the group and create beautiful music together with me!
Do you play/write music? Do you like memes? Well, so do we! Why don't you hop in and stay for awhile! (:
Do you love listening to music? Or, you play music too? We have a friendly community here and we aim to expand our server and create a medium for musicians and music lovers to talk. But it's not only music we about LMAO. We discuss anything from music to gaming to softwares to life to politics to everything else friends talk.
~-Small Music Community-~
Why not help us grow?
We offer many voice channels, collab requests etc.
| | ||
Welcome to Musical Train!
Are you looking for a place to talk to other musicians or to show off your skills? All levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced.

A few things this server has to offer:

🔹 Perform your music and share it with others!

🔹 Help and criticism :D

🔹 Learn New songs.

🔹 Perform your music and share it with others.

🔹 Fun challenges with friends!
Hello and welcome to MultiMix!
We are a community of (mostly) musicians, but we welcome music fans and just any normal person wanting to hang out with us!
We have channels to talk/play/hear music, chill channels, awesome community and good staff! (Which we are still looking for!)
Anything you're up for is cool with us!
Our rules are simple and easy to follow, so don't worry about that :)
Our goal is to make people feel at home and combine the worlds of musicians and non-musicians!

We look forward to seeing you!
-The MultiMix Staff Team
Welcome to Floating Vibes

A chill place about Music n Art
Chatroom in English / German & Multi Lingual
Lots of Channels for different Stuff
many many more

Join --- Read Rules n Info --- Keep ur Ass in here --- get Active