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💫𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐎𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐫💫, a server made for the sad, lonely, and sleep deprived in mind.

Life is tough, it's filled with challenges that you need to grow and overcome. While you're working on improving yourself, it's important to be happy, and surround yourself with positive people. We can be that place for you!

🤍 Small, and welcoming community!
🤍 Aesthetically pleasing, dreamy theme
🤍 Emotional support ping, for when you need it <3
🤍 Simple (optional) section for Roleplayers!

💫When you're ready, come sleep on the floor with us!💫
Heroes Unlimited is back! Welcome to Sapphire City the place where all people are accepted from simple mutants, to aliens, all the way to the darkest demons from the underworld! In a world where superpowered humans and species of all kinds are thrown aside, casted away from society have finally found a home. But with every good comes the bad that follows...

Heres what we have to offer!
😊~ Very caring and kind staff who make it their goal to take care of all the problems, and answer all the questions you may have!
😇~ We provide a very safe and welcoming environment for all who join our community!
🏳️‍🌈~ LGBTQ safe community!
👥~ Many roles you can have that give you a full personalized experience such as: Gender, pronouns, sexuality, age, colors, pings and more to come as we grow!
😜~ Very lenient rules! We have rules that mostly pinpoint around making our community one that is safe for everyone! We just want to have fun and make friends not restrict people in any way!
✅~ Almost all of our characters submitted gets accepted no matter how crazy or weird you make them! We support creativity highly here!
🤖~ Several bots and games with more to add with suggestions!
💥~ One thing we take pride is in our full server interactive main events! Our first was very successful which brought over forty people taking place across the entire city! Which doesnt even include sub-events/openings!
🙌~ Growth! We want our server to keep growing not only in community members but as well as size, allowing more fun to take place within! From new cities, the underworld, all the way to the galaxy itself! There is no limit!
· · ─────────── ·𖥸· ─────────── · ·


STEP RIGHT INTO CAMP HALF–BLOOD! Even if you haven’t read the books or seen the movies, Camp Half-Blood is a wonderful experience for those interested, and probably the ones who have one hell of a death wish. Whether your presence in the server is the result of a dare, your love of Greek Myths or maybe even both! No matter the reason, we will welcome you with open arms.

· · ─────────── ·𖥸· ─────────── · ·


╰─➛ Easy verification and protection from raiders!
Make a character and the rest of the server will be available to you!

╰─➛ An active & welcoming community!
If you aren’t a prick, we’ll love you and welcome you without hesitation.

╰─➛ An ever-updating powerlist to ensure your character never runs out of ways to protect themselves when they're stuck with monsters.

╰─➛ The ability to roleplay as different species with their own powerlist! Centaurs, Dryads, Satyrs? You're lucky we've got the space!

╰─➛ Innovative character submission system, and a to-the-point template to ensure you don't get bored halfway through making it and then forget it altogether.

╰─➛ Cabin-specific events dictated by the roleplayer in charge of the god/goddess to fill the void between server wide events and quests!

╰─➛ Portrayals of the Olympians that are sound to the source material!
Yes, we stick to the source material!

╰─➛ Training system that also ensures passive point gain for casual roleplaying!
It’s easy to follow and not all that complicated.

· · ─────────── ·𖥸· ─────────── · ·

P.S: Camp Half-Blood and its director are not responsible for the intentional death or maiming of Half-Bloods. Thanks for listening, and watch the orientation film!
Welcome, to Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay. This server is based in an alternate universe of the Tokyo Ghoul timeline meaning there are no characters from the series and none of the events from the series have happened. While none of the events that took place within the series will occur here, we will most likely have similar events that give the same effects. Characters here are completely custom but the timeline and backstory behind the lore is pretty much the same with a few minor twists.

Server is still re-started not long at all ago. We maybe have 15 people. What we are looking for is CCG, I might even give a prize myself to you if you make one.

