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A server to host for literally anything, I honestly have no purpose in mind or anything, I'm just going to throw it up and see who joins and may never even talk in it.
In the treacherous wastes beyond the Shadowgate Pass lies the remains of an outpost. Travelers gather here to share stories around a fire and to gather themselves before what is to come... *the numbers 2478 are imprinted above the doorway...*
Hi there! Are you a LoL player looking for a place to
-Duo Queue with someone🌟
-Talk about league related topics but also how cute your pets are?🌟
-Make some new friends and climb the ranks!🌟
-Lots of cool bots, claim your waifu (Mudae) League stats & Builds! (Baron Bot) & also Runespirit to check your TFT stats & Tier lists!🌟
Fast growing new server looking for more members. EUW Mainly but other regions are welcomed here as well !🌟
Welcome to the Lounge!
We are a very small server but we are trying to get bigger. The lounge is a place so you can feel comfortable! I hope you enjoy your stay!
It's just a Homestuck server. Beware, it's a newer server, so it's small and a tad inactive. However, we're welcoming anyone! Just... mind the silence. Currently looking for mods.
Welcome to Z Cafe, a fairly new Cafe-themed server with a warm community ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive. We won't judge you here, promise. Come here and see how we're different from the rest! *disclaimer: we are a bit chaotic*

- Events happen occasionally!

- Simple, easy to follow rules that don't take very long to read at all.

- A warm, welcoming staff team that is happy to help you. (Uh, well, right now there aren't really any staff, but... you know.)

- We're gamers, too! Come play games with us!

- VC with us! We're lonely and need friends! ^_~

- A ...friendly server that everyone should be able to feel comfy in!

- Share your favorite memes! Or we can all have a deep, serious discussion....

- Share your art!

- We have a game bot! We can play games.. with the bot! Oh yeah, and we have Mudae.

So, what're you waiting for? Come check out the Z Cafe and help grow our small community! We're fairly active and we love each other. owO
Come join a fun and adventure filled Marvel Universe.

This is not a movie canon universe. Make your own story.
Come create a Oc or even be your favorite hero or villain or even regular humans.
A lot of the side plot is create your own through roleplay and have fun while periodically we will have major events you character can choose to participate in .

This will be a mostly active server but periodically it may be inactive due to school just starting up.

If your interested in Marvel and a small, growing server come join us.
Some what new small server, no real theme to it kinda just do what you want as long as you don't violate the rules. NSFW focused, chill and friendly
We might all troll u so watch out! But we are all pretty chill. Lots of fun bots and auto roles uwu

We are fairly new, by a few days. I love suggestions, so please tell me whatever :)
Have fun ~
Marble Hills University is an all-inclusive slice of life roleplay! We have an ever-expanding class list! Currently very small, we are excited to meet you! You're able to play as teachers and students in this little school. With no limit on age, and a community waiting with open arms we hope so see you!

⦿ LGBTQ+ Accepting and Friendly!
⦿ 30+ classes to choose from
⦿ Open to suggestions
⦿ Safe place
⦿ Large range of RP styles
Join the server, Me and the owner sometimes get high and we fucking bully each other (Not really bullying we niggas) Don't fucking be rude to people here and we won't be rude back, Follow rules, 13+ :( Server is Just for fun and hoping to grow larger and bring people together, There's NSFW 👀 IDK what the fuck I'm saying just fucking join, join for candy and hugs and NSFW what most teens want oh yeah and we're friendly if you are as I said somewhere in this Writing !**Join**!
We accept all, We don't abuse our Powers if a staff member does it will result in an instant ban we will not unban..And contact me if you think or if you see someone that abuse's they're powers. Soon I'm going to make a Trial Moderator Application.. So why not join and stay and make a friend's...and possibly be a mod.. I'm shit at texting and Dyislexic lmfao so join niggas we chill asf here no cap
Just some dudes who are laid back playing league mainly and other games from time to time like dead by daylight also we are super weeb friendly.
A nice little We Bare Bears/ ice cream themed server to meet new people and make friends

There is an rp section with multiple different rooms and things to do
Welcome to hell! A server started by a chaotic group of friends with a stupid sense of humor. In our server, you will find kind staff, custom roles and colors, many bots, endless entertainment, and more! Our server is fairly active with less than 100 members at the moment. So what are you waiting for? Join the fun >:)
Billy's Dreamcast Club is a music listening focused server. We have events when a good chunk of us are online and some spicy memes. If you need music recommendations or just want to chill, you're welcome to join!

We have:
- Custom Emojis
- Self Assignable Roles (also you can recommend colors to add)
- Music Bots
- Friendly Atmosphere
- Artists channel for musicians
- 18+ channel for memes
Yeah ok so this is a small server we are friendly For the most part) And we hope to see you around!
a laid-back server for mature audiences only.
what do we have in store for those who join?

- self-assignable roles
- fun chat full of kool kids
- safe space for you to be you

+ new & slowly growing server,
so the chat will not be as active+
Join our server if you want to be disappointed.

We're all pretty chill people and if you're not a pussy ass cunt we'll like you

P.S: our vc is dead af
H-Hewwo?? Welcome wanderer! as you had came to Gamer's club! the social community server that welcomes everyone and mainly on the topic of games! after the decline success on the first server nearly two years ago, a small group of members from the old server reunited once again to create an another place that continues to make people right at home! to art, roleplaying and daily events? we hope to satisfy you and your stay! we are here for you :) no one's alone.

You got that? alright cool! why not introduce yourself at the #introduction channel! our #role-assignment channel has tons of options to make a profile for yourself and gain access to other channels. Make sure to read #rules too! have a nice stay.
Just a small server for talking to other people about your day, your interests, your hobbies, games, anime, books, and stuff like that. Light rules are enforced, but cursing is allowed.