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Would you like to nerd about Trains with other people? Well you've come to the right place. You can discuss issues. New items! Anything! All Scales are welcome despite what the name of the server is.
100 DOGE giveaway at 100 members. Welcome to the discord server of Earn Crypto/Money
Your one-stop community to hang with other server members! We've got dedicated communities for making money online and various other topics, we also host aidrops and other minigames.
Welcome to Grimm War!
a new RWBY RP server that takes place 40 years after canon RWBY! we have:

grimm hybrids and android you can play as
simple and easy to follow rules
open staff positions

and hopefully more to come once we get up and running.
as i said this is a new server and is hopefully going to grow and prosper.
excited to meet you all!
🚔Wir begleiten dich auf deinem Esports-Weg. Finde dein Dreamteam!
♨️Werde Teil einer warmherzigen und freundlichen Community
🚀Unterstützung und dein Team stehen bei uns immer an 1. Stelle!
🤝Bewerbe deine Socials / Turniere, checke deine Stats und rede über Esport

✔️All das und noch vieles mehr findest du auf unserer Website und Server✔️
The Perverts Playpen is a Server for anyone sex positive (tho you do have to be 18+, age verified by admins to see anything), from nsfw content creators & their buyers of all types of sexy content and services, who can look through each individual seller’s channel, to kinky people who just wanna vibe and chat about things in a community.

Come join us, get verified, sell your content and buy others’s great content and have fun chatting with the community and talking in one of the sfw channels we have as well!

~ Welcome to the circus! ~

We're an all inclusive kin server! We support all kin, mogai, & lgbt identities, so feel free to come on down and be yourself! Despite being a brand new server we're already a pretty chill community of friends, so be sure to stop by!

➸ We accept problematic sources!
➸ 13-25 age range for member comfort!
➸ Lots of channels, bots, and supportive staff!
➸ Kin channels for all your kinnie needs!
➸ A fun, colorful server theme!

So, why not come on down and enjoy the show? You won't regret it!
Welcome to JamedHeads
Here is what we offer

🦿Fun and a lot of bots!🦿
🐸Lots of memez🐸
👑Cool emojis👑
👑Funny owner👑
😎And much more 😎
If you smoke, drink, chill, this is a place to meet new people, vibe, or whatever you wanna do :)
Friendly help for new growers and contests with prizes. With over 2 years experience helping people reach first harvest. You can rest assured the pros here will set you up for success. The best most consistent information for new growers.

Smoke sesh’s in voice chats. Tight knit group even at 200 members. Community grow contests with prizes!
It's The 1st of December, 3176. A Little cafe has been recently opened, and it's located behind a hidden alley. it opens at night, and only has a few employees that works there. you've only heard it from few posters that have been plastered around the town. Will you have a visit to this little cafe?
This server is a chill, safe space where we roleplay, chat, voice chat, and have fun. It is based around My Hero Academia, where you can choose a character you want to be, and have fun with that character in roleplays. If you'd rather join the server just to talk and play games, there are also Among Us voice chats where you can play online. The limits are endless, have fun!
Game Version: 1.16.3
IP Address:

AtomMC strives to provide a non-toxic vanilla Minecraft experience without sacrificing freedom of choice. Join a well moderated and active community and play your way.

(Now with real anti combat-log, yay!)

In-Game Rules:
- No cheat clients
- No advertising/scams
- No combat logging

Please note that you must own Minecraft Java Edition to participate in the server.
We currently have an anti-bot system going on to counter the pornbots. If your account is younger than a week, please DM SymeSynth#1283 before entering the server.

Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

A crossover without limits.

The Arena is a roleplay with no regards for limitations nor restrictions, its setting a dimensional nexus that any person from any universe can stumble into.
- Do you wish to explore, fight, or try and claim this land? The choice is yours.

The Avatar Arena abides by a few key principles:
- Obligation-free. You aren't here to be under expectations to roleplay all the time. Feel free to sit back and have a chat.
- No such thing as a central plot. Plots and events are up to you to join or create.
- A player-run environment. Other users can run their own events and stories.
- A crossover. Be it an OC or an established character, you are free to join in.
- Fluid balancing. No approvals, no heavy restrictions. What is allowed and is not is generally up to you and those you play with.
- A dynamic system. If you have a limited timeslot and want to do a quick RP, we have drop-in, drop-out rooms. If you would like to have a slow-paced roleplay, we also provide that.
- Freeform channels. Not all our channels are location-based, to allow for movement from location to location without having to deal with the cumbersome task of switching channels.
- Character openness. Character claiming is nonexistent in a roleplay that links all timelines.

Besides those roleplay perks, the Arena also provides these:
- A generally welcoming community. Chaotic at times, but welcoming nonetheless.
- Writing and worldbuilding channels. If you'd like to talk about a character or a world, you're free.
- Media and game channels, for whenever you want to talk about movies, books, or games.

If you have any inquiries, you may feel free to DM the server owner.

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
A chill place to hang out with fellow patriots. We welcome all political sides, but communists and alt-right is prohibited. If you are left politically please be respectful. We strictly follow TOS.

Our server has:
- Economy and earn-able roles
- Leveling and level up roles
- Elections and polls (become President!)
- Friendly staff
- NSFW Channels
Cum and check out a album of my SEXIEST Discord nudes 💖

💖 18+ NSFW content AND TONS OF SFW MEMES! 💦

💖 EASY access to nudes (free and purchasable) and FREE access to our gigantic community! 🍑

💖 Have tons of fun with everyone alike. Hush hush... 👄
----❗✨This server contains✨❗----
- games 🎮
- NSFW channel 🔞
- Memes
- music channel 🎵
- Afk channel 😴
- Rank up system ⬆️
- suggestions channel : so you can suggest things we should add ➕
➡️We are planning to do even more

✨We would be happy if you join✨
We are a friendly and fun community. We ensure you that you will have a very fun experience. Our server offers the following:
-Ranking System (by the use of points that you will automatically gain online)
-Among Us
-Truth or Dare
- Never Have I Ever
-Music (we often stay here together and chill)
and many more.
What are you waiting for JOIN NOW AND GET FREE HUGS
This server brings together the Pakistani gaming community but we focus on Among us, We also have channels to chill out consisting horror nights and dank memer..join the server to explore more!
Welcome to sleepy lovers<3! 🥀

We are a community of people who are looking to meet new people and make new friends! This is a sleep server, as well as a dating server.

We home many different bots for you to use and have fun with! We welcome you to join and enjoy your time


-Age higher then 15

-Reaction roles-{🌹}

-Public Vcs-{📞}

-private Vcs-{🔐}

-introduction profiles-{📝}

-chill moderation-{🔥}

-music bots-{🎶}

-active owner-{🦋}

We are now accepting partnerships

Don't be afraid to stop by, we are looking for girl mod to bring more equality to the server!

Come and apply to be apart of the team!