-Fax (Owner)
Hello. My name is Jacko. This is an Undertale Au server. Where I prioritize on everyone having fun. Characters will have to go by their canon info. The undertale server is made for people's enjoyment. The au's crossover with each other due to the plot I sure did work hard on. I hope if you decide to join us. That you will enjoy your time here.
=The server contains=

-Fun bots
-Deltarune is Allowed
-NSFW Section which you may decide if you'd like to see or not.
-Multi-tale as a cross au
-Shitpost rp
-Fun and Friendly other members
-Help if you need for characters
-Art section
-Mod applications

You may join if you wish to only hang out too! You do not have to roleplay. I hope you enjoy your time here!
Hello! This is discord roleplaying server based on Apex Legends. You can roleplay as a legend like your main or your favorite legend, if of course they’re open. You can also make OCs (original characters) if they aren’t!

This is lgbtq+ friendly.. cause y’know.. two characters are confirmed lgbts-.
We don’t discriminate, come drop by, darlings.
Welcome to the family! Just like in the series we’ll be a family that helps each other out. This roleplay server has a story line that takes place just before the 100 year quest, so we are creating a brand new storyline from there. You will be able to play with your own OC and/or a (favorite) canon character. You can even create your own original guild. Though this server is upcoming, it will still be full of events, jobs and even giveaways! Can you bring the fun and originality and do you make it all the way to the top and become the strongest wizard? Well be happy to see you soon!
Welcome to MHA: Kingdom Of Quirks, this is an MHA server located not in Japan or America but in the UK, mainly in England. This server takes place during the time Deku and his classmates become Pro Heroes and defeat call kinds of villains and evil. Here in this server you can become related to a Canon character or be your own character!
Build character development, we support that here!
Build alliances and create organizations evil and good!
Create relationships of all kinds! Friendships or romantic relationships~!
There is no ERP so it’s a server for all ages!
Create up to 6 characters! More if you’re around the server for a while!
Become a Student or just be a Citizen!
Or be a Pro Hero and save lives or be a Villain and destroy lives!
Finally create your characters fates and destiny!
★★So come join us!!!★★ We offer exclusive things to the server like Elite Knights and Royalty! And as for OOC, we try to make it as comfortable as we can for all our members safety! We hope you decide to stay long~!
Welcome to Warrior Cats: Fading Connections, a unique Warrior Cats Roleplay server! 💫

We feature:
⁂ 4 Original clans: Rowanclan, Sootclan, Hollowclan, and Fogclan, who each were formed after the Great Clan Wars. 🌲🔥🕳️🌫️
⁂ A journey to find the elusive Skyclan ☁️
⁂ An original, fleshed-out plot 📋
⁂ 40+ unique roles, emojis, and RP channels ✅
⁂ Currency system 💰💸
⁂ Server-wide events: game/movie nights and more! 🎮🍿
⁂ Partnered servers 🔗
⁂ A laid-back environment - no rush roleplay! 😎
⁂ Multiple NPCs to adopt when OC applications are closed! 🐾
⁂ A simple and engaging stat system that makes events and battles feel more intense! 🎲
⁂ 15+ Semi-literate roleplaying ✍️

We are:

⁂ LGBTQ+ Friendly & Run 🏳️‍🌈
⁂ OPEN for Applications - including some high ranks!

Join if you are looking for new friends and want to roleplay an original plot in a safe environment! We look forward to seeing you there!
This is a roleplay server that is free to join. Just make sure you follow the rules and lore of the roleplay

Welcome aboard to Ellisium, a Fantasy World of Magic and Technology, yet those where the flames of conflict never dies down....
Welcome to Warrior Cats: A New Dawn! This is a Warrior Cats themed Roleplay, though it isn't an exact copy of the books. Our roleplay starts with four clans: GroveClan, CaveClan, BreezeClan and Mistclan. We're still a fairly new server, and we're in need of some med cats! Even if you don't want to be a medcat, we have plenty of positions open <3

We have a very welcoming and friendly community, and we'd absolutely love some more members to enjoy it with us!

Info about the clans:
CaveClan: Located near GroveClan, the CaveClan cats have always been strong and large, and extremely good with combat. They live in a large cave with an opening that leads into the forest. They're constantly arguing about prey with GroveClan, as CaveClan doesn't like to share and won't give up if their prey crosses into GroveClan's territory.

GroveClan: Located near CaveClan and MistClan, GroveClan lives deep in the forest. Their warriors are more strategy based, and are quick thinkers. They are careful planners, and never get themselves into a fight unless they're sure to win.

