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Hello! Welcome to Artistic Angels. We are an art based server with plenty of fun things to offer!


•special roles for what you do (including writers, painters, animators, and photographers)

•offensive memes/nsfw art channels

•host events ex: art, photography, and writers contests with different themes with special rewards

•a place to post your artwork, photography, and stories for others to see

•a roleplay channel for all you roleplayers out there!

•art tips and info channel


Join today, we hope to see you there! 💜
Welcome, this server is for animators and artists alike. This is a place for everyone to showcase, connect, learn, and most importantly have fun. This server is dedicated to animators and artists, old and new.
Come relax with our wide variety of members! with artists, animators, regular people and more we have tons of channels and tons of roles for you!
*Bots like pokecord, tatsumaki and mee6!
*So many channels!
*Fair staff.
*Relax owner.

꧁ Le Fancy Artists Crew꧂

⋙ Who is Artty-Chan? ⋘
Artty's a cute girl who loves aesthetic stuff, blue, and cats. Who has a big love for art and animation alike. She's mainly a digital artist with an anime-ish like artstyle involving more sparkles and cuteness. She's currently working on her own Undertale AU series called "Soultale"!

⋙ About the Server ⋘
A variety of all types of artist creators welcomed! ^w^

From digital artists, voice actors,singers,writters,music makers,animators, etc. All content Creators welcomed! Over 300 members, we are all a kind community with special guests that have made a big impact in Underale and other Communities.

Hey, we are a small community of youtubers and streamers that hopefully will grow