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In the CORE, you can freely discuss theories about Undertale, the mechanics of magic, easter eggs and hidden codes in the game *cough* Gaster *cough*, if you really can stack 30 hot dogs on somebody's head, etc. We've got a webcomic in the works so if you think you can contribute, we could sure use some hands. We're pretty laidback otherwise so come on in and chat/RP with us.
This server serves as an alternative to Petscord, where all opinions are accepted. We will never rule something out as a possibility in its entirety, we will simply let it slide, as all opinions matter. Join to show your theories that would otherwise not be excepted. (There’s also nsfw, that’s cool) is a FNaF Discord that was set up by some fans to solve the FNaF lore methodically.

We see others fall all too easily into the pitfall of building a premise, then building around that premise, twisting and turning the facts to keep the premise intact.

Here, we attempt to stay neutral. We step back, and interpret only the facts the lore presents us with. On top of that, we have also compiled a large range of resources. These include phone call transcripts, maps of the minigames, extensive discussion material, all of the teasers leading up to each game and much more!

This discord is used to accompany the website to discuss lore, resources and other FNaF-related details. Unlike bigger servers, we run it more like a community, rather than a large-scale operation.
A music theory server specifically for the study of kpop, come join even if you just like kpop!
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
Welcome to Marvel's Traphouse! Come talk to other people from the fandom and yell about the MCU.