MistClan: The MistClan cats are located right next to a heavy-flowing river, and live on the outskirts of the forest. Their terrain is more grassy and in the open, and the cats from this clan are extremely good swimmers and great at hiding.

BreezeClan: BreezeClan is located near MistClan, and they live in a more mountainous region. They rely on whatever food that lives in the field below them, and the frequent birds and mice that live in the mountains. The BreezeClan cats are extremely light on their feet and can jump great distances. They have great balance and they have a skinnier but taller build.

Please feel free to stop by and enjoy the roleplay!
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
★ Kpop Company Roleplay Server
★ Fill out template and start training
to debut
★Kind CEO's, currently hiring more staff
★ Will make custom photo cards for server

╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
A server dedicated to roleplay for those looking for some thriller! Our server is based upon an island of students with murderous capabilities and secret powers... Our server will hopefully bring you some good roleplay and a nice community, as our goal is to grow a large and welcoming roleplay community for anyone interested!

Our server has...
- Easy to follow, simple rules!
- Fun, simple lore!
- Nice staff members!
- An easy to navigate server!
- PLENTY of channels to roleplay and commute in!
- A bunch of bots here to help you!
- Fun self-roles!
Hello! Welcome to A Part Lust. We have it all! Music, gaming, rps, ocs, and NSFW rps if you are into that but you have to be over and the age 18. We love you and welcome you to the server. Don't be afraid to talk here! We love everyone equally! Fair treatment for each of you will be ensured and I'll be waiting for you!
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate
Abandon all hope ye who enter here

In this World of Darkness, hope is in short supply. Nights seem darker and more sinister than our own. Screams and gunshots echo through the streets. Gothic cathedrals tower alongside neon Babylons of glass and steel. Nightclubs shake to techno thunder while desperate souls seek solace or oblivion. Drug wars and religious violence spill blood with awful frequency. Legendary monsters hunt their prey, even when such things are supposedly “impossible.” People cower in front of TVs and computers, watching events from an anesthetized distance. Churches host fanatic congregations who pray for celestial deliverance, but such deliverance feels very far away. Everything seems possible in this world, but the strongest possibility is that everything is shit. Life sucks... so FIX it! That defiance forms another dominant mood in Mage. Whether you’re playing a desperate street kid, an Enlightened CEO, a kung-fu hero, or a classy sorcerer, your world seems intent on fucking you over. Rival cults, hungry spirits, street gangs, and global climate change all threaten your ideals. In Mage, you have the power to fight back.
An rp server, where everyone and anyone is welcome.
Please be sure to read all of the rules and make an intro once you join.
This RWBY Server takes place in season 2 leading up to the Vytal Festival. It will give you time to get to know your team better. You can make more Friends and Enemies along the way!
We will have a place for anyone! If you truly love to rp you will love this. We will have Teachers, Students, Huntsman's and Huntress's and of course Villains. Some will have Missions to go on and along the way we will make memories that will last.
LGBT Friendly
OC Friendly
Friendly Community
Active Owner
Looking for Staff

We Started on 12/2/2020 so we're Brand New!

Your typical wilderness camp, intertwined before over 3000 acres of fresh green forest and the beautiful Arrowhead lake.
Camp Arrowhead was founded by Sir Gerald Arrow in 1950, and was closed for 65 years, but lucky for you campers, we're back open for business!

Once you enter, you'll be placed on one of our four camp teams.

Feel free to take a look around before the day's activities start, and be sure to listen out for the weather forecast!

- Head Counsellor Krystelle Bryce.


The world is in chaos.
Talon activity has recently spiked. Numerous influential world leaders have vanished or been assassinated, forcing others to go into hiding and the civilians affected by these tragedies to cower in fear.

In response to this recent activity, Overwatch has initiated a recall. The former "worldwide police force" is beginning to band together again, their hands forced by the volatile state of the world. War could erupt at any time.

In addition to Talon's activity, there's been a notable rise in the activity of many Omnic Rights groups, including some extremists.

Will you step in to protect the world? Or do you choose to take advantage of these uncertain times?

