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SFW Vocaloid Social Server! Everyone welcome, even if you've never heard a single vocaloid song before. Come listen to new Vocaloid songs, chat, and make friends! We have miku themed bots, memes, weekly contests, news girls, cookies, and friendly members! This server is PG-13, things that are NSFW are not allowed.
100% NSFW! We've got anime boobies, tentacles, memes, custom bot, all that stuff and lots, LOTS of Hatsune Miku lewds!
Are you tired of those other servers with strict rules? We have NO RULES at all! Join and get new hentai pics every day!
P.S. We got art, gamedev and competitions too
Welcome! feel free to join my server and enjoy your stay there!!!
invite your friends and family too if you can!!
This is anime/vocaloid themed server and of course you don't have to be into anime or vocaloid to talk to us! please join!! >u<
Looking for a place to worship the Goddess Hatsune Miku? Look no further. Welcome to Miku's Magical Place, where you will find the latest news about Miku, the most beautiful pictures and a whole community that is all about supporting Hatsune Miku! SFW server!
We love Miku. We also like gaming, vocaloid and other NSFW things. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all talk about those things? Miku stuff posted as often as possible!
Just a server for VOCALOID and UTAULOID fans to hangout and chat! Share your favorite songs and characters! Have fun!
Viens rejoindre Mikuniverse 🌌, un serveur communautaire convivial tout nouveau dédié aux discussions entre membres, otakus et gamers, partages, animes/mangas, jeux vidéos et musiques !

Plusieurs salons généraux et un salon entièrement dédié à Vocaloid, dont des bots spécialement créés !
Le serveur est en pleine croissance, et vos suggestions sont les bienvenues ~
Si toutes ces choses sont ce que tu cherches et que tu souhaites vivre dans une bonne ambiance respectueuse, alors rejoins-nous dès maintenant !

N'oublie pas de te vérifier dans le salon "devenir membre" pour accéder à tout les salons disponibles !

On se revoit sur le serveur !
An international UTAU, Vocaloid, CeVIO and etc. Discord for anyone who enjoys the music, art, MMD, cosplay and all other forms of participation! We respect all creatives! We welcome all fans and encourage language learning between fans!
New server for all fans of Kagamine Rin. I'm aiming to build a friendly community that celebrates all the music, art and creations featuring our cute idol Rin.

We’re glad you could join us in our community built around everything Vocaloid! This is the perfect server for all fans, brand new or here since the very beginning!

We have plenty of things to offer, such as

• Roles for your favorite Vocaloids! (More added on a consistent basis based on popularity)
• Collections of Vocaloid music!
• Active staff team! (We’re always on the lookout for potential on our team)
• Debates about the fandom and the characters!
• Music bots and channels!
• Self assignable roles!
• And much more!

Come check out our growing community! We’d be glad to have you ~
Hi!, This is our server, we welcome all and are:
• LGBTQ+ Supportive
• Welcoming of anyone
• Friendly staff and members
• A safe place to vent or find some new friends that like Hatsune Miku!
A small little server that is trying to grow big. We roleplay and talk about various things like Vocaloid, Sonic, Anime, Games, and more ^-^ We will welcome you with love!
Welcome to The Super Kawaii Craw/Kraw Discord server! Glad to have you here!
This Discord is dedicated to all things VOCALOID Anime Gaming and more, feel free to talk about anything you like in one of our channels
Hola! Este es un servidor basado en Vocaloid. Aquí puedes conocer a mas fans de este, y también podrás rolear como tus personajes favoritos!. ¿Que todos los personajes que te gustan estan ocupados? Tranquilo!, tenemos una opion de personajes personalizados para que tu mismo te crees uno. Los canales son muy organizados, y contamos con una gran variedad de bots, como MEE6, o Mudae (Entre muchos otros)

¿A que esperas para unirte? Vamos!