We have:
- experienced and attentive admins
- literate RP server with casual rooms
- 18+ age requirement
- Open roster
- NPCs and OCs admitted
- LGBT* and Ally friendly!
- and more!
Setting in the year 2050, games seem to be the source of life, the AR and VR worlds are very well known here.

The exilia is an object used to activate either the AR or VR world, a game that was very famous was also included in the exilia, it was known as Valhalla, the futuristic heaven mostly known as gamers' escapism from the real world.

People made new friends there and even met their soul mates! In Valhalla, their avatars were known as 'Valhalos'.

Valhalla is an open rpg where you can do whatever you want, there's a ton of interesting places and shops, unique motorbikes and beautiful night time lights. All the players' avatars were all so unique and stunning!

Are you ready to log in to the virtual heaven of the future?
Everyone has died.

This might seem like a shock and awe moment but it is a fact of life. Everyone spontaneously died in a variety of ways at once, only to come back to life soon after without any injuries or maladies to speak of. Yet strangely, most of the world doesn't seem to remember this and everything is business casual while the world is drastically shifting, especially in Elysium City within Washington.

However, there are many who remember their deaths, their minds fractured in several ways before their death approached that seemed to trigger abilities within them. These people are either confused or causing chaos at this point, with no signs of stopping.

Time to join in on the chaos, the event, and Awakening only occurred a week ago and the city is rife with mysteries, thrills, conflict, and excitement. Let's see how you hatch from your cocoon when there are no hero or villain labels.
This is a reset of the original server "Camp For The Unique" this is lore is new and improved from last time!

Amie Oaks, a lab scientist was in her lab one day working on a certain project Code SP. This was her biggest project yet, Amie was going to show the world another successful project she has committed to in her 26 years of living. During the development of the project her only son Gabriel Oaks sneaks into her lab at night as she's working, her son is not allowed in her lab due to an old accident that happened once and only once! Amie was very clear and serious about not coming into her lab at night nore anytime. As Amie was tired and exhausted from working all day she decided to make a cup of coffee to help her gain the energy she needs to stay up and finish this project by tomorrow, Gabriel being the curious little boy he is walking up to pastel liquid that was in a beaker. Poking at it, the beaker slowly juggled it's way slowly off the counter, as the beaker broke it splattered everywhere getting all over Gabriel. As Amie came back and saw the boy she was furious as she dropped her coffee and started screaming before she knew it her hand was already coming at the boy trying to grab him, but something strange happened the boy somehow made a green forcefield bubble around himself as protection. Amie was so confused she decided to use her boy as another experiment, two years later finally figuring out what went wrong. She continues to repeat the process of Code SP using children as a way to experiment more as they had unique and exciting new powers that really made her happy. Amie couldn't have them remember where her lab was so in order of that she used her power of brainwashing to make them forget how they got there.

Hope you join and enjoy the server we sure will appreciate it^^
Welcome to Startrade, a roleplay server that takes place in 2403.

The world is dominated by mega corporations, and governments have taken a backseat. Humanity has perfected clean, cheap fusion energy and used it to expand through the solar system. Spaceships, both large corporate things and small personal vessels, are common throughout the solar system.

Three new centers of industry have risen to rival Earth, though commerce is more cleanly divided along corporate lines than country lines. Earth and Luna continue to be the hub for all the highest tech products, while Luna and Mars have stepped up as primary spacecraft manufacturers and shipping hubs. Most of the new money today is being made from the vast hydrogen gas mines around Jupiter, whose moons are rapidly spouting cities.

Last century, a handful of giant generational spacecraft have set out on hundred year journeys to some of the nearest stars and established colonies. These colonies are still in their infancy and many opportunities await those who can save up enough for a ticket or even their very own spacecraft.

You are a traveler in this new world, with a 30,000 credit inheritance and the entire universe at your fingertips.

Startrade actively encourages literate and paragraph+ roleplay, or failing that semi-lit roleplay. However, we remain welcoming to newer players who may not have the necessary confidence or patience and we actively work to build up your roleplay skill over time. We have a unique Certified Literate role that acts as a knighthood for our literate and paragraph+ roleplayers, and is not controlled by